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I’ve got no plans, except for loving you

I've got no plans, except for loving you

I want to go somewhere like this in real life. I want to be somewhere quaint among gorgeous old buildings and pose in a field of lavender, without a care in the world. Instead, I wiped milk off of my dog’s head this morning. haha But it’s all good, I can find humor in pretty much anything. Such is life.

Looking the part

I think this fabulous dress is just right for my vicarious adventure. There are a whole bunch of gachas at Valentina E. and I got my new dress from one of them! It’s truly so lovely. I prefer gachas that are the same thing in various colors and patterns, rather than a whole set of different pieces. That way I know that I’ll be getting the shirt or whatever that I want, instead of either getting that or a foot stool. haha That was  a really random example that I made up off the top of my head but you know what I mean, right? For my 50L gacha play, I knew I was going to get this sweet dress so it didn’t feel like such a gamble – no matter the outcome, I win! I looooove the pretty floral pattern that I ended up with. It is just so perfect with the slight gathering at the top and the great ruffles. The fit is for Maitreya only.

Image result for sl valentina e le fleur key


Allison is wearing…

Mesh Body: Maitreya Lara
Mesh Head: Catwa Magyfree
Skin Applier: Deetalez Snjezanafre
Eyes: Avi-Glam Reverie Eyes
Eyelashes Applier: Arte My Lashes
Hair: Wasabi Apple
Rings and Bracelets: AvaWay Love Bracelets & Rings
Dress: Valentina E. La Fleur Dress Pink Floral (Gacha, 50L per play)

Location: Arelyon
Pose: Emmepose

Not A Moment Too Soon

Not A Moment Too Soon

You guys, I am so so so excited right now! Akeruka is giving away a complete bento mesh head to their group members as an Anniversary gift! Yeah, for real. It’s so pretty, I’m in love. There is a 150L fee to to join the group. But surely I don’t need to tell you how much bento heads cost and how amazing of a deal this is. In addition to the head we’re talking eyes in various colors/styles, body and head appliers in like 10 different tones, an animations HUD, eyebrow color options, makeup options, teeth…I could go on and on. But I won’t because…

Now The Bad News

Don’t worry, it’s not really super bad… It’s just that this offer is a bit time sensitive. The gift will only be available until June 15th. And it probably goes without saying that the sim is a bit hard to get into. See? That’s not so bad. Here’s your landmark to Akeruka – keep it handy and give it a try every now and then. I’m sure you’ll get lucky like I did!


Allison is wearing…

Mesh Head, Body Applier, Head Applier, Eyes: AK Deluxe Maia (free group gift / 0L / 150L to join)

Mesh Body: Maitreya Lara
Hair: MINA Fiona
Shirt: Ascend Emma Top
Pose: EmmePose

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A Guest Blog by Genna Restful – Lady Huntress

A Guest Blog by Genna Restful – Lady Huntress, originally blogged [HERE]

Skin and shape – Mudskin group gift (currently free to join so hurry!)
Includes 6 skins, teeth/no teeth versions (shown below), shape is modifiable

Hair – Alli&Ali Designs “Fenia” in Dark Honey July 25th voting gift
Gift changes every Friday!

Eyes *mesh* – Mayfly group gift (free)

Dress *mesh*, necklace and shoes – FLooR CaNDy lucky chair prize
Includes sleeveless version not shown

Pose with hawks *mesh* – EmmePose freebie

Location – Syrinx

Take a walk on the Wild Side with Me

I felt a little edgy today and decided to show something different from my usual style. I joined ::JStyle:: (free to join) a long time ago and have so many group gifts that I’m not sure when I’ll wear them all. But I sure am going to try! The clothing from the store tends to be more modern, maybe even described as “street style”.

This tight fitting body-hugging bodysuit is a great example of the varied outfits from ::JStyle::. I love the way this Chocolate Bodysuit hugs my curves. It is a very recent free group gift so hurry over, join the group, and grab it. This gift comes as an ensemble complete with the bodysuit, jewelry,skin, shape, nails, appliers, and boots. Imagine all of this for FREE! The gift includes a collar but I changed the look up with a very nice necklace from When I Dreamed. It’s the Native Long Necklace I bought for $100L. My lip color was a freebie find from the Skin Fair 2014; the shade is called Deadly. I thought it complemented the bodysuit. I chose the Amazonia skin from another recent ::JStyle:: group gift (free) and wanted a smaller shape so I put on an old fallback from The Free Dove – Joella Shape w/ small frame/larger breasts. It was also free. The most expensive item I am wearing is my hair from Truth – Harriet ($250).

One of the things I love best about Second Life is that you can really doll up your avatar for practically no cost. I got this great emoter from Emmepose. Visit the store to pick up a few freebies found on the desk and in the black boxes to the left side.

JStyle Chocolate Jumpsuit

JStyle Choclate Bodysuit Closeup Attempt 2_001

Cre is wearing:

Bodysuit – ::JStyle:: Chocolate Bodysuit (Group gift July 2014/free to join)

Shape – The Free Dove Joella Shape w/ small frame/larger breasts (Free/no group needed)

Skin – ::JStyle:: Amazonia *1 (Group gift July 2014/free to join)

Hair – Truth Harriet gingers ($250L) originally shown here by Love

Boots – ::JStyle:: Mesh Gold Boots (Group gift July 2014/free to join)

Earrings & Bangles – ::JStyle:: Part of the same gift as the bodysuit (Group gift July 2014/free to join)

Necklace – What I Dreamed Native Long Necklace ($100L)

Lips – High Gloss Lips//Deadly (Skin Fair 2014 Freebie) sorry no link

Emoter – EmmePose Lady A.’s Emoter HUD (Free Valentine gift/no group needed)

Happy Freebie Hunting!


Ghoulishy Good Finds

One linden will get you the Brown Sweater from E! Eclectic Apparel. Renee showed the women’s version of this sweater and one for the men looks just as good.

e! Eclectic Brown Turtleneck $1L

Glamorize has a dollarbie group gift as well. The Melvin Shirts come in green and black.

Melvin Shirts Group Gift from Glamorize

Glamorize Melvin Skull Shirt

Get the Halloween Pose from EmmePose. This limited group gift was available to the first 50 members. There was still a few left at the time of this post.

EmmePose Halloween

She Slipped …really, she did. I found this at the hEaDcAsE kiosk while I was at the ODB Halloween Freebie Fair. Put it on your porch and scare the trick or treaters away.

hEaDcAsE She Slipped  Halloween Freebie Fair

The Coffin is a gift from Glitterati. This multipose coffin is fun to play around with for pictures or just to set out as a decoration.



*E! Brown Sweater ($1L)
E! Eclectic Apparel, Marsco (79, 99, 346)

*Glamorize Melvin Shirts -Group Gift- ($1L)
Glamorize, Keauhou Beach (34, 97, 21)

*EmmePose Halloween Pose -Limited Number Group Gift- ($0L)
EmmePose , Velvet (221, 85, 25)

*hEaDcAsE She Slipped ($0L)
ODB Halloween Freebie Fair, Richfield (205, 45, 83)

*GLITTERATI – The Coffin ($0L)
Glitterati, Glitterati (128, 174, 22)


Needle in a Haystack

You don’t have to be a hayseed to find these needles. The Needle in the Haystack Hunt started today and here are a few hunt gifts I found.  Equilibrium Design is furnishing as their hunt gift the White Tank, Suspenders and Stoned Blue Ripped Jeans. A perfect outfit for baling hay, or sitting while watching someone else do all the work. The Farm Hay Bales come from EmmePose for just $59L. 

Equilibrium NIAH prize 

After work and before sleep, you can rest in your Little Barn and Hay Bales from Before Sleep. This fun hunt gift can help you add a bit of country charm to your sim. 

Before Sleep Little Barn and Hay 4 pose 

OUCH! what did I just sit on?….. another needle   -sigh- 


*EQ White Tank, Suspenders, and Ripped Jeans -NIAH Hunt- ($0L)
Equilibrium Design, Ubatuba (195, 170, 23) 

*IHS Black Sneakers ($0L)
In Her Shoes, Vignette (124, 101, 55) 

*Before Sleep Little Barn -NIAH Hunt- ($0L)
*Before Sleep Hay -NIAH Hunt- ($0L)
#Before Sleep#, Sparkling Star (30, 65, 22

*Emmepose Farm -Not Free- ($59L)
EmmePose, Velvet (219, 37, 27) 


I’m A Poser

All too often I find free or nearly free poses that I just love, but never seem to work into my posts. I’m taking time to show a few of these fun poses that both men and women (and sometimes together) can enjoy. The Too Late pose from EmmePose has me waiting patiently (right!) at the train depot after missing my train. This dollarbie pose comes with the suitcase so you can sit down while waiting for the next arrival.

EmmePose Too Late

Also at EmmePose, I found The Goodbye Mr. Swayze tribute pose to the late Patrick Swayze. One his most famous scenes is the pottery wheel scene from Ghost. This pose comes complete with the pottery wheel, vase and chair. Think about the song “Unchained Melody” and you have the perfect romantic pose. My friend Bridget was kind enough to help me out with this.

EmmePose Goodbye Mr. Swayze

Sher’s Cottage Garden offers us the Stomp, Drink and Be Merry pose. This fun pose has six poses. You can stomp the grapes, dance a drunken jig, or just sit and watch. Loads of fun for just a linden.

Sher's Cottage Garden Stomp, Drink, Dance and be Merry!

Bridget offered to sit on this Strawberry pose from Fabulous Finds at Bugtussle. This fun fruit was only $5L and makes a cute pose.

Strawberry 2

Even though I’m not her man, Bridget again helps me show you the My Man pose from Poserz. This can be won on the Midnight Mania Board there.

Poserz My Man MM Board

This Kodak Moment is brought to us again by Poserz. This pose can be fun to take pictures of some of your places in SL and show you were there. This pose can be found on the Lucky Boards located at the front of the store.

Poserz Kodak Moment

For a more intimate pose Poserz Lucky Boards also have the Sinful Seduction.

Poserz Sinful Seduction

And my last Lucky Board find at Poserz is Craving Passion. Trust me, I”m keeping one eye on that stork behind Bridget. lol 🙂

Poserz Craving Passion

Find your pose at these great stores.


*EmmePose Too Late ($1L)
*EmmePose Goodbye Mr. Swayze ($0L)
EmmePose, Chery Beach (120, 148, 23)

*Sher’s Stomp, Drink and Be Merry ($1L)
Sher’s Cottage Garden, Kaseo (83, 134, 23)

*Fabulous Finds Strawberry with Pose ($5L)
 Fabulous Finds @ Bugtussle, Kaseo 27, 207, 23

*Poserz My Man –  MM Board ($0L)
*Poserz Kodak Moment  – Lucky Board ($0L)
*Poserz Sinful Seduction  – Lucky Board ($0L)
*Poserz Craving Passion  – Lucky Board ($0L)
Poserz, Phoenix Unlimited (240, 47, 22)


EmmePose: Group Gift

In celebration of the grand opening of her new main store location, designer Biabi Meili has released a special gift for Fabfree group.  Fabfree Group Gift is a modeling stool per 1L.

EmmePose – http://slurl.com/secondlife/Chery%20Beach/109/154/31