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Something a little Different

Soon to be on FabFree

Some days you just don’t feel like getting all glammed up.  All that picking and matching, and trying to find that one folder in your inventory.  What was it called anyhow?  Luckily places like Grendel’s Children have our backs with a wide array of goofy, and well made full av freebies.  Like this guy!  This adorable hippo av comes complete with an ao that lets you wriggle his ears, sit, yawn, as well as a few other animations.


Soon to be on FabFree

The Boxbot was another favorite find of mine (out of dozens and dozens of awesome avs, seriously, go now).  This cute little cardboard box man also has an additional set of heads and a customization kits next to his vendor, all free as well.


Soon to be on FabFree

Boxbots and Hippos not your style?  Abranimations also has a few very cute cheap and free AVs.  The mesh Rag Doll Cat is right near the landing point.  You will also find some cute avs in the discount section (as well as free and cheap AOs and dance huds!)  I also picked up a little bat AV and Break Dancing hud while I was there, and I can tell you this cat was made to break dance!

Have a beautiful week!


Hippo and Boxbot AVs – Grendel’s ChildrenFREE

Rag Doll Cat AV – AbranimationsFREE


Too many sweets make Whisper feel bleh…!

I had a quiet, peaceful day yesterday and I hope you were all safe, well and enjoyed yourselves whatever you did. Im a bit full on choccies though, so I thought I would tear myself away from the naughtiness and see what was going on in world!

The Plastik have given out a very generous gift in their group notices. There is a gift set for guys aswell as girls and it includes eyes, a green sweater, some wintery skins and three sets of elf ears to match the skin. The girls package holds the elf ears, so guys if you want them remember to get both gifts from the notices.

All of the different faces have the snowy body shown in the first picture.

This is the green Hale Sweater in girls gift, shown with the Common Elf Ears that are one of the 3 sets of Elf Ears also found in the girls package, but are unisex.

This shows you the male body for the skins.

There are 4 male skins, one plain and 3 with wintery patterns. Again, all of the faces have the snowy body shown above.

This is the male version of the green Hale Sweater in the guys gift.

If you pop over to Free Speerit there are 4 gorgeous female skins under their Xmas tree. Simply join the group then click each box to recieve the skins. There are 2 skin tones and 2 make ups. These are previews of a soon to be released new skin line!

I have to say I adore Free Speerit skins and these skins are probably my favourite ones to date!

When you have a moment, make sure to go to Grendels Children as they have some gifts of full avatars waiting for you! I havent had a chance to photograph all of them yet as there are soooo many, but there are all sorts of avatars in the sacks from Dragons to Minotaurs and even Trolls! These are amazing avatars and most even come with a full AO.

The Red sack can be found just behind you as you tp in.. you can’t miss it. There is also a gift box there with a Swamp Stalker avatar inside and a blue sack with more Dragon and Whelp avatars and goodies inside!

This is me wearing the Red Uthgolian Dragon Avatar…

It comes with a complete AO and a HUD that allows you to blow fire, hyperbeams and even bubbles from the mouth! Great fun!

Other Info

+ Nao’s Hair is Stan from Buried ( not free )
+ Nao’s boxers are from LE.LOOK ( free inside the male shape from the full AV offer )

+ Whispers hair is Green II from Maitreya ( not free )
+ Whispers Millais lingerie is from Love Lace @ Pixeldolls ( not free )
+ Whispers sneakers are from House of Curios ( not free )

Grendel’s Children meets Pacific Sunrise (sort of)

Grendel’s Children has the largest collection of non-human avatars in Second Life.. and most of them are available for a single L$.

I love dropping in to the aquatic’s area from time-to-time (shoot, I love all of Grendel’s Children.. even the bug thingies!) just to look. The last time Istopped there, I bought not one.. but three full avatars at only 1L$ each. I know, I know.. I splurged and shelled out a whole 3L$.


The jellyfish avatar is a full avatar. It includes the ghostly skin you see, and an AO that helps promote the idea that you are a jellyfish. I altered the shape a bit (yes! it’s mod!) because.. at least in my mind’s eye.. merjellies would be rather blob-like on top.. not long and lithe.

Next up was the deep sea siren.


This is a beautiful full avatar. Out of all the merfolks I see in SL, the ones at Grendel’s Children and Tekili-li are the most mer-like. These are truly a people adapted to living fully in the water. This siren avatar includes a wonderful swimming animation that is worth the 1L$ all by itself.

The third mer avatar I purchased isn’t ready yet.

Tune in later to see what I mean.

* Grendel’s Children:   http://slurl.com/secondlife/Avaria%20Tor/209/228/250

Pacific Sunrise is a mer-shop filled with mer goodies. And now you can camp for several top-quality mer avatars and mer-poses. I’ve been wanting to get the Ursula one for some time and when i saw it in the camping chair.. woot! /me joy jumped.


I adapted my own shape, and used a different hair for this picture because I wanted a younger version of Ursula for another blog post. The hair and shape that come with the full avatar is all-out Ursula, right down to her full cheeked, squared-off jaw.. it’s an excellent interpretation of the villainess.. and the tentacles are to die for.

* Pacific Sunrise: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Bluewarren%20Paradise/37/225/1