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Red & Black

Skin: Plush Piper-Super Cateye Freckled (part of M&R Cupcakes group gift, join fee 250 Linden,

you receive gifts from 2 great and generous designers, Rosemary Galbraith and Mimi Coral)

Hair: Rory Darks, worn in Jazzy, free, by WONDERHAIR

Outfit: TopPants+Detachable Belt Red (1 L), Puffy Fur Jacket Black (1 L) – more colors are available as

dollarbies, by Alegria Design

Shoes: Red Candy Striped Ballet Flats (former hunt gift) by Seasons Haute Couture (store is closed

temporarily due to renovation changes)

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LEMANIA INDIGO – FALLIN FOR THE 40`s – Hunt & PreRelease

Thanks to Summer Loon (I think she´s a kind of fairy goodmother *smiles*) who surprised me with an amazing gift designed by Lemania Indigo, and … no, let´s keep it short and sweet! Here´s what the notecard says ….. my pics …… and  big thanks to Lemania Indigo:

“Fallin for the 40’s” Hunt and Pre-Release

AUGUST 15th to AUGUST 20th


Thank you all for being such great customers and as my thanks I have a new hunt. Collect all the APPLES scattered all over my sim – there are 15 in all as this is a very detailed outfit. PLUS 5 Additional APPLES as gifts! The 15 Apples includes all the fur, shoes and jewelry pictured. Is it worth the hunt? You bet!

This outfit will introduce my new fall collection – “FALLIN FOR THE 40’s” which is located in the SEASONS building!

ALSO! I HAVE MARKED DOWN 10 Dresses in the MAIN BUILDING and the HAUNTED HOLLYWOOD down to 100L Each only for the duration of the hunt.

This is a 5 day hunt so that everyone can get a chance to grab the sale items and get this lovely outfit for a total of 15L.

I love it so much and fall colors are a big favorite of mine.

Start here to see what you will be getting and for the 1st APPLE!!

Lemania Indigo Design & Divine, S Crystal Springs 87, 35, 22

Enjoy the hunt!



(I will be closing the sim on the evening of August 14th and not to be opened until I send the notices)

Like what you see? 🙂 I do! A lot!

I know it isn´t a freebie ….. but your 15 Linden are well spent 🙂

For those of you who prefer our usual pics I´ve added thumbnails *smiles*


NOT FREE Skin: RetroPinUp Tan-Rita by FRICK! Skins, Blackmount 100, 137, 234

Hair: le salon Anna May in craven by comme il fault, Shubelik 61, 167, 701 (FORMER GROUP GIFT)

Polaroid HUD (big & small) by Burt Laundry, Omotesando 119, 188, 32 (FREE AND STILL AVAILABLE)


Red Taffeta Gown by Nonna Hedges / Jewellery by Bonita

Amazing find today at a *new to me* store again: Nonna Hedges. You have to see the whole store, it will take you hours and maybe a lot of lindes too 😉 But if you miss it …… would be a bad mistake. There are adorable creations as evening gowns, baroque costumes, dresses, bridal gowns, hats, shoes, jewellery, furniture, and a freebie 🙂 I´m not sure how long the freebie will be there so go now!

Red Tafetta comes with pants, shirt (also jacket layer), skirt and fur (right and left shoulder) and it was love at first sight 🙂 The gown is pictured on the wall, a bit hard to find. There´s one landingpoint at the furniture salesroom. Red Tafetta is at Nonna Hedges, Details 157,45,42

Solitaire Pearl Necklace is one of 4 freebies at BONITA (thank you, Rory Rives, for letting me know!) BONITA also is a wide store, take your time, please. I have pictured the free items and there are red arrows inside the store to lead you.

I´m wearing FRICK Tan-glammy skin (subscribe-o-matic group gift) and Eleanor hair in white rice by Hair Solutions, available for free (or 1 L ?) at SAVOIR HAIR, and Digit Darkes´ Mary Janes (dollarbie) in silver.


CMFF & GaZoV Designs

Greta Gazov, designer and owner of GaZoV Designs, dropped me her new freebie box with wonderful and cute stuff! Thank you again, Greta!

Tp over to GaZoV Designs new store (update your LMs, please!), the freebie box is sitting on the table. Take a look around, the new shop is beautiful as well as the new releases there 🙂 Greta Gazov makes us happy with a big bunch of freebies: Lucky LV necklace/ring/bracelet, Camo RD bracelet/necklace, Camo RP bracelet/necklace, Satin flowers in red and black, Lolita bows in red and black (for arms and hair) and the cute Kitty umbrella (comes with poofer, too), matching Kitty bangles and necklace.

Nat Donat dropped me a notecard with a great freebie tip, thank you Nat! At CMFF Skins, Clothing & Shoes by Chip Midnight there´s a freebie vendor in the corner with 27 free items! I don´t show you all items in this post, there is more stuff as pants and a jacket for men, and newbie hair.

We have brown (are the really brown?) leather pants matched with Kimono Wrap Top, Black Sequin Halter, CutOut Sleeve Top, Long Roses Frill Top, Sparkle Knit Top, FurTrim Shrug worn with ArtSpace T-Shirt, Butterfly Halter, OfftheShoulder Drape Top and Strapless Long Floral Wrap *blushes* Lots of goodies!

All tops are really cute and goes great with any other pants or jeans or skirts.

All tops/brown leather pants (0 L)

CMFF, Freelon 45/64/23

KittySet with umbrellas, CamoRD&CamoRP set,

Lolita Bows, Satin Hairflowers, Lucky LV set (0 L)

GaZoV Designs, Isla del Mar 143/155/28

Ada Shoes No 3 in cheetah (0 L)

Ada Store, Fontaine 39/104/50

Quelita Beauty QS Skin Freebie (subscr.gift 0 L)

available at biancaF., Addictive 130/122/22

Fab Hazel



Big thank you to Jinger and shatteredshards for leaving great tips on our hotline: i-Candy and Evocative Free Design (Lapointe & Bastchild)! And same big thank you to Kryptonia Paperdoll (owner and designer of Splashing Doll Skins) for mentioning a pair of free “killer boots” by Crimson Shadow on her blog.

At your Crimson Shadow landingpoint (telehub!) you will see a subscribe-o-matic sign, when touching it you will receive a Skull Cane as a gift (and you will be informed about all Crimson Shadow news!). Then go into the store, go left and then into the first room to your right. Step in, cross the room, a red box is sitting on the ground next the wall. And in this box are your Crimson Corset Boots (3 sizes) by Crimson Shadow – a “must have”! It seems as I become a boot addict too ….

Evocative Free Design by Lapointe&Bastchild offers such a wide range of clothes (gothic, casual, retro, lingerie ….) and also jewellery – it would go beyond the scope to show all the amazing creations (for men too!) in this post. To find a matching outfit for Crimson Corset Boots I grabbed only some of the gothic outfits and lingerie: Lace Red Corset+Panties, Gothic Ballgown Set, Forever Sheer Set, Bast Rouge Miniskirt Set FD, Brocade Allure Full Color Set (red, black,white, pink). There are so many options to wear the clothes, they are so well done and all are absolutely free! I´m sure I`ll come back to pick up some of the cute retro dresses at Evocative Free Designs! Oh, and jewellery, of course …. !

Another cute skirt that goes well with the Crimson Corset Boots is Cheapy Puffy Skirt . Also the Cheapy Plain Hoody with fur is great. Both dollarbie boxes are sitting on the ground inside i-Candy`s store.

Cher`s Red Goth Skin (0 L)

FabulouslyFree in SL, Talisman 230/192/24

Cheapy Puffy Skir,Cheapy Plain Hoody (1 L/each)Fab Hazel

i-Candy, Asmodeus 20/243/45

Gothic Ballgown Set, Lace Red Corset+Panties,

Bast Rouge Miniskirt SetFD, Brocde Allure Full

Color Set, Forever Sheer Set (0 L)

Evocative Free Designs (Lapointe & Bastchild)

Evocative 183/85/22

Crimson Corset Boots (0 L)

Crimson Shadow Rezzable 194/169/38


QUICKIE: Got into a green fur rush at OOKAMI NINGEN store

Ookami Ningen Harajuku Punk freeHurry – this item will only be available until 12 a.m. today and SL is a bit … uhm …. SL is not going very well today *grin*

So head over to Ookami Ningen`s store and grab your free Harajuku Punk in vibrant green! It´s located inside the store next the freebie cart (or whatever this is, it has 2 wheels and it is brown *g*). Touch the sign and if the SL-gods are in a good mood you will be able to receive this absolutely well done cute punky outfit. I´ve never heard before about Ookami Ningen and I have to say there is great great stuff! So touch the subscribe-o-matic next the entrance to be informed about new releases and freebies too, of course.

Click the subscribe sign to be added, click it again, go to History, choose option 1. And if the SL-gods are …. you know … you will receive a green parasol with a nice pose to wear it. There are more notices but I didn`t have the time to click it all.

Ookami Ningen parasol group giftOokami Ningen Harjuku

Sadly I cannot show you the cute little shamrock pillow, a dollarbie leaning against the freebie cart … I wasn´t able to buy it, SL denied it … pooooh! But I grabbed the freebie from this cart with a nice Posy Pose and a Knobori Wall Kite (not pictured, I´m not sure but I think it´s for decorating a wall?).

Check out Ookami Ningen´s store and don´t forget  to touch the subscribe-o-matic.


Ookami Ningen Posy PoseOokami Ningen Harajuku

Cher`s Relay For Life Skin (0 L)

FabulouslyFree in SL, Talisman 227/200/24

Jaiden Hair in ash brown (goldpot hunt 0 L)

CurlUpAndDyeSalon, Inari 34/223/400

Harajuku Punk in vibrant green (o L), Parasol with

pose (subscribe gift o L), KnoboriWallKite/PosyPose (0 L)

Ookami Ningen Mainstore, Dark Eden 126/196/31

SabrinaRetroCrimsonPumps, AligatressEyes (0 L)

TalismanJewelryApparelFun,Talisman 230/36/22 Fab Hazel

booN & RAHZFashion are TWOSOME with the help of COPYKAT

RAHZ DESIGN TWOSOME COPYKATbooN Hair offers a fatpack of unisex hair in many colors (and 2 sizes) for free. The Free Hair NMR 32 – a short messy hairstyle with amazing textureis located in the store on a board next to a lamp post with a “freebie flag”.

booN free hair booN free hair NMR3 chestnut

Thanks to Shelby Wrangler for the inworld tip to her dollarbies at TWOSOME. There´s the Beautyberry RetroTop which comes in many layers and the funny EatMe Leggings. Also the Valentine Undies and Love Socks are still available. All items are located inside the shop on the small table or on the wall.

At RAHZ Fashion I picked up freebies as the pink fur boots and scarf, jeans with shirt and shoes and a black undie set. The freebies are at your landing point in front of you on a table.


I matched TWOSOME´s RetroTop with white beach pants by Chez Gabrielle and in the other picture with jeans, scarf and fur boots by RAHZ Designs (yeah, I know, strange look *lol*). EatMe Leggings by TWOSOME goes great with “Blusa Borda Verde” (part of the free jeans outfit) by RAHZ Design.

Quartz Sandals (flip flops) are freebies from COPYKAT. You will find the freebie bag inside the shoe store! on the counter desk. Also you can try to win some nice items on the Lucky Chair (outside, there are 4) as me. I won the Braids Galore hair!


Cher`s HodgePodge Skin updated (group gift o L)

Fabulously Free in SL, Talisman 230/192/24

booN free hair NMR 32 (worn in chestnut and platinum, 0 L)

booN Hair, Zapico 34/170/35

Quartz Sandals, Braids Galore Hair (freebie bag/LuckyChair 0 L)

COPYKAT Don`tGetItTwisted, Atlit 19/95/63

Jeans Outfit, fur boots, scarf, black undie set (0 L)

RAHZ Fashion, Dentro 202/19/107

ValentineUndies+love socks, EatMe leggingsFab Hazel

Beautyberry Retro Top (1 L each)

TWOSOME, MoonDoggies 244/209/26

White Beach Pants, part of almost free bag (1 L)

CHEZ GABRIELLE, Chiron 46/139/40