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Get Kissed and Greatest Love


Ok, so I’m not doing the entire Vain Kissed hunt — only bits and pieces of it. I’m sure that each and every one of the prizes is absolutely wonderful, and I appreciate the efforts shop owners, organisers, and designers who work so hard to bring us these fantastic, fun hunts — but, confession time: You know the grid wide ghost hunt back around Halloween? Well, I still haven’t opened everything from that hunt.


So, I’m cheating a bit. I’ll probably miss some stuff I wish I had picked up, but that’s the risk I run by doing it this way. There is a list of participating shops on the Vain, Inc website, I copy the name of the shop I want to visit, and paste it into my search tab. You can find a list of the Greatest Love hunt participating shops here (look on the right sidebar).  More information about the Greatest Love hunt is posted by Scotti here. I’ve been picking up the things from shops I like the most (my inventory is thanking me right now), and blogging the things I like the best… which brings us to this most recent post.

hunt_005These gifts are from two shops, and the pose is a freebie from VPoses (not a hunt item). The hair is from !!Calico Ingmann Creations!!.  There are styles for both men and women included (Romeo and Juliet), and thesey come boxed with a cajillion colours. Don’t forget t check the lucky chairs and group freebies while you’re there.

The clothes are from Passionate Neko Dreams. Again, there are gifts for both males and females included.

dahausDahaus has a round bed as its prize in the Kissed hunt, and it’s loaded with animations. I’m wearing the patchwork set from Moxi Polano with skin from Illuminati, and hair from Stringer Mausoleum. The Stringer Mausoleum lips also include a skin for men.


Invalde has a sweet dress, perfect for dancing the night away. Don’t forget to check the lucky chair too.. you never know, you might get a two-fer like I did.

dahus3WW Industries has a very cute cropped sweatshirt and rolled knee socks. There is also a sandbox for opening your gifts! Woot! Just remember to be polite and clean up after yourself. And don’t forget to check the lucky chair that is near the sandbox.

~ Shang


Must Have Poe-goodies – Part 4

Ohla people! I’m back again with some must-have goodies from the Poe-hunt! I’m almost done… I hope… although I didn’t find all globes and couldn’t find all stores.. as many other problems on the way like LM not-working or getting teleported in the water….. anyway.. hope you’ll enjoy this next post on the must-have-poe-gifts!poe-hunt-4-a1

Globe #094 WoE  – full outfit (2 tanktops black and green, both kind of see-through)


  Globe #283 DG Innovations – Christmas Gown and Skin (in different tones)


  Globe #162 kakaue KREATIONS – Black Boots

   Globe #277 <<>>::FurseTri::<<>> –  Xmas Hoodie Shirt

Globe #282 House of Heart – Hair with Xmas Hat (all colors)

    Globe #239 [OMFG] steam punk gear – Huggable Zebe

poe-hunt-4-c Globe #163 Kar’Ona Couture – Mikail Dress

    Globe #084 [ci:di:] – Peace Dove Necklace

Globe #147   [42] – Serenity Skins (all skintones)

Globe #306 ::UP:: Un Pick – Holiday Green Poncho Coat (different options wearable)

poe-hunt-4-eGlobe #208 ILLY creations – Gown ‘Love’


  Globe #116 >> Ezura << FreeStyle – Cheongsam mini outfit


xxx Farah



Must Have Poe-Hunt Goodies! part 3!

Here are some goodies I’ve found from the POE-hunt…


Globe #106 Eat Rice! – Siddharta Shirt (all colors), astonia black hair and hair decoration

Globe #190  *Etoile* – POE-shirt paux mondiale

Globe #222 Dark Mouse Jewelry – Globe necklace and earrings

Globe #122 ~flirt~ [Male & Female Gifts] – Jewelry Esprit de Neige


Globe #224  ~Sa-eela~ – Xmas Silks
Globe #007 Striking Poses – Angel of Peace pose


Globe #035 ** AFD ** Angel Friends Design – POE Black Dress

Globe #215 [PINK FUEL] – Reindeer Shoulder

Globe #022 Sugar Mill – Pose and Basket (also contains 2 other great poses with prim-attachements)

Globe #253 Baby Monkey – Red Ballet Flats and matching Clutch (= handbag)

Globe #226 G&N Quality Design – Christmas Outfit

Globe #111 Accessories by Eolande – Silver Christmas tree necklace

Globe #060 Bryce Designs – Red Short Hair


Ppffffffffffffffffff I need a break…… getting tired of all this POE-hunting!!

xxx Farah


Must Have POE-hunt goodies – part two!

Hi, i’m back with more “must-have” POE-goodies! Enjoy!


This colorful outfit from Tea Lane is like nothing i’ve seen before! It is totally inspired on the theme Peace on Earth. To me the rainbow represents all colors… as in all colors of the people of the world… brought together in one outfit! Love it! World Peace!

Globe #297 ~Tea Lane~ – Full outfit Rainbow and Globe


Globe #132 Diversity/AD – Wild Yellow and Red Infected Skin   – Men Clothes Brown (men skin is from Belleza Skin Gift)
Globe #126 Digit Darkes – RockStar Hair and Silver Bikini

 Globe #004 PixelDolls – Beige Top (ladies), Blue Vest (men)

Globe #044 Alphamale & Blacklace – Alphamale Gift Bag – Red Sweater (men)

Globe #120 Essentia Jewelry and Bridal store – Gold Blue Necklace and earrings

Globe #023 Unique Needs! – Bellychain (also includes same necklace, not shown here)


 Globe #044 Alphamale & Blacklace – Blacklace Gift Bag – Midnight Jazz Lingerie

Globe #169 (Elate!) – Emma Skin (all color pack)

Globe #143 +plus – Gold Wide Bangle and earrings (folder also contains other gold bangles and Greek Dress)


 Globe #062 Casey’s Creations – Ice Queen Outfit and Skin

Globe #052 Hooligan Streetwear – Dirty Dolly outfit


Globe #121 *Little fish asian fashion store – Golden Plum Dress

Globe #130 +++BLUE BLOOD+++ – Tango Black Outfit with Boots

Globe #207 Maria Bonita – Black flower dress (also with babydoll skirt, not shown)


  Globe #243 Twisted and Spoiled – Snowflake Dress and Jewelry

Globe #165 {Bingo} – Green Dress

Globe #091 Voo Doo Dolls – Tartan Pants

Globe #221 ~*{ The Black Canary }*~ – Harajuku Streetwalker Heels Red (also in Green, not shown)

Globe #334 .::Rahz Store::. – Gold Red Sara Dress

Also POE gift, not shown here:  Globe #045 Belleza Skins and Shapes – Belleza’s POE gift is the same skin I already blogged earlier, but with a peace-symbol tattoo on the hip: click here!

xxx Farah


Must Have POE-hunt goodies – part one!

Update 12/4/08: Apparently some of the slurl weren’t working! I updated them.. sowwy for the inconvience!

OMG, i’m going to try to post a whole lot of goodies I’ve found during the Peace on Earth (POE) hunt… it’s going to be a hard job.. cause there is soooo much to collect.. and hunting also takes time! Well here goes:


Shown here:

Globe #048 Ingenue – Red Dress
Globe #148 On The Catwalk Studio & Skins – Christmas Angel Skin (all skintones)

Globe #182 .:.:LBD:.:.LeeZu Baxter Designs – White Flower Jewelry (earrings, necklace and ring

Globe #202 Zhao Shoes – Devilish Heels

Globe #206 Mela’s – Ponytail Hair Nina
Globe #324 Enkythings Shoes – Earth, Stars Ankle Bracelet
Globe #157 Bax Coen Designs – Black Handbag (animated)

Globe #142 [RockBerry] – Lily Skin (all skin tones)

Globe #269 ::::: MAGIKA ::::: – Peace & Love Hair (all color pack)

Globe #057 Crash Couture – Dont Feed Models-shirt, Grey Sweater

Globe #173 DYN Clothing – Pink Hoodie Sweater w DYN logo

Globe #117 FD Style – Candy Cane


Globe #195 Prim & Pixel Paradise – Jeweled Peacock Dress and Heels

Globe #101 A Piece of Candy – Cheongsam Dress Blue
 Globe #307 []::Tuli::[] – Folklore Dress
 Not shown: Globe #051 KatKreation – KatKreations’ gift for the POE are a few shapes which are mod/copy so you can adjust them to your own standards. (not shown here)

xxx Farah

Peace on Earth Hunt : Starting Points!

The Peace on Earth Grid Wide Hunt starts off today.. Dec. 2nd. and lasts till Dec. 31th.

Sooo don’t worry.. plenty of time to start hunting. Although with 350 vendors participating you’d have to collect about 10-15 globes each day to get all the goodies!


 And this is the Globe you are hunting for! It’s not that small, so you’ll notice them easy enough!



#001 iGems

#051 KatKreation

#101 A Piece of Candy

#151 Annuarisu Fashion Confectionery

#201 Couture Chapeau

#251Amberdragon Designs

#301 Vain Inc.


As you can see the starting points are numbers. When you buy the globe (L$1), the folder in you inventory also contains the number. Inside the folder is your present and the landmark to the next stop. Where you can find another globe with a number.. and so on… (the next number doesn’t have to be the actual  next numer in line)! With the numbers it’s easy to see which numbers you still need to find! The starting points are at all different locations I suppose soo everyone doesn’t start at the same spot…. I guess!

Grid Wide Hunt > Peace on Earth!

– What?  A Grid Wide Hunt! (= lots of freebies, goodies, gifts.. yay!)

– When? December 2th. – 31 th.

– Why? to achieve… Peace on Earth!  

– Where? A Grid Wide Hunt! (need i say more?)

– More info? PEACE ON EARTH blog!



xxx Farah