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You have to see this Sinsation Goth Skin with Tattoos by BODIES BY OH! And here are my crappy pics … just to call your attention, don´t miss this skin! Spend 1 Linden (or 2 Linden, if you want the male version of this skin, too) and take a closer look for yourself.

This is (partially quoted) what the notecard says:

… so I’ve set out a male and a female version of a pale/goth skin that has some tattoo treatments around the eyes, arms, and leg. Please pick up copies for only 1L and let me know what you think! I’ll leave these out for the long weekend. They are in blue boxes just inside the door to the right. Please send me feedback via email to givesl@gmail.com or drop me a notecard with your thoughts. From among those who provide me feedback (please more than just “I like it” or “I don’t like it”), I’ll randomly choose one person and give you a free skin from among the many Sinsation skins available in the shop or a free shape 😉 Thanks in advance for the feedback!

Well, if you are able to give a constructive feedback to BODIES BY OH! … please, do it.

Ooh, and don´t forget to look around, there are more dollarbies at BODIES BY OH! as well as at the other stores … and Lucky Chairs 🙂

Sinsation Goth Skin with Tattoos (female 1L, male 1 L)

BODIES BY OH!, Givenchi 200/188/24



Big thank you to Jinger and shatteredshards for leaving great tips on our hotline: i-Candy and Evocative Free Design (Lapointe & Bastchild)! And same big thank you to Kryptonia Paperdoll (owner and designer of Splashing Doll Skins) for mentioning a pair of free “killer boots” by Crimson Shadow on her blog.

At your Crimson Shadow landingpoint (telehub!) you will see a subscribe-o-matic sign, when touching it you will receive a Skull Cane as a gift (and you will be informed about all Crimson Shadow news!). Then go into the store, go left and then into the first room to your right. Step in, cross the room, a red box is sitting on the ground next the wall. And in this box are your Crimson Corset Boots (3 sizes) by Crimson Shadow – a “must have”! It seems as I become a boot addict too ….

Evocative Free Design by Lapointe&Bastchild offers such a wide range of clothes (gothic, casual, retro, lingerie ….) and also jewellery – it would go beyond the scope to show all the amazing creations (for men too!) in this post. To find a matching outfit for Crimson Corset Boots I grabbed only some of the gothic outfits and lingerie: Lace Red Corset+Panties, Gothic Ballgown Set, Forever Sheer Set, Bast Rouge Miniskirt Set FD, Brocade Allure Full Color Set (red, black,white, pink). There are so many options to wear the clothes, they are so well done and all are absolutely free! I´m sure I`ll come back to pick up some of the cute retro dresses at Evocative Free Designs! Oh, and jewellery, of course …. !

Another cute skirt that goes well with the Crimson Corset Boots is Cheapy Puffy Skirt . Also the Cheapy Plain Hoody with fur is great. Both dollarbie boxes are sitting on the ground inside i-Candy`s store.

Cher`s Red Goth Skin (0 L)

FabulouslyFree in SL, Talisman 230/192/24

Cheapy Puffy Skir,Cheapy Plain Hoody (1 L/each)Fab Hazel

i-Candy, Asmodeus 20/243/45

Gothic Ballgown Set, Lace Red Corset+Panties,

Bast Rouge Miniskirt SetFD, Brocde Allure Full

Color Set, Forever Sheer Set (0 L)

Evocative Free Designs (Lapointe & Bastchild)

Evocative 183/85/22

Crimson Corset Boots (0 L)

Crimson Shadow Rezzable 194/169/38