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PeKaS - Wolfenstein Outfit, G.O.T.H. - Destroyer Boots

I wonder how long I can park here before the police make me move again? There are new Midnight Mania items on the boards at PeKaS. One of the gifts available to be won is the Wolfenstein Outfit. Is outfit includes a brown leather jacket, a ripped t-shirt and brown pants. I picked up the Destroyer Boots, one of the many group gifts at G.O.T.H.

I’m still rockin’ the Mohawk I found on the MOOLTO Sisters Hunt at CaTwA. The hair comes in three shades. One of the other gifts I found at :sey is the Edokin Necklace. The gift room is worth checking out. Oh great, here comes a squad car. I better hook the trailer back up.  -sigh-

sey - Edokin Necklace,  CaTwA - Mohawk


* PeKaS – Wolfenstein Outfit ($0L)
Midnight Mania Board

* :sey – Edokin Necklace ($0L)

* G.O.T.H. – Destroyer Boots ($0L)
Group Gift

* CaTwA – Mohawk ($0L)
Moolto Sisters Hunt

* Poses – !bang
-Not Free-


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Don’t Rock the Jukebox


It’s late and I’m down at the local Waffle House for a late night meal and some music. I didn’t think the waitress would get that angry when I played the jukebox. I found several group gifts at G.O.T.H. like the Leo Outfit. The jacket, t-shirt and jeans also include the Dennis Boots.

Leo Outfit and Dennis Boots

Another group gift at G.O.T.H. is the Fabio Outfit. The black shirt and jeans also includes a buckled vest and boots.

Fabio Outfit

The Lucas Outfit is a bib overall that comes in both blue and black. Shoes are included with this outfit also and also comes with a tattoo.

Lucas Outfit

With the Lucas outfit, you also receive a guitar. If the waitress won’t let me play the jukebox, I’ll make my own music.

Lucas Guitar


* G.O.T.H. – Leo Outfit and Dennis Boots ($0L)
Group Gift
* G.O.T.H – Fabio Outfit ($0L)
Group Gift
G.O.T.H. – Lucas Outfit ($0L)
Group Gift

* Poses – Diesel Works
Not Free