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Feels Like Summertime

I have no idea what to call this.

Hello hello Fab Free’rs! Happy Saturday. In my post today I want to share with you the March group gift at PumeC and the Fabulously Free in SL group gift by Posh Tale. The combination of the two really made me daydream about warmer weather. I hope you like them both as much as I do.

The Skin – The March group gift at PumeC is a full skin with Genus head and body appliers for Maitreya, Slink, Belleza, and Omega  in all skin tones. This gorgeous gift also includes body only base skins in each tone, a default shape, and brow shaper. For me the best part o Free f this skin is the summery freckles across the forehead, cheeks, and nose. The PumeC group has a one-time join fee of 399 linden and there are several previous group gifts still available. Below is a copy of the vendor ad so you can peep the six skin tones and get a better look at those lovely freckles.
March group gift #1

The Top – This low-cut, draped halter style top is the free Fabulously Free in SL group gift by Posh Tale. It’s the perfect warm weather top. Included with this fitted mesh top is a color change hud with 12 solid color options to choose from. There’s also an alpha layer so the top can be worn by classic non-mesh avatars as well. To get your copy, head to the group gift area of the Posh Tale store and click the gift vendor. Don’t forget to wear your Fab Free group tag!

Here are the details:

Hair – Wasabi // May Mesh Hair
Head – GENUS Project – Genus Head – Classic Face
Skin – #PUMEC – March Gift #1 – For Genus – Free Group Gift / Group is 399L to Join
Eyes – Buzzeri – Celestial – Wolf
Top – .PoshTale. Deme Plunging Top – Free Fab Free Group Gift/Group is Free to Join
Tattoo – The Ivory Rose – I&R moth & moon tattoo
Held Sunglasses – Dilly Dolls – *DD* Bertha Shades – Folded – Past Group Gift *Originally Shown Here
Body – Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
Pose by Foxcity
Photo taken at Backdrop City


Dilly Dally Dolly

Dilly Dally Dolly Pru

Dilly Dolls

Hello There Fab Free’rs! I’m so glad you’re here. Recently I had the pleasure of rediscovering a shop that at one point in my Second Life was a favorite. That store is Dilly Dolls. Dilly Dolls is a shop with a style that is all their own. Most would probably describe the style as gothic lolita, which is fairly accurate, however it’s a bit more colorful and playful than the average gothic lolita styles. I think the word Kawaii is appropriate.  You can find everything from shoes and dresses to accessories at Dilly Dolls.

Group Gift Room

Each of the cute accessories Pru has on in the above photo are a FREE group gift from Dilly Dolls at this time. The Dilly Dolls group has a one time join fee of 150 lindens. However, there are multiple group gifts still available. Near the entrance to the Dilly Dolls main store you’ll find a circulation desk. Look to the floor for a round teleporter, this will take you to the group only gift room. You will need to be wearing your Dilly Dolls group tag t0 use the teleporter. Once you’ve arrived at the Dilly Dolls group gift room, you’ll notice there are several group gifts available.

The Key

The first gift that caught my eye is this key shaped industrial ear piercing. I think I noticed it first because I see lots of septum piercings and face piercings, but not often an industrial piercing. This unique and detailed gift at Dilly Dolls includes a color change hud that lets you change individual parts of the key.  I had no trouble adjusting mine to fit the Pixie ears from Swallow.

Tea Cup Rings

Look no further than these cute little tea cup rings for a whimsical edition to any outfit. Also a group gift at Dilly Dolls, the rings come in two sizes and include a hud with a unique feature. The hud lets you pick the color of each tea cup from several preset colors, and it lets you choose to hid or show each of the 3 cups for added customization.

Sizes Included: Maitreya, Slink

Sunglasses Folded & Worn

The sunglasses are actually two separate gifts at Dilly Dolls, the pair you can wear, and the pair for being held/displayed. I love the idea of the folded pair as a held accessory and as a photo prop. Both gifts include a color change hud that lets you custom color/choose from presets for the studs, the frame, and the lenses.

Happy Shopping Fab Free! Don’t forget to teleport to the Group Only Group Gift Room for your gifts at Dilly Dolls!

Here are the details, Enjoy!

Hair –  little bones. Sapphire – Landslide

Skin –  [theSkinnery] Maddie (Catwa Applier) – champagne

Head – CATWA HEAD Sofia Bento

PiercingDilly Dolls – *DD* Heart Key Industrial Piercing – FREE Group Gift/Group is 150L to Join

Ears –  ^^Swallow^^ Pixie Ears

Sunglasses –  Dilly Dolls – *DD* Bertha Shades  – FREE Group Gift/Group is 150L to Join

Sunglasses (held)Dilly Dolls – *DD* Bertha Shades – Folded – FREE Group Gift/Group is 150L to Join

RingsDilly Dolls –  *DD* Teacup Rings – FREE Group Gift/Group is 150L to Join

Body/Hands –  Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1

*Pose by FOXCITY





Mystic Hope with Dilly Dolls

A little bird told me about some freebies that are available at Mystic Hope so I went earlier today to take a look at them. There are several free gifts for men and women.

This is the Lucyas Dress by Mystic Hope which is one of the beautiful freebies available. The Hoof Boots are by Dilly Dolls and are part of the Twisted Hunt. Now, the hunt IS OVER BUT… The box is still there as I went to look just a few minutes ago. Im not sure how long it will be there for so hurry if you want them. The clue is “A Slimy Seasonal Surprise”.. for an extra clue as there isnt much time left.. “think Christmas”

You can also find the Infection Freebie which is a set of prim eyes, a forehead piece and eyelashes as shown here.

Free or Under 10L
Lucyas Dress by Mystic Hope – Free
Infection Eyes, Forehead Jewel and Eyelashes set by Mystic Hope – Free
Demon Boots by Dilly Dolls (part of the Twisted Hunt 2012)

Not Free
Roza Skin Gatcha #7 by Glam Affair @ The Arcade – 100L
Salome Hair by LeLutka

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Twisted Hunt Pt 2 – Clothing and Accessories

There are so many prizes on the Twisted Hunt, that its hard to show them all in one post. In this post I will show you more about the clothing and accessories you can find in the hunt!

The other writers will be showing you some of the other things too, Im just over eager after finishing most of it, so after this post I will move on to other things! There is definately plenty more left to see so I am sure you will enjoy the rest of the hunt!

If you missed part 1 showing the buildings and furniture you can read about it here

[#27 TH] Mandarin Vinyl Dress by Sassy!
[#7 TH] Hoofies by Dilly Dolls

[#8 TH] Strappy Exclusive by Blue Blood

[#161 TH] Obey Mesh Corset by 1 Hundred

[#6 TH] Twisted Darkness Blue Mesh Dress/Wings and After Hours Death Glam make up layer by Sn@tch

This dress also comes in Black in the gift as shown below.

[#6 TH] Twisted Darkness Black Mesh Dress/Wings and After Hours Death Glam make up layer by Sn@tch

Also at Sn@tch there is a candle hunt going on during the Twisted Hunt. Search out 10 little blue candles hidden in the main room of the store to win 10 vest tops. I only managed to find 8 of them but I thought I would show you them.

Blue Candle Hunt Tops by Sn@tch

Im not going to show you the prize from Aeva//Heartsick but I am going to show you some of their Gatcha prize.

There are 10 Mesh sparkley Corsets to win for 30L a try. I managed to win five of them including the rare one above called Mystic!

Sparkle Corsets by Aeva//Heartsick – 30L per turn

And after all of that you will probably end up needing the straight jackets that are the prizes from FallnAngel Creations. There are two prizes here. Both are straight jackets, one is in black and one is the white version that I am showing below.


The skin I am wearing through this post is the new 1L skin called Natalie from Mother Goose which is adorable.

Natalie skin by Mother Goose – 1L
[#62 TH] Beauty Destroyed Piercing by Cute Poison – 0L

21st Century Ken

I’m More Fun Than a Ken Doll“. At least that’s what my shirt from T Junction says. You can get this shirt as part of the No Strings Attached Hunt. The Very Berry Freckles Male Skin is the hunt gift from Wretched Dollies. I grabbed my WoE Kole Jeans that you can get at the FabFree HeadQuarters.

Wretched Dollies Very Berry Freckles Skin T Junction - NSA Hunt Prize (male) More Fun Than a Ken Doll Tee

If you turn my Zydrate Gun Doll Key I may never stop. This is the hunt find at Sakura’s Originals.

No Strings Attached - Sakura's Originals Zydrate Gun Doll Key

The Attack of the Bat Wagon is a fun gift from Dilly Dolls. Just wear it (don’t rez it or you might get a nasty notice from your landlord that you just exceeded the prim limit) and watch yourself writhe in terror as the bats hover around you.

NSA Hunt - Dilly Dolls Attack of the Bat Wagon

*T Junction – More Fun Than A Ken Doll T-shirt -NSA Hunt- ($0L)
T Junction, Sunset Coast (78, 218, 23)

*Wretched Dollies Very Berry Freckles Skin -NSA Hunt- ($0L)
Wretched Dollies, Wretched Hollow (119, 135, 33)

*SO Repo! Zydrate Gun Doll Key -NSA Hunt- ($0L)
Sakura’s Originals, Heavens Sky (139, 119, 27)

*DD Attack of the Bat Wagon -NSA Hunt- ($0L)
Dilly Dolls, Onyx Noir (188, 191, 22)

*WoE Kole Jeans ($0L)
FabFree HeadQuarters, Car Wash (99, 223, 24)

*IHS Black Sneakers ($0L)
In Her Shoes, Vignette (124, 101, 55)

*Poses, Long Awkward Pose -Not Free-
Long Awkward Pose, Festivale (93, 154, 26)


Twisted time again

Ever since the success of first Twisted Hunt last spring, its been one of the hunts to look forward to in the calender. Organisers Vasha Martinek and Dysturbed Sin are back with the third Twisted Hunt called “Strange Brew.. a celebration of all things green!!”. There are 105 stores in the hunt and you are searching for a green spinning Lament Puzzle Box like the one out of the Hellraiser movies… Examples can be seen below on the Burning Chrome picture as they have used the box in their prizes. 

Here is a preview of some of the prizes from the hunt but there are so much awesomes stuffs you will be spoiled for choice and the best thing about this hunt is that Vasha and Dysturbed ask that people try to include either a male gift or make the items unisex.. so guys, plenty of things for you here too!

Again as I do with all hunt previews, I will put the name of the store, but no SLURL’s. Yes I know Im evil but I’ll say it again..  I want to encourage you to do these hunts yourself as they are alot of fun if you just relax and not worry about racing to the finish. You have until 31st March which is alot of time! You can make some great friends in fellow hunters too! Make a hunting team and really just have fun!

DV8 is the starting point for the hunt.. This is a preview of their gift.

This is the female Electrifae outfit in Ashes. You get two other colours aswell as the gasmask worn here. There is a set of Hasmat outfits for guys too in three colours, but it also rocks on a female shape too. Here I am wearing the guy outfit in Ashes again with the gasmask..



Blue Blood have this gorgeous full length gothic coat as their gift in the hunt

Dilly Dolls have given the gift of this adorable Absynth Adorea lingerie complete with the hat and boots. You get this corset top aswell as a bra and there is also a large Absinthe glass for you to sit in!

Burning Chrome has a bumper booty of goodies as their prize including this years Twisted Topper that they release at every Twisted Hunt and the 2 previous years Toppers are also included in the box. The Lamented Heart chest piece, Twisted Wristbands, Twisted Earpieces, Aurora Hair, the Twisted Nightmare floating cubes and the Twisted Heartsick Skin are all part of Burning Chromes prize.

This is a better view of the Heartsick skin included in the Burning Chrome prize and comes with cleavage and no cleavage versions.

The UV studded Twisted Belt is the prize from Cyber Midgets and has green goo filled syringes on the back.

The Little Drop of Poison dress worn in the picture is the hunt prize from Show Me on the Doll. The picture shows it with the Ponyboots which also comes with the dress

And this is a close up of the boots…



This beautiful Necklace and Earring set is from Flavour! Designs. There is also a male set in the gift. They also have two under 30 days stands with male and female hair available, so if you are under 30 days, don’t forget to take a peek at these on your way through.

Secrets of Gaia have this flirty dress for their prize, which comes with three different styles of skirt. Also worn in the picture is the hunt prize from Heart & Sole. Here is a close up..

Sn@tch have this amazing Absinthe Avatar, complete with skin, ears, wings and outfit (minus the boots, hair and shape). Below is a close up of the skin which even has adorable freckles!


Jazmyn D has this flirty fluffy skirted dress as their prize and the little mouth nom is the prize from DaVuBa.. here is a close up..



This amazing Mystery Potion Belt is the prize from Sa-eela and I absolutley adore the detailing that has gone into it. The potion in the bottle changes colours at regular intervals which just has an awesome effect.

These absolutley stunning wings are the prize from Neko Wonderland and the boots and bikini are the prizes from Campalicious that also has a male set in the box.

There are heaps more to show you including loads of furniture and other clothing and accessories. Get your hunting shoes on and go do this hunt, you really won’t be disapointed! If you are really determined and devote your self to it (or if you are nuts either way) you can get this done in a day. But even if you limit yourself to 10 a day you will get it done within a couple of weeks!

All in all.. remember to have fun!


Onyx Noir Hunt

Despite internet issues, other hunts, DSN gifts, creating my own pieces.. and, well RL.. I’ve finally gotten around to looking for the wonderful Onyx Noir hunt prizes. I’m late on this, I know.

But, if you hadn’t heard already, Onyx has a sim-wide hunt going on until Sunday, 14 June. That gives you only a couple days to hunt for stuff. but it should be enough time to find some of the prizes I’ve shown below. There are even more great prizes to be found too!

12june2009Shown left to right:

  • Backless Peephole Skully Mini Dress from Mars Gelber Eclectic, dress only.
  • Summer Skulls Dress from GLD, dress only.
  • Just beachy, from Dilly Dolls. Shoes and outfit are separate finds. There is a third.. I just haven’t found it yet.

Onyx Noir:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Onyx%20Noir/128/128/23


My Betrayed Heart

In a previous post I briefly mentioned the Betrayed Heart hunt that is going on right now. At this point in time I’d like to say YOU MUST DO THIS HUNT!


From the hunt note card:

The hunt is spread over 3 sims. Though the stores are located on the Mischief, Tully and Illusion sims, it does not include all of the stores on the sims. Therefore, you will not find any of these hunt hearts anywhere other than in or around the listed stores.

You are looking for a number of hearts. The hearts may be located in any number of locations both inside and outside of the stores.

Each heart is named in the order of how many there are to find, so you will know when you have found them all:
“Betrayed Heart *DD* 4 of 10” is the 4th heart from *Dilly Dolls*
“Betrayed Heart GLD 2 of 6” is the 2nd heart from GL Gesigns

This hunt is separate from the Vain hunt, so please be respectful of the other hunters.

Please follow these few rules during the hunt….

1. DO NOT use the hunt store groups to tell others where the hearts are located. If you wish to help someone, please IM them directly.
2. DO NOT spam other groups about the hunt. Again, if you wish to tell someone about it, please IM them.
3. DO NOT try to block/hide the hearts from others.
4. DO NOT shout out the locations to other hunters. Some people enjoy taking their time, and do not want it ruined for them because some people have gotten impatient.
5. Once you have found all of the hearts, please TP out of the area so that others can come and do the hunt, and to help keep the lag to a minimum.


Shown above:  Heartbreaker Lolita from Dilly Dolls.

bhhShown above: Dress and shoes from GLD, hair (Pippin) from Bryce.

bhh2Shown above: Eyeglasses and clothes from Forbidden Thorn, hair (Edo) from Bryce.

Heart locations….

*Dilly Dolls*:  10 hearts located in and around the main store (Illusion)

GL Designs :  10 hearts. 5 are in and around GL Designs main store, 3 in Tully (near Bryce) and 2 in Illusion (by *DD*)

Bryce:  8 hearts located in and around the main store (Tully)

Forbidden Thorn: 6 hearts located in and around the shop (Tully)

Mischief :  12 hearts located in and around the main store (Mischief Isle)

Gypsy Soul:  4 hearts located in and around the shop (Tully)

Wicked Resistance:  2 hearts  located in and around the shop (Tully)

~ Shang

Dilly Dolls, Lazolli, and Flirt

Dilly Dolls has some nice stuff in both the Vain 2009 grid wide hunt and the Betrayed Heart hunt. I’ve shown one of the prizes below. The shoes in the picture on the left were a midnight madness prize. Dilly Dolls always has great midnight madness prizes, and the totals to win the prizes are usually met.. get your name on the board! The boots in the picture on the right are a camp-for item.. for only 45 minutes as a marionette. Warning: expect major lag.

dilly1 The skins I’ve shown below are from Lazolli. There are two new gifts on the counter as you enter the shop. They are both from the Julia line, and there are eight make up variations included in the gifts (four in each one). The delicate jewelry pieces I am wearing in the pictures below are from Flirt: the pink set is a lucky chair gift, the gold set is a subscribo gift.


Dilly Dolls:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Illusion/63/63/25

Lazolli:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Eros%20Island%20I/99/129/37

Flirt:   http://slurl.com/secondlife/Juicy/46/212/28

~ Shang

Dilly Dolls

Dilly Dolls has a dilly of a group gift.. three of them, in fact. These are cute lolita style dresses with a variety of options including different styles of gloves, corsets, and shirts.

First up is this cute blue dress. The top and corset are two different pieces, so can be worn with pieces from other outfits. Hair is a past gift from The Body Poilitik, skin is from 42.

dillydoll1Next is this darling longer blue and white dress that includes a mesh shirt in torn and ‘nice’ options. Shown with skin from 42, and hair from !Mingo!.

dillydoll2Last is a pretty green dress, again with the different options on the layers. This is shown with skin from 42, and hair from Stringer Mausoleum.


Don your group tag (or pick one up there) and head to Dilly Dolls to pick up these very cool dresses.  Don’t forget to check out the other items in the shop too, because not only are the dresses very cute, but there are some nice shoes to be found there too.Thanks to Teagan Blackthorn for letting me know about this shop.

Dilly Dolls:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Tully/180/59/25

~ Shang