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*jumps up and down…. adjusts glasses…. adjusts hairribbon…coughs…’uhum’* OMG i’m soooo excited! Boots from Maitreya, the cutest dress from A piece of candy and totally adorable hair… my nerdy free-fashion-loving-heart is soooowww happy!! *ty to all the great designers (be sure to walk around all shops, amazing new releases.. woottt!!)* xxx ^^

Farah for FabFree
*location: FabFree HQ at CarWash Sim*

Farah for FabFree


a piece of candy – penelope dress (all layer options) – oL (updategroupgift in history)

Maitreya – soho patentmix black – oL (subscribogift in history)

chuculet –  geeky glassless glasses – 1L

en svale – leggings (dots/stars/stripes) – 0L

tekuteku – muse blue – oL (groupgift in store)

other items shown: doppelganger inc. – button up socks; twilythula – choker (from red riding hood outfit); wave – white dress shirt (1L)


xxx Farah



I think i could say… i felt a bit ‘green’ today… (no I’m not sick… ;)) and like flooding you with lots of great stuff to grab for … ‘not much’… of your precious lindens! enjoy xxx ^^

>> it seems the slurl for Djunk was wrong! It’s updated now… sorry for this 😦 <<<

 Farah for FabFree

beni – tweed jacket and flower accesory – 1L

humming – wool check skirt – 1L
 en svale – free knee socks  – oL
 wave – white dress blouse – 1L (there is also a whole back wall of gifts and dollarbies!)

zeery – green neck scarf – 5L

djunk – sleazy bag – color change – oL

other items shown: cupcakes – daydream skin – wheat golden (not free); fri.day – rashelle hair; chuculet – headband and ballet flats (1L/each) bandaid – 5L; exodi – zbilja eyes (groupgift in notices).

 Farah for FabFree

humming – tunic pants dress gray – 1L
 en svale – free leggings  – oL

other items shown: cupcakes – daydream skin – wheat golden (not free); fri.day – lola hair; chuculet – ballet flats (1L/each); miel – champange tulip headband (old subscribo-gift).

Farah for FabFree 

free speerit – fiona skin crying – pay what you want wall

beni – denim green top – 1L

other items shown: maitreya – moon hair.

 Farah for FabFree

Farah for FabFree

djunk – all cloting shown above – oL (and even more clothing, shoes and bags… everything in lots of colors!!)

other items shown: cupcakes – enchanted sienna skin (lucky chair); hair from left to right: decoy – nicole hair (old gift); fri.day – rashelle; truth – kensei (old freebie).


xxx Farah

*not free – but fair priced: 50L fridays*

(…. but.. there are some free items mentions too!! sooo keep reading)

 Farah for FabFree

There is a new group in SL called ‘Fifty Linden Firdays’, and it’s as easy as it sounds.. there are several items priced at 50L from different designers. I know this is NOT FREE, but if you can afford it, it is a GREAT DEAL for items which are usually expensive! And I do loooveee to share great deals! So if  you are interested in this group join: secondlife:///app/group/4736f8f4-8b07-85c3-6952-ceafd0673096/about  (copy past this link in your chat, than click it!). Grab the notecard from the notices for this weeks designers and slurls!


Wearing from the 50Lfridays:

Tiny Bird – I hate camera – chestnut hair – 50L

Piddidle – denim mini dress – fleur – 50L

Epoque – oversized shades – fatpack – 50L

Tyranny Designs – sweet augustine skin – 50L

other items shown (free or dollarbie): chuculet – nala sandals – 1L; magi take shop – gingham shirt – 0L (groupgift in store) also green bag – 0L (groupgift in store); en svale – knee socks (old freebie, may still be in store); mnk shop – white belt – 1L (in store giftbox)


xxx Farah

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*watch and read*

Beetle Bones is a new cute litte shop, from creator suetabulous Yootz. When i logged in I received a little package, and i was blown away once I had the dress on.. amazing! A tp to the little shop is def worth it! There are not much items, but the items that are there are fair priced (not free or cheap though) and totally tooo cute!! Next up in this post are the amazing other items and of course.. and.. you know how i like to accessorize… xxx enjoy ^^

Farah For FabFree


Beetle Bones – brown dress – oL (2 colors)

SD Tiny accessorie shop – s/d hat – oL

tyranny designs – grandma shoes – oL (subscribo gift)

en svale – knee socks – oL

Farah For FabFree
adorkable poses – 4 poses (shown in first pic) and emoter hud – oL (handstand, not shown is subscribogift; others are in store under the stairs)

other items shown: cupcakes – enchanted skin sienna; maitreya faye hair; eyes from beauty avatar couture


OK read this: when we hit 5000 member in our FabFree Group i’ll send out an exclusive recolor of the [chuculet] pilla sandallettes  in our FabFree Group… soo have you already joined? No… join now (search fabfree in Groups inworld!).  Also you decide the color… soo tell me what u like! (hint, wink, wink: pink, pink) xxx Farah

Also please read this again: (<<– click here) to get you guys a FabFree-readers Appreciation Day, we have to convince Renee, soo start commenting! We have like over 3000 readers a day.. and she’s still not convinced! HELP ME, HELP YOU! xxx ty Farah


xxx Farah