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Artists Voice & Step Up with Nicky Ree

Today is the start of the Step up! Against Content Theft campaign in Second Life and also the Artists Voice campaign. For those who do not know what these campaigns are all about, they are an attempt to bring the subject of Content Theft strongly to the attention of Linden Labs via different ways. Step Up! are advocating no uploads for the whole of 5th November, where as Artists Voice is suggesting that there are no uploads, sales, purchases or blogging over a 48 hour period.

We at Fab Free have chosen to keep blogging to help support those amazing people who create and bring our world to life. We only support Original Content Creation and we always make sure to verify any creator we showcase on our blog.

But why should we all be bothered about content theft? Think about this.. the creators in SL put in unimaginable amounts of hard work, time, creativity and dedication into making our virtual world as beautiful, interesting and diverse as it is. Also, and even more importantly, alot of the creators depend on SL for their real life income or to top up their real life wages, so content theft is effectively having a very real impact on their real life situations. It is not just about Second Life… It is peoples real lives that are affected too.

Personally, I really don’t think anyone is at liberty to disrespect those artists that make a living from SL. Besides those that simply create for the pleasure of it, Second Life has given alot of people who cannot work, a chance to express themselves and use their talents in a way they cannot otherwise due to illness, disability or other reasons. We should be supporting them by buying their creations and exposing those who steal from these talented artists. There are those that may say SL is only a game.. but to some people IT IS a way of life and a way to make a living.

Nicky Ree is one of the most talented creators I know of in SL and she has released a freebie dress especially in support of this cause. If you go to the Nicky Ree outlet store in Deco, you will find the Summer Breeze Dress in a beautiful Lavender colour.. and really, when you can find such gorgeous creations from these generous creators, is there really any need to steal?

But what can we do to stamp out theft? Educate yourself. Teleport to stores and get to know your favourite designers work, even if you cannot buy anything right at that moment. Find out the names of the designers. Check their profiles for their stores as all content creators are proud of their creations and will most likely have landmarks to them in their picks. If you think you might have found stolen content, contact the creator who you think is being stolen from. Send them a notecard with a landmark and maybe a photograph of the item and they will investigate. Never confront the suspected thief yourself. Protect yourself by not wearing stolen items.

After all, there is plenty of free, dollarbie and low priced fabulousness out there that you don’t need to support content theft! Show our creators how much we appreciate them!

Other info
+ Freebie Glasses by Ottico
+ Pin Up Skin by Curio ( not free )
+ Makenzie hair by Truth ( not free )
+ Hoopla Elf Ears by Elfpyre( not free )
+ Teeth breaker Piercing by Skinpop ( not free )


Tutorial: Who is the creator?

FabFree does not support content theft.

What is content theft?

Content theft is when a product of the original creator is being sold or distributed, without the original creator’s consent, by someone else.

Who is the creator?

There are certain ways to find out who the creator is. I’ll describe certain situation and explain how to find out who the creator is.

A. checking an item in your inventory

1. Open inventory from bottom menu

2. Right click on the item in your inventory you want to check

3. Click ‘Properties’. A new window will open called ‘Inventory Item Properties’.

4. Check the name of the creator. U can also check their profile to see if they have the shopname listed.

B. checking an item rezzed in world

1. Right click the item you want to check.

2. Click “More” >> “More” >> “Inspect”


3. A new window will appear called “Inspect Objects” (shown below)

inspected creator name

*this example is chuculet leana heels*

4. Check under “Creator Name”, if only the original creator is listed. Be sure to scroll down all the way to check the whole list.

C. checking items from a vendor spot

1. Rightclick the vendor sign

2. Click ‘Edit’. You might have to repeat this step twice.

3. A new window will open with the ‘Content’ tab showing.

4. All items inside the vendor sign are showing (shown below)

vendor creator check

*example is TeaLane Vendorspot at FabFree HQ*

5. Right click each item and click ‘Properties ‘. A new window wil open called ‘Inventory Item Properties’. (shown below)

creator vendor spot

6. Check the name of the creator. U can also check their profile to see if they have the shopname listed.

7. Be sure to check all items inside!

D. Checking an item someone is wearing (usually hair and shoes)

1. Rightclick on the item the person is wearing

2. Click “More”

3. Click “Inspect”. A new window will appear called “Inspect Objects” (shown above under B3).

4. Check under “Creator Name”, if only the original creator is listed. Be sure to scroll down all the way to check the whole list.


It is possible that designers work with alts or bussiness partners. Also prims/items can belong to reputable sculptie/prim designers. We advise you to check all profiles, cause usualy these persons have their shop/store/skills listed in their profile.  Also please read the comments that are made on this posts, cause there is much to learn from.


FabFree does not support content theft. Start checking creators. We do it all the time, and we know we are being ‘inspected’ all the time. Let’s support an honest healhty fashion world in SL.


❤ your FabFree writers.