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Down the Chimney Hunt Part 1 – Clothing! (Updated)

There are alot of Gridwide hunts going on at this time of year. One I decided to focus on was the Down the Chimney Hunt. I had already recieved a few review copies of things from creators and had seen pictures in the Flickr for the Hunt, and the quality had already impressed me.

Its another relatively short one, with 100 Stores taking part. I say relatively short because most Gridwide hunts seem to go on forever with over 200 – 300 stores! So anything around 100 or under I call short. It focuses on more Bohemian and Eclectic stores, which is totally my style and I have loved finding new stores and revisiting old favourites. The starting point is at Kunsthammer and the hunt runs until the 20th December.

Im going to do this review in 2 parts. The first part is going to be about the clothing and the second part is going to focus on the skyboxes and furnishings that some of the stores created.

I’ve always found in my experience that some people throw things away from hunts because they don’t know how to incorperate that wacky dress or top into an outift, so I have gone through all the clothing and I have teamed it up into outfits in the way I think things work, just to give you some idea on how to mix and match. Everything I am wearing comes from the hunt except the skin, a pair of black shoes and my white hair.

The store and number is underneath each picture but Im not telling you where things are hidden – most are pretty straightforward to find anyways!

Ok hold on tight – here we go!

+ Glamazon Necklace – #1 Kunsthammer ( male gift included )
+ Blue Sugar Dress – #5 Miseria
+ La ‘Rue Belt & Cuff set – #6 A La Mood ( male gift included )

+ Unisex Holly Sweater – #2 Young Urban

+ Deep V Neck – #13 This is a Fawn

+ Gold & Silver Snowflake Panties – #3 Hoot
+  Turtleneck Sweaters & Scarves – #4 Shiki Designs

+ Snow Booties – #9 Duh!
+ Amber Necklace – #11 Bliensen & Maitai ( male necklace included )
+ 34th Street Dress – #12 Doppelganger ( male gift also – shown below )

+ Pretty Hobo outfit – #8 Mix and Match

These are both guy gifts but I think they look ok worn on a female shape

+ Ombre Linen Suit – #10 Nachtmusik

+ 34th Street Outfit – #12 Doppelganger

+ Unisex Holiday Jacket – #14 BALACLAVA

+ Cosy Mittens and Scarf male & female set – #16 Reek
+ Fluff Earmuffs – #20 Artilleri
+ Norweigian Knit – #23 Fishy Strawberry ( male version included )

+ Eppo Jacket – #25 Ducknipple

+ Down the Chimney Sweater – #30 BOOM! ( male version included )

+ Wrap it up Pants – #33 The Stringer Mauseleum

+ Boho Hobo Earrings & Braclets – #19 Ticky Tacky
+ TwiggyTweet Dress – #41 Sari’s

+ Dog Xmas Bag – #37 Mocorin
+ Unisex Stakes are High Necklace – #43 Otaku Designs
+ Boho Fringe shoes – #78 RRS
+ Signature T and Swishy Skirt – #96 Vanitas Vesture

+ V Neck Sweaters – #38 Cyanide
Comes in two versions.. Female on the Left, Male on the Right though pretty unisex

+ High Waist Super Skirt – #42 Narwhal (worn with reaction Vest from #48)

+ Down the Chimney Coat – #45 Blueblood

+ Vest and Sweater – #47 Zenith

+ Organza Mini – #48 Sisters

+ Leigh Jacket – #56 ModdG
+ Ozimals Bunny Necklace – #60 Ozimals

+ Glace Dress – #60 Violent Seduction

+ Notty & Nice Hair – #51 Soap Co.
+ Vintage Flower Skirt – #54 Couverture

+ Anarchist Slumber Party t shirt – #70 PIG
+ Cardinal Shoulder pet – #49 SongBirds

+ Reaction Outfit -#48 Acid and Mala Creations ( Male version included )

+ Knit Coat & Glitter Tights – #63 44.Caliber
+ Brewce Hair – #64 Bryce Designs Male Hair but can be unisex

Ok.. so are you impressed with the goodies so far? ready for more? Grabbed a fresh cup of coffee/tea/whatever your poison is and are ready to continue? Good… here we go!

+ Unisex Ripped Jeans – #67 Miasnow
+ Bulky Sweater – #68 RunoRuno
+ Atmosphere Glasses – #69 Kumaki Glasses Style

+ Sorrow Outfit – #71 So Many Styles
+ Unisex Baby, Its Cold Outside Scarf – #72 Split Pea

+ Partybomb heels – #73 Epoque
+ Tiny Collar Cropped Jacket – #75 Kyoot
+ Caught Hair – #80 Shag! ( Male version included )
+ Repose Jeans – #81 Aitui ( Also a tattoo in the pack )

+ Ambrosia Body Suit – #70 PIG

+ Comfy Sweater & Mouth Tentacle – #82 Mr Tentacle

+ Flannel Dress – #82 Lark
+ Psycho Butterfly Bracelets – #83 Sock Shop

+ Sugar dress – #85 Sugarcube
+ Birds of a Feather Earrings & Necklace set – #90 Frippery ( mens gift included )
+ Caught Hair – #80 Shag! ( Male version included )

+ Hipsters & Leggings – #91 Mischief

+ Down the Chimney Dress – #92 Sangre Noir

+ Winter Faery Skin & Eyes – #94 Bounce!

+ Glittery Outfit – #95 Wink*L

+ Jersey Lump – #97 Tyranny Designs

Tyranny Designs is the finishing post UNLESS you are age verified… then you can go on to get the hunt gift at Chanimations that I did a review post about a few days ago… heres another little reminder of the yumminess though.

There is also another gift after Chanimations that is a furniture set and will be reviewed with all the other furniture and non clothing pieces from the hunt in the 2nd installment! But don’t miss out on them just because you don’t see them here! There are some awesome gifts!

Other info

+ Dark Shines Skin from Heartsick (ex opening store gift, now replaced with another Dollarbie skin)
+ Tallulah Hair by Truth ( not free )

+ Skin in Chanimations picture is Pin Up Skin from Curio ( not free )
+ Hair in Chanimations picture is Get Forward by Bishwear ( not free )

+ Shape is my own

Birds of a Feather ILAYA Together

It’s that time of year when a little sex appeal goes a long way (isn’t that every time of year?).  ILAYA has several super sexy mini dresses that will have you looking like a hot little vixen this season!  The sexy little red Onyx dress is only L$50 for a limited time.  The same Onyx dress is free in mauve for ILAYA group members.  The Stella mini dress with leggings is another free Christmas gift for ILAYA group members.  The ILAYA group has a L$100 one time enrollment fee.  The classic pumps are part of a fatpack of heels Maitreya sub-o members receive when joining the group.

The retro Birds of a Feather gold earrings and necklace are the gift from Frippery in the Down the Chimney Hunt!  There is also a Bolo Tie for the men in the gift, so guys be sure to do this hunt!  The Her Ghost in the Fog Amor E Morte skin is free from HeartSick.

Also, check out the dollarbie wall at ILAYA!  I picked up this this pale pink “I Love Bad Boys” tank, cause we all secretly love the bad boys!  The pale FabFree green jeans are awesome!  After seeing the white version of these jeans from the Baby Monkey advent gifts a few days ago, I sweet talked Pixieplumb Flanagan into making a green version for the Fabulously Free in SL group.  The Fabulously Free in SL group will receive these jeans when we reach 8 thousand members!  Which should be soon!

Don’t forget to drop by Baby Monkey and pick up the advent gift for December 7th!  This lime green long sleeve shirt is free until Pixie goes to bed and changes the gift!  The Caught hairstyle comes in chestnut and dark brown and is the gift for the ladies from Shag in the Down the Chimney Hunt.  There is also a hairstyle for the men in the box!

Get comfy on the Holiday Cuddle Lounge from :[MudHoney]:.  This comfy couch has many animations and is the Peace On Earth Hunt gift from :[MudHoney]:.  The blue snowman pajamas are a past advent gift from Damiani Fashion Design.  The Damiani Fashion Design group has a L$300 enrollment fee.


*ILAYA: (Group – L$0)
Calendula Island ( 201/94/2004 )

*Baby Monkey: Lime Long Sleeve Shirt (Advent – L$0), FabFree jeans (Coming Soon!)
Dindrane Elfor ( 217/48/46 )

*Damiani Fashion Design: Snowman PJs (Group – L$0)
Damiani ( 128/148/26 )

*Maitreya: Pumps (Sub-o – L$0)
Maitreya Isle ( 224/215/24 )

*Frippery: Birds of a Feather Jewelry (DTC Hunt – L$0)
Oubliette ( 49/199/29 )

*Shag: Caught Hair (DTC Hunt – L$0)
Silent ( 199/147/36 )

*Heartsick: Her Ghost in the Fog (L$0)
No Limits ( 158/181/22 )

*MAI Body Shop: eyes (Group – L$0)
MAI ( 118/122/597 )

*Maldita Animation: poses (Not Free)
UK Couture Island ( 146/185/24 )

*:[MudHoney]: Holiday Cuddle Lounge (POE Hunt – L$0)
Sugar Mill Grove ( 154/83/25 )



Christmas @ BrickHouse

Brickhouse Designs has new skins!  The Mia Snowy Smoke skin comes in deep tan, pale, and tan tones and is in the Midnight Mania board.  While you’re there pick up the Christmas gifts.  The bow top, panties and Wonderland stockings come in green, red, and blue and are L$10 each.

Ms. Annakiya Slone recently sent the Beauty skin to the Fabulously Free in SL group. The FabFree Christmas gift comes with a red and a green top and panties.  This gift is completely free at Brickhouse Designs.

The white suede snow boots are the Down The Chimney Hunt gift from Duh!.  The Down The Chimney Hunt begins December 6th!

Also, be sure to pick up the free blue Melissa in Cerulean shirt and torn jeans, cherry Madison dress, and the FabFree 7500 member gift (before we reach 8,000!).  I won the Penelope heels from the lucky board while I was at Brickhouse Designs.


*Brickhouse Designs: Bow Top, Thong, Stockings (L$10), FabFree Christmas Gift (L$0)
Reign ( 102/101/22 )

*Duh!: White Snow Booties (Down The Chimney Huny – L$0)
Katachi ( 230/96/22 )

*Amacci: Adena Hair (L$0)
Amacci ( 203/96/22 )

*Brickhouse Designs: MAI Skins (Midnight Mania – L$0), Beauty Skin (FabFree – L$0)
Reign ( 102/101/22 )

*MAI Body Shop: eyes (Group – L$0)
MAI ( 118/122/597 )

*Long Awkward Pose: poses (Not Free)
Festivale ( 89/85/29 )




Chanimations – Down the Chimney Hunt Preview!

‘Tis the season for a new batch of Christmas themed hunts and one starting on 6th December through to 20th December is the Down the Chimney Hunt. Its another relatively short hunt having only 61 stores. It focuses on stores with more of an eclectic range.

I was priviledged to be given a review copy of Chanimations sexy Moulin Rouge gift for the hunt and I am in utter and complete love. Seriously.. I nearly died when I put it on.

Inside the gift you get: The hat, the bustle, the gloves and 2 versions of the cane. You also get 4 specially crafted poses and a poseball with all of them preloaded inside. The pasties I am wearing in the pictures come from the Eternity Brides Giselle Open Cup set that you can buy for 1L upstairs at the mainstore. They match perfectly!


This picture shows off one of the 4 poses you get inside the gift.


This shows another of the poses you get in the package.


The feather detailing on the skirt and the hat are so beautifully done. There are no white outlines that can sometimes plague alpha textures. The textures on the skirt are so gorgeously sumptious, ruch and vibrant. There is real depth and shimmer to it  and it flows like a dream. The poses inside really capture the mood of the outfit too. 

One thing that I must make you aware of though is that Chanimations is situated in an ADULT rated area and so you must be age verified to go there and hunt.


Other info

+ Pin Up Skin by Curio ( not free )
+ Get Forward hair by Bishwear ( not free )
+ Fetish Cabaret photostage by Chanimations ( not free )
+ Rose Carpet by Forest Feast