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Farah did a great post showcasing some of the freebie clothing available at DJunk and so I had to run over and indulge last night before I went to bed.

Then when I logged in this morning I had some new yummy skin goodness in the form of a group gift from Blowpop and the new gorgeous group gift from Eolande waiting for me in my inventory.

So like a kid playing dress up, I was in my element this morning and I took piccehs to show you all the goodies.


This is the Moni Dress, shown here in shades 8 (Cyan) and 5 (Red). I really love Chemise dresses and this is really cute. It comes in 8 shades including Black and Pink so there is plenty of choice.


This is the Raita Dress in colours Nicey and Brown. It comes in 4 shades and the belt is part of the outfit.


This is the Blacky Dress. It comes with two skirts as shown in the picture so you can wear it like as Chemise dress or with a fluffier skirt for a cuter look.


I love this dress. It really appeals to my inner dolly! Its called the Black Beauty Dress and is shown here in Black and Purple. There are 5 different colours each with 2 skirts.


Isnt this adorable! This is the Candy Skull Dress and can be found in the lower DJunk store. It includes the hat and the belt.


Finally this is the Girly Insanity Pack. I am wearing the Overalls 2 set in the close up with the purple top and the black skirt and the Overalls 1 set in the full length picture. As you can see you can choose to wear it with or without the undershirt depending on how brave you are! You can also choose to wear just the overalls without the skirt.



The Group Gift skins from Blowpop are to die for. They are so feminine and natural looking with such a gorgeous softness to them. You are sure to love them. You can find them in the Group Notices and I highly recommend you go and take a look. You will not be disapointed.

In the bottom picture you can see a closer view of the new group gift from Eolande. A really pretty Glass jewellery set with pretty opaque colour changing glass baubles that really add a subtle yet eyecatching touch to any outfit. You can see some of the colours from the other pictures above and I really love that with one click on the necklace the whole set changes colour!


Other info
+ New Rock Boots by Little Britain Designs ( not free )
+ Hair by Tiny Bird (not free.. but they still have a 50% sale on as I write this )




I think i could say… i felt a bit ‘green’ today… (no I’m not sick… ;)) and like flooding you with lots of great stuff to grab for … ‘not much’… of your precious lindens! enjoy xxx ^^

>> it seems the slurl for Djunk was wrong! It’s updated now… sorry for this 😦 <<<

 Farah for FabFree

beni – tweed jacket and flower accesory – 1L

humming – wool check skirt – 1L
 en svale – free knee socks  – oL
 wave – white dress blouse – 1L (there is also a whole back wall of gifts and dollarbies!)

zeery – green neck scarf – 5L

djunk – sleazy bag – color change – oL

other items shown: cupcakes – daydream skin – wheat golden (not free); fri.day – rashelle hair; chuculet – headband and ballet flats (1L/each) bandaid – 5L; exodi – zbilja eyes (groupgift in notices).

 Farah for FabFree

humming – tunic pants dress gray – 1L
 en svale – free leggings  – oL

other items shown: cupcakes – daydream skin – wheat golden (not free); fri.day – lola hair; chuculet – ballet flats (1L/each); miel – champange tulip headband (old subscribo-gift).

Farah for FabFree 

free speerit – fiona skin crying – pay what you want wall

beni – denim green top – 1L

other items shown: maitreya – moon hair.

 Farah for FabFree

Farah for FabFree

djunk – all cloting shown above – oL (and even more clothing, shoes and bags… everything in lots of colors!!)

other items shown: cupcakes – enchanted sienna skin (lucky chair); hair from left to right: decoy – nicole hair (old gift); fri.day – rashelle; truth – kensei (old freebie).


xxx Farah

*crazy bewbies babe*

As you might have noticed.. i’m totally in love with my new sandallettes… still can’t take them off… RL or SL… loolll… xxx. Big bewbs ahead.. don’t look if u can’t handle it… lol.. xxx

 Farah for FabFree

Salon Asri/AFO – Rene Fuschia Dress – 1L

Djunk – scarf and ‘sleazy’ bag – oL (3 colors scarfs; colorchange bag!)

other items shown: HOC industries – glasses female (50L); chuculet – sandallettes pila – 1L; exile – laynie hair; poses by elisa.

 Farah for FabFree

Djunk – funny hat,  big boobs (also in natural skin color), knee pads, hentai voodoo doll bag – oL/each (amazing!! more crazy funny amazing items!! all free!!)

other items shown: HOC industries – glasses female (50L); chuculet – sandallettes pila – 1L; shorts from starlust sim – used to be free; poses by elisa.

 Farah for FabFree

reale – cristallina dress pink – 0L (groupgift in notices)

other items shownchuculet – sandallettes pila – 1L; ModdG. – watermelon mouth (free from summer slice hunt/watermelon hunt); hairaccessory from halhina (old groupgift); skin – enchanted by cupcakes; hair from maitreya; poses by elisa.


xxx Farah