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Just a Hint

Just a Hint

Ooh the dark side is rearing it’s head again, isn’t it!  It’s that time of the year (throw something at me if you don’t like my next sentence) where I start slowly thinking about Autumn.  Not fully… just kind of thinking about how nice a bit of a cool breeze is, and how nice it is to wear moody colours in the less boiling temperatures.  If you’re still into the whole Summer thing, do forgive me.  I still am too, but a bit of a respite is never horrible.

FLFing Again

I’m back showing off some more of the great gifts and 50L goodies from the FLF Birthday Bash.  There really is a lot to take in, and putting looks together has been a lot of fun for me.  I know we sometimes miss things in our own spins about an event, so I’ve got a few more goodies to show you.  I hope you won’t object too harshly.  To get the free gifts, activate your FLF group tag (the group is free to join) and click on the cacti at each booth.  Here’s what I’ve got on:

  • FREE earrings by Deluge
  • 50L dress by Gorsimi sized for Maitreya, Juicy, Legacy, Legacy Perky & Reborn
  • 50L nails by Alme sized for Belleza, Kupra, Legacy, Love Momma, Maitreya, Signature & Slink

The FLF Birthday Bash runs until September 2nd, so you’ve still got time.  And yeah, you’ve got time til Autumn takes over (at least in this part of the world!).


Aline is Wearing…


Dress – Gorsimi Ren (50L @ FLF Birthday Bash)
Coffee – ChicChica Black Coffee With Cig
Earrings 1 – Deluge Orbit (Free Gift @ FLF Birthday Bash/Group is Free to Join)
Earrings 2 – Ysoral Luxe Earrings


Mesh Body – Maitreya Lara
Mesh Head – Lelutka Cate
Skin Applier –  Glam Affair Cate
Eyebrows– Jumo Britani
Eyes– Euphoric Dolly Babe Eyes
Tattoo – Sn@tch Filigree Sternum Tattoo
Eyeshadow – Alaskametro Black Magic
Lipstick – Alaskametro Black Magic
Nails – Alme Chrome Tips (50L @ FLF Birthday Bash)
Hair – Yomi Sachiko
Pose – SAPA 131.2
Backdrop – Rama Passage Side

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Welcome to the Jungle

Welcome to the JungleOh hi. I was just about to wander into this foggy jungle. There’s a path so I’m sure that it’s perfectly safe. What could possibly go wrong? I certainly feel dressed for the heat and humidity, and the price can’t be beat!

FabFree Giftie

The outfit I’m wearing is free. Told you it was a great price 😉 It is the current FabFree group gift over at Satus Inc. It’s all one piece, which is why the tank is able to hang so absolutely perfectly and down to the perfect length on the shorts. It’s the little things, ya know? After you active your FabFree group tag (the group is free to join), you just need to head over to Satus Inc. and have a click on the vendor with the FabFree logo. You’ll be rewarded with this free cute summery set in white, sized for:

  • Belleza Freya, Isis, and Venus
  • Maitreya
  • Slink Hourglass and Physique

Birthday Bash

And then my sweet kicks are available over at the FLF Birthday Bash. This is such a great event, full of free gifts as well as 50L items from so many of my favorites! I grabbed up these sneakers in white. There are loads of other colors to chose from as well and they’re priced at a cool 50L per color. Sizes:

  • Erika Kalhene
  • Kupra
  • Legacy
  • Maitreya
  • Reborn
  • Slink

The event lasts through September 2nd.


Allison is Wearing…


Outfit – [S] Andrea Tank Top & Shorts White (Free FabFree Group Gift/FabFree Group is Free to Join)
Shoes – DDL Says (White) (50L at FLF Birthday Bash)
Earrings – Vibing Maia
Rings – Kibitz Rainy Summer


Mesh Body – Maitreya Lara
Mesh Head – Lelutka Avalon
Skin Applier – Glam Affair Rowena
Tattoo – Vegas Essence
Hair – Rama.Salon Linette
Pose – with love & squalor (no longer available)


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Personal Pool Party

Personal Pool Party

Pool party!  How lovely would it be to have a little heart-shaped pool one could laze about in whenever one wanted?  I’d happily sit on the edge, trailing my fingers into cool water on warm days, and dreaming of all sorts of beauteous and salacious things!

Back to FLF

I’m back at it with the Fifty Linden Fridays Birthday Bash.  There’s so much to be had and show that I’m happily very slowly sorting through my acquisitions.  Today I’m wearing a mix of free and paid items.  The free items can be acquired by joining the FLF group for free and clicking on the cacti at each booth.  Every other lovely item at the event is just 50L, so there’s plenty of fun to be had.  Here’s what I’m wearing today:

  • FREE dress by Paper + Antler sized for Ebody, Kupra, Maitreya, Legacy, Legacy Perky
  • 50L Hair by Wasabi
  • 50L Glasses by The Horror!

The FLF Birthday Bash runs until September 2nd, so you’ve still got plenty of time!

Pool Party

There’s a new group gift at Astralia!  This sweet little pool is so adorable, I just had to have it.  It comes with an HUD to change up the colour on every part of the pool so it can blend in (or stand out) in your garden.  It comes with both PG and Adult animations.  To get yours, simply join the Astralia group for 149L and click on the vendor in the group gift area.  Quite lovely indeed!

Make a splash!


Aline is Wearing…


Dress – Paper + Antler Minerva (Free Gift @ Fifty Linden Fridays Birthday Bash/Group is Free to Join)
Glasses – The Horror! Diamante Frames (50L @ Fifty Linden Fridays Birthday Bash)
Earrings – Ysoral Luxe Earrings


Mesh Body – Maitreya Lara
Mesh Head – Lelutka Cate
Skin Applier –  Glam Affair Cate
Eyebrows– Jumo Britani
Eyes– Euphoric Dolly Babe Eyes
Tattoo – Sn@tch Filigree Sternum Tattoo
Eyeshadow – Alaskametro Cairo
Lipstick – Lelutka Cate
Nails – Maitreya Lara
Hair – Wasabi Aliana (50L @ Fifty Linden Fridays Birthday Bash)
Pose – Foxcity Pampered
Pool – Astralia Heart pool (Free Group Gift/Group is 149L to Join)

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Manic Pixie Dream Girl

Manic Pixie Dream Girl

Do you know what a manic pixie dream girl is?  Apparently, she’s the type of girl with brightly coloured hair, whimsical attire and a general tendency to teach protagonists important life lessons.  Ok, so she’s a bit of a movie trope, but that doesn’t mean you can’t aspire to the whole aesthetic a bit, right?  Well, that’s what I’m sorta going for today, with a little more emphasis on the pixie side of things!


The FLF Birthday Bash kicked off yesterday, and I promised I’d show you some of the items that are for sale for just 50L as well.  This is a super great event, from the deals, to the free gifts to the sim design.  It’s awesome.  Anywhos, here’s what I’ve put together today:

  • 50L top and 50L skirt by Entice sized for Kupra, Legacy, Maitreya & Maitreya Petite
  • 50L wings by LuluB! in several different lovely colours
  • 50L bag by C’est la Vie
  • 50L Nails by Wareta sized for Reborn, Kupra, Legacy & Maitreya

The FLF Birthday Bash is running until September 2nd, so you have lots of time if you can’t get in yet.  It’s popular, but don’t despair…you’ll get in!

ps: My fave manic pixie dream girl?  Ramona from Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.

Aline is Wearing…


Top – Entice Cherry Popsicle (50L @ FLF Birthday Bash)
Skirt & Panties – Entice Cherry Popsicle (50L @ FLF Birthday Bash)
Wings – LuluB! Constellica (50L @ FLF Birthday Bash)
Bag – C’est La Vie Lotty (50L @ FLF Birthday Bash)
Earrings – Ysoral Luxe Earrings


Mesh Body – Maitreya Lara
Mesh Head – Lelutka Cate
Skin Applier –  Glam Affair Cate
Eyebrows– Jumo Britani
Eyes– Euphoric Dolly Babe Eyes
Tattoo – Sn@tch Filigree Sternum Tattoo
Eyeshadow – Alaskametro Cairo
Lipstick – Lelutka Cate
Nails – Wareta Gyaru (50L @ FLF Birthday Bash)
Hair – Magika Ash
Pose – Elephante Poses Hold
Sim – Private

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Fabulous Finds 08.13.22 Edition

[WellMade] Peggy Outfit GIFT

Free Group Gift/Group is Free to Join @ Wellmade

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Just a Wee Bit o’ Kawaii Magic!

kawaii magic

Tick Tick Tick Gang!

I’ve got lots of time sensitive goodies for you tonight!  But I couldn’t resist sharing all the fun!

Most time sensitive first!

I ran out just a short while ago and grabbed some super cute and fun items from the designers at So Kawaii Sunday.  My hair is from Kuni, you get the basic pack for 65L and if you want the style pack (I did), that’s also another 65L.  Still a very good deal.  This hair is called Serenity and for some reason it’s not by the so Kawaii Sunday sign, I had to do an area search but it is upstairs for these prices.  That’s where I grabbed mine.  Perhaps because I am a tad bit early!

I also grabbed these cute Sakura Cards (with bento poses) from Unicorn for 65L.  I combined them with my own poses for my full pose.  They pose your hands, but the rest of your body is up to you!  It comes with the magical circle just behind me, the halo.  It turns slowly as you wear it.  Really lovely.

You have all day Sunday (August 29) to grab these and all the other So Kawaii Sunday deals.  I love the cute pink kawaii sparkly everything, so I kind of wait for this with baited breath every Saturday night!

“Just One More Thing, Ma’am” (bonus points if you know what I got this from!)

Now one more thing and thats all the wonderfulness of color and sparkly-ish-ness you see around me.  That is from Vibing and you can find it at the FLF Birthday Bash we have been going on and on about!  It was 50L, it is a sphere and although I just used it for some photos so far it is meant to live in or whatever you want to do with yours and I bet that would just be beautiful and magical!  If you do set up a home in one of these, please do invite me over so I can see what you did!  I bet the imagination is *limitless!*  You have until September 3rd to shop at the birthday bash!

Happy Magical Sparkling, erm, shopping!

❤ Arielle

Arielle is looking fabulous in…


Top – Decoy Marin Top Vibrant Blue
Shorts – Key Style Vanilla Shorts (& Chain) Light Blue (via the current September Girls Heaven Event)
Necklace –Cray
Bow – Vincue Peachy Ribbon
Rings – ZK Magalie Set Rings


Mesh Body – Maitreya  Lara
Mesh Head –Lelutka Nova EvoX
Skin – Enfer Sombre Madison Cream
Eyes – Lelutka Green
Hair – Kuni Serenity (65L for So Kawaii Sundays 8.29)
Blush and Freckles– ADD Andel! Heart Freckle Blush
Lips – Fewness Chloe Brat Lips

Eyeshadow – Velour Piper HD Eyeshadows


Cards – Unicorn. Sakura Cards (65L via So Kawaii Sundays 8.29)
Sphere -Vibing Pink Galaxy Sphere (50L at Fifty Lindens Birthday Bash)


Keep That Flame Going!

Coming Soon

Hey FabFree! I’m still camping out at the beach even though the summer days are dwindling just like my camp fire. Let’s keep the flame going and enjoy these summer holidays until the last possible moment! I also have a bunch of free gift cards and gifts to share today, as well as news of an amazing gacha sale.

500L + 500L

If you ever want to look magical, sparkly and colourful, LuluB is the store for you. I managed to get into the Fifty Linden Friday Birthday Bash last night, and I picked up the free 500L giftcard from LuluB’s booth. Make sure you add the card after you get it, click it and add it to your credit balance right away. LuluB is so generous with gift cards and gifts, and I had to share this one. This card expires around the time the event ends, so I suggest your grab it and spend your credits at the LuluB mainstore ASAP. I’m wearing a few things right now from the creator that could be purchased including:

  • A shine aura in a golden shine, which you can purchase in other colours as well or as a fatpack. LuluB‘s auras are simply incredible and soooo shiny. I love them.
  • The beautiful Ava eyes, which come in 10 glittering colours. LuluB‘s eyes are amazing and so unique. The eyes come in BOM and Omega.

For a limited time- today only- you could also top up your 500L credit at LuluB by joining their group for 150 Linden. They currently have a 500L credit available to group members at their store but it goes away on August 15th. If you do this, your credit will be topped up to a whooping 1, 000 L! Go LuluB!

More Freeness @ Carol G

I blogged a bit ago that the Carol G Tattoo group was free to join, and I’m shocked to see that the group is still free today! I am not sure if it’s temporary anymore, but it’s fab and free, so I’m showing another one of their free gorgeous group gifts. This chest tattoo gift is just perfect- I love the floral mandala style.

Sizes Included

  • BOM
  • Belleza
  • Legacy
  • Maitreya
  • Omega
  • Slink

A Gacha Sale @ MOoH!

The gacha sales have started, and MOoH! has all their gachas on sale for 30-50% off until the end of the month. MOoH! is simply a maze of gachas- there are well over 100 to play at the store! I hope to show more of these before the end of the month, but today I am showing their beach gacha which includes beach chairs, towels, other beach items, and a beachhouse and fireplace as the “rare” prizes. Go snatch these up before beach season is officially over. The beach gacha currently costs 25L per pull to play, marked at 50% off. Woohoo!

MOoH! Beach gacha

Caroline is Wearing…

Clothes & Accessories

Bikini & Beach Dress– MOoH! Christel Outfit
Aura – LuluB Shine Bitch- Golden (Can be purchased with free 500L credit/ Free gift @ FLF Birthday Bash)


Hair – Alli&Ali Designs  Jeanelle Hair All Colors – Red Colors
Mesh Body – Belleza Freya
Mesh Head –  Genus Project Genus Babyface W001
Skin – 7 Deadly S[K]ins Rainbow- Caramel
Tattoo – Carol G Exotic Tattoo (Free Group Gift/ Group is Free to Join)
Eyes – LuluB Ava Eyes (Can be purchased with free 500L credit/ Free gift @ FLF Birthday Bash)
Nails –  Belleza Freya

Furniture & Decor

Beach Chair #1 – MOoH! Beach chair wood blue (From the Beach Gacha/ 25 L per play)
Beach Chair #2 – MOoH! Beach chair wood brown (From the Beach Gacha/ 25 L per play)
Beach Towel – MOoH! Beach towel Shells (From the Beach Gacha/ 25 L per play)
Beach Hut –
MOoH! Beach hut blue (rare) (From the Beach Gacha/ 25 L per play)
Camp Fire – 
MOoH! Beach camp fire (rare) (From the Beach Gacha/ 25 L per play)
Photo Location – Le Monde Perdu