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Spring Time

Spring Time

I am so wanting spring to arrive, as it’s dreadfully snowy, icy, and generally miserable where I live in the real world. At least I can create this idyllic fictional reality where Spring has arrived in Caroline’s universe.

Spring Fling

Most the outdoor decor shown in my spring scene comes from Spring Fling, an event taking place at Malus Park. The event runs until March 31st, and lots of spring goodies can be found there.  A few designers have free gifts out, and other items cost between 10-25L in the gift boxes. I included a couple of these deals in my post today…

  • The first item I am featuring from Spring Fling is a 10L dress from Applique Chic. This dress comes in pretty spring floral patterns in 6 different colours. It fits Legacy, Physique, Hourglass, Isis, Freya, Lara, Legacy and Reborn. 
  • In my spring decor scene (shown below), the potted plants located next to the bench are only 25L at Spring Fling. You will find this deal in EED’s designer booth.

Spring Time

Heart Planters

Finally, the heart planters hanging on the wall outside my home are the latest group gift at Noveny. To get this new gift, you need to be a member of the Noveny group. Their group currently costs 30L to join, and they have lots of past gifts out as well.

Have fun, FabFree!



Caroline is Wearing…


Dress – Applique Chic Heidi Halter Dress (10L @ Spring Fling at Malus Park)


Mesh Body – The Shops Legacy
Mesh Head – Lelutka Lake
Head Skin – Voguel Carly Skin (Group Gift/Group Costs 10L to Join) Previously blogged here and here
Body Skin – Nuve Basic Body Skin v2 – Fair
Neck Fix & Ear Skins – Velour EvoX Ear Skins and Neck Fix – Sienna (Free/No Group Join Required) Previously blogged here.
Eyes – Lelutka Lake
Hair – Stealthic
Nails – The Shops Legacy

Lipstick – Pout!
Lip Power HD Lipsticks (Free Group Gift/Group is Free to Join) Previously blogged here
Pose – -Extra- Blossom Fatpack (Available @ Spring Thing at Malus Park)

Furniture & Decor

Fairy Patch with Plants – Dreamland Designs Wild Fairy Patch (Available @ Spring Fling at Malus Park)
Potted Plants – EED’s Potted Spring Tulips Purple (25L @ Spring Fling at Malus Park)
Bench – EED’s Love Bench with Birds & Hedgehogs (Available @ Spring Fling at Malus Park)
Spring Sign – Dabble Porch Sign – Spring Time (Available @ Spring Fling at Malus Park)
Circular Planter – Dabble Spring Planter (Available @ Spring Fling at Malus Park)
Wall Planters – Noveny
Heart Iron Planter (Group Gift/Group Costs 30L to Join)
Photo Location – Private Location



FabFree’s Pumpkin Problem

FabFree's Pumpkin Problem

In the last two-and-a-half years that I have served as a FabFree blogger, I’ve had the opportunity to get to know some absolutely amazing people! Today, I am talking about the FabFree team – and to me that includes all the great bloggers who have passed through the blog over the years. We (the FabFree bloggers) had the funniest inside joke last year about pumpkins. You see, when fall creeps around the corner there are ALOT of pumpkins to get all over the grid for free for about two months. Of course, we must show them to you! As a joke, we would say to each other: “No more pumpkins!!”, because the bloggers had shown off a copious amount of them last fall. It was hilarious to us!  But, the thing is… I never get tired of pumpkins! I love pumpkin soup, pie, bread, and lattes. Most of all, I LOVE to decorate my spaces in my Second Life with fall pumpkins and carved Halloween pumpkins! It’s still such a funny story though, and I wanted to let you in on one of the FabFree bloggers’ inside jokes. Do you think we can top the number of free pumpkins we showed last year on the blog? Let us know in the comments if you want to see more pumpkins this year!

A Free Pumpkin

And so the free pumpkin season begins! I have a free pumpkin for you! The freebie pumpkin is the one I am holding in both of my photos today. It’s a holdable item and it can also be rezzed. You can see the rezzed version of it on the left side of my photo at the top. This pumpkin is a free gift from -Extra- at the Fall Festival at Malus Park. No group is needed to get it! This event closes on October 1st.

An Autumn Hair Trivia Hunt

Now head over to the Autumn is Coming Event to grab the hairstyle I am showing in my post today. This hair comes from the Treasure Trivia Hunt run by Alli&Ali Designs taking place at Autumn is Coming until September 26th. This style is called “Ava” and it includes a HUD of autumn colors and styling options that lets you make the hair go over your shoulder, behind your back, or blow in the wind. You can see how I wore two of the four styles in my looks above and below! To get the treasure hunt items, first you must find all of the treasure chests hidden around the sim. When you click the ones that are on the treasure hunt, it will ask you a trivia question. When you get the answer right, the chest send you a free hair made by Alli&Ali Designs. In total, there are 17 hairstyles to collect from the Trivia Treasure hunt, which all come with an autumn colours hair colour hud. There are both female and male hairstyles on this hunt. The 18th prize on the treasure trivia hunt is some leaves decor. All of the free hair from Alli&Ali Designs comes from the treasure chests that pop up those trivia questions! For the trivia lovers out there, this is a fun little hunt!

As you walk around the Autumn is Coming Event, you will notice that many of the treasure chests simply send you the items for free, as these are the main event gifts from the other designers. Make sure you read Aline’s post here which shows some of the free gifts you can get from this fun pre-Autumn event!

FabFree's Pumpkin Problem II

A Snarky Top

Lastly, the cute top I am wearing is 10L at the Spoonful of Sugar Festival right here. This one is made by ZFG, one of SL’s wittiest creators. It’s very sarcastic. Read what the shirt says in my photo above, it’s funny. You will find this 10L prize in the coconut sugar bowl with the toucan on it. 100% of the proceeds of this item goes to Doctors Without Borders, and everything at the Spoonful of Sugar Festival is available from September 3rd-September 18th. You can read more about the Spoonful of Sugar Festival in my previous post here.

Sizes Included

  • Freya
  • Hourglass
  • Kupra
  • Legacy
  • Perky
  • Lara
  • Physique

Have fun pumpkin picking, FabFree!


Caroline is Wearing…

Clothes & Accessories

Shirt – ZFG WTF -SOS (10L @ Spoonful of Sugar Festival/100% of Proceeds Go to Doctors Without Borders)
Jeans – Tastic Kylie Ripped Jeans with Hud

Shoes – Starlight Apparel Parris – Sneakers with HUD – Seasons (Available @ Cheeky Wow! Event)
Pumpkin – -Extra- Holdable Pumpkin (Free @ Fall Festival at Malus Park)


Hair – Alli&Ali Designs Ava Hair – Autumn Colors (Free on the Trivia Treasure Hunt @ Autumn is Coming Event)
Mesh Body – Belleza Freya
Mesh Head – Lelutka Lake – EvoX
Head Skin – Dernier Hannah – Sienna
Body Skin – Body Skin – MILA Older Body Skins – Honey Chubby (Free/No Group Join Required) Previously blogged here.
Neck Fix & Ear Skins – Velour EvoX Ear Skins and Neck Fix – Sienna (Free/No Group Join Required) Previously blogged here.
Eyes – Lelutka Lake – EvoX
Nails – Belleza Freya
Pose in Photograph #1 – -Extra- Gone Pumpkin Pickin’ (Available @ Fall Festival at Malus Park)
Pose in Photograph #2 – -Extra- Pick of the Patch (Available @ Fall Festival at Malus Park)

Photo Location – Luane’s World


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Join Me at the Carnival


I’m kicking off summer with a trip to Summer Carnival! Come take a ride on the ferris wheel and grab a summer treat!

Cute Accessories

I found my cute heels and the choker at the Kink in Pink Hunt. Note that this is an adult hunt and sim! They always have some awesome finds on these hunts. The heels cost 25L and the choker costs 10L. These are the prizes from [QE Designs]. I’ve included a hunt key below of other items they are offering on the hunt. Check to see if they come in your size!

Sizes Included (heels)

  • Maitreya
  • Legacy
  • Reborn
  • Kupra
  • Belleza
  • Slink
  • Legacy
  • Erika

Kink in Pink Hunt 2022 Key

Purple Mooh

My adorable dress is another amazing free gift on the WomenStuff hunt. This is the hunt prize at Tastic, and it has some of my favourite elements included in the design. It has a cow spots pattern, lace and it’s purple! This is my style!

Sizes Included

  • Maitreya
  • Freya
  • Isis
  • Venus
  • Hourglass
  • Physique
  • Fine
  • Curvy
  • Legacy
  • Kupra
  • XXS-L

Remember that you can grab the hunt hud for the WomenStuff hunt at the starting location here. You will need to join the group to get the hunt hud to do the whole hunt, and the group costs 50L to join. The prizes are free when you find the stores/locations. You can read more about how to do the hunt in my post here. Check out FabFree’s coverage of the hunt in the following posts:

Bring on the WomenStuff by Caroline Walker
Love is Love by Caroline Walker
I’ll Never Grumble About it by Creola Deledda
Cover Girl by Creola Deledda

Gimme Some Cotton Candy!

Finally, the last fun freebie I have to show today is this cotton candy. It’s free in Extra’s booth at the Summer Carnival at Malus Park. It comes in holdable and decor versions.

cotton candy

Have fun at the Carnival, FabFree!


Caroline is Wearing…

Clothes & Accessories

Dress – Tastic Mona Cow Print Dress (Free Hunt Prize on the Womenstuff Hunt/ Hunt Hud Required for Womenstuff Group Members @ Womenstuff Hunt Starting Location/Group Costs 50L to Join)
Heels – [QE Designs] Luna Platform Heels (25L on the Kink in Pink Hunt)
Choker – [QE Designs] Luna Choker (10L on the Kink in Pink Hunt)
Cotton Candy – Extra Cotton Candy (FreeSummer Carnival at Malus Park)
Earrings –  Blink2Wink Starfish Earrings (Available @ Summer Carnival at Malus Park)


Hair – Nova Hair Studio Faye (Free Group Gift/ Group is Free to Join)
Mesh Body –
Belleza Freya V6
Mesh Head – Lelutka Lake – EvoX
Head Skin & Ear Skins – Dernier Hannah Fatpack 
Body Skin – MILA Older Body Skins (Free on the Marketplace) Previously blogged here.
Neck Fix – Velour EvoX Ear Skins and Neck Fix (Free/No Group Join Required) Previously blogged here.
Nails– Belleza Freya V6
Eyes – lovelysweet Sand & Sea Eyes  (Free Hunt Prize on the Womenstuff Hunt/ Hunt Hud Required for Womenstuff Group Members @ Womenstuff Hunt Starting Location/Group Costs 50L to Join) Previously blogged here.
Eyeshadow – Hera Kors Vibrant HD Eyeshadow
Lipstick – Hera Kors Baby V.1 HD Lips
Nails – Belleza Freya
Poses –  Extra So Fluffy (Available @ Summer Carnival at Malus Park)
Photo Location – Summer Carnival at Malus Park



We Never Go Out Of Style

We never go out of style

I used to have a habit of blogging about an event on it’s last day. I still do, but I used to too (RIP Mitch Hedberg). And here we are again friends, because Tres Chic ends tomorrow. You’ve only got until June 10th to tp over and start clicking on gift boxes. There really are a lot of nice free gifts out, it’d be a shame to miss out on them. Here are the things I’m wearing today:

  • Let’s start with this free dress by TO.KISKI – cute and sexy and sweet and all of the things that I love in a dress, all rolled up into one! Sizes:
    – Freya
    – Hourglass
    – Isis
    – Legacy
    – Maitreya Lara
    – Maitreya Petite
  • I’ve accessorized with the free necklace by Ecru Couture and this one’s really fun. The HUD allows you to recolor each piece separately to tons of colors for lots of customization, and it’s such an easy to wear casual style. There’s no need to ever take it off! Included is rigged sizes for Maitreya and Legacy.
  • Speaking of fun – free balloons by extra! There’s a bunch for your left hand and one for the right, each of which includes the hold pose.

Tres Chic has gotten it’s fair share of coverage here on FabFree, and for good reason! The most recent post is Aline’s here and she’s got links on that post to the other posts. Links within links, it’s like Inception up on here. Either that or I’m just too lazy to link them all myself. But that isn’t the point! Tres Chic ends tomorrow and you don’t wanna miss it. ❤

Allison is Wearing…


Dress – TO.KISKI Vanilla Mini Dress (Free Gift at Tres Chic/Group is Free to Join)
Earrings – Vibing Maia
Rings – Kibitz Rainy Summer
Necklace –Ecru Couture Bea Necklace (Free Gift at Tres Chic/Group is Free to Join)
Balloons – Extra Holdable Balloons (Free Gift at Tres Chic/Group is Free to Join)


Mesh Body – Maitreya Lara
Mesh Head – Lelutka Avalon
Skin Applier – Deetalez Venice
Tattoo – Vegas Resilience
Hair – Wasabi Nyx