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Happy Wednesday

This is the new skin from Flirt! – January 2010  gift Luke (join the group).

Shirts: :Robbish: – DBHH Death Mask #92 – Twilight (left), BALACLAVA – Tiger shit (right) – gift in the store and Boxer: Wicked Boxers Ocean – gift in the store

The outfit is 1L from Danny French Touch and the hat is a lucky chair gift from Find Ash.

LE LOOK day 6 & 7

Today is day 7 in the LE LOOK! 1 year anniversary celebrations and the release was a pair of glasses created by YV.. Yesterday was Day 6 and they unvieled earrings created by U&R and necklace by SIGMA Jewels for the women and a bracelet by Gems & Kisses for the guys.

To catch up on the other releases so far, please read this post which documents all of the releases up until day 6.

To get the items, join the LE LOOK group, wear your tag, tp to the SIM and slap the pictures on the huge white boards that rez just a little way from the landing point. Go unprimmed and without your huds for a faster delivery time. The SIM is still uber busy and you will still have a heck of a time getting in but keep on trying!

These are the glasses created by YV that are todays release for the guys, shown with the previously released Find ASH Hair, Belleza Skin and the Sweater by WMD. Nao is wearing his own shape.

Here is the Necklace by SIGMA Jewells shown with the Earrings by U&R that was yesterdays release for the girls. I am also wearing the previously released Maitreya Hair, LeLukta Skin and the Sweater by Zaara. I am wearing my own shape.

This is the Bracelet by Gems & Kisses that was yesterdays release for the guys.

Also… please remember to open the extra’s boxes that come with the some of the releases. You can find extra layers and options inside these boxes. For example, inside the LeLutka skin box there are 2 more skins with the blonde eyebrow options. Inside the extra’s box that comes with the male sweater, there is the white shirt that can be worn seperately from the sweater.

LE LOOK! Day 5 – Shoes!

Today is day 5 of the LE LOOK! celebrations and we are being treated to the unveiling of some gorgeous shoes for both male and female to add to the ever growing full avatar release. The male shoes are created by Hoorenbeek and the female shoes are by Bax Coen. Both are in neutral colours so you will be able to incorperate them into your current wardrobe aswell as wear them with the previous released pieces of the avatars clothing.

To get them… follow the same drill as usual! Join the LE LOOK! group, wear the tag and tp to the sim. I’ve been told that people are arriving with their back to the signs so this might be causing confusion for some. Basically, there are two huge white boards that will rez and they have a big picture of a male and a female avatar with other smaller pictures of items around them. Click each of the pictures to get the previous releases aswell as the current one while wearing the group tag then sit and wait patiently for your items to arrive. You only need to click the pictures ONCE otherwise it will cause confusion and lead to longer waiting times.. and please please please go UNPRIMMED and without AO’s or other such HUDS to speed up delivery times.

Now on to the pics:

Here you can see how the avatar is really coming together. I am wearing all of the previous releases aswell as the new boots by Bax Coen.

The previous releases are the skin by LeLutka, the hair by Maitreya, the leggings by Source, the shorts by Beauty Avatar and the sweater by Zaara. I am wearing my own shape, but there is a shape as part of the package which was created by LE LOOK!

Nao is also wearing all of the previous releases aswell as the new male boots by Hoorenbeek.

The previous releases are the skin by Belleza, the hair by Find ASH, the pants by Redgrave and the sweater by WMD. Nao is wearing his own shape but there is a male shape as part of the package which was created by LE LOOK!

Yay for new shoes!


LE.LOOK! Day 3

And so the frenzy continues over at the LE.LOOK! Sim. Today is day three and see’s a new addition to the gradual release of the Male and Female avatar. Today its the lower half of the outfits with Leggings created by Source and Shorts created by Beauty Avatar for the Women and a pair of Black Pants created by Redgrave for the guys.

To get these, you need to be part of the LE.LOOK! group, wear the tag, tp into Le Look and then look for the two big white boards with pictures on them. They are literally right by you in the area you teleport in to. You do not need to walk very far. You cannot miss them. Simply wait for the pictures on them to rez, then click on them to recieve the items they show. The shape is the big full length avatar picture. The skin is the smaller picture to the left of the head. The hair is to the right and the new clothing is on the bottom left of the full length avatar picture.

I cannot stress this enough… please please please deprim before you tp to the sim. Take off  your hair, huds and ao too.. believe me it makes a difference.

These are the Leggings and Shorts worn with the previously released Maitreya Hair from 16th and the LeLutka skin from the 15th. I am wearing my own shape and not the LE.LOOK! free shape that is also part of the package and was released on the 15th with the skin.

The Vest and shoes are my own, not part of the package.

These are the Male pants worn with the previously released Find ASH hair from 16th and the Belleza Thomas skin from the 15th. Nao is wearing his own shape and not the LE.LOOK! free shape that is also part of the package and was released on the 15th with the skin

The shoes are his own and not part of the package.

Stay tuned for tomorrows release!


Le Look Day 2

Continuing Le Looks 1 year anniversary celebrations in the gradual unveiling of a free male and female complete avatar as blogged on yesterdays post, today sees the release of a male and female hair to add to the skins and shapes that were released yesterday.

To get the goodies, simply join the Le Look group, wear the group tag then TP to Le Look, walk pretty much straight ahead to where two huge boards are. There will be pictures of a male and female on these boards. As each item is released, a new picture will appear on the board for you to click. Click the items you want to recieve and then wait for delivery. YOU MUST BE WEARING GROUP TAG or else you will click and be waiting forever for nothing. Delivery can take anything from instant to 30 mins or more but please be patient. De-prim yourself of everything and remove huds for quicker delivery and to help others.

FYI… for those who didnt get in yesterday for the skin and shape – they are STILL there… so they are simply adding to the board every day and it doesnt seem that they will be removing. So don’t panic.. plenty of time to get everything!

Right… on to pictures!

The Female hair added to the board is created by Maitreya and comes with blonde and brown hair. Here I am wearing it with the skin by LeLutka that was released yesterday, but with my own shape and the underwear that was inside with the female shape by Le Look.

The Male hair added to the board is created by Find ASH and is in a warm blonde tone. Here Nao is wearing it with the skin by Belleza that was released yesterday, with his own shape and the underwear that was inside with the male shape by Le Look.


So go get gorgeous and keep your eyes peeled for tomorrows release! This is so exciting!

Heartsick Opening Gift

Its unlike me to me be late in blogging something as yummy as free skins! But RL took a bit of a priority yesterday so Im a little behind with everything.

You remember the Pure Morning skins I blogged last week that were the prize in the Burning Chrome Midnight Mania board? Well they finally opened the new skin store called Heartsick and as an opening gift they set out a whole new fatpack of skins as a freebie for the girls aswell as a freebie of 2 cute male shapes for the guys.


The make up is called Dark Shines and comes in 6 tones, all with cleavage and freckle options just like the Pure morning fatpack did. I am wearing the Aether tone in the main picture which is the lightest tone.



And here is Nao modelling the male shapes for me. He is wearing the Belleza Ewan group gift skin (250L join fee) which is still available as I write this.

The shape on the Left is the Jasper shape and the shape on the Right is the Lucus Shape. The differences are mostly facial. Lucus is more softer and rounder whereas Jasper is more chiselled around the jaw and cheekbones. The body shapes are both well proportioned with sleek muscles rather than being overly bulked out. Both come in 4 realistic heights from 5ft 8 – 6ft 2, but both are Mod/Copy so you can make yourself SL tall if you really want to.


Also worn in Nao’s pictures:

+ Hair in Left picture Free Reed hair from Uncle Web
+ Hair in Right picture, Group Gift 1L Hair from Find ASH
+ Group Gift jeans from LikeA Follow the red beacon to co-ordinates 168, 51, 22
+ Group Gift 1L Scarf from Find ASH


Cyber @ Tigerclaw

Today I’m feeling in the future …
I found a very interesting cointainer with  chair and lamp at Tigerclaw.

It also has many accessories in the freebie’s place, for neko or cyber you can find a cyber boots,  jacket, etc!


Other Info:

Tattoo: The King – NOSOTRAS (old gift MHOH2)
Scarf: FA Gothic Stole – Find Ash Group Gift

# Tigerclaw – http://slurl.com/secondlife/Quebec/25/168/1007

Are you Tattered?

Yesterday while tping around I found this wonderful little shop called Tattered!  Packs of argyle winter sweaters, scarves, and hats are available in assorted colors.  Get a pack of pink, green and blue for only L$10.  The black jeans were given to the Fabulously Free in SL group from Ms. Cilia Shepherd of Cilian’gel.  This gift is no longer in the notices, but if you are a part of the Fabulously Free in SL group then you should have received this gift and MANY MANY other gifts!  The brown SoHo boots from Maitreya are not free.  The black and pumpkin SoHo boots were sent to the Maitreya sub-o group a few weeks ago and are still available in the sub-o history.

At Tattered there is also a fat-pack of light grey, dark grey, and red argyle sweaters for only L$10!  The Gothic Stole (worn with the light grey sweater) was sent to the Find Ash update group.  Just search for ~FA Update Group~ then check the notices for this awesome color changeable stole!

The Mock Grayson pale skin is in the lucky chair at Tattered.  Click the Midnight Mania board while you’re at Tattered for more amazing clothes!  The ringlet pigtails are a dollarbie at White Well.  There are at least six dollarbie styles in the boxes on the floor.


*Tattered: Sweater Packs (L$10), Grayson Mock skin (Lucky Chair – L$0)
Anarchy ( 50/98/23 )

*Cilian’gel: Black Jeans (FabFree – L$0)
Valefar ( 41/196/292 )

*Maitreya: Black SoHo Boots (Sub-o – L$0), Brown SoHo Boots (Not Free)
Maitreya Isle ( 224/215/24 )

*Find Ash: Gothic Stole (Group – L$0)
GREED ( 135/112/23 )

*U&R DOGS: Septet Bracelet (L$1)
LVS Drive ( 97/26/22 )

*White Well: Ringlet Pigtails (L$1)
Montlaur ( 234/46/52 )

*MAI Body Shop: eyes (Group – L$0)
MAI ( 118/122/597 )

*Long Awkward Pose: poses (Not Free)
Festivale ( 89/85/29 )



Find Ash, Ema’s

I saw this wonderful hair on Free Finds for Men and fell in love with it! Hawk.. you need this too. omg I feel so.. piratey.. with it on.

I love the way the Childish Pleasure group gift hair from Find Ash goes with this camp prize, Baggy Love from Ema’s. Those cute kitty paws are included with the outfit.. and they leave kitty paw prints when you walk. /me squeals!


Ema’s has four camp chairs, each with a menu selection of several outfits to choose from. There’s some nice stuff here! See my earlier post for more examples of camp gifts.

Find Ash: http://slurl.com/secondlife/itutu%20RR/77/117/33

Ema’s: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Golem%20Oyland/197/114/26

Other notes: Pose from the Diesel Works Sundari Og set, skin is from Beauty Avatar Couture, eyes from Wasabi Pills.