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Independence Day Star Hunt at SEASONS & FACETS

There´s an Independence Day Star Hunt going on at SEASONS & FACETS. You have to find 4 golden stars inside and outside both shops. I´m sure you are all able to see the stars 🙂 Right click the star and buy it for 1 Linden. You will get cute Red Ballet Flats, Lady Liberty Dress and matchig Lady Liberty Bermudas (with cuffs and belt) and a nice set of Green Beads necklace and bracelet.

There´s still some free space in your inventory? Well, click the sign to join the new Seasons Haute Couture & Facets VIP Group and you will receive the lovely Scarlett Dress as a “Thank you gift”.

More? Okay, there are 4 Lucky Chairs and – sorry, Renee! 🙂 – I couldn´t resist to sit down on a Lucky Chair when my H comes up … and later some questionmarks come up! Now I´m proud owner of the gorgeous Miu Chinese Dress as well as Misaki Dress and matching Shoe Rack Karen Heels 🙂

Take a look at the clearance section at SEASONS (2nd floor) and also check out the prize camping on the 2nd floor at FACETS!

All shown clothes, necklace, bracelet, earrings and shoes are from SEASONS & FACETS.

The hair style I´m wearing is CHIARU (fatpack 1 L) by Deadkitties.

My skin – bad news, sorry – isn´t free but I had to try the skins by Shanti Sands (LUNACY Shapes Skins). I liked the demos so much and now I´m wearing Bliss Skin nt 6. It wasn´t easy to choose a skin, there are so many skin tones and great eye make ups and lipsticks …. This skin line (and others, too) are now reduced in prize to 99 L (incl. 1 skin, 2 facelights, 2 shapes) and I´ve bought it at HOH House of Heart.


Pheew, it´s still hot, hot, hot in Vienna … but my cold is getting a bit better 🙂

So let´s go for a virtual summer walk in one of my most favorite virtual places: Elorian -Lua`s garden. Again I will show you lot of pics but freebies too, of course 🙂 The first freebie is at your landingpoint at Elorian Gardens (I use to call it Lua`s garden). A small box is sitting on the ground almost in front of you, containing a beautiful palm tree (palm1-green-lie). Lua11 Oh offers not only monthly freebies, also she is such a very talented designer of plants, trees, flowers, sculptied water, garden furniture and so on. Take your time to explore this garden, there are lot of wonderful places to rest and interesting plants and herbs to see. And if you want to hear about news and hunts join the update group by touching the sign next to the freebie box. Lua11 Oh has created a *new* Elorian Garden on Bellagio sim , you should visit this place too.

I was at Lua´s garden early this morning so I didn´t only wear PERSONA´s DIS Hunt capris & DIS Hunt short tank2 apple1 (yes, this versatile, pretty outfit with so many options to wear is still available for free along with other freebies at PERSONA`s mainstore!). I had to wear a jacket too – my cold, you know 🙂 – and I found a great one at massimo! . You have to join the massimo!amico! group to receive EnamelJK jacket (comes in blue, gold and red with prim collar in L and M size). Tp over to massimo!, next the entrance are 2 Lucky Chairs and some ads on the wall. Touch the one saying “Touch for join our group” (I mean, you can touch the other ads too if you want …. *grin*), you will get a blue window with further instructions how to join. Then look at the group notices, it´s the notice dated 5/26/2008, subject “thanks!dear dear groupmember!…”

Not to forget my skin, another great group gift from Tuli, and I´m wearing Emily light/2 coal freckled. Because I love the hairstyle so much I´m wearing Candy House´s 1L-hair again, this time in dark blonde.

Oooh, I almost forget to mention my short stop at Lua´s beach (here you can see your freebie palm). The pretty bikinis (blue and red) are Shameless freebies 😉

Later I tped back to PERSONA to take a look at the other freebies and – surprise! – my H comes up at the Lucky Chair. This white Samatha Dress is an amazing prize! It comes with gloves and stockings, pants and skirt and … okay 🙂 Matching shoes? Of course, there`s a Lucky Chair at Mary Janes Shoes too 🙂 Guess, what letter was coming up? Right! Hazel was the lucky winner of cute Valentine Adorable Hearts/Red shoes 🙂

Well, that´s how I like to spend my virtual days. Not only hunting for freebies also exploring nice places, especially nature sims. And of course, share my pics and finds with you. Hope you like it too 🙂

Quickie: Summer is magic … with ZIBWARE and SYD

ZIBWARE offes 3 lovely gifts and makes me longing for summer sooo much now! The freebies are sitting on a table inside the wide store, take a look around, I´m sure you´ll find it 😉 There are 2 “Grand Opening Gifts”, so you better hurry before they are gone.

Grand Opening Gift Irene comes with bikini, cami and cuffed capris (3 layers) in a wonderful bright color. Grand Opening Gift Aliza comes in black with pants (2 layers) and a nice patterned top (3 layers). Free Gift Aruba Reds comes with pants (2 layers), top (3 layers) and a tiny skirt – it´s the best dress for hot, hot summer nights 🙂

And to complete the perfect summer touch I´m wearing SYD`s dollarbie skin – the wonderful Copper Skin Make Up 00.

Summer is magic with great stuff like this, isn´t it!

Copper Skin Make Up 00 (1 L)

SYD, Granymyr 243/189/40

Free Gift Ambre Reds, Grand Opening Gift Irene,

Grand Opening Gift Aliza (0 L)

ZIBWARE, Irie 42/24/27

Elise Mary Janes Black (0 L)

Tesla Flagship!, Tesla 42/59/74


Tavia left a tip on the hotline (thank you!) so I tped over to MIDNYTE WHISPERS to take a look at the April Freebie. There are 3 pictures on the wall next your landingpoint: April Showers umbrella pink, April Showers and April Fool`s Day Girl.

April Showers comes with top, pants and cuffs, belt and flip flop shoes. To complete this cute outfit wear the pink umbrella! April Fool`s Day Girl contains a shape, skin and facelight. Done! A new avatar is born thanks April Showers 🙂

Check out this place, walk around. There a Lucky Chairs and more free or almost free stuff.

April Fool`s Day Girl (shape,skin,facelight (o L)

April Showers:top,pants,cuffs,belt,flipflop shoes (0 L)

April Showers umbrella pink (0 L)

Midnyte Whispers, Vampyrium Spiritus 29/230/22

booN NMR 32 in chestnut (0 L)

booN Hair, Zapico 32/168/35
Fab Hazel

Quickie: ADAM N EVE Polka Dots

Adam n Eve Free GiftsThere are 2 Catwalk Launch Gifts (male and female) at ADAM N EVE. I don´t know how long the gifts will be there so you better hurry.

For the guys (and we lucky girls can wear it too) there is the Polka Grey Silk Shirt which comes with collared shirt and collarless shirt to fit with collar and cuffs attachments. Just click the sign “Free Gift”! It´s not pictured! Here´s the TP.

For the girls there is a cute Polka Dot Dress! It comes with pants, top and 3 skirt options. Also it´s not pictured, click the sign “Free Gift” and here´s the TP.

Adam n Eve free women gift skirt options

The nice  turban hair and MUI roses I grabbed at Kauai – Cher told you about this place in the KSS MALL WHITE DAY EVENT blogpost. Both items are free and when you wear the single rose you take up a lovely pose. To use the 99 roses just use your groundsit or any chair and wear the roses. You can adjust the roses to your personal taste. I´m sitting in a ring of roses.

MUI Roses

Just in addition to the free items at RAHZ Fashion: there are 2 freebies for men on a table in the men´s section. I´ve almost overseen it. A nice pink sweater with two scarfs and a box with free glasses.

RAHZ free sweaterMUI free turban hair RAHZ free glasses

Liare Prune Skin (SkinFair 0 L)

Splashing Doll Skins, Afton 130/205/124

Elise 2 Heels Black (0 L)

Tesla Flagship!, Tesla 42/59/74

Glasses, Sweater&Scarf (0 L)

RAHZ Fashion, Dentro 197/19/108

Seri Turban Hair, MUI Roses (0 L)

MUI, Kauai 190/160/21

Polka Dot Shirt, Polka Dot Dress (0 L) Fab Hazel

ADAM N EVE, Genesis 12/149/23

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New DEVILISH CUPCAKE makes me feel a different person

I received a notice that DEVILISH CUPCAKE is back with a new theme, a lot of hot and great stuff, new items in the Lucky Chair and last but not least new freebies. Check it all out, you will like it just as me.DC JellyBellFullSet

3 freebie boxes are sitting on the ground next to the Lucky Chair: JellyBellFullSet, Board4 with capris and baby doll top and NonsensePink. NonsensePink comes in red and blue, too, with shirt, skirt, skirt bottom, tights, matching bangles and earrings. Board4 box contains fairy capris with cuffs and matching babydoll tops with shoulder straps. In the picture I´m wearing ripe banana and grape koolaid. I felt in love with these colors. JellyBellFullSet comes with pants, skirt, skirt bottom and tops in pink, blue and purple.

DC NonsensePinkDC Board4 caprisDC accessoires

JellyBellFullSet, Board4, NonsensePink (0 linden)

DC DEVILISH CUPCAKE Roller Disco, Talana 150/99/60

Ada Shoes No3 in white, red, black (0 linden)

ADA Store, Fontaine 39/104/50
Fab Hazel