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The Princess and the Hare


We have a fantasy packed whirl wind of FREE goodies today!

Lets start with The Fantasy Collective which only runs til Dec 15th so don’t delay. Its their birthday so many of the shops have set out FREE gifts to celebrate. Look for the big pumpkins by the stalls. You will need to join the FREE group . My mesh dress is from the *LE* Amarie stall. The Eifee Gifth stall is giving out my Flowers Deerr Horns. My mesh Koko Mixed hair with attached feathers and a nice color hud is from the Damselfly stall.

I also checked out the Into the Woods hunt which also runs til Dec 15th.  There are some really nice prizes they will cost you 2L each but so worth it. I snapped up my cool poses which come with the props (books & globes) from Belle Poses, you get 5 really nice fantasy poses all for only 2L. My pretty Lucinda Tan skin is the prize form WOW skins and even includes Omega appliers for all those mesh head and body users out there. You get it all again for only 2L. The hints can be found on the Into the Woods hunt page. PicM21

I feel down the rabbit hole and came out the other side a rabbit!

COCO Designs is giving out this great mesh rabbit avatar for FREE with a FREE group join. This can be worn be females and males. So you and your significant other can both be rabbits. You get both grey and cinnamon fur colors. You also get 3 heads, open eyes, closed eyes and blinking eyes. The jacket pictured does not come with the FREE avatar gift. I was so taken by this avatar I actually bought the clothes that are made to go with it. There are 3 outfits. They are not free but well made and I felt worth the Lindens. Of course this rabbit is so cute you can use it without any clothes. I am using my [SINSE] Female Lite AO Motion Capture (v3.2) AO found on Marketplace for 1L It works really well as you can see in the pics. I didn’t use any poses just snapped the pics with the AO on. There is also a male version of this AO for your male rabbit friends.



Dress: *LE* Amarie stall at The Fantasy Collective FREE (runs til dec 15th)

Horns: Eifee Gifth stall at The Fantasy Collective FREE (runs til dec 15th)

Hair: Damselfly  stall at The Fantasy Collective FREE (runs til dec 15th)

Skin: WOW skins – Into the Woods hunt 2L (runs til dec 15th)

Poses:  Belle Poses – Into the Woods hunt 2L (runs til dec 15th)


Avatar: COCO Rabbit Avatar (grey & cinnamon) GG both FREE with FREE group join

Clothes: COCO designs – Biker Jacket w bandanna (only fits coco rabbit)

AO: [SINSE] Female Lite AO Motion Capture (v3.2) 1L on Marketplace


Zen Creations

DISCLAIMER: These avatar’s are only free if you are 2 weeks or less old. Older than 2 weeks, they are the regular price of $600L each.


Complete Shari Human Avatar is what it says. The picture on the left is the complete avatar. It comes with shape, eyes, skin, hair, dress, boots, necklace, bracelets and facelamp. The picture on the right is a second outfit that comes with the newbie complete avatar. The second outfit consists of top, 2 different style pants (with and without suspenders), choker, and boots.

.Picnik collage

A makeup, hair and eye pack comes with the newbie avatar. There are so many different skin tones with all makeups and eyes, it makes it impossible to show all of them here. There are 3 different hairs in the avatar as shown here and I’m showing 3 different skins and eyes also.


Judith. Hot, sweet, edgy and luscious is all I can say about this avatar. Picture on the left is the complete avatar, picture on the right is the second outfit in the newbie avatar. I love this avatar so much I may have to go buy her.

.Picnik collage

The 3 hair styles that come with Judith. I don’t usually like open lipped skins, but I loved this skin so much, I didn’t change it.


Last is Donna. Shes fun and sexy. The fun outfit on the left is the complete avatar. On the right is the second complete outfit.

.Picnik collage

3 different hairs in the Donna avatar and 2 different makeups.

I have never seen anything as complete and with so many different looks free before. These are great for any new woman or an alt if you decide to make one. There isn’t a 1 avatar limit, so you can get all 3 to decide which you like best. Pass the word to any new woman you happen to meet. Please remember these are only available free if you are 2 weeks or less old.


Zen Creations :

Shari Complete Avatar

Judith Complete Avatar

Donna Complete Avatar

Less than 2 weeks old ($0L)

Over 2 weeks old ($600L)