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Eye Spy Hair

During my search for the Zombie Popcorn, I came across a couple of hairs and an eye fatpack you might enjoy. The first hair is MADesigns Jake. The front tuft of hair would look good under a hat or even by itself.

MaDesigns Jake ZPH

Exile offers us the Zach hair. This is a good everyday hair for an everyday look.

Exile Zach ZPH

The eye fatpack I found at KOSH was filled with nine different sets of eyes, in a varied color range to fit every mood.


BTW, my normal hair is from ETD. The Jared style is offered in the discount section there for $20L.

*MADesigns Jake Hair ZPH ($0L)
MADesigns, Kmadd Enterprise (192, 44, 78)

*Exile Zach Hair ZPH ($0L)
Exile, Covet (185, 60, 32)

*Kosh Eye fatpack ZPH ($0L)
KOSH, Dragonfruit (148, 166, 22)

*ETD Jared Hair ($2oL)
ETD: Elika Tiramisu Designs, ETD (98, 129, 30)



*ALB purple coat*

When I first went to ALB by Analee Balut, I was blown away by her creativity and bright colors! And she still does that with her amazing designs… and amazing gifts! Enjoy xxx ^^

Farah for FabFree

ALB Dream fashion by AnaLee Balut – Purple leather coat – 1L (groupgift in store; join LAMU group); Diamond dress – oL (groupgift in notices)

ALB Dream fashion by AnaLee Balut – gift eyelashes (modify!) – 1L (groupgift in store; join LAMU group)

other items shown: ETD – aveda hair short; Stiletto moody – bare lana anniversary (temporarily gift); yourskin&yourshape – nicole skin candy.


xxx Farah


*sweaters, dresses and sweaterdresses… oeh and flats and stats!*

Salire has the cutest dresses… showing you the 1L-ones, but i couldn’t resist buying the new releases too! These are the sweaterdresses.. and I loohoovee those.. the pink one would goo great with the pink boots Whisper blogged earlier! And great news is that nothing at salire is over 30L$! Keep reading for sweaters, flats and our skyhigh stats! Enjoy xxx ^^

Farah for FabFree

salire – all dresses shown above – 1L

Farah for FabFree

salire – sweaterdresses – (Not free but 30L/each )

Farah for FabFree

curios – sweaters purple and green (subscribogift when you join, I clicked it twice)

m+m – flats with straps – oL (groupgift in store)

other items shown in all pics: yourskin & yourshape – michelle ice skin; ETD – Naomi black hair; chuculet – glassless glasses – 1L; jeans from Cilian’gel (old FabFree gift)

FabFree – best freebie blog of SL – and largest freebie group in SL !!!

.. our stats of yesterday… Whispers’ post on those amazing Stiletto Moody Heels hit 6,880 views!


Thank you Whisper for posting this blogpost , thank you to our loyal FabFree readers and thank you, thank you Stiletto Moody for the amazing heels gift!! xxx


xxx Farah

*shorter than short*

shorter than short, shortest… hairstyles… loving these atm, and digged out my invo to find all the short hairstyles… anyway.. here some nice thingies for u… enjoy xxx ^^

Farah for FabFree

leezu – bohemian jewelry – oL (subscribogift in history)

a piece of candy – patti skin – 1L (from Pink Diamond Hunt at mainstore!); shelly top rose – 1L.

other items shown: zero style – freebie hair (don’t know if it’s still free).

Farah for FabFree

beetlebones – freebie grey blazer – oL

leezu – scarf black – oL (subscribogift in history; also in red)

a piece of candy – shelly top light grey – 1L

yourskin & yourshape – illetes bag november gift – oL (groupgift in store)

other items shown: zero style – freebie hair (don’t know if it’s still free); ys & ys – michelle skin – ice; maitryea – patent mix black boots (old subscribo-gift);  cillian’gel – black low waist jeans (old gift in FabFree notices).

Farah for FabFree

House of Beningborough – off shoulder red dress – oL

Sheer – kiss stockings – oL

beetlebones – sculpted black pumps – 1L

other items shown: ETD – davina hair with scarf (20L/colorpack in discounted area); ys & ys – michelle skin – ice.

all poses by Striking poses and Maldita!


xxx Farah


… This amazing shirt is from Connors, i am wearing it, but it would definately look amazing on guys too! Sweater and shirts combo’s are hot! This skin from Cupcakes i’m wearing is a very light tone, not my regular, but it goes soo well with this cute Una hair from TeaLane, which has a ‘fishy detail’, lol! Now the skirt from Lelutka is shown before by Renee, but it’s perfect for my fashionality style of today, so i had to wear it. Also these socks from the Miel subscribo are amazing, be sure to join, cause there are montly gifts! xxx Enjoy xx ^^
Farah for FabFree

Connors – Sweater Violet and ChocoShirt – oL (groupgift in store)

Lelutka – paine mini chocolet skirt – oL (groupgift in notices, NOT free to join, 250L >> blogged earlier by Renee)

Tea Lane – una hair – 1L (color fatpack)(witha color change fishy detail, looll.. soo cute!)

Miel – lo refurbished socks – oL (subscribo gift in history)

Pen Gems – silver ankh earrings – oL >> at FabFree HQ (on the left back wall)

other items shown:ETD – buckled flats (not free); cupcakes – enchanted cream skin (old lucky chair gift)


Also i’ve created a new shape for [chuculet] dollarbie shop, aida shape, shown below:

*new! [chuculet] aida shape - 1L$*

[chuculet] aida shape – 1L$ – copy/mod

[chuculet] at a piece of candy Mall

[chuculet] at Taunt mall

stylecard – aida shape -:

skin – Lily cherry ‘La Muera’ from Exodi  – 0L (pick reward gift)(blogged earlier here)

lingerie – by Babydoll – Black Silk Laced – 0L (on counter)

hair – Makenzie caramel from Truth (not free) (>>>> there is a SALE on old Truth hair at the moment, all color packs 25L, all fatpacks 200L (but it’s soooo busy, I couldn’t get in, maybe you are lucky! Or try later!)<<<<<)


For our FabFree-Groupmembers and other readers

There is an updated list available on the blog off all the Fabulous Designers at our FabFree HQ.  The list is in 1. alphabetic order and 2. in order of location. So you can find the designers vendor spots at the HQ more easily!

Also we are still working on a list of designers who have items available for avatars under 30 days. If you have a suggestion, please send a notecard to – Farah Palmer -. Name the notecard – “30 days FabFree – [name of shop]” -. Please include in the notecard, the name of the shop, the landmark and description of the gift when possible.

For designers

Our review policy is updated. Please read our review policy before sending review items/pictures! We try to review FabFree Designers first, when it comes to review items. We do NOT support content theft.


xxx Farah

*twilythula’s costumes*

Twilythula Sorbet dropped a notecard on me with her new freebies and I didn’t know how fast to TP over to her shop! These dresses are soo adorable! And how about free hair in all colors, keep reading! xxx ^^

Farah for FabFree

Twilythula – Alice dress – oL (free till Halloween, hurry!)

Farah for FabFree

Twilythula – Red riding hood – oL (free till Halloween, hurry!)

LCKY – hair paige (1st pic) and remy hair (2nd pic) – oL (all colors pack)

other items shown: Twilythula – Talula dune tan skin (not free); ETD – ballet flats brown; poses by Maldita.


xxx Farah

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  Farah for FabFree

Ohmai – shown from left to right -: cardigan white – oL; high raise tank pink – 5L (colorpack); white sheer leggings – oL; loose racerback white top – oL

tres blah – starlust motel classy shorts – 1L

ETD – belted cardigan with top gray – 15L

Cillian’gel – low waisted jeans – 0L (part of groupgift in notices)

chuculet – pila and nala sandals – 1L/each; necklace – 1L; bangles – 1L

other items shown:  tiny bird – hair (not free); fri.day hair (not free); poses by MALDITA.


xxx Farah

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*blond v.s. brown*

I actually wanted to style this look with a black hat, black jacket and black socks.. a black bag etc…. but that would probably be too much.. soo just as it is:

 Farah for FabFree


bliss couture – flower rose choker – oL (in new mainstore)
gigi couture – black slit tights – 1L; plain white tank – 1L (in giftboxes at main entrance)
ETD – ankle boots – black – 1L
glow studio – rider gloves – oL (lucky chair); eyedecoration – oL (lucky chair); golden bangles – 1L (giftbox in store)

other items shown: fri.day – halter vest gray – and lola hair also from fri.day(not free)

 Ok, so showing you some more gift from the shops at Glance… this time: aimesi skins… yummyy:

Farah for FabFree

aimesi ( at Glance) – elena skin cashmere and caramel – 0L
chuculet – bandaids – 5L (fatpack); hairbands – 1L (in giftbox); (if you like my shape you can try the chloe shape at chuculet… or the rosa shape, which is the most famous one! all shapes 1L)
kyoko hair shop white whell – brown hair – 1L (5 different hairstyles in total! woott ty Renee!)




xxx Farah


*pink lady*

Lady in pink…. is dancing with ***?…

Farah for FabFree


pinklady cafe – cardigan set dress pink – 0L

ETD – hair Davinia II (20L/blonde pack) and nude heels – 1L; aviator glasses – 10L

ETDdiscount store – hair for men and woman – 0L (all color packs); also there are 20L-color packs, heels in different colors for 1L and clothing for 20L and less!! (I know i blogged the discount store of ETD before, but there are sooo many great hairstyles for cheap… to go with any style you like! So are you still reading? omg.. tp now!)

sheer – kiss kiss stockings – oL (also cute zebra stockings for 0L)

other items shown: Cupcakes – enchanted skin – classy broad (august groupgift; not free to join); poses by striking poses (some 1L poses available in store; not shown here.)



xxx Farah

*ohwmai <3 these skins*

Farah for FabFree


Vive9 – maya, nel and po skins in different skin tones – oL (groupgifts in notices)

chuculet – rosa shape – 1L (mod/copy)

hair shown – not free – left to right: ETD, armidi, maitreya; maitreya, maitreya, maitreya (lol)



ps. we have reached 5000 members at FabFree.. and I promised you a recolor of the pila sandalettes… these will soon be available in our groupnotices! Already want to celebrate with us? Join the group and check out the fabulous gifts already in the notices! There are sooo many… thank you to all the designers in our FabFree group for being soo generous!

ps2. want to see our new male blogger? keep watching the blog… he will appear on the blog one of these days… i heard today 😉



xxx Farah