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Escaping Mos Eisley

Kessel Run

Clearing the path…

They are paying me… EXTREMELY WELL to get them off this rock. I didn’t realize the Empire was looking for them. If I can just make it to the Falcon and take off, they will never catch me. After all,  I did make the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs.

Stuck-up, half-witted, scruffy-looking nerf herder

“Who’s scruffy-looking?” My look today is a FREE gift by Destiny’s Designs for the Little Mos Eisley Role-Play sim. The Kessel Run Male Outfit is FREE to one and all who visit the sim. The outfit contains many pieces, including a jacket w/ shirt, pants, scarf, boots, blaster holster and a blaster to hold that I’m showing. That’s quite a bit, but that’s not all. Also included but not shown is a full system avatar with a shape, skin, hair and eyes. That sure is a nice gift, but what about the ladies? Don’t get your hair buns in a bunch, there is a FREE matching avatar and outfit for the women as well. Take time to look around the sim, you might run into a familiar face or two.

Carson is wearing…

Mesh Body: ADAM – Male Mesh Body
Mesh Head: Catwa – Daniel v2.16
Head Applier: Labyrinth – Tylar
Beard Applier: Nivaro – Jawline
Hair: no.match – No Cloud
Eyes: IKON Triumph Eyes – Evening
Outfit: Destiny’s Designs – Kessel Run Outfit – Male (@ Little Mos Eisley  FREE / 0L)

Pose: Embody Poses – M Caliber 4 no longer available

Sim: Little Mos Eidley


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Kicking that School Daze


Kick those school desks out of the way and block the door so the teacher can’t come in so you can PAR-TAY! The School Daze Hunt is still going on until September 28 and some amazing school themed freebies are up for grabs. The gift from (#1) Nocturnal Needs is a set of classroom furniture which includes a teacher’s desk with chair, a real chalkboard you can write on, and copyable student desks that are LOADED with lots of fun animations like dances. Love is busting a move in the exclusive cheerleader outfit from (#20) Secret’s which includes the sneakers and pom poms.

My Back to School outfit is a combination of gifts. You can find the mesh jacket and jeans at (#24) Destiny’s Designs, the boots from (#22) Ziva’s Underground Footware, and the accessories from (#23) Suki’s Silken Fashions. The books and apple on the desk are a tip jar from (#15) Club Staff University.

School Daze Hunt Blog: http://schooldazehunt.blogspot.com/


I thought they said modeling academy was going to be easy! I’m balancing these books on my head from (#18) Eat My Prims. My outfit is from (#9) Dot-Be Fashion and includes the mesh shirt and mesh jeans. My black mesh bolt shoes are by DECO and can be found at The Arcade Gacha Event. It’s 50L a play for a chance to get 1 of 10 colors.



Get the Stuff!

*Nocturnal Needs- Classroom Furniture Set (0L Gift) (#1 School Daze Hunt)

*Club Staff University- Apple Tip Jar (0L Gift) (#15 School Daze Hunt)

Kyle is Wearing…

=Men’s Back to School Outfit=
*Destiny’s Designs- Mesh Jacket and Jeans (0L Gift) (#24 School Daze Hunt)

*Ziva’s Underground Footware- Mesh Boots (0L Gift) (#22 School Daze Hunt)

*Suki’s Silken Fashions- Accessories (0L Gift) (#23 School Daze Hunt)
*Eat My Prims- Bookstack on Head (0L Gift) (#18 School Daze Hunt)

*Dot-Be Fashion- Mesh Shirt and Jeans (0L Gift) (#9 School Daze Hunt)

*DECO- Mesh Bolt Sneakers- (50L a play) (The Arcade Gacha Event)

*COLORS- Style 58 Hair (not free)

*STAKEY- Hands Up Pose 4 (not free)

Love is Wearing…

*Secrets- Cheerleader Outfit (0L Gift) (#20 School Daze Hunt)

*LeLutka- SWISH Hair (not free)

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Hunting a Werewolf in Love

Destiny's Designs - Walk In The Park

The park isn’t a scary place in the daylight. But when the sun goes down and the moon is full, that’s the perfect time to hunt werewolves, even better if they are distracted by being in love. I have two of the outfits from the Werewolf in Love HuntDestiny’s Designs has created the  Walk In The Park Outfit for the hunt. The mesh sweater is the highlight of this design and also includes jeans and shoes.

The other outfit is the Werewolf In Love Outfit from AdelleArts. The wolfskin pants and shirt also comes with a cloak, belt, gloves and boots. The Werewolf in Love Hunt consists of 29 stores and runs through April 30th.

AdelleArts - Werewolf In Love Outfit


* Destiny’s Designs – Walk In The Park ($0L)
Werewolf in Love Hunt

* AdelleArts – Werewolf In Love Outfit  ($0L)
Werewolf in Love Hunt

* Poses – Diesel Works
Not Free


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Steam Safari


The Dark Continent team with life as my steamship heads deeper into unknown….

Destiny's Designs - Steampunk Gentleman's Outfit

Just because I’m in the jungle doesn’t mean I have to dress like a savage. The Steampunk Gentleman’s Outfit is the Steam 6 Hunt prize from Destiny’s Designs. This highly detailed suit will have lots uses from exploring the sub continent to attending a Victorian gala.

!~DD~! Steampunk Gentleman's Outfit

* Destiny’s Designs – Steampunk Gentleman’s Outfit ($0L)
Steam 6 Hunt

* In Her Shoes – Brown Leather Boots ($0L)

* Poses – Diesel Works
Not Free


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Where No One Has Gone Before

Captain’s Log: Stardate 2511.14.
My Mission: To find all the little green aliens in the Out Of This World 2 Hunt.
Point of Departure: Altya’s Dream Creations and Toys.
Parts of Mission Completed : As Follows…

Evaki Out of This World Hunt - Star Trek Uniform

Evaki – Star Trek Uniform


Dark Vision - Observation Panel

Dark Vision – Observation Panel


Altya's Dream Creations and Toys - Mini UFO

Altya’s Dream Creations and Toys – Mini UFO


Destiny's Designs  Lost Station Space Flightsuit  Ziva's Underground Footware - Lost Space Station Boots

Destiny’s Designs – Lost Station Space Flightsuit
Ziva’s Underground Footware – Lost Space Station Boots


Suki's Silken Fashions - Alien Helmet

Suki’s Silken Fashions – Alien Helmet


Avatar Bizarre - Robot Avatar

Avatar Bizarre – Robot Avatar


MadPea - Scanning For Home Hat

MadPea – Scanning For Home Hat


~The Delectable Doll~  Starlight Outfit

The Delectable Doll – Starlight Outfit

The Out Of This World 2 Hunt continues through the end of July. I’ll bring you a mission update later.

End Log


*Evaki – Star Trek Uniform ($0L)
Out Of This World 2 Hunt

*Dark Vision – Observation Panel ($0L)
Out Of This World 2 Hunt

*Altya’s Dream Creations and Toys – Mini UFO ($0L)
Out Of This World 2 Hunt

*Destiny’s Designs – Lost Station Space Flightsuit ($0L)
Out Of This World 2 Hunt

*Ziva’s Underground Footware – Lost Space Station Boots ($0L)
Out Of This World 2 Hunt

*Suki’s Silken Fashions – Alien Helmet ($0L)
Out Of This World 2 Hunt

*Avatar Bizarre – Robot Avatar ($0L)
Out Of This World 2 Hunt

*MadPea – Scanning For Home Hat ($0L)
Out Of This World 2 Hunt

*The Delectable Doll – Starlight Outfit ($0L)
Out Of This World 2 Hunt

*Poses – Embody Shapes & Poses
Not Free



Natures Hunt Treasures of the Ocean

Before I got the writing position for FabFree I was doing the NHTOTO hunt. Here’s a few of the hunt gift’s.
Saris Creation's SS Sany-NHTOTO
This cute little bikini is Sari’s Creations hunt offering. It includes the bikini, hip and top knot, and the flip flops. Michigan’s Shack has this awesome Under the Sea Photo Scene. The photo scene is complete with plants, fish, swim animation and BUBBLES. You’ll be set to swim with the fishes and take some awesome underwater photo’s.

!~DD~! Hawaiian Seahorse Swimsuit & Sarong-NHTOTO
I love the colors in Destiny’s Designs Seahorse Swimsuit and Sarong from the hunt. This suit is just as sexy with or with out the sarong.  The flip flops from Sari’s Creations bikini matched perfectly. 

ViviDesigns Treasure Hunt Bikini & Sarong Set-NHTOTO
One more bikini before I go out on the town. This one is from Miss Darcy!  . I love the bright colors. This hunt gift also comes with snorkles and fins for scuba diving, but it’s getting late and i have a date I have to get ready for.


Wild Silk Corset Gown-NHTOTO

New York’s Finest Apparel has this beautiful Wild Silk Corset Gown for the hunt gift. I felt like Cinderella at the Ball. My date was so knocked out by this gown, he took me to The Rose Theater for a romantic night of dancing.


Sari’s Creations- NHTOTO Bikini ($0L)- http://slurl.com/secondlife/Venetian%20Beach/43/76/33

Michigan’s Shack – NHTOTO Photo Scene ($0L) – http://slurl.com/secondlife/Hawk%20Land/128/192/24

Destiny’s Design – NHTOTO Seahorse Swimsuit & Sarong ($0L) – http://slurl.com/secondlife/Hanbok/203/22/109

Miss Darcy! – NHTOTO Treasure Hunt Bikini & Sarong ($0L) – http://slurl.com/secondlife/tutu/121/158/1501

New York’s Finest Apparel – NHTOTO Wild Silk Corset Gown ($0L) – http://slurl.com/secondlife/Leodegrance/121/160/79


Rainy Days…..Get Me Down

Rainy September days get me down but you can get some good free finds on the September Rain Hunt. Find the Umbrella at Destiny’s Designs to keep the rain off your shoulders. At Fusion Fashion project your dark mood in the Merlin Black Shirt and Jeans. And if you are feeling a bit cracked and chipped, the Porcelain Tattoo from Illicit Designs will fit the bill.

Merlin Black Long & Jeans~Illicit Designs  Porcelain Tattoo !Destiny Designs September Rain Umbrellas SEPTEMBER RAIN HUNT


*Destiny’s Designs Umbrella SR Hunt ($0L)
Destiny’s Designs, Hanbok (178, 55, 143)

*Fusion Fashion Merlin Black Shirt and Jeans -SR Hunt- ($0L)
Fusion Fashion, Chalarellas (191, 23, 23)

*Illicit Designs Porcelain Tattoo -SR Hunt- ($0L)
Illicit Designs, Tranquil Eden (45, 109, 26)