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Looking for Powder

Evaki  - Snow Ski Outfit

I’m back out on the slopes looking for some fresh powder in the Sub-o-matic gift from Evaki & Company. The Snow Ski Outfit consists of  red ski bibs and a sweater. Other accessories included are goggles, a stocking cap, ski poles, and skis with an animation to send you down he slopes.

Evaki  - Snow Ski Outfit (2)

* Evaki – Snow Ski Outfit ($0L)


Snow Prince

Evaki - Snow Prince  sub-o

Sub- o members of Evaki & Company received the Snow Prince Outfit. The white sweater and black and white striped pants also comes with a red vest and a shoes. Non sub-o members can join and receive the outfit too!

* Evaki – Snow Prince ($0L)

* Poses Diesel Works
Not Free


That’s Mr. Dracula to You

Evaki - Mr Dracula

As October quickly approaches, the ghouls, ghosts and vampires will start appearing. Evaki & Company sent out to their sub-o-matic subscribers the Mr. Dracula costume. The black pants and shirt are accented with boots and a red cape. You also receive fangs that drip blood. There is also a Mrs. Dracula costume for the ladies.

* Evaki & Company – Mr Dracula ($0L)
Sub-O- Matic Gift

* Poses – Embody Shapes & Poses
Not Free

Fab Carson


Back to School

Evaki & Company - Back to School Uniform

I’ve been back to school for two weeks and still not hit my groove. Although I usually stand on this side of the class, some days I’d love to be sitting in a desk. Evaki & Company is mourning celebrating the return to academics with a School Uniform for both guys and gals. With the uniform, you also get a Desk with two poses.

No, I’m not raising my hand to answer a question. I’m asking permission to use the restroom.

Evaki & Company - Back to School Uniform and Desk

* Evaki & Company – Back to School Uniform and Desk ($0L)
Group Gift

* Additional Pose – OoO Studio
Not Free

Fab Carson

Safari Time!

Evaki - Safari Time

It’s safari time at Evaki & Company. Join the Sub-o-matic and receive The Safari Time Outfit. This gift is packed full of goodies to enjoy. The shirt, pants, shorts, sandals, and pith helmet are the clothing parts of this gift.

Evaki - Safari Time  Pants

You also receive binoculars that have an animation and of course your trusty steed, the elephant. Also, there is a ladies version of the outfit included. This gift is too good to pass up.

Evaki - Safari Time Shorts

* Evaki & Company – Safari Time Outfit & Elephant ($0L)
Sub-o Gift

Fab Carson