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VoooDoo Carving

Altya's Dream Creations - VooDoo Doll Avatar

It’s time to carve the pumpkins and anyone anything else that needs carving. I chose to do my carving in the VooDoo Doll Avatar that is the Creepy Classics Hunt gift from Altya’s Dream Creations. The doll comes with a shrunken head and a knife. It’s pumpkin on the blade, I swear! 🙂

* Altya’s Dream Creations -VooDoo Doll Avatar ($0L)
Creepy Classics Hunt

Fab Carson

Creature of the Night

Camilla's - Dracula Complete Outfit

“Good Evening…. I hope you don’t mind if I have a midnight snack”  I’m back with more goodies from the Creepy Classics Hunt. I’ll start off with the hunt gift from Camilla’s. The Dracula Complete Outfit is just that. This outfit comes with hair, fangs and shoes, not to mention the suit and cloak.

Dress like you favorite vampire actor in the Bela Tux from Avatar Bizarre. This suit closely resembles the one Lugosi wore in the 1931 classic movie.

Avatar Bizarre - Bela Tux

Pumpkin Head  also has a creepy hunt gift. The Vampire Avatar includes the costume with a cape, shoes, eyes, skin, and a shape (not shown).

Pumpkin Head - Vampire Avatar

The sun will be rising soon. I should return to my daily slumber.

De Baza -  Mausoleum

Lucky for me I found the Been Here, Gone Now Mausoleum at De Baza. This has a fog feature that can be turned on and off. Now I need a bite before I call it a night, but no stakes please. 🙂

De Baza - Been Here, Gone Now Mausoleum

* Camilla’s – Dracula Complete Outfit ($0L)
Creepy Classics Hunt

* Avatar Bizarre – Bela Tux ($0L)
Creepy Classics Hunt

* Pumpkin Head – Vampire Avatar ($0L)
Creepy Classics Hunt

* De Baza – Been Here, Gone Now Mausoleum ($0L)
Creepy Classics Hunt

* Poses – Embody Shapes & Poses
Not Free

Fab Carson


Bring Out Your Undead

Bring Out Your Dead

I’m bringing out a few of the dead and undead I found on the Creepy Classics HuntMorte’s Seduction has the Zombie Skin, Eyes and Shirt and Pants as their creepy hunt gift.

Morte's Seduction - Zombie

I put together my own Frankenstein Monster with several gifts I found. The Frankenstein Pants and Shirt are part of the hunt gift at Eclectic Firefly. The Frankenstein’s Head can be found at Jeaniesing’s Things. Wildz Creations hunt gift is the Frankenstein Boots. I used the Zombie Skin from Morte’s Seduction to match the head.

Eclectic Firefly- Frankenstiein Pants and Shirt, Jeaniesong's Things - Frankenstein's Head, Morte's Seduction - Zombie Skin, Wildz Creations - Frankenstein Boots (2)

Evaki has a very nice tuxedo for the hunt prize. It also comes with a severed head and an axe. Severed Head Tuxedo includes an alpha layer to hide your head.

Evaki - Severed Head  Tuxedo

My Spooky Graveyard setting is the prize at Howling Creations. It includes a rising from the grave animation and bats that flutter around.  OHHHH… Scary, kids.

Moon's Howling Creations - Spooky Graveyard

* Morte’s Seduction – Zombie ($0L)
Creepy Classics Hunt

* Eclectic Firefly- Frankenstiein Pants and Shirt ($0L)
Creepy Classics Hunt

* Jeaniesing’s Things – Frankenstein’s Head ($0L)
Creepy Classics Hunt

* Wildz Creations – Frankenstein Boots ($0L)
Creepy Classics Hunt

* Evaki – Severed Head Tuxedo ($0L)
Creepy Classics Hunt

* Howling Creations – Spooky Graveyard ($0L)
Creepy Classics Hunt

Fab Carson