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Lucky Poison

Lcky Hair + Cute Poison Necklace

I was feeling a bit playful and wanted some attire to match my mood! I stumbled upon this fabulous freebie hair Shy from [LCKY].  It may be a color tester hair but it is truly fabulous and comes with a HUD to change between 25 different colors.

LCKY + Cute Poison Colors

Above are just a few of the colors available in Shy by [LCKY]. 

The fun Meow necklace is the Pink Fusion Hunt gift from Cute Poison.

That hunt is over but Cute Poison’s prize is still out as of today! Go nab it for five lindens!

Lcky Hair + Cute Poison JewelryThe April Group Gift at Cute Poison (still available) is the Heart Ring shown above and has three color changeable parts. The band can be black, silver, or gold – which is very handy to match it to your outfit! 😉


Clar is also wearing…

Eyes:: :::Dimbula Rose::: STAR*CAT eyes (Shooting Star Hunt 2010)

Skin:: Curio – :GP: Sundust Frex Cupid (NOT free)

Jacket:: 20.Five CheckVest – Green (NOT free)

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Stunning Dresses By Lexi

My Rez-Day is around the corner and I am having my own little dinner party so I have been desperately looking for a nice formal dress that will make me shine on my day. Well Dresses by Lexi may be the answer to what I have been looking for!


These three dress are only a few of what they have available. Starting from the left, is the past group gift from July (which is still available) called Venus Sunrise . The shoulder piece is optional, and add the extra touch of elegance. The middle dress is the October group gift appropriately titled Entice. If I could only be certain that my mother wouldn’t snatch me by my ear, I would totally wear this for dinner. You know, I may just take that chance. Lastly, but not least, the the third dress is the current November dress called Obsession and probably the most appropriate for a dinner party. Either way ladies, I know each one of you enjoy getting all dolled up for a formal party, so you better get yourself on over to Dresses by Lexi!

FYI! All the past gifts are in one area, and the current gift is in another. I have put both landmarks below.


Get The Look

Dresses By Lexi Group Gifts- Free to join group

http://slurl.com/secondlife/Sands%20dAlliez/98/121/2492 (past group gifts)
http://slurl.com/secondlife/Sands%20dAlliez/54/169/2492 (current group gift)


Hair- Onyx LeShelle- Maitreya Green II- Not Free



Flower- Hibiscus Flossberg- PD Lily Hair Accessory – Not Free


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Her Etchaflesh Corset is Boudoir Fly…

LpD, Etchaflesh, Boudoir2

There are still several more days till Halloween…that means many more opportunities to get your haunt on!  Earlier I told you about the [Etchaflesh/Virtual Props] Trick and Treats Hunt; where you can score fabulous mesh corsets and/or pose/prop sets…AND you can go back everyday to do the hunt over to score another prize…WIN! (no group join required).  Sooo I went back and filled up my HUD with candy to cash in on this fabulous mesh corset; which you can see a bit better in the second pic.  I paired the corset with this delicious little plum colored, ruffled skirt (5L) from – Quintessência Store – on the Marketplace…and these HOT _Dietrish Nouveau_BLACK knee high boots from *ATHOR* (0L group gift/free to join); thanks to a tip from the oh-so-fabulous blog reader Chovexany…THANK YOU!! <3<3

Last week Precious Restless sent out a notice in the Boudoir Group (free to join) that there was a new member gift waiting for all their ghouls to grab…well this Wearable Giant Fly came along just in time…since my broom was in the shop for repairs.  Isn’t he fantastic?  I think I’ll call him Igor. ;p;p
Lpd, Etchflesh, Boudoir3

Now, a girl can’t just get all dolled up with no place to go…so I headed straight for Journey to the Lost City which is the hauntingly spectacular build from Tymus Tenk and Truck Meredith…owners of the sublime Calas Galadhon sims.  If you haven’t been to these park sims…they are an absolute MUST SEE.  I can’t begin to tell you how incredibly detailed they are landscaped…Truck and Ty spend endless hours landscaping and decorating them for every season.  There is so much to explore and enjoy…and now they have this wonderful Halloween adventure…search for the golden idol in the castle and you will be admitted to the Lost City…just beware of the perils on the way!  I took my trusty Staff of Hatred from Wylde Arts ~WA~ on the Marketplace (not free, but half price @ 150L)…to cast dark rain on any rogue corpses.
LpD, Etchaflesh, Boudoir

I know you’re wondering how I keep my ethereal good looks…it is all thanks to this *Andrea Witch* skin and eyes from *LpD* (group gifts/free to join).  My lovely raven curls are the Halloween 2012 group gift (free to join) compliments of Dura.  My sparkly Glitter Skull earrings are another wonderful Halloween  (FREE/no group required) from [dirty.little.secret]…and the Witch necklace and witch hat are group gifts from NCParis (free to join).

The Details


Withered Corset:  [Etchaflesh/Virtual Props] Tricks and Treat Hunt (Free when you fill your candy HUD) (no group join required) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Endless%20Death/43/164/29

Wearable Giant Fly:  Boudoir (group gift/free to join) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Boudoir/216/79/23

_Dietrish Nouveau_BLACK knee high boots:  *ATHOR* (group gift/free to join)  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Delilah/52/27/945

*Andrea Witch* skin and eyes:  LpD (Les Petits Details) Skin Store (group gift/free to join) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/GoldenSand%20Island%20008/173/81/606

 Hair…Halloween 2012 group gift:  Dura (group gift/free to join) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dura%20Dura/65/130/1003

Glitter Skull Earrings:  [dirty.little.secret]  (Free/no group required) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Envision/123/159/1749

Witch hat and necklace:  NC Paris  (group gift/free to join)  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/NCparis%20Fashion%20Region/55/80/25

Olyvia Female Poses:  Diesel Works  (group gift/free to join)  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Brooklyn/113/128/25

Almost FREE!

-Gaby Jeans Gift Skirt Mesh-:  Quintessência Store  (5L) https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Quintessencia-Gaby-Jeans-Gift-Skirt-Mesh/3741300

NOT Free

Staff of Hatred:  Wylde Arts~WA~ (150L)  https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/WA-Staff-of-Hatred-SF-PROMO-50-off/3735967

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Soulglittering In My Overalls


Coco has one very comfy new group gift for it’s inworld group members!  The overalls and sweater I am wearing is the latest group gift you can pick up at Coco after joining their free group.  It’s a mesh product, so you’ll need to be using a mesh enabled viewer.  The one thing I really appreciated about this particular mesh outfit is that I can just imagine all of the adjusting that would be necessary on these overalls to get all the baggy parts to bend in the right places if it weren’t mesh!  With mesh, you just put it on and it fits.

The Ruined Work Boots I am wearing are from Duh!  and they are not free, but are just 25L, so a good deal to be had!  They are unisex so can be worn by either men or women.


The hair I am wearing today, I picked up at Exile.  I know.. this is not a new freebie, and was probably blogged months ago but it went so cute with the overalls and perhaps its new to some 🙂  It’s still available and there is a whole section of free hair at Exile for both men and women.  This one is called Jane, it comes in a fatpack of colours and the hat is colour/texture changeable with a hud.

The skins in the photos above are from *Soulglitter* Boutique.  The skin to the left is Lea and is a new release and thus not free, but I love the makeup scheme and skin tone, so I wanted to share!  The skin on the right is called Chantalle and is a new group gift for inworld group members.  The *Soulglitter* group is 50L to join.


Love is wearing…

Skin #1 – *Soulglitter* Boutique Lea (new release / not free) – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Adventure%20Land/41/229/998

Skin #2 – *Soulglitter* Boutique Chantalle (free group gift / 0L / 50L to join) – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Adventure%20Land/41/229/998

Eyes – Fashism Eyes Sunrise Pale Caribbean Blue (not free) – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Jewelry/47/208/38 

Hair – Exile Jane (free / 0L) – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Covet/188/144/33

Outfit – Coco Gift Overalls & Sweater (free group gift / 0L / free to join) – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/COCO%20DESIGNS/63/213/22

Boots – Duh! Ruined Work Boots (not free / 25L) – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hide%20and%20Seek/171/50/33

Poses by Studio Sidhe – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Moonsong/240/88/122 



Le Look Day 2

Continuing Le Looks 1 year anniversary celebrations in the gradual unveiling of a free male and female complete avatar as blogged on yesterdays post, today sees the release of a male and female hair to add to the skins and shapes that were released yesterday.

To get the goodies, simply join the Le Look group, wear the group tag then TP to Le Look, walk pretty much straight ahead to where two huge boards are. There will be pictures of a male and female on these boards. As each item is released, a new picture will appear on the board for you to click. Click the items you want to recieve and then wait for delivery. YOU MUST BE WEARING GROUP TAG or else you will click and be waiting forever for nothing. Delivery can take anything from instant to 30 mins or more but please be patient. De-prim yourself of everything and remove huds for quicker delivery and to help others.

FYI… for those who didnt get in yesterday for the skin and shape – they are STILL there… so they are simply adding to the board every day and it doesnt seem that they will be removing. So don’t panic.. plenty of time to get everything!

Right… on to pictures!

The Female hair added to the board is created by Maitreya and comes with blonde and brown hair. Here I am wearing it with the skin by LeLutka that was released yesterday, but with my own shape and the underwear that was inside with the female shape by Le Look.

The Male hair added to the board is created by Find ASH and is in a warm blonde tone. Here Nao is wearing it with the skin by Belleza that was released yesterday, with his own shape and the underwear that was inside with the male shape by Le Look.


So go get gorgeous and keep your eyes peeled for tomorrows release! This is so exciting!

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Hunt @ Marinoco Fashion

Marinoco Fashion is having a hunt at their mall.  Search for 7 pink boxes and you will find gifts from Marinoco Fashion and the stores in the mall.  These pink gift boxes are fairly easy to find.  Search under palms, in trees, behind other free gifts, and on tables.

One of the gifts from Marinoco Fashion is the pink Crapy Beaded gown & cocktail dress.  (I didn’t name the dress… infact I think the dress is quite lovely!)


The marroon Victorian Christmas gown from Ella’s Creations is quite stunning. The green velvet cocktail dress from Morning Glory Fashion comes with earrings, bangle bracelets, necklace, and hair bow.


The gift from MZ is this black and silver dress which includes the long gown skirt, shorter cocktail skirt, and short sexy skirt.  There is also a silver heart necklace in this gift!  The red Diamonds Hearts Desire bracelets are the hunt gift from Earth Jewel.


The second gift from Marinoco Fashion is the green velvet Dream Gown.  This gown is perfect for ballroom dancing.


There’s also some cutsy lingerie from the hunt.  I adore this pink striped cami and panty set.  There is also a nice rasberry bra and panties gift in the store.


The black strappy heels are from Shoe Fly Shoes.  The heels are free after using a 200L gift card.  These 200L gift cards are always free from the gift card vendor.  All you have to do is click the vendor and you will receive a free 200L gift card to use on any purchase in the store.  I used the card to make these shoes free.

The hair I am wearing is a free gift for all Reale group members and can be found in the store under the tree.

The skin is a makeup from the Mellie3 skin line at Blowpop.  This skin is not free but there is a Nekkid version of the Mellie3 skin available in the main store for free.  I have an obsession…


*Marinoco Fashion: Hunt (L$0)
Marinoco Fashion ( 53/73/22 )

*Shoe Fly Shoes: Black Strappy Heels (Free with 200L gift card – L$0)
Greystone ( 216/230/92 )

*Reale: Francesca Hair (L$0)
Brasil Curitiba ( 170/209/24 )

*Blowpop: Mellie3 Nekkid version Skin (L$0)
Fuzzy ( 237/168/36 )

*MAI Body Shop: eyes (L$0)
MAI ( 125/103/22 )

*Striking Poses: poses (L$0-L$1)
Glenn ( 35/154/28 )

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Starting off November with Tons of gifts!


The beautiful plum lace bodice and flowing long skirt is a dollarbie at Rock Me Amadeus.  This evening wear will return to L$250 after this offer is over so hurry and grab this now.  Also, rush over to Elemiah Design and grab the freebie.  The sheer blue lacy dress is available free at Elemiah Design for three days only!  This dress will make anyone do a double take and zoom in close.  Did I mention it was sheer?


The Haute Style & Co. monthly gift for November is a purple and peach dress sleeveless dress.  The dress has a light flower print and is etched in peach ribbon.  I love the color combination and I especially love the sexy back of this dress!

purple-strapless-sheer-lace-flowered-dress-hsc purple-strapless-sheer-lace-flowered-dress-hsc-back

When I saw the lingerie in the camping chair at Marinoco Fashion I had to have it.  So while I did some much neglected RL stuff I sat and got this sheer black babydoll lingerie.  There are many more outfits in the camping chairs along with a lucky chair and a wall of freebies.


The Silent Sparrow lucky chair has this amazing black and pumpkin Gothic Cygne Suit.  This prize has the option to be worn by both men and women.  The prize pack includes black and orange pants, black shorts, black ruffled shirt, deep orange ruffled shirt, and the beautiful Gothic long jacket.

blackpumpkin-gothic-cygne-suit-silentsparrow black-pumpkin-gothic-cygne-suit-silentsparrow

The November group gift from BAIASTICE is the grey fresh of November hooded dress.  This outfit includes grey striped socks, gloves, and a very adorable backpack.  This is a really nice casual dress to get you ready for colder days.  This gift can be found in the group notices for BAIASTICE.

baiastice-fresh-of-november baiastice-fresh-of-november-backpack

The November dollarbie from Flashpoint Fashions is a sexy latex light blue glam glitter dress and black boots.  This outfit has a sheer glitter version for the exhibitionists.  Also on the steps to the entrance there is a goodie bag with  a free Tenn cheerleader outfit and a box with an Obama Girl cheerleader outfit.  Inside the store there are six lucky chairs, so make sure to check them while you are there.

glam-glitter-light-blue-flashpoint-fashionsOh and check out SySy’s new store.  There are several gifts on the front counter.  You can grab an Obama Hope t-shirt, brown wool socks, bronzed wool socks, and a scarf to help with the colder SL days.  I am wearing shorts with this because I’m a southern girl and I can’t even imagine wearing wool socks… ever!  I would pass out from heat exhaustion!  While you are in SySy’s new store join the Subscribe-O-Matic group.  You can still grab the Little Witch Halloween gift from the notices.  This dress comes with a witch hat but you can take it off and wear the black dress year round.

brown-scarf-socks-sysys little-witch-halloween-gift-sysys


The red shoes were given to me by the designer of Shoe Fly Shoes.  These special pumps will be at the Shoe Fly Shoes party on Sunday the 9th.  The store turned one year on the 4th and the designer is throwing a party to show his appreciation to his customers.  Join the group to get the info on when and where this party will be.  Oh and take a good look at this square toe pump… see the R!!!  They are initial shoes.  The designer is hard at work for special gifts for this party.  In all of the other photos I have on the brown wooden Bellas sandals, also from Shoe Fly Shoes.  These shoes are one of the many prizes that will be passed out to lucky group members at the 1st anniversary SFS party on Saturday.  But if you’re anything like me and just can’t wait, you can grab the brown Bellas for a special group rate of 200L.

All the hair shown is free from Analog Dog Hair.  There is a ball with four styles by the Obama flag.  I’m not sure how long this offer will be out so if you like these hair styles grab this quick.  I am wearing the Blowpop Mellie3 Cream skin.  The makeup version is not free, but there is an unmakeuped naked version in the main store that is.

All the poses shown are from Striking Poses.  Most of them are free and have been given out as dollarbies or won in the lucky chair.  When you enter the store check the right wall for dollarbie poses and see if your letter is on one of the lucky chairs.  I won the Sarah Michelle Gellar pack of ten poses for just being in the Subscribe-O-Matic group!  Make sure you join the Striking Poses Subscribe-O-Matic to be eligible for a new release pose pack.



*ROCK ME AMADEUS: Plum Bodice top & Skirt (L$1)
Edgemont ( 74/55/21 )

*Elemiah Design & Lingerie: Blue Dress (L$0), Blue Hat (L$1), Blue Bracelet (L$0)
George 5 ( 54/216/21 )

*Haute Style & Co.: Monthly Gift (L$0)
Opium ( 146/196/24 )

*Marinoco Fashion: Black Lingerie (Camping Chair – L$0)
Sunny Island ( 105/118/22 )

*Silent Sparrow: (Lucky Chair – L$0)
silent sparrow ( 201/88/21 )

*BAIASTICE: grey fresh of November (Group Gift – L$0)
BAIASTICE ( 154/126/26 )

*SySy’s: Wool Socks, Scarf, and Obama tees (L$0), Little Witch Halloween gift (Member Gift – L$0)
Rigby ( 81/235/24 )

*Flashpoint Fashions: Glam Glitter Light Blue (L$1)
Poorlord ( 47/222/47 )

*ShoeFly Shoes: Bella Group Buy Shoes (Special Group Rate)
Greystone ( 216/230/92 )

*Analog Dog Hair: (L$0)
Analog Dog Hair ( 115/210/24 )

*Blowpop: *blowpop* Mellie3 Nekkid Skin (L$0)
Fuzzy ( 237/168/36 )

*Pelle Occhi: 8 different eyes (L$0)
Venus ( 239/90/28 )

*Striking Poses: poses (L$0-L$1)
Glenn ( 35/154/28 )



Party at Calla’s and Open Secluded Cove.

silver-antique-oval-drop-earrings-necklace-alienbears1Rush over to Calla’s Hair and make sure to grab a slice of cake and say a special Happy Anniversary to designer Tigerlily Koi.  Her store is celebrating two years of business and to help with the celebration designers from all over the grid have given gifts to share with the customers of Calla’s Hair.  For this special event there are many free gifts including the short Camellia hair.  This hair comes in the huge fat-pack of colors, so your biggest problem will be which shade to wear.

The gift from Henredon Homes and Gardens is an exclusive Calla Edition Picnic Basket and Blanket.  This blanket has really cute pose positions and is great for any romantic date.  The gifts from Flirt include a Tigerlily Brooch and a golden male boutonnière (not pictured).

From DD’s the gift is an elegant cream colored evening gown.  This dress is so pretty and with the Calla Hair insignia on the lapel this dress is an exclusively made for the Calla Store.  With this cream colored gown I am wearing the Larimar tear drop earrings from Eolande’s.   The black and pink Lily Doll dress is by Moonshine.  This dress went perfectly with the Silver Embracing Hearts Necklace made by Glowing Gems and the purplish Bromyn Bracelets from Opium Everyday.  The sexy sheer baby blue Fairy feather mini dress is the gift from Coconut Ice.  This seductive mini dress is.  The antique silver oval drop earrings and necklace are in the gift from Alienbear’s.

The brown Bellas heels are from Shoe Fly Shoes and while they aren’t free they are a special group buy at 200L for members only.  These shoes are based on RL shoes thatare pictured in the store.  I love these shoes and havent been able to take them off since I got them.

If you can’t get enough of the color purple, then the gift from Tea Lane is for you.  This gift includes purple Ariadne Skin Concord eyes, Ariadne Eyes, purple leggings, and gorgous Alahna Boots.

blue-fairy-wren-sheer-feather-sleek-mini-dress-coconut-ice tealane-ariadne-skin-concord-eyes-ariadne-eyes-alahna-boots

The gift from Felicia’s Fashions is filled with several outfits for the ladies.  The orange pumpkin turtleneck and black jumper slacks is very stylish for the fall and winter months ahead.  I am wearing the jumper with Autumn Bangles which is another gift given from the Calla Store.  The Lilac Sequin Hollywood Gown is a beautiful dress that any purple lover will fall in love with.  I adore the classy black dress with diamond shimmer top.  This dress comes with the with satin gloves and can be worn as a cocktail dress or for a more formal event you can wear it as an evening gown.  The white Glamour Boa is a Nicky Ree original.  This feathery boa can be worn with just about anything… After the party is over and the lights go down, why not throw it on and nothing else and have your own secluded party!

orange-turtleneck-black-jumper-calla-felicias-fashions purple-lilac-sequin-hollywood-gown-felicias-fashions

blackdiamond-shimmer-cocktail-dress-felicias-fashions blackdiamond-shimmer-evening-gown-felicias-fashions white-glamour-boa-nicky-ree

The Claudia Agave & Honey Skins are a dollarbie from the Tea Lane cart at the opening of Secluded Cove.  There are four skins in this dollar pack, two with freckles and two without.  Of course I am wearing the freckled versions.  While grabbing these skins at Secluded Cove, be sure to drop in the surrounding stores and grab more opening gifts!

Did you notice I have new poses???  All the poses shown are from Striking Poses.  Most of them are free and have been given out as dollarbies or won in the lucky chair.  When you enter the store check the right wall for dollarbie poses and see if your letter is on one of the lucky chairs.  I won the Sarah Michelle Gellar pack of ten poses for just being in the Subscribe-O-Matic group!  Make sure you join the Striking Poses Subscribe-O-Matic to be eligible for a new release pose pack.



*Calla’s Hair: 2nd Anniversary Gifts (L$0)
Calla Lily ( 128/180/37 )

*Secluded Cove: Claudia Agave & Honey Skin (L$1)
Thistledown ( 47/39/23 )

*ShoeFly Shoes: Bella Group Buy Shoes (Not Free – Special Group Rate)
Greystone ( 216/230/92 )

*Pelle Occhi: 8 different eyes (L$0)
Venus ( 239/90/28 )

*Striking Poses: poses (L$0-L$1)
Glenn ( 35/154/28 )


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Dani’s Lucky BareRose Sin & Secret Party Tonight with Shoe Fly Shoes

I have to show you one of my favorite finds.  I love these outfits from BareRose.  The outfit on the left is for the ladies and the right side is for men, but I thought it was sexy as hell so it also found a permanent spot in my inventory.  The sexy Victorian trench coat over the naughty seductive white corset and skirt are for the ladies.  The ensemble can also be worn with the orange booty shorts and the cleavage showing top.  The trench coat over the ruffled white shirt and plaid vest with grey pants is for the men.  You can get these outfits free by playing the games at BareRose.  To get the complete outfit you must complete the games at all four locations.  Grab the note card at the first location for the instructions and to get landmark to the next location.

The brown SteamChunks I am wearing are from Shoe Fly Shoes.  These shoes will be one of the gifts at the Shoe Fly Shoes two year party.  Check the group notices for details and to get the location of the party.

This black and orange gown is a dollarbie from Kouse’s Sanctum.  The gown is the All Hallows Eve Divinity Gown and can be found amongst the Divinity gowns on the top floor.  This dress can be worn as a ball gown or as a short skirt, so it is very versatile.

From Sysy’s Designs you can grab this tight fitting sleek black and tan Sasha dress for just 1 Linden.  Also, be sure to join the sub-o-matic and grab the Funkdress in blue from the notices.  The Black DooMee Mules are free from the Trick or Treat Pumpkin at Shoe Fly Shoes.  Walk to the large pumpkin at the front of the store and say “Trick or Treat” and you will get a prize.  There are many other prizes stuffed inside this pumpkin so you never know what you will get.

Sadly, I missed out on the beautiful red Petra Gown from Seldom Blue that Scotti told us about.  But, after looking around the store I found this pink sky gown for free.  The pink jeweled dress has the option to be worn as a short dress or the long ball gown version.

The seductive black Sheer Split Personality Lingerie and the little black dress are both dollarbies from Sin & Secrets.  I’ve been trying desperately to win the beautiful dress in the lucky chair, but I haven’t had any luck yet.  Let me know if you happen to see an R.

Speaking of luck… head over to Dani’s Fine Fashions and try your luck with the lucky chairs.  There are so many outfits you can win from these lucky chairs.  The Destiny in Black dress can be work as an evening gown or a short dress.  The Autumn Fun orange slacks and orange plaid mid-drift top is great for the fall season.  The burnt orange jeans and black and white Velvet short sleeve shirt are great for the casual look.  If you’re looking for something a bit more festive the orange pumpkin tank and white ghost tank are fun for Halloween.  These outfits come with black or tan jeans, I am wearing the black jeans with both of the tanks.  If you are wanting something a little more formal try your luck winning the Red Velvet gown or the Lyria Peach Dress.  And if you are still looking for a Halloween costume the orange citrus fairy costume might be just what you’re looking for. All of these outfits can be won from the lucky chairs at Dani’s Fine Fashions.  Ladies drag your man with you, because there are also lucky chairs for the guys and freebies available for both at Dani’s Fine Fashions.

The darker skin I am wearing is called Harmonia skin and was a past lucky chair gift from Sin & Secrets. The lighter skin is the natural freckled Megan skin that is still available from the Rockberry lucky chair and posters.Also, be sure to grab the four Mia skins that are available free to the RockBerry group.   Just join the RockBerry group and look in the notices for this gift.  The Jess ponytail hair is a dollarbie from Diversity Hair.



*BareRose: Victorian Trench Ensembles (L$0)
White Wolf ( 26/112/23 )

*Kouse’s Sanctum: Divinity Gown All Hallows Eve (L$1)
Avilion Vale ( 25/58/49 )

*SySy’s: Sasha dress PRERELEASE! (L$1), SYSY’s Funkdress blue (Member Gift – L$0)
SyDesigns dAlliez ( 123/171/25 )

*Seldom Blue: Pink Sky Gown (L$0)
Angelheart ( 27/17/25 )

*Sin & Secrets: Harmonia skin (L$1)
Nemnem ( 160/202/31 )

*Dani’s Fine Fashions: October Lucky Chairs Women’s outfits (L$0)
Sea Monk ( 34/22/56 )

*ShoeFly Shoes: Black DooMee Mules (Trick or Treat Pumpkin – L$0), Brown SteamChunks (L$0)
Greystone ( 216/230/92 )

*Diversity Hair: Jess (L$1)
Addictive ( 85/197/294 )

*RockBerry: Mia Skins (Group Gift – L$0), Megan skin (Lucky Chair – L$0)
Scaramanga ( 20/57/67 )

*Pelle Occhi: 8 different eyes (L$0)
Venus ( 239/90/28 )


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Pumpkin Hunt @ Island Depot

Well, as the sign said, you have to hunt for 50 pumpkins scattered all over Island Depot. They are not too hard to find but it´s a large sim, and you have to look everywhere! To join the group (there are some pumpkins only available for group members) just touch the group inviter next the hunt sign. You will not get fashion! But very pretty stuff for gardening and decorating your home. And – of course – some nice things for Halloween.

I did only a  short hunt for this blog post (but I´ll get back !), so shown here is what I could find within a few minutes 🙂

Welcome Scarecrow Sign

Spooky Column-Resizeable

Classic Witch-Resizeable


Fall Dahlia Border-Resizeable

Pedastal Sink

Happy Hunting!