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Sweet Like Honey

Sweet Like HoneyHappy Friday! I hope you’re having a good start to your weekend. I am because I have new hair and skin to show you!


Have I mentioned that Fifty Linden Friday is probably my favorite of the weekend sales events? Well, it is. You just can’t beat all of the great designers who participate and 50L is a steal. Today I snagged up this great hair from Doe. The back is a sweet bun and the front is fun and messy. It’s perfect for dressed up casual or dressed down formal. I honestly haven’t done it justice. It’s way prettier in world and definitely worth a demo, especially at just 50L for FLF today.

Like Honey

I love the sweet kawaii faces on the skins over at Heaux, they’re just so naturally pretty. There’s a new group gift out but I’m showing one of the older ones. The gift area has a handful of group gifts available in a variety of shades and options, and the group is 200L to join.

Allison is Wearing…


Top – Blueberry In Control
Jacket – Blueberry Spotlight Leather Jacket
Rings –Vibing Maddy
Earrings –Vibing Maia


Mesh Body – Maitreya Lara
Mesh Head – Lelutka Avalon
Skin Applier – Heaux Bella (Free Group Gift/Group is 200L to Join)
Hair – Doe Zoie (50L for FLF)
Tattoo – Vegas Good Feeling

Never Be The Same Now

Never Be The Same NowMy post yesterday was for the freebies, but today is for the sales! I’ve got two great pieces to show you, and then it’s time for me to inspect the insides of my eyelids. So without further ado…

On My Head

Mina is part of Fifty Linden Friday this weekend. This cute braided style will only set you back 50L and it’s super cute, see?

On My Body

And then Blueberry has this sexy dress on offer for The Saturday Sale. I snagged up the Metallic pack for a cool 75L and no regrets. Peep that sheer (but still there) fabric and all those amazing cut outs. Included are sizes for:

  • eBody Reborn
  • Freya
  • Genx Classic
  • Genx Curvy
  • Hourglass
  • Isis
  • Kupra
  • Kupra Kups
  • Legacy
  • Legacy Perky
  • Maitreya
  • Maitreya Petite
  • Physique
  • Venus

Allison is Wearing…


Dress – Blueberry Secret Spell (75L for the Saturday Sale)
Earrings – Vibing Millie
Rings –Vibing Vida


Mesh Body – Maitreya Lara
Mesh Head – Lelutka Avalon
Skin Applier – Lara Hurley Diney
Hair – Mina Wednesday (50L for Fifty Linden Friday)
Tattoo – Vegas Good Feeling
Pose – Still Life (no longer available)

In Your Eyes

In Your EyesThis incredibly close up picture has a lot to share. Really!

The Light, The Heat

Shall I wax poetic about eyes? Eyes are soooo important to your look, y’all. Good quality eyes are the perfect finishing touch and such a vital detail. If you’re not sure where to find some good, affordable, quality eyes then Yoshi is an excellent place to start. The group is 10L to join and these gorgeous, silvery, reflective eyes are the most recent free group gift. There are also lots of really fantastic “regular” (ha what a funny word to use in SL) and fantasy eyes set out as free group gifts too. There’s certainly something that will suit your look. AND it couldn’t be simpler, because they include appliers for Catwa, Lelutka, and Omega plus some mesh and BOM versions. You won’t regret it!

A Song

Speaking of no regrets, I’ve been trying to scale down my skin purchases lately. I mean, they’re all on sale but buying up every gorgeous skin I see adds up. That means maybe one or two purchases per week from my favorite skin designers, if any at all. Hey, it’s a start! Glam Affair put out this irresistible face for this week’s Fifty Linden Friday and it’s still there today. Yup, 50L will get you Song in the basic line in the whole range of skin tones, with and without eyebrows, PLUS blush a bunch of makeup add-ons! No regrets!

Fine Lines

Last but not least, I’m showing off some makeup from Vizatti Beau. I’m not good at makeup in either life but I think this finishes things off nicely. the group at Vizatti Beau is free to join and I’m wearing one of the eyeliners from the Overheated Collection which is a free group gift. There are some other colorful and dramatic sets to chose from while you’re there, also available as free group gifts.

Allison is Wearing…

Earrings – Andore Nicky
Mesh Body – Maitreya Lara
Mesh Head – Lelutka Avalon
Skin Applier – Glam Affair Song (50L for FLF)
Eyes – Yoshi Alina Dark Eyes (Free Group Gift/Group is 10L to Join)
Eyeliner – Vizatti Beau (Free Group Gift/Group is Free to Join)
Tattoo – Vegas Good Feelings
Hair – Doe Livia

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October Madness

October Madness

Hey FabFree! I have a quick post to show you two awesome weekend sale items, so get a move on and grab these items which are both perfect for October Halloween madness.

The Lantern Hair!

Earlier today, I shared my favourite style from the Doe Street Sale, which you can read about here. While I was at Doe, I also bought their Fifty Linden Friday offer. This hairstyle includes the fantastic witch hat and pumpkin tassel with beads. It’s been out for quite a while for only 50L per pack, so go get it while it’s still available! This FLF deal includes an accessory HUD that lets you change the hat colour, the hat’s ribbon, the pumpkin and the beads to many different colours. Each pack includes different colour options, so grab a demo and have a try at this style which is perfect for the Halloween season.

Back to Slept on Sales

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to blog all the great deals for Slept on Sales lately. Life has just dragged the carpet under me and I got busy (in both worlds!). Anywho, ZFG has some fantastic plaid boots available for 75L per single plaid colour for Slept on Sales. This sale is going on all weekend until Sunday, October 9th. If you want the whole fatpack, it will cost you more lindens, but I believe the fatpack price is also reduced.

Sizes Included

  • Freya
  • Kupra
  • Legacy
  • Maitreya

See you soon, FabFree!


Caroline is Wearing…

Clothes & Accessories

Dress – [WellMade] Mimi Dress – Fatpack
Boots – ZFG Melisa Plaid (75L for Slept on Sales)


Hair – Doe Lantern – Flux (50L for Fifty Linden Fridays)
Mesh Body – Belleza Freya
Mesh Head – Lelutka Lake – EvoX
Head Skin – Dernier Hannah – Sienna
Body Skin – Body Skin – MILA Older Body Skins – Honey Chubby (Free/No Group Join Required) Previously blogged here.
Neck Fix & Ear Skins – Velour EvoX Ear Skins and Neck Fix – Sienna (Free/No Group Join Required) Previously blogged here.
Eyes – Lelutka Lake – EvoX
Nails – Belleza Freya
Photo Location – All Hallows 2022


Time to Shop FLF!

FLF 9-23-2022Wasabi Aleutia Ingenue_001

After a week of forced dominant hand thumb rest I’m back! I had no idea I could be so bored. I could have watched hour after hour of television & streaming shows. Or I could have indulged in my long time favorite hobby – reading. But no I can’t spend a lot of time on those pursuits because I am a resident of Second Life. I had to come back to make sure my flowers were watered and most importantly I knew I’d missed some great gifts and sales.

Fifty Linden Friday

I spent the better part of yesterday gathering tons of gifts then woke up this morning with Fifty Linden Fridays on my mind. I found three items I liked and put this look together.

  • My hair is the FLF offering at Wasabi. The Raya Beret Ed. hair – Absolute Pack. There are 4 sizes of the hair, unrigged bangs, and 3 texture change huds. There are several packs to choose from. What a way to start the weekend!
  • The frilly and girly looking Peggy dress is available at Aleutia. The FLF colors on sale are pink or green. The package comes as a hud that allows you to choose from one or all of these sizes: Maitreya Lara/Petite, Legacy/Perky, Kahlene Erika, Ebody/Reborn. I love these newer huds!
  • Ingenue has these great ankle boots out for FLF. The Queen of the Galaxy boots (As I have previously proclaimed myself a queen several times I HAD to grab these). The boots fit Maitreya, Legacy, and SLink. Four colors are included on the hud.

Here’s a closer look at the Raya hair and makeup:
FLF 9-23-2022 Close up Wasabi Aleutia Ingenue_002

My lipstick is Booty’s Beauty Gelous lips 9 BOM. This was yesterday’s MM prize for the Booty’s Chairleaders group. The join fee for this premium group is $100L and well worth it because you’ll have access to exclusive gifts. LC, & MM. There is also a free to join group that will still give you access to some gifts, and a different LC, and MM.



Cre is wearing:


Dress – Aleutia PeggyDress ($50L for FLF)
Shoes –  Ingenue Queen of the Galaxy Boots ($50L for FLF)


Body – Maitreya Lara 
Head – Lelutka Kaya 3.1
Eyes – Lelutka Evox3.1
Shape – [Sweetbee] – Shape Ary (Lelutka Kaya Head)
Skin – Nuve Lucy Skin Caramel VIP group gift (Free Group Gift/$200L to join)
Eyebrows – Nuve Amanda Eyebrows BOM EVOX 
Lipstick – Booty’s Beauty Gelous lips 9 BOM (Free MM Prize for Booty’s Chairleaders/$100L join fee)
Eyeshadow – L’Etre and DOUX – Harper & Kittie Eyeshadow Palette (Free Group Gift/$0L join fee)
Hair – Wasabi Pills Raya Beret Ed. hair ($50L for FLF)

Pose – OG Gift Pack 2 (Free Group Gift/$0L join fee)
Location: Jardin Francais du Petit Trianon 


This Much Is True

This Much Is TrueI’m a big fan of Valentina E. So many of the items there have a touch of class and elegance, and they are all exceptionally well made. It was a no brainer to hop over and pick up this dress for 50L that’s out for today’s Fifty Linden Friday. It’s in this pretty violet color and in sizes for Legacy and Maitreya Lara.

And my eyelids are heavy so that’s enough for tonight. I just didn’t want you to miss out. ❤

Allison is Wearing…


Dress – Valentina E. Swing Dress (50L for FLF)
Earrings – Andore Nicky
Rings – Kunst Maria


Mesh Body – Maitreya Lara
Mesh Head – Lelutka Avalon
Skin Applier – E.Beauty Ada
Tattoo – Vegas Existence
Hair – Truth Friday
Pose: [doll.] (no longer available)

If I Just Lay Here

If I Just Lay HereA quickie from me today, FabFree, because I am having the laziest of lazy Saturdays. I did have to make a quick stop before my sofa, to Beauty Factory where I picked up my pajamas. A girl’s gotta have the right attire for draping lackadaisically and peep that flap on the behind. Love those cute details. The jammies are available for today’s Saturday Sale at 65L per color/pattern.

Allison is Wearing…


Pajamas – Beauty Factory Hagata Pajamas (65L for the Saturday Sale)
Earrings – Andore Nicky (Still priced at 50L for FLF)
Rings – Vibing Kaia


Mesh Body – Maitreya Lara
Mesh Head – Lelutka Avalon
Skin Applier – Not Found Amie
Tattoo – Vegas Essence
Hair – tram A328
Sofa/Pose – Merak


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When You Need A Banana Kitten Purse in Your Life…

Coming Soon

Fun at the FLF Birthday Bash!

Aline and Allison have been covering the Fifty Linden Fridays Birthday Bash extensively this month! I am showing you a few things from my top three designer booths I found at the event that I absolutely LOVED. I am featuring free and 50L finds from Jian, Lybra, and Wasabi from the FLF Birthday Bash today.


First off, let’s talk about all the awesome items available from Jian for this event! They deserve an award for the cutest animal-themed items at the FLF Birthday Bash.

  • The cute kittens crawling up my legs are the free gift. Simply join the free Fifty Linden Fridays group to get these! You can click them to change the breed/look of the cats under the textures menu. I picked these two breeds, and I thought they were so cute together. Wearing these little guys has resulted in me getting some interesting comments from strangers… I love them! The free gift also includes a cat that sleeps on your head.
  • Secondly, let’s talk about the kitten purse. It’s a bag shaped like a banana with an adorable kitten inside it! Honestly, how can you resist? You get a full fatpack for only 50L at the event. It includes wearable bags with kittens in them for your right and left shoulders, as well as rezzable versions of the kitties in the banana purse and rezzable versions of the bag without a cat in it. They are precious and cute, truly. ❤


Lybra has some awesome offerings at the FLF Birthday Bash. They are selling 4 mini-packs of shoes for only 50L per pack. I have been loving the shoe designs Lybra has been releasing. They are very detailed and unique, and on sale for an excellent price too! I am wearing one of the 50L mini-packs right now, called the “Morgan” shoes. Each 50L mini-pack includes a colour hud of white, black, pink and red colours. You can colour the top and bottom of this pair of shoes to different colours, and the pack includes 3 metal options for the heart pendant connected to the laces.

Sizes Included

  • Lara
  • Legacy
  • Kupra
  • Erika
  • Slink
  • Belleza

Lybra is also offering a white and pink patterned version of Morgan as their free event gift for the FLF Birthday Bash. Those ones have little bunnies on the bottoms. See the vendor photo below as a preview and make sure you pick up this free texture of the Morgan shoes while you are at the event. Take a look at the other 3 mini-packs Lybra has on sale for 50L too- they are all amazing!



I am also wearing another 50L sale item from Wasabi. This was a past sale item I believe, so check if you have it already. I had missed it in the past, so I picked it up this time around! I love when I get a second chance. 😉 This hairstyle is called “Sunday”. It’s a style of braided pigtails, so what’s not to love? The 50L deal includes a full “absolute” pack of hair with 3 extensive colour huds, and there is a styling hud included as well. You can turn the accessories (the hair clips) on or off.

Make sure you check out Aline’s post here which shows the new hair Wasabi is selling for only 50L at the event.

Everything from this year’s FLF Birthday Bash ends so soon on September 2nd! So rush over there now and get what you want before it all goes away. I have linked the past FabFree coverage of the FLF Birthday Bash below for your convenience. Make sure you check out these great posts and get the goods before it’s too late!

Have fun at the Bash, FabFree!


Caroline is Wearing…

Clothes & Accessories

Dress – Tooty Fruity Dress – Vikki – Fatpack 
Shoes – Lybra Morgan Shoes – Mini-Pack (50L @ Fifty Linden Fridays Birthday Bash)
Kitten Purse – Jian Banana Kitten Purse (50L @ Fifty Linden Fridays Birthday Bash)
Kitties on Legs – Jian Kitten Clingers (Free Gift @ Fifty Linden Fridays Birthday Bash/Group is Free to Join) 


Hair – Wasabi Sunday Hair -FLF Edition (50L @ Fifty Linden Fridays Birthday Bash)
Mesh Body – Maitreya Lara
Thighs Addon – MAZE Soft Thighs
Mesh Head – Lelutka Lake – EvoX
Head Skin – Dernier Hannah – Sienna
Body Skin – MILA Older Body Skins – Honey Chubby (Free on the Marketplace) Previously blogged here.
Neck Fix & Ear Skins – Velour EvoX Ear Skins and Neck Fix – Sienna (Free/No Group Join Required) Previously blogged here.
Eyes – Lelutka Lake – EvoX
Nails – Maitreya Lara
Photo Location – Private Location 



Are We Out of the Woods?

Are We Out of the Woods

Just a little walk through nature today, FabFree. Wearing cute (free and sale) things, of course!


Wasabi has been killing it with their new releases and sale offerings lately. They’ve long been one of the top names that pops into my head when I need to not be bald and I’m loving everything that they’ve been offering. The hair I’m wearing here is what Wasabi has out for today’s Fifty Linden Friday. It’s a super cute hat and pigtails that make me want to go run errands or be one with nature or something. I was really impressed with all the customization options too, besides loads of hair colors you also can change 3 parts of the hat and the hair ties to so many different colors. There’s a lot of value here for only 50L!


The Bold Llama is always the obvious choice for cute and sassy tank tops. Nice textures and fun sayings? Yes, please. This one is really great because it’s the new free gift for our very own FabFree group. The FabFree group is always free to join so you just need to head on over to The Bold Llama and it’s yours for nothing at all. There are a LOT of sizes included too, specifically:

  • Belleza Freya, Isis, and Venus
  • eBody
  • Legacy
  • Maitreya
  • Ocacin
  • Slink Hourglass and Physique
  • TMP
  • Tonic Curvy and Fine
  • Fitmesh sizes XS-XL

One Last Thing

I love exploring the locations that designers create at their mainstores, and the one I’m at today is Wasabi. Head down the hill and there’s a whole gorgeous area to wander. I’m not sure what makes it so magical. Is it the lights in the trees? The beautiful scenery? The proximity to great hair? There’s no way of knowing, but it’s an excellent place to enjoy. ❤

Allison is Wearing…


Top – The Bold Llama Daydream Tee (Free FabFree Group Gift/FabFree Group is Free to Join)
Shorts – Tetra Geena Ripped Shorts
Earrings – Vibing Maia
Rings – Kibitz Rainy Summer


Mesh Body – Maitreya Lara
Mesh Head – Lelutka Avalon
Skin Applier – Not Found Amie
Tattoo – Vegas Essence
Hair – Wasabi Pomme Cap Ed. (50L today for FLF)
Pose – A&R (no longer available)
Location – Wasabi Mainstore Sim


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Far From the Madding Crowd

Far From the Madding Crowd

I often say I’d like a little place to escape to.  Somewhere far away from the madness of the city, the rush of the every day, the incessant noise of honking and construction.  A little place just to myself, where I can go when everything gets overwhelming.  Well, this will have to do for the time being!

Still Celebrating

The FLF Birthday Bash rages on, and with it so many deals and gifts.  I was really excited to see that Trompe L’Oeil are participating – that often means really cute houses (and also some modern ones!).  The Hannah cottage was exactly what my soul needed, and at just 50L you can’t really want for anything.  I also picked up the free gift which is this little matching bench with string lights that’s perfect for watching the sun set (or rise!) on a warm night (or morning!).  To get yours, join the free FLF group and then click on the cactus.  The Fifty Linden Fridays Birthday Bash runs until September 2nd.

Home sweet home!


Aline’s Decor

House – Trompe L’Oeil Hannah Cottage (50L at FLF Birthday Bash)
Bench – Trompe L’Oeil Hannah Bench and String Lights (Free Gift at FLF Birthday Bash/Group is Free to Join)

Location – FabFree InfoHub