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Clothes That Don’t Wear Out And Great Places To Wear Them!

8415 ab2_001

Hello, everyone! This week, I am sharing something a bit special with you; and it has to do with the very spot where I am standing. But first, let’s talk about something FREE and fantastic! Every month, I swing by the American Bazaar store to pick up their FREE group gift. This month they have offered the James Jacket in Electric Blue along with the James Shirt in Black. Each piece comes in five sizes for versatility, but they are meant to be worn together so there is a single alpha accommodating both the jacket and shirt. The color is dark and dramatic, just like me! When I dress for my own pleasure, this is absolutely the kind of item I am drawn to: dressy, yet still very casual and comfortable looking. American Bazaar did a great job with this garment. Plus, the group is FREE to join, so make sure you run out and pick this up.

All of us have very different reasons to be on SL, and what we choose to do here can be vastly different from avy to avy. I am an avid freebie hunter, blogger, and general goof off, but Second Life offers us many different activities to do and enjoy. One that I personally like to do is go to concerts and listen to live performers like my friends Phideaux Mayo and Maximillion Kleene. I truly admire the talent and courage it takes to get up in front of people and perform. When you are looking for an interesting activity, I encourage you to search in “events” and sample some of the live entertainment SL has to offer, which brings me to where I am now standing. This is the ENT SL RADIO TRANSPORT HUB and is an excellent place to pop by when you are looking for entertainment. ENT SL Radio is kind of like RL public broadcasting: it offers eighty hours of FREE programming a week! You can even listen to it outside of Second Life by visiting their web site. At the hub, you will find many kiosks, each if which represents a club that is partnering with ENT to help broadcast and promote live music to the SL community. Walk around and check out the schedules. You can even teleport directly to your club of choice from the bus stop. It is a fun and FREE way to explore music and clubs that you might not have experienced yet. I highly recommend you add it to your list of places to check out.

8415 madcat 3_001

Now that you have a great place to go, to choose whichever live performer you may fancy, how about something else you could wear? It is my pleasure to let you know about another item from Madcat Creations that is definitely worthy of your attention. Madcat Creations got my attention in late April by making an amazing hippie outfit that I blogged here. Now they are offering a 1L hunt prize from the Romance Under The Stars Hunt, the Leather N Lace in Red Dress Shirt and Jacket combo looks great with its vibrant color, in addition to giving me my recommended daily dose of black clothing. Together with the white tee part of this garment, the three components in the mesh look extremely well layered giving the appearance of being separate items. This is a fantastic piece of mesh! It comes in three sizes, each of them being similar to fitmesh in that they will conform to your avy. I got an excellent fit without any fuss at all. The red is quite eye catching. After all, do you really want to spend your time blending into the background? Reach for some color now and then and spice up your Second Life, and this garment is an excellent start.

That is all for now. I am going to wander about and find a good concert to check out. However you choose to spend your Second Life, I wish you the best and look forward to running into you one day. Until then, have fun and see you on the grid.—–WHC Riler


WHC is wearing…




Electric Blue Jacket – American Bazaar James Jacket in Electric Blue & the James Shirt in Black (FREE Group Gift/FREE Group)

Eyes – Poetic Colors Moroccan Nights
Skin – Belleza Mathieu
Hair – Dura Dura-Boy*59 in Black
Tattoo – Genesis Inc. Wicked Hunt Tattoo (from inventory)
Cross – Pomposity Gothic Cross Necklace


ENT SL Radio

Red Shirt & Jacket – Madcat Creations Leather N Lace Red Dress Shirt & Jacket combo (1L Prize/Romance Under The Stars Hunt)

Hair – Truth Drake – Night
Eyes – Poetic Colors Summer Sky Eyes – Beach Night
Skin – Belleza Mathieu




Make Him Over Hunt 4 #141 – 150

We’re getting close to the end of the line on the Make Him Over Hunt 4. Here are hunt locations #141 – 150.

#141 Gawk! Blue Hoodie Jacket

#141 Gawk!    Blue Hoodie


MHOH4 # 142 - DeeTalez Boyfriend Shirt Vic

#142 DeeTalez   Boyfriend Vic Shirt


MHOH4 # 143 - agapee Photo Container

#143 agapee Photo Container with Poses (poses shown through #145)


MHOH4 # 144 - Little Britain Designs Army Bag

#144 Little Britain Designs    Army Bag


MHOH4 # 145 - .Ducknipple. Foebel Grey Sweater

#145 Ducknipple     Grey Sweater


MHOH4 # 146 - Dark Water Designs Weekender Outfit  MHOH4 # 148 - KamreK Creations Portable Model HUD

#146 Dark Water Designs Weekender Outfit
#148 KamreK Creations Portable Model HUD (used for the rest of the post)


MHOH4 # 147 - ASKA Shapes by SHIKI Zaku Shapes (2)

#147 ASKA Shapes Zaku Shapes


MHOH4 # 149 - Urban Republic Co.  Black Dragon Hooodie and Ripped Blue Jeans

#149 Urban Republic Co. Black Dragon Hooodie and Ripped Blue Jeans


MHOH4 # 149 - Urban Republic Co.  TuercSkull Pants and Shirt

#149 Urban Republic Co. TuercSkull Pants and Shirt


MHOH4 # 150 - Genesis Inc-Red Mesh Shirt and ark Blue Ribbed Sweater

#150 Genesis Inc. Mesh Shirt and Dark Blue Ribbed Sweater


MHOH4 # 150 - Genesis Inc-Shapes,Tattoos-Free Maori Magic Tattoo

#150 Genesis Inc. Maori Magic Tattoo

I’ll be back with the final hunt location soon… If my Flickr account doesn’t max out. 🙂

*Make Him Over Hunt 4 Gifts #141 – 150 ($0L)