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When the Sun Sleeps..

…All the goodies seem to come out over night!

Im going to start off with the Belleza group gift that was released last night as it is the skin I am wearing throughout the entire post. To celebrate the release of the new skinline called Alyson, they send out a fatpack of truely adorable and yummeh Alyson skins for all of us girlies to swoon over. There are four skin tones with the options of cleavage and hairbase.

Now remember… Belleza Group Membership costs 250L to join and considering that in the last month alone they have given out an Xmas gift of skins aswell as fatpacks for both guys and girls, it is truely truely worth it if you can. I adore  the face on these skins and the delicate freckles are gorgeous. The lashes are my own, not part of the skin just so you know.

Here you can see the cleavage option on the skin.. The Emerald Careless Whispers lingerie that I am wearing in this picture is available on the Lucky Boards at Aqua right now and also comes with a Chemise and transparant versions which are uber sexy.

Also at Aqua for a limited time today until Ayanna changes it are these three outfits at 1L. So get your bootehs over there and scoop them up while you still can!

Metro Sensual in Green

Just Elegant in Red

Summer of Love #4 .. got to love the retro print on this dress!

If you remember the Ice Hunt at Kouse’s Sanctum I blogged a couple of days ago here, you will remember the promise of a bonus gown if you found all of the seven Snowflakes and sent the folder of Perfect Snowflakes to Kouse with your name on it. Well I recieved my gown and it is gorgeous..

Also released last night was the February gift from Dressing Aphrodite which can be found just behind the subscribo kiosk.

And lastly, there have been a heap load of additions to the Haiti Relief Skybox at Scribble. I picked up a couple more things there last night including these two dresses..

Hope for Haiti Gown by SYSY – 99L

Haiti Aid Dress by III – 80L (also available in red and white)

Miguelina Lingerie by Blacklace – 98L

Highwaisted Skirt by Emery – 50L
Red Deep V Neck by This is a Fawn – 50L

Lua hair worn in all pictures is by Analog Dog and is inside the huge glowing freebie ball found on the beach.

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Tell me when you hear my heart stop…

The Death Becomes Her hunt is just past the halfway mark, so you still have time to take part if you want to grab some darkly themed goodies. There are alot of  gifts for you to enjoy from clothing to furniture. I cheated a bit and sneaked off to get some of the outfits I saw one of my friends had got from it after she showed me a few things.

The starting point if you want to go from the very beginning is at Morbid Mausoleum… you are searching for grey death masks.

This stunning Rose Printed dress is the hunt prize from Dark Water Designs. You get two ways to wear it in the pack. You can wear it the way I am, as a full one toned dress or  you can wear it with the darker skirt that is included.

The next jaw droppingly stunning gown is the hunt prize from A Touch of Ireland. You can wear it with or without the undershirt. The detailing on the corset is just exquisite. You need this in your wardrobe! Seriously!

This cute little dress is the prize from Ghenna.

And lastly this is a unisex coat from Blueblood. It comes with two coat tails, the shorter one shown here and a longer one.

The shoes worn in all pictures are the hunt prize from Unique Needs and are a pair of stilleto heels with skulls on the front and a pile of them on the heel base. The hair in all of these pictures is the Lua hair from the huge glowing freebie balls of hair on the beach at Analog Dog. When you land, fly upwards and you will see them. You cannot miss them.

Maitreya have set out two hair styles with hats in a Brown and Blonde shade for 50L each at their store to help raise funds for the Red Cross International Aid fund. I would just like to say thank you to those who went to the Scribble Donations Sky Box yesterday and contributed to the funds. You can read more about the appeal on my blog post from yesterday.

Im wearing the hair with the Overalls pack that SK Designs has set out for 5L. You get three colours in the pack. The Blue and Red shown here aswell as a Brown colour.

Other Info
+ Winter Skin by Curio ( not free )


Red Cross Fundraising @ Scribble

On the morning of January 12th, Haiti suffered a 7.0 earthquake which completely devestated the capital of Port Au Prince and left tens of thousands of people dead, severely injured, homeless and in desperate need of medical aid, shelter and food. After nearly a weeks passing since the disaster, aid is finally starting to get through but there is still so much more to be done.

It is in times such as this that our true humanity shines through. We all forget our petty differences and we band together to help our fellow man. Those that can, travel to these places to get hands on in helping the people who need it. Those who cannot do what they can in their own way, usually by raising funds so that the work to aid people in dire need can continue.

Designers in SL have been coming together to do their part to try to raise funds to this end. Some have created items for people to buy to show their support while others have placed out donation kiosks so anyone can donate as much or as little as they can afford… every single Linden counts.

OMGWTF Barbeque and Radio Signals, the owner of the Scribble Sim, has set up a special skybox in her sim where designers can come and place their items for sale to help to raise funds for The Red Cross International Response Fund who are helping to bring relief to the people of Haiti as they do for all people in situations such as this. All proceeds for items purchased will be sent to the avatar Redcrossdonations Guardian, owned by OMGWTF Barbeque, who will withdraw the funds after 2 weeks and make a donation on behalf of everyone, details of which will be posted on her Plurk, Flickr and Blog.

There is a wealth of things there for you to purchase if you can, or just simply make a donation at one of the Kiosks. I went there earlier and took a few pictures of the skybox for you to see, aswell as purchased a few items and donated.

Obviously this is a freebie blog, and no one should feel bad if they cannot make a donation. It isnt my intention to make anyone feel this way. I simply wish to bring this to the attention of our readers and if you can donate, then please please do.

+ Skin is by Rockberry called Jules Red Cross Light – 250L purchased at the Scribble Donations Skybox
+ Help Haiti T-shirt is by rcbg – 65L purchased at the Scribble Donations Skybox