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*it’s always sunny, when it’s free! *

The new Sunny Sim has opened, and lots and lots of gifts for you all to grab! I didn’t manage to get everything to show you, cause of the lag….. and the lag was bad…. omg.. but there is enough for everyone! So take of all – yes remove alll prim attachements (bald, no shoes, no AO… etc.)– and tp over to Sunny! xxx ^^ enjoy

Farah for FabFree

Elate (at Sunny sim) – elate silvia dress, sunny rose ring – oL

Other items shown: hair from Dernier Cri (old freebie); Poses from Maldita Animations (not free)

Farah for FabFree

Decoy (at Sunny sim) – top, hooded blazer, denim jeans, hair with headband, ankle boots and dress – oL (all are fatpacks!! so different colors to choose from!)

Other items shown: Exodi – Lily elm frosted drkbrows  skin (was free at the skin/shape expo); Gigi couture – white tank top (was free gift at mainstore) ; chuculet – breast cancer awarness bracelets – 0L; Poses from Maldita Animations (not free)


There are lots more of little shops around the sim, but I couldn’t fly to check for freebies (cause of lag)… soo if you can, fly around and visit all the other shops too!



xxx Farah

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*blond v.s. brown*

I actually wanted to style this look with a black hat, black jacket and black socks.. a black bag etc…. but that would probably be too much.. soo just as it is:

 Farah for FabFree


bliss couture – flower rose choker – oL (in new mainstore)
gigi couture – black slit tights – 1L; plain white tank – 1L (in giftboxes at main entrance)
ETD – ankle boots – black – 1L
glow studio – rider gloves – oL (lucky chair); eyedecoration – oL (lucky chair); golden bangles – 1L (giftbox in store)

other items shown: fri.day – halter vest gray – and lola hair also from fri.day(not free)

 Ok, so showing you some more gift from the shops at Glance… this time: aimesi skins… yummyy:

Farah for FabFree

aimesi ( at Glance) – elena skin cashmere and caramel – 0L
chuculet – bandaids – 5L (fatpack); hairbands – 1L (in giftbox); (if you like my shape you can try the chloe shape at chuculet… or the rosa shape, which is the most famous one! all shapes 1L)
kyoko hair shop white whell – brown hair – 1L (5 different hairstyles in total! woott ty Renee!)




xxx Farah


Mystic Sky and one great tee shirt

Mystic Sky doesn’t have tee shirts, but Gigi Couture does! The tee shirt I’ve shown below was a group gift.. and the prim bottom is perfect with denims.


The beautiful medieval gowns are from Mystic Sky.

The blue one, called Raven Gown in summer blue, comes complete with a matching cloak. This was a group gift, so when you visit the shop remember to join the subscribe group.

The gowns shown below are available in the shop for free.


The brown one is called Arya White. It’s a lucky chair prize.. and is definitely worth the wait. The white gown, Medieval Woman Outfit,  is available in the shop absolutely free along with a medieval style outfit for men.



Gigi Couture Outlet Shopping!

Gigi Couture’s Mainstore has moved to the lovely CupCake sim.. and their mainstore is gorgeous! Giana Paine told me about great freebies at her mainstore:


Now that\’s not all.. cause Gigi Couture also has a great (!!) Outlet store at the Juicy sim, with the biggest wall of freebies, dollarbies and cheapies…. clothing from 0l$ to 10L$ max. on the freebie wall.. everything else in the outlet store is 25l$, 50l$ or 75l$…. anyway.. under 100l$ definitely! Anyway.. to show u what I\’m talking about.. here are the pics:


*Gigi Couture – Tank Striped – 0l/each; Denim Skirts – 1l/each*

*Gigi Couture – Hoody\’s – 5l/each; Stripped Leggings – 5l*

*Gigi Couture – Termal Heart Shirt – 0l/each*

*Gigi Couture – GemStone Shirts – 1l/each – Ruffle Skirt – 5l*

*Gigi Couture – Dress – 25 l; Green Capris – 5l*

*Gigi Couture – Leopard Dress – 50l* (read more here for this pic)


 Obviously there is a whole lot of more to collect at Gigi Couture Outletstore and Mainstore… just have a look for yourself! You won’t be dissapointed.. as Giana Paine’s Clothes are fabulous!! xxx ^^

Gigi Couture – Outlet Shopping Store

Gigi Couture – Main Store @ cupcake


Other Links:

Bebae      – Coral Skin Gift – 0L (groupgift in notices; 100L to join Bebae group)

 Sky Everett  – Eye lashes total pack – ol

 Ruffian -Liv Shape –  1L  (read more here)Sunglasses – Black and Diva brown – 1l/each; Bangles and Earrings – 1L

Not Free:

Tuli – luminous eyes steel

Dejavu – Mademoiselle hair

Armidi – heels

xxx Farah

Blissful Juicy Fishy Strawberry Gowns

Valentine’s day is quickly approaching and many designers all over SL are already showering us with love!


Fishy Strawberry has this adorable black pair of heart leggings and pink lipstick smeared shirt for just 2 lindens.  The leggings have pink and blue dangle hearts danging from the cuffs.  The shirt is unisex, so men if you can wear pink pick it up.  Renee clears her throat… “Real Men wear pink.”

Gigi Couture has two adorable totes at the store for L$1 each.  Both the Valentine Tote Bag and the Save Our Earth Bag can be used for every day use.  The hair I’m wearing isn’t free but is one of my absolute favorites from Laqroki.  I’m eyeing a few of the newest non-free Laqroki hair so if I happen to show them off, I’ll find plenty of free hair to make up for it!  There is several free styles at Laqroki, so grab those if you haven’t already!



The pink sequin pumps and red and black Rock Heart Peep Toe Lmtd Ed are both from She’s So Unusual Shoes.  If you are in the subscribe – o – matic group for She’s So Unusual Shoes, you already have the pink Sequin Pumps in your inventory.  If not you can join by touching the group join sign in the store.  The awesome red and black Rock Heart Peep Toe heel is free when you add She’s So Unusual Shoes to your picks.  Expect to see more of these cause I really like them.

If you are in the FabFree group you might already know about this gown.  Ms. Isadora Fiddlesticks tipped the FabFree group off to this beautiful hot pink  Vanessa ball gown from Bliss Couture.  This gown is absolutely free until Valentine’s day.


There are two other gowns free above the Vanessa gown at Bliss Couture.  One of these other gifts is this stunning black and white Thriza gown.



The simple bun style hair is a dollarbie from Mela’s.  This hair comes in many colors.  These red Valentine earrings are from Ear Candy.  There is also a dangle diamond emerald cut pair in the store.  One pair is free and the other is a dollarbie.

This black Botolo gown is free at ORAGE Creations.  If you are looking for a classy look without the festive colors grab this addition to your wardrobe.


This red Gloriosa Lily gown was given out during the Christmas holidays, but it is still a dollarbie from Modern Gypsy.  The gown looks very High Fashion to me and looked awesome with the caramel chocolate Veronica hair that is free for group members from Exile.  Speaking of High Fashion that’s the name of the dollarbie skin that is also available at Modern Gypsy.


All the other skin is from Blowpop.  This skin isn’t free, but there is a free Mellie3 Nekkid version free in the main store.  Yes… I’m addicted!


*Fishy Strawberry: Valentine Freebies (L$2)
Sanchon ( 33/147/33 )

*Gigi Couture: Valentine Bag (L$1), Save Our Earth Bag (L$1)
Juicy ( 207/26/26 )

*Bliss Couture: Valentine’s Vanessa Gown (L$0), Thriza Gown (L$0)
Gown ( 162/135/281 )

*ORAGE Creations: Black Botolo Gown (L$0)
Prim By Prim ( 153/105/36 )

*Modern Gypsy: Gloriosa Lily (L$1), High Fashion Red skin (L$1)
Juicy ( 234/45/25 )

*She’s So Unusual Shoes: Pink Sequin Pumps (Sub-o – L$0), Rock Heart Peep Toe (Pick Rewards – L$0)
Thistledown ( 202/122/25 )

Ear Candy: Earrings (L$0 – L$1)
Juicy Del Mar ( 160/164/24 )

*Laqroki: Ella Hair (Not Free)
Laqroki ( 94/146/30 )

*Mela’s: Simple Bun Hair (L$1)
Juicy ( 202/151/25 )

*Exile: Veronica Caramel Chocolate (Group – L$0)
Ivy Falls ( 155/105/27 )

*Blowpop: Mellie3 Nekkid Skin (L$0)
Fuzzy ( 237/168/36 )

*MAI Body Shop: eyes (L$0)
MAI ( 125/103/22 )

*Striking Poses: poses (L$0-L$50)
Glenn ( 35/154/28 )