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*be my doll*

… or be a ***! LOL, this t-shirt made me laugh, cause when I am in SL I actually feel like a pretty doll, which I can dress up, change clothes and just make her as pretty as I want too. It’s like my childhood all over…. lol… soo for this t-shirt from Treel to say ‘Barbie is a *****’ is soooo funny to me. I decided to wear the most doll-face skin I have and like (which was sent to the FabFree group earlier) and yay it’s still available through the subscribo at CandyDoll. Paired it up with lovely grey eyes from Free Speerit.. and you’re good to go! But… don’t forget to wear some jeans from Allusions… or you’ll be running around butnaked, lol! Enjoy xxx ^^

Farah for FabFree

Farah for FabFree

skin – *CandyDoll*Abella Gray HB – oL (subscribogift in history nr. 3)
hair – fri.day – Carrie – Anxious Blond – (not free)
eyes – (*FS*) Look For Yourself – FS eye (grey) – 1L (full color eye pack)
t-shirt – Treel – Barbie is a bitch – oL (buy giftbag on counter)
jeans – Allusions jeans – Stonewash on Steel – 10L
earrings – *YS&YS* FeelFree Hearth Valentine Jewelery – oL (groupgift in store)
nails – Curvature – French Manicure – oL
poses – LAP Barbie poses


xxx Farah


Too many sweets make Whisper feel bleh…!

I had a quiet, peaceful day yesterday and I hope you were all safe, well and enjoyed yourselves whatever you did. Im a bit full on choccies though, so I thought I would tear myself away from the naughtiness and see what was going on in world!

The Plastik have given out a very generous gift in their group notices. There is a gift set for guys aswell as girls and it includes eyes, a green sweater, some wintery skins and three sets of elf ears to match the skin. The girls package holds the elf ears, so guys if you want them remember to get both gifts from the notices.

All of the different faces have the snowy body shown in the first picture.

This is the green Hale Sweater in girls gift, shown with the Common Elf Ears that are one of the 3 sets of Elf Ears also found in the girls package, but are unisex.

This shows you the male body for the skins.

There are 4 male skins, one plain and 3 with wintery patterns. Again, all of the faces have the snowy body shown above.

This is the male version of the green Hale Sweater in the guys gift.

If you pop over to Free Speerit there are 4 gorgeous female skins under their Xmas tree. Simply join the group then click each box to recieve the skins. There are 2 skin tones and 2 make ups. These are previews of a soon to be released new skin line!

I have to say I adore Free Speerit skins and these skins are probably my favourite ones to date!

When you have a moment, make sure to go to Grendels Children as they have some gifts of full avatars waiting for you! I havent had a chance to photograph all of them yet as there are soooo many, but there are all sorts of avatars in the sacks from Dragons to Minotaurs and even Trolls! These are amazing avatars and most even come with a full AO.

The Red sack can be found just behind you as you tp in.. you can’t miss it. There is also a gift box there with a Swamp Stalker avatar inside and a blue sack with more Dragon and Whelp avatars and goodies inside!

This is me wearing the Red Uthgolian Dragon Avatar…

It comes with a complete AO and a HUD that allows you to blow fire, hyperbeams and even bubbles from the mouth! Great fun!

Other Info

+ Nao’s Hair is Stan from Buried ( not free )
+ Nao’s boxers are from LE.LOOK ( free inside the male shape from the full AV offer )

+ Whispers hair is Green II from Maitreya ( not free )
+ Whispers Millais lingerie is from Love Lace @ Pixeldolls ( not free )
+ Whispers sneakers are from House of Curios ( not free )

Free Speerit!

Free Speerit skins are some of the most beautifully crafted in SL and every now and again we are lucky enough to get a gift dropped into the group notices. To celebrate Thanksgiving, we were generously given the gift of a gorgeous Fiona skin. If you arent in the group, you will need to pay 1L to join and then take a look in the notices.

I am really loving how more and more creators are venturing into and getting the hang of the darker skin tones. I remember back when I originally joined SL in 2005 that there were really very few skins past an orangey tan colour! Free Speerits Fiona skin is so scrumptiously delicious, you will just want to lick it from head to toe!


Isnt it absolutely stunning?!


If you go over to the store, there are also more skins to be found on the “Pay What You Want” wall, so you can indulge even more!

These are the Dark Elf and Moon Elf skins that are available on the “Pay What You Want” wall. Perfect skins for RP in SL.



This is the Elizabeth Skin. It comes with a crying bloody tears version. I think this would make a great Vampire RP skin.



This is the Kimberly Crying skin. There are 3 other skin shades to choose from at the store. This one is one of the oldest PWYW skins available and was blogged alot a while back, but its always good to revisit, especially as they have added a Fiona skin tone to the set.


Other info

+ Kira Dollarbie Bridal Lingerie by Eternity Brides
+ Hair worn in Fiona pictures – Get Forward by Bishwear ( not free )
+ Hair worn in close up of Fiona – Princessa by Bishwear ( not free )
+ Other hair – Tallulah by Truth ( not free )
+ Sneakers by House of Curios ( not free – 30L )


*grey & black*

Woott… 2 years anniversary for our very own Floatie Hock, celebrating with a very…. Floatie’s style shirt! LOL… grab it, it’s goooood!!! Congratz Floatie!

Farah for FabFree

Hell Bop – 2nd anniversary shirt – oL

Maitreya – Soho Pumpkin Boots – oL (subscribo gift in history)

chuculet –  glassless glasses – 1L

other items shown: cillian’gel – low waist jeans (old gift; i wish this was still available! ❤ these Cilia!); maitreya – green hair – almond.

Farah for FabFree

pink fuel – grey skye skin – oL (update group in history, click messages, click ‘read this’)

chuculet – glassless glasses – 1L

other items shown: free speerit – black eyes(0L color pack);   maitreya – green hair – chestnut.


xxx Farah


*fab skins*

 I am way too excited about this post to talk much, just want to show you the amazing stuff…. watch, read, enjoy and be very thankfull to the designers ^^ xxx


Farah for FabFree


mother goose – gerda hurt me skin (says ‘hurt me’ under the left eye) – 1L;  brown cardigan – 1L (in the little house with all 1L items); also 8 lucky boards with more cute skins! (all on 5-minutes rotation!)

ume mode – brown shorts – oL (groupgift in store)

wave – white dress shirt – 1L (back wall)

other items shown: truth – makenzie hair; doppelganger inc. – button up socks; maitreya boots



 Farah for FabFree

 lunas boutique – black leather rocker jacket – oL (upstairs)

free speerit – kathrina skins – oL (3 skintones; groupgift in notices, 1L to join)

olive juice – poses  (oL or 1L in store and in all subscribo-history)

other items shown: cillian gel – low waist jeans (old groupgift); fri.day – cassie hair (not free)


Farah for FabFree

 view large

bebae – fabia skins – oL (new release gift skin; group gift skins; NOT free to join group 200L)

other items shown: truth – makenzie hair


*me jumps up and down* I’m still excited!!


xxx Farah



I think i could say… i felt a bit ‘green’ today… (no I’m not sick… ;)) and like flooding you with lots of great stuff to grab for … ‘not much’… of your precious lindens! enjoy xxx ^^

>> it seems the slurl for Djunk was wrong! It’s updated now… sorry for this 😦 <<<

 Farah for FabFree

beni – tweed jacket and flower accesory – 1L

humming – wool check skirt – 1L
 en svale – free knee socks  – oL
 wave – white dress blouse – 1L (there is also a whole back wall of gifts and dollarbies!)

zeery – green neck scarf – 5L

djunk – sleazy bag – color change – oL

other items shown: cupcakes – daydream skin – wheat golden (not free); fri.day – rashelle hair; chuculet – headband and ballet flats (1L/each) bandaid – 5L; exodi – zbilja eyes (groupgift in notices).

 Farah for FabFree

humming – tunic pants dress gray – 1L
 en svale – free leggings  – oL

other items shown: cupcakes – daydream skin – wheat golden (not free); fri.day – lola hair; chuculet – ballet flats (1L/each); miel – champange tulip headband (old subscribo-gift).

Farah for FabFree 

free speerit – fiona skin crying – pay what you want wall

beni – denim green top – 1L

other items shown: maitreya – moon hair.

 Farah for FabFree

Farah for FabFree

djunk – all cloting shown above – oL (and even more clothing, shoes and bags… everything in lots of colors!!)

other items shown: cupcakes – enchanted sienna skin (lucky chair); hair from left to right: decoy – nicole hair (old gift); fri.day – rashelle; truth – kensei (old freebie).


xxx Farah

Free Speerit in Indyra Originals

FS Skin - Kimberly Tan (Free Speerit)(Stripe)

FS Skin - Kimberly (Free Speerit)(Stripe)This stunning Champagne Paulina cocktail dress from Indyra Originals would look gorgous on any dance floor!

I decided the champagne colored dress needed a bit of color, so I paired it with the silver and FabFree green Ava necklace, bangles, and earrings from chuculet and the FabFree green Bellas from Shoe Fly Shoes.  

The Ava jewelry set is free at the FabFree Headquarters and the sexy shoes are free at Shoe Fly Shoes near the entrance.

The Kimberly skin comes in three skin tones and is free at the Free Speerit Discover Your Skin Fair booth.

FS Skin - Kimberly Pale (Free Speerit)(Stripe)


*Indyra Originals: Champagne Paulina Dress (L$0)
UVogue ( 95/221/22 )

*Shoe Fly Shoes: FabFree Green Bellas (L$0)
Greystone ( 199/216/92 )

*Chuculet: Pila Sandals (FabFree – L$0)
Car Wash ( 92/225/24 )

*Fri.day: Cassie Hair (Group – L$0)
Friday ( 147/130/32 )

*Free Speerit: Kimberly Skin (L$0)
UVogue ( 108/190/22 )

*MAI Body Shop: eyes (Group – L$0)
MAI ( 125/103/22 )

*Striking Poses: poses (L$0 – L$50)
Harlow ( 79/205/34 )



something old, something new…

… somethings free and something blue ..

Farah for FabFree

Farah for FabFree

The first pic is about something blue… the cardigan, it’s a very detailed piece, which will look stunning on everyone. It’s actually unisex for guys and girls. In the second picture I just loveee the skin… it’s very tan… but I love it.. it’s beautifull and well matching with the red lips…!! ❤ ^^ I’m off unpacking more stuff… and cleaning inventory…

pic 1:

Hell Bop Clothing – Blue Cardigan – 1L

Truth – Jess hair – oL (all colors)

Noir Lolita – Face Piercings – 1L

Chuculet – bangles/flats (1L or flats part of pack)

Other items shown: Opium jeans – not free, miel shop – scarf (previous subscribo gift); Truth- belt – not free,

pic 2:

a piece of candy – seleena dress pink – 10L

uncle web studio – hair free – 0L (different color packs, tp upstairs using the teleport)

free speerit – kimberly tan skin – oL (groupgift in notices)

isobeya – Japanese fan – 1oL (for 6 different colors, with ao)

other items shown: heels from maitreya


xxx Farah

Crazy Love Songs, when Seldom Blue?

What to do when you’re Seldom Blue?  Break out the Cheap Love Songs!


Seldom Blue opened a new outlet store on the SXY2ND SIM.  The beautiful black and lilac lace Sexy Stella gown is only available at the new store located on the SXY2ND SIM.  To introduce people to this new sim, the Sexy Stella gown is only L$1!  This is a limited time offer, don’t miss out!  A special thanks to Ms. IndigoBlue Dagostino, from Seldom Blue, for sending me this folder of awesomeness.

blacklilac-lace-ball-gown-seldom-blue2Also at Seldom Blue the Sexy Stella fatpack in black/fuchsia is available for only L$50.  This is an excellent deal considering all the pieces you get in this pack!  The other fatpacks are L$792!!!  This offer wont last long, so get it while it’s on special!  The Sexy Stella fatpack special can be found at both the SXY2ND SIM and main Seldom Blue locations.

The skins are all from the Coquette subscribe-o-matic.  The Candy Coated DS3 skins come in dark, fair, light, and medium tones.  This gift includes Lush Lashes.  You can also pick up the Delish skins for only L$10 on the right wall near the sub-o.  Each Delish skin tone comes in a huge fatpack of makeups.

The Hair is all from the Free Speerit freebie back wall.  There are some very cute styles in at least 17 different colors!

The black Dolly Pumps are the midnight mania gift at A-Bomb.  All poses are from Long Awkward Pose.


This is the kind of outfit you just want to find someone special and cuddle up with, right?  Cheap Love Song has the perfect gift!  This awesome red brick 52 prim skybox was the latest gift to celebrate 100 subscribe-o-matic group members.  The gift included a two-story skybox, two sets of furniture (cuddle sofa, chair, chaise, and ottoman/coffee table), wall art, and plants!  Join the sub-o to become eligible for future gifts.


The Dim furniture set is beige, cream, and green tones.  The Lynn set is hot pink and black.  A dark oak ladder leads to the loft area.


Check out how huge this skybox is!  The SO and I are standing on top admiring the view… (actually, I think he was admiring the Sexy Stella Lingerie!).


TP to the main Cheap Love Song location, check out the 50% off sale, and grab the dollarbies!  There are two t-shirts for the men and one for the ladies, and a pair of light denim shorts.  The April sub-o gift was two male t-shirts, the crimson Snail Racer shirt is shown below.  Plus, the April 24th subscribe-o-matic gift has a gray t-shirt, a polka Dots corset, and a Camo Mushie shirt for men.  (The shirts for men are still great for women, too!)  What are you waiting for?  Go join the Cheap Love Song sub-o now!




The Cheap Love Song Skybox was a one time gift, but the skybox was just redistributed along with a note.

“Okay as most of you guys know Fab Free blogged about us! This skybox was to only be for our 100 Subscribers but I felt bad because all of you new guys came and clicked on the Subscribe-o-matic and got just the welcome gift! Which is pretty NICE! So…I am gonna be SUPER NICE because I am so Thankful for you guys. I’m gonna put the skybox out again but it WILL BE REMOVED in the morning! 12AM PDT. “

Go now and join the Cheap Love Song subscribe-o-matic group!  (The note also mentions that when the sub-o reaches 200 members to look forward to a L$20 sale!)


*Seldom Blue: Fuchsia/Black Sexy Stella FatPack (L$50), Black Sexy Stella Gown (L$1)
Angelheart ( 7/59/29 )
SXY2ND ( 241/161/24 )

*A-Bomb: Dilly Pumps (Midnight Mania – L$0)
Snatch City ( 108/15/30 )

*Crazy Love Song: Skybox & Furniture (Sub-o – L$0), T-Shirts & Shorts (L$1)
Saint Lucia ( 39/28/612 )

*Free Speerit: Hair (L$0)
Inizio ( 168/231/26 )

*Coquette: DS3 Skin & Lush Lashes (Sub-o – L$0), Necklace (Sub-o – L$0)
MAI ( 125/103/22 )

*MAI Body Shop: eyes (Group – L$0)
MAI ( 125/103/22 )

*Long Awkward Pose: poses (L$0)
Festivale ( 53/197/27 )



Are you a Free Speerit Atomic Rebel?


rebel-shoesHave you been to Rebel?  I have this habit of secretly checking what others around me are wearing.  Thursday while waiting out the lucky chairs at M’z Studios, I noticed the cutest baseball cap hair.  After finding out who the creator was and tping to the Rebel store I found some great free and dollarbie goodies.

The crimson skull shirt is unisex and the white Rebel sneakers come in several different sizes, perfect for male and females, no mater what age they play.  The baseball cap black hair comes with the ponytail version for women and a shorter style for men. The silver Guitar Charme bracelet is free at Caro’s Little Store.

The black sculpted mini skirt is from one of the four lucky chairs at M’z Studio.  There are many great gifts in these chairs.  I still need to go wait it out for the two pair of brown cowboy boots, so let me know if you see a R for the boots!

The poses shown throughout this post are from Long Awkward Pose.

Serenity Style has a very nice Rouge Transitions knit sweater in the 15 minute camp chair.  There is a version for adults and children.  The sweater can be worn or tied around the shoulders or waist.  The blue “Just Chill” t-shirt is only L$10 at ATOMIC and comes with an ice cube to cool you off!  The green Everyday Hoodie is from the lucky chairs at ATOMIC.  This unzipped hoodie has a hood up and down option.


The jeans are from the “Pay What You Want” wall at Free Speerit.  There are 31 pair of jeans on the wall at Free Speerit, plus some cute tops!  Buy these items at any price you want, anything from L$1 and up…  It’s up to you!


There is also a “Freebies” wall at Free Speerit.  All hair styles are free, there are furnature items, skins, and clothing.



*Rebel: Skull Shirt, Baseball Cap Hair, Sneakers (L$0 – L$1)
Funky Islands 2 ( 39/165/24 )

*M’z Studio: Sculpted Mini Skirt (Lucky Chair – L$0)
Tokyo Sea ( 143/32/25 )

*Serenity Style: Sweater (Camp – L$0)
Zebranky ( 6/183/23 )

*Atomic: “Just Chill” T-Shirt (L$10), Everyday Hoodie (Lucky Chair – L$0)
Atomic ( 126/141/34 )

*Caro’s Little Store: Jewelry (L$0)
Bazooka ( 236/230/3310 )

*Free Speerit: Skin, Clothes, Eyes (L$0 – L$1)
Inizio ( 168/231/26 )

*Infinity Skin Studios: Elizabeth Skin (Not Free)
Boudoir Isle ( 34/93/26 )

*MAI Body Shop: eyes (Group – L$0)
MAI ( 125/103/22 )

*Long Awkward Pose: poses (L$0 – L$50)
Festivale ( 53/197/27 )