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More Christmas Gifts

.. get them while you still can.

These are from tRezzable’s Greenie’s sim. Two can be found under the Christmas tree, the slippers are still im the  Greenies shop.

First up is the bee Queen Gown (under the tree). This comes with a shape and a bee hive hairstyle.


Also found under the tree is the Little Bird avatar. So cute! Remember: Halloween is only.. mm.. a little over 10 months away.

greenieIn the Greenies shop you can still find the Greenies slippers.


The lucky chair still has the Greenie pirate avatar if you didn’t get that yet.

Greenies Shop:   http://slurl.com/secondlife/Greenies%20Home%20Rezzable/155/128/34

~ Shang

eep! Take me to your leader!

You may wonder why Shang is looking a little “green”, well it’s because I’ve picked up the a greenie avatar. These avatars (complete with attachments for a total “look”) are available from the greenie main shop, but there’s a catch: you have to hunt for four tickets to rez in the main shop. Teleport to the “Dump” location, walk down the dark tunnel, and click on the sign that looks like the one below.

This will give you your first ticket in a folder titled “Greenies Ticket Collection Point #1”. You will need all four tickets to get the free avatar. Just go to the other three locations listed in the note card “Greenies Tickets Instructions” and follow the hints in the note card (they’re easy peasy) to collect the other three tickets. Once you have all four tickets, click the link in the note card to go to the shop, rez all four tickets (they disappear as they are rezzed), and you will be given a random greenie avatar. The tickets can only be used once.

The Dump: http://slurl.com/secondlife/the%20Dump%20Rezzable/22/153/26