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Fantastical Affaires

You had a rough week didn’t you? I did for sure but TGIF!

Time to unwind with some lovely freebie goodness from the Fantasy Faire 2013. You have through Sunday to get your cute behinds over there and grab the loot.

I wish I could have taken the pics at one of the Fantasy Faire 2013 sims but my computer was too lagged. 😦 So hope you enjoy my homemade Fantasy set. ^.^

Let’s start with freebs from the Evensong Woods from Lord of the Rings…(LotR nerd here and proud of it!) 😉



MindGardens:: Group gift (Tree) + Particle Wings

Ynys Seamaide Ranger Boots


Ynys Seamaide: Men’s Outfit – Yes it’s for men but I really loved the boots and pants so I kept them for myself! shh don’t tell anyone they are for men. 😉

Bayns Mask


On the Gift Table:

Bayn’s Gift: This gift is for men but I had to keep this stellar mask that came with it. Now I can create my own SL superhero character…OR maybe super villain. >:)

H-T Tat + Living LightAnimRising + Cave Dweller Skin


On the Gift Table:

(H-T) Gift – Tattoo

Animations Rising – Living Light – These really cool string of lights surround your body and are animated. It comes with a HUD to change colors plus has cool particle stars shown here.


{FG} Cave Dweller Skin

CK Luth Avatar + Leafy Elf Ears + Sakura

Curious Kitties Luth Avatar (yes this whole cute little avatar for FREE!) + Leafy Elf Ears + Sakura Cosplay

Gemma green dress

Grim Bros Green Gemma Dress (4L)

Monster Mash - GoblinMakeup

Monster Mash – Goblin Makeover Tattoo

EC FabledDress

EC FabledDressFullhttp://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Magnificat/16/217/45

Evie’s Closet:  Halloween Fable Dress



Evie’s Closet:  Eden Fairy



HoR As Darkness Falls Necklace

GrimBros Rainbowskins+EC MerGoldfish


Evie’s Closet: Goldfish Mermaid


Grim Bros Rainbow Skinpack

(Only showing 3/15 skins in the pack: Grim Bros. Orange, Corpse palor, Yellow)

UI Flying Treehouse 1.2


*UI* Flying Treehouse (30L)

 Not shown: Inner Tubes for boys + girls,  *UI* Flying Bridge (10L)

UI Flying Pig


*UI* Flying Pig – Yes, it’s weird but it made me giggle. haha


Lilith's Denhttp://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Magnificat/87/232/35

Lilith’s Den Side Table


Little Tree of Fortunes + Beacon of Hope Statues

British Raj Furniture + Magic Staves


British Raj Saddle Chair & Tusk Table


Magic Staves – Particles turn on/off with a click

Well that is all I could manage to find, I hope it helps you enjoy and explore the fair. Don’t forget to grab the amazing freebies by Plastik that Caresia covered. She did a spectacular job on that!

Fantasy Faire 2013 ends April 28th so hurry on over!


Clar is also wearing:

Eyes:: ::Umedama Holic:: Tsuya Eyes (Good S*** Hunt 2010 Item)

Hair:: You Say Tomato – Clawtooth – Classic Brunette

               !lamb. Sweet Pea – Mad Pack

Bikini:: Pig – Tableau Summer Bikini – Napkins

Flats:: un Jour Seasons Hunt Spring 2011 Flats

Steam – Powered

Avatar Bizarre - Monacle of the Dragon,  CoLLisions - Pandemonium Necklace, Grim Bros. - Mister Mechano Shoulder Guy

Our hero and his trusty sidekick Mister Mechano from Grim Bros. survey the city.  His Pandemonium Necklace from CoLLisions begins to glow. “Danger is afoot” he thinks to himself, as he uses the Monacle of the Dragon from Avatar Bizarre for a closer look.

Striking a pose in his costume, the Steam Pants, Shirt, Boots & Gloves found at A&S Visions, he sees his prey coming out of the bar.

Aftershok - Steam Pants, Shirt, Boots and Gloves

Taking careful aim using his Steam-Powered Arm Implant from MAJD , he fires his Land Of Nod Steam-Powered Grappling Gun and swings into action…

NoddyStuff  - Steam-powered Grappling Gun, [param]  - steam powered arm implant

* Land Of Nod – NoddyStuff –  Steam-Powered Grappling Gun ($0L)
Steam 5 Hunt

* MAJD – [param] – Steam-Powered Arm Implant  ($0L)
Steam 5 Hunt

* A&S Visions – Aftershok – Steam Pants, Shirt, Boots & Gloves ($0L)
Steam 5 Hunt

* Avatar Bizarre – Monacle of the Dragon ($0L)
Steam 5 Hunt

* CoLLisions – Pandemonium Necklace ($0L)
Steam 5 Hunt

* Grim Bros. – Mister Mechano Shoulder Guy ($0L)
Steam 5 Hunt

* Poses – Embody Shapes & Poses
Not Free

Fab Carson

Get Dressed Tuesday!

HOUSE OF BENINGBOROUGH has moved and to celebrate the cheetah print Roar dress is a new gift in store.  This dress comes with the shorter skirt length and a long flowing gown.

The lovely green September Song gown is the newest midnight mania gift at Grim Bros..

There’s two gifts available at Illicit Designs for group members, one of the gifts is the blue mini dress.  The red Devil mini skirt and top set is a gift at Rush.  The Anette hair is a new release from Amacci.  The hair isn’t free, but is pretty fabulous!


RODEO DRIVE ( 219/197/28 )

*Grim Bros: Green September Song Gown (MM – L$0)
Clematis Island ( 170/144/23 )

*Illicit Designs: Blue Mini Dress (Group – L$0)
Garden Isle ( 243/23/23 )

*Rush: Red Devil Mini Outfit (L$0)
Garden Isle ( 224/52/23 )

*Felicity: Sylvie Heels (Not Free)
Emerald Bay ( 211/202/302 )

*Amacci: Anette Hair (Not Free)
Amacci ( 203/96/22 )

*PXL Creations: Dafne Skin (Not Free)
Cindel ( 168/89/26 )

*Glitterati: Poses (L$0 – L$50)
Glitterati ( 129/175/23 )




Kawaii Hunt!

Running until 30th of September, the Kawaii hunt is full of some really awesome prizes. There are just over 30 stores in the hunt so not a huge one. You are searching for a cute little blue star and they are relatively easy for you to find. The starting point is Little Glass Wish. Here are some previews of the items you can find in the hunt!

Grim Bros

Star Flats and Lollipop – Sanu
Mushroom Tote Bag – Love Soul
Polka Dot Dress – Ambrosia
Celphalophod Plushie – Little Glass Wish

Chocolate Strawberry outfit – (Magic)(Burst)
Kawaii Button Flats – Scribble

Punk Pink dress – Ducknipple
Kawaii Gloom Tattoo – Nightshade
Kawaii Onigirl shoulder pet – OtakuDzNs
Moon Beast Ears, Teeth, Tail, Collar and Bone – Atypical

Tea bag of Kawaii mouth nom A.D.D Andel (comes with a sky box as the prize also)
Kawaii Bunny Neck Pouch – Concrete Flowers
Chibi Martian Mini Dress – Epic

Ribbon Wedding Dress – Ribbon

Rabbit Pet – Little Girl
Mina Dress – Paradisis

Red Polka Dot dress – Lo*Momo

Grace Dress – Ruru@Pino

RinRin Outfit – Likka*House

Dress – Dollhouse
Star Flats, Star Hairclip and Big Star – Sanu

Dress – .:i*Towa*i:.
Star Flats – Sanu

Kawaii Doll Dress – Blue Blood
Comic Devil and Angel shoulder pets Kattastrophe

Chibi Textbot XD Fusion
Dango (other items in gift including fans)
Gizzy is the shizzy t-shirt – Mixed Nuts

Prancing Unicorn – Boof
(also includes Rabid Unicorn set)

Cherry Hair – Feather
Rose Earrings – Rose Princess (other stone colours included)

+ Think Pink hunt skin by Mynerva
+ Bang Bang Hair by Lamb (not free)
+ Poses by Fri.Day, Long Awkward Pose, Kuso, Persona, Glitteratti, Diesel Works, Striking Poses

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No Strings Attached to THIS Dollie!

It’s time to get out of your box and discover some great finds in the No Strings Attached Hunt.  This grid wide Dollie Hunt began today and will last all month long.  The hunt has 50 stores participating.  You will find the list of participating stores and hunt locations on the official blog http://trinsfilthythings.blogspot.com/.  Now how about a look at some of these goodies!

The Pink Clara dress is from LIKKA*HOUSE.  The eyes are from Rozena Skin and come in black dye, french pink, green oxygen, and smoothy blue.  This Dolli hair is from Battle Angel and has 7 different colors to choose from.  The pale Jana skin is from Cryptic Dolls and is the perfect skin for any dolly!

At Dirty Dollies the prize is a pink jumper skirt set and matching rag doll!

The black and white Carny outfit is from Distorted Dreams.  This gift includes the adorable little hat and matching boots!

Gothic Passionate Dreams has a red and black dress for all the Bratt Dollies out there!

Dark Water Design has the dark purple dress, headband, and tiered heart doll key in the No Strings Attached Hunt gift.

The hunt gift from Grim Bros. has the little green doll dress which includes two skirt lengths.  The Smashed Lauren skin, Bleeder Rotten eyes, Bunned hair, and Dolli-fied Shape (not shown) is in the gift from F’d up.

There is an very cute pink dollie dress at The Dollhouse.  The Glitters Roseberry skin from Magic Burst includes a chute shape (not shown) and Glitter Rose Dolly Key.

The orange dress is from Broken Doll.  I accessories with a platinum and fire Starburst Antique brooch from Amaranthus and Flower Drop earrings from Star Kindler Designs.

I picked up the black Swirly Dolly dress from A Netherworld.  The pink Extra Scoop dress is from Flirt Boutique.  The black I Remember ribbons on my wrists are in the hunt gift at Sakura’s Originals.  The Sakura’s Originals gift also includes a Heart Doll key for the women and a Zydrate Gun key for the men.  The Very Berry Freckles skin is in the No Strings Attached gift at Wretched Dollies.  There is a male skin in this gift as well!

There is a Voodoo Doll t-shirt at T Junction.  The hunt gift also includes a really cute t-shirt for the men, which I sent Carson after.  The tasty Little Megan Dolls are from the No Strings Attached hunt gift at Dead Bunny.

There are several dolls in the No Strings Attached Hunt.  The Marion Raven Hair doll is from Nightshade, the VooDoo doll is from K&G Designs, and that’s me in the Lonelymare Avatar from PinkMares House!

And be the ultimate Tiny Doll AV with the No Strings Attached gift from The Dolly Box.  This avatar is TINY and comes with its own AO.  The Tea Tray set is the gift at Jenna’s Whimsey and should give an idea just how tint the avatar is!

This is just a small portion of the gifts in the No Strings Attached Grid Wide Dollie Hunt!  The start location for this hunt is at The Dolly Box.  Also, There is a “Dress Me Up” Dolly Contest!  The “Dress Me Up” Dolly Contest is for the No Strings Attached hunters ONLY.  See the official No Strings Attached blog for more details.  http://trinsfilthythings.blogspot.com/


*Glitterati: Poses (L$0 – L$50)
Glitterati ( 129/175/23 )



I really must add… Whisper normally features hunts on the FabFree blog and dang that was a lot of work!  Major props to Whisper for all the hard work she has put into showing us past hunts!

An Alternative

Yes, I went to the Alternative Fair too!  World Malaria Day is April 25th and the Alternative Fair is donating proceeds to the Nothing But Nets Campaign.  This is a worthy cause, so please donate where you can!  Here’s some of the gifts that I picked up.  After sitting around squashing mosquitos with the “sadly inadequate mosquito  squasher” from Grim Bros.

I’m a huge Heartsick fan so of course I grabbed the Illusion Tease skin!  The UV Jellu bracelets are also in the Burning Crome/Heartsick gift.  Arsenic Lace has the Bee shirt, yellow Nemily skirt, and gray striped socks as a gift at the Alternative Fair.  Whisper showed the Nyanotech hair from Curious Kitties earlier today.  The horns are from Pepper Spray.

A pack of five pants and shirt is a dollarbie from The U-neek.  The Making Music headset is from Cake or Death.  The mahogany Strawberry Sydney hair is from Crimson & Clover.


*Alternative Fair Pulse
Pulse ( 211/53/31 )

*Alternative Fair Sn@tch City
Snatch City ( 48/51/30 )

*Alternative Fair Nomine
Nomine ( 50/209/29 )

*Alternative Fair New Kadath
New Kadath ( 217/223/29 )

*Long Awkward Pose: poses (Not Free)
Festivale ( 89/85/29 )





Howdy friends,

Tellaq has the most black realistic skins in SL!

For our lucky Tellaq Avatar Creations is giving away Eric skin, shape and eyes in the MM Board!

The pink boxer is a March gift from Vitamen!

Another gift skin, shape and eyes in the MM Board is from Grim Bros. This skin is a such different one.. maybe you can use in RPG!


Midnight Mania at Grim Bros.

Grim Brothers has exceptionally high quality steampunk items.. and now they have a Midnight Mania board too.. er.. three Midnight Mania boards, that is. Of course, at Grim Bros it’s not called a Midnight mania board.. but a Gifting Gorilla.

The Gifting Gorilla (midnight mania) at Grim Bros.

The MM boards are located northeast of the shop entrance, at the giant gorilla. The landmark below will put you directly at the MM board.

Post by Shangreloo Kuhn


Dead Town and Mingo!

Dead Town is a new-to-me sim, I stopped by to check it out because it has a couple of my favourite shops there.. ok, maybe a lot of my favourite shops.

Right now, there are some freebies, dollarbies scattered about, you’ll have to walk around and look for them, because they are spread out among a few different shops. Besides.. this is a sim that deserves to be explored.

deadtown1The leafy shirt shown above left is a dollarbie from Plastik. The gift box has a number of cool things in it, including the shirt, bangles, and gloves I’m wearing in the above picture.

On the right is the lovely Circus Feak dress in green from Blue Blood. I’m wearing free Queen of Hearts shoes from Mingo with this dress.


Shown above are close-ups of the free shoes and hair from Mingo!

Blue Blood and Plastik are inside the Dead Town Hotel.

deadtown2Above are two free gifts from Grim Bros. Grim Bros shop in Dead Town is located just south of the hotel. It’s definitelty worth a look, they have some of the most unigue clothing and accessories on the grid.

You’ll find one gift downstairs, and another upstairs.fabshang