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The quest fur cover, for furries and humans alike! (Part 2!)

RAWR! Hey fabbies! I am back again to show off more fuzzy goodness with the quest fur cover hunt! You can find my first post, which contains the starting location, as well as the first few gifts [HERE]! This hunt is a bit different from what we normally show off and is more geared towards the furry residents in SL! almost all of the gifts in this FREE hunt are compatible with humans and furries alike. So, shall we go on a quest?!

The quest fur cover, for furries and humans alike! (Part 2!)_002
Shop #6, Murder of ravens, has a really interesting “Blue enderbeast” full avatar as their hunt gift. You’ll have to check this one out on your own, but believe me, it’s definitely worth the time to grab! #7, Cubic cherry kre-ations, has a really neat black tail as their gift! The little fin and water drop pattern add great detail to this.

The quest fur cover, for furries and humans alike! (Part 2!)_001

#8, Fujiwara’s world, has this great pair of aquatic-looking ears as their gift. These would be perfect for merfolk, dragons, fish, and many other applications.

The quest fur cover, for furries and humans alike! (Part 2!)_003

Gachapon, shop #9 on the hunt has fun game-themes accessories as their prize! You get a mushroom necklace, chomp bracelet, and the piranha plant tail to top it off.

The quest fur cover, for furries and humans alike! (Part 2!)_004

Finally, Voidvoidvoid, shop #10, has the absolutely adorable dino hoodie hood as their hunt gift! This one is completely modify, so it will fit any avatar, and the package includes a download for a photoshop file, so you can customize the texture on your hood!

Skyler is wearing…

Avatar – Raawr – Dark gray wolf
Hair – Koy – Alexis – fatpack – My attic item!



The quest fur cover, not just for fuzzbutts! (Part 1!)

RAWR! Hey fabbies! I have a hunt that’s a bit different to show you today! Quest fur cover is a completely FREE hunt that caters towards the furry residents in SL, however, almost all of the items in the hunt can be used by humans and furries alike, so jump in and start the quest!

The quest fur cover, not just for fuzzbutts! (Part 1!)_001
Shop #1, Furry fashion, has 2 hunt gifts for you to find!

The quest fur cover, not just for fuzzbutts! (Part 1!)_002
The gift from Shop #2, project mayhem industries, is actually a mod for an avatar I sadly do not have. I hear that their gift is an absolutely adorable dalmatian mod for the DSD ardawolf. #3’s gift, the tiny tack shed from ladies pleasure is a cute little building that would be perfect for a small house, or many other applications

The quest fur cover, not just for fuzzbutts! (Part 1!)_003
Shop #4, Winry’s whimsey, is extra generous, and has 5 gifts inside their little icon! There are 3 sets of eyes with multiple options for a ton of avis, and are mod, so they can even fit humans! The 2 I’m showing in the bottom half of the pic above have a version for my avatar right in the box! In the bottom half, you can see the 2 mouth noms that are the other gifties from shop # 4. The soap even bubbles when you type!

The quest fur cover, not just for fuzzbutts! (Part 1!)_004
and finally, shop #5, SugarFluff has 2 gifties that can be yours, if you can find the hunt icon. The first gift is a whole outfit set, done in great bright candy colours and complete with a sweetie purse and a cute crown headband. Their second gift is one you can share! The yours and mine ring set comes with one ring to keep and one to give to someone special. These are open collar scripted, but are mod for easy removal, and the pack includes both an owner HUD and a sub AO, just in case that’s your cup of tea!

Skyler is wearing…

Avatar – Raawr – Dark gray wolf
Hair – Koy – Alexis – fatpack – My attic item!


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Curious Avatar and Plastik 1L Box

As well as dressing up as a Dolly, I enjoy participating in the Furry side of Second Life. There are alot of amazing avatars you can find around the grid, taking all shapes and sizes and creatures. If you are curious about the life of a Furry in SL then the best place to start would be to make yourself into one.

Curious by Uchi Desmoulins has a freebie Felis Avatar available at his main store. This is a very good starter kit and is a full anthropomorphic cat avatar which is unisex. It comes with all prim parts and also a skin and modify shape for males and females!

The dress in the picture above is the Bordello Dress in Woodwork from the The Plastik and is inside their 1L box of amazing things for both males and females, some more of which I will show below!

Left to right – Shredder Ultra Violet Dress, Strips Dress, Friday Hellfire Dress

Left to right – Male Kuhra Toxic Tank with Aeda Flora Slacks, Kuhra Christo Tank with Cobalt Skinnies Slacks, Male Kuhra Toxic Tank with Crimson Aeda Slacks. The Aeda Slacks come with several different leg options including a Digigrade one for Anthros!

This picture shows the Aeda Slacks but with the different shorts options that come with this colour. The top isnt part of the Plastik 1L box but can be found at The Sea Hole

These are just a few things but there are more things inside the Plastik 1L box for you to discover!

What is free or under 10L
Felis Avatar by Curious

Bordello Dress
Shredder Ultraviolet Dress
Stripes Dress
Friday Hellfire Dress
Male Kuhra Christo Tank
Male Kuhra Toxic Tank
Aeda Slacks by The Plastik and all inside 1L box

Not Free
Blind Hair by Elikatira – 250L

Seafarers Cardi in Blushie by The Sea Hole – 117L

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Returning To The Library ~ Part 1

If you’re anything like me, your inventory is kind of like Narnia and you don’t really know what’s in there and it seems like a long journey in order to find the things you know you bought. But what about the things that were built in? A lot of people don’t know it, but there is a world of avatars in your very inventory! I’m sure you remember when you signed up for SecondLife and there were a few avatars to choose from as your base – but what you may not know, is that they’ve been getting better! About a year ago, Renee did a post about some of the new avatars at the time and I’m going to show you some of those a long with a lot of new ones!

Today I’m going to cover furry avatars! I was surprised at how many different animals there were to choose from. Lion, tiger, panda, dragon… even a unicorn!

Library items can be found by visiting the Library folder in your inventory then the clothing folder and in the clothing folder you’ll find “Initial Outfits” which has all of the folders for the full avatars that I will show in this post and the next few posts.

Picnik collage2

Picnik collage1

Picnik collage3

All of these avatars are completely free and already yours! While you can’t put on outfits from the Library, you can open a new window of inventory, create a new folder, and then click+shift and drag all the content in the folder to the new folder.

For those of you who don’t like your library to show, there is a way to hide it that Renee told me about, “You go to advanced (ctrl+Atl+D) then debug settings, then type in noinventoryLibrary and set to true.”

I hope you enjoy discovering new avatars already in your inventory and look out for a couple more posts on other categories such as humans and even robots and vehitars (vehicle avatars… I think they’re really cool)!

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And the winner is…

Shangreloo Kuhn and Hawk Morrisey for their roles in.. um.. Call of the Wild.

In the first picture they are showing off their great cougar costumes, courtesy of University of Caledon. The lovely gown is designed by Hyasynth Tiramisu. The avatars are complete, and come with skins, shapes, clothes — everything you need to carry off these great looks!

cougarThis second great look comes, again, from University of Caledon, courtesy of  Nix Sands. These teeny tiny looks come complete as seen in the picture (the Oscar is mine!), and are perfect for a day of burrowing, or stealing fruits and veggies from your neighbor’s gardens.


University of Caledon:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Caledon%20Oxbridge/190/145/27

~ Shang