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Nothing like a Sassy A:S:S :p

A notecard sent out by the very talented and always helpful in the FabFree group, Photos Nikolaidis, about the new Xmas Gift at A:S:S made me shoot over to the store with Nao earlier and pick up not only the Xmas gift but also a few of the yummeh goodies found in the Bargain section upstairs. Nao picked up the same things too so we could show you just how unisex they are.

This is todays Xmas gift. I missed yesterdays because, well… Im lame. No doubt. But this one I love!

This is a double pack for free, found in the Bargain section upstairs.. apparently if you are Swedish, then its hillarious. I will have to ask my friend Neph why when he logs in next!

Nothing like snuggly sweaters on a cold Winters day. These can be found on the Pay What You Want wall, up in the Bargain section upstairs.

I do have an obsession with waistcoat vest tops… and this is another to add to my collection! Yay! I love how Ville Valo it looks on Nao though.. yummeh. This is also found up on the Pay What You Want wall up in the Bargain section upstairs

The black and white scarf is a freebie found in the Bargain section upstairs and the other two scarfs are part of the Down the Chimney hunt gift which has other colours and a few other suprises inside!

Also in the Bargain room there are two freebie packs of Male Skins and make sure to take a good look around the store as there are other bargains hiding around every corner!

And lastly… the Sass in the A:S:S… This is from the Midnight Mania at Sassy Kitty. I was wearing the boyshorts in all the other pictures above. Its all glittery and just gorgeous! Go slap the board and claim it!

Oh come on.. a chance for me to be in underwear again. You know Im gonna snatch it *laughs*

Other info

On Nao:
+ Elf Ears by Buried ( Dollarbie – past the Christmas tree and inside the store entrance on a table )
+ Pants by INDI Designs The current outfit jigsaw part upstairs
+ Fate II skin by Buried ( not free )
+ Danny Hair by Buried ( not free )

On Whisper:
+ Elf Ears by Buried ( Dollarbie – past the Christmas tree and inside the store entrance on a table )
+ Happy Holidays Elf Gift Skin by Curio ( join the Gala & Rita Design Announcement group and check the notices )
+ Fa(un)tasy Horns by Needful Things ( not free )
+ DDUC V2 Piercing by Skinpop ( not free )


Nicky Ree

I have always adored the gowns from Nicky Ree for as long as I can remember. So I when I was told she had given the group a Christmas gift in the notices, I just had to show you.

There are two ways to wear it. One as a long gown as above and as a shorter cocktail dress as below. The ruffle on the shoulder can be removed if you prefer. To get the dress, simply teleport to the main store and click the group joiner just outside the store entrance. Join the group and search the notices.

I also wanted to remind you that Nicky has a couple of gorgeous free gowns available just inside and to the right of the entrance in little boxes on the floor infront of the main display for the gowns which have been reduced to 100L. These are really beautiful and elegant and are perfect if you are looking for a more understated look for the party season.

Other Info
+ Happy Holidays Elf Gift Skin from Curio ( Free – join the Gala & Rita Design Announcement group and search notices )
+ Elf Ears by Buried ( Dollarbie.. walk past the xmas tree to the store and they are just inside the door on the table )
+ Green II hair by Maitreya ( not free )
+ Fa(un)tasy Horns by Needful Things ( not free )
+ Lola Cloven Boots by Lazy Places ( not free )
+ SLink Barefoot Beady Prim Feet by SLink ( not free and LM unavailable at the moment )

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Boxed Heroes Dark Elf Female!

Im sure you remember the Dark Elf Male that was available as a prize on the Lucky Chair at Boxed Heroes for 24 hours a little while back. Well they’ve done it again.. only this time with the matching Dark Elf Female Avatar!

And OMG!!! She is gorgeous!!!

The picture on the left show the avatar in its entirity. There is a prim skirt and prim corset that you can see in the picture. The snap on the Right shows the avatar wearing everything except the prim corset and so shows the clothing layers underneath.

The picture on the left shows the avatar with the prim corset on but minus the prim skirt. The picture on the Right shows just the underclothing layers which are yummy enough to wear by themselves.

Isnt she beautiful!


You get the full female avatar pictured above.. skin, hair, ears, eyes, prim outfit, boots and a shape to wear that was made to fit the outfit perfectly. The prim pieces of the outfit are modify so you can adjust them to fit your shape if you are confident enough to do so. Though I must say.. I am wearing this outfit with my curvy shape and I had to do very little to mod the pieces.

I love that there are several ways to wear the outfit thanks to the layers of clothing underneath. The skin is beautifully made aswell and I love the facial features. She has just the right amount of mischief in her expression but still looks cute. It is just divine.

Remember that this is only available for 24 hours. So will be out of the chair by this time tomorrow as it has only just been released within the hour of me writing this.

It is pretty packed over there at the moment, but keep trying and remember to be polite to everyone else waiting for this amazing avatar!

Thank you so much you guys at Boxed Heroes for another great avatar!

Dark Elf Warrior @ Boxed Heroes!

Here is another one for you lucky guys! I got a notecard through about this amazing Male Avatar that Boxed Heroes have put in their Lucky Chair for the next 24 hours, I knew I had to drag Nao’s geeky butt over there so we could try to win one. Nao was lucky enough to scoop it after about 20 minutes of waiting, so I then dragged him into my photo studio so I could take pictures of it for you! I know, poor guy… *laughs*

Please note… You get the FULL Avatar. Skin, shapes, eyes, outfit, ears, hair, boots and the two swords. The Skin and the Ears look great without the hood so you can wear it as a general Dark Elf Skin.

A close up of how it looks with the mask and the cowl hood worn.


And without the mask and the hood… I love the shadow over the face. Sinister yet so yummeh in a Elf fan-girl kinda way. And, yes I do have a thing for male Elves… Luke Goss in Hellboy 2 for example *swoons*


It is a very dark outfit and it was very hard to pick up the details, but you won’t be disapointed with it at all. I would really really recommend all you guys get over there and get it as soon as you can because this is a really great avatar to have in your inventory in general.

Yay for Elves!




My good friend, Hawk, got a couple of wonderful free finds from Ripped, and offered to model them for me. These are really nice outfits, perfect for any elven or Gorean men out there.

rippedmaleThe one on the left can be yours for camping (I forget how many minutes.. sorry), and the one on the right is a lucky chair win. I love the detail on these clothes, the pictures really don’t do them justice.

Ripped:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Kailiauk/196/181/40

Dark Eden has camp-for boots (45 minutes if I remember correctly), that are suitable for males and females.

debootsThese boots are beautiful in their rustic grunginess, but be aware that they are fully prim.. so if you need to alter them make a copy before you start to adjust parts.

The camping chairs at Dark Eden are now located outside the shop, and there are other freebies waiting for you there. Don’t let that stop you from venturing inside though, Dark Eden has some of the coolest designs on the grid.. and many for obscenely low prices.

Dark Eden:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Olive/97/231/43