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*Clothing Fair Part 1*

As always the clothing fair is packed full of goodies to entice everyone over.  I picked up tons of items and will show you many of them in the next few days.  The carnation pink and maroon Krista sweaters are from the Casual Elegance gift box.  The green jeans are absolutely fabulous from Audacious.  The light blue On The Town dress and the mask is also in the gift box from Casual Elegance.

The red October coat is from Skiki at the Clothing Fair.  The cute Zebra Net dress is from Myth.

SD Wears has several gifts at the clothing fair.  The gift bag includes the Ardor gown, black lace Mimo blouse, and a L$30 gift card!

SYSY’s has the gray Parisienne dress for free at the Clothing Fair.

LEMANIA INDIGO DESIGNS has the Astrology Collection ensemble at the Clothing Fair.  This outfit includes shoes, bangles, and the dress.

Peeps has this dotty purple skirt and top at the Clothing Fair.

Zaara has the Mala pantset at the Clothing Fair.  The Trinket bracelets are from SpellBound.  I really like the bracelets, they have feathers and claws on them.  The purple tank, jeans, and flats are in the gift bag from Awesome Designs.  The gift bag actually contains two pants and tank versions.

Epic has free Faelf ears at the clothing fair.  I love this look with The Glow Deuz hair from Lamb.  This hair was sent yesterday to the lamb sub-o members and comes in the Ink and Powder colors.  I feel like Spock’s sister with this hair on and I sorta really LOVE it!!!  I blogged the Stacey St. Pat’s skin yesterday.  This skin was sent to the studio m sub-o group  and comes in Cinamon, Cocoa, Nutmeg, and Sugar.  Unfortunately, when I blogged the skins yesterday I did not realize that there was not a way to check past notices in this particular subscribe-o-matic system.  However the designer has graciously put the gift available in store until March 17th.  Look for the brown gift box near the group sign up kiosks for the beautiful skins!  Thank you, Mariah!


*Casual Elegance: Krista Sweaters & On the Town Dress (L$0)
CF Rio deJaniero ( 138/39/21 )

*Shiki: Red Coat (L$0)
CF Paris ( 49/18/24 )

*MYTH: Zebra Net Dress (L$0)
CF Rio deJaniero ( 242/36/25 )

*Audacious: Green Jeans (L$0)
CF New York ( 61/236/29 )

*SD Wears: Ardor Gown & Mimo blouse (L$0)
CF New York ( 20/37/28 )

*SYSY’s: Parisienne Dress (L$0)
CF Paris ( 31/56/24 )

*Zaara: Mala Pantset (L$0)
CF New Delhi ( 75/74/26 )

*Awesome Designs: Purple tank, Jeans, Flats (L$0)
CF Milan ( 83/146/27 )

*LEMANIA INDIGO DESIGNS: Astrology Collection (L$0)
CF Rio deJaniero ( 76/213/24 )

*Peeps: Dotty Purple Skirt & Top (L$0)
CF Rio deJaniero ( 158/216/24 )

*SpellBound: Trinket Bracelets (L$0)
CF New York ( 110/23/28 )

*Epic: Faelf Ears (L$0)
CF Rio deJaniero ( 158/42/21 )

*Maitreya: Pumps (Sub-o – L$0)
Maitreya Isle ( 224/215/24 )

*Lamb: The Glow Deux Hair (SOM -L$0)
Tableau ( 125/126/26 )

*studio m: Stacey St. Pat’s Skin (L$0)
Pawleys Island ( 119/166/801 )

*Blowpop: Elizabeth Skin (Not Free)
Boudoir Isle ( 45/104/23 )

*Long Awkward Pose: poses (Not Free)
Festivale ( 89/85/29 )



RFL Clothing Fair

Yes, it’s that time of year again: Time for the best designers of Second Life to get together and strut their virtual stuff while providing much needed funds for cancer research.

I was privileged to be invited to attend the blogger’s preview of the Clothing Fair. There’s some great stuff here, and can we say “Argh Matey’s! It’s a pirate theme this year!”  They’ve also managed to combine this with a sub-theme of the Seven Deadly Sins. The sims are beautiful, and logically arranged so that navigating from sim-to-sim is easy. Plan to spend a few days here, because you don’t want to miss a single thing!

But, this is a freebie blog, so you’ll be happy to know that there are wonderful cheapies set up in some of the RFL kiosks. You can pick up some great deals while still donating to a worthy cause — a big THANK YOU to those designers who remembered that not all of us are swimming in L$.

clothing-fair1Shown above: Pink Savoir Pirate (2L$) set with three shirt options from the ~Tea Lane~ kiosk on the Caspian Sea sim. Proceeds go to Relay for Life.

Now, an important note here: All of the kiosks will gladly take your L$, this is for charity after all. If you fall in love with an outfit and have to have it, make sure you donate the minimum required to get the item. If an item costs 300L$ and you pay 250L$.. the kiosk will keep your L$, but you will not get the outfit. Remember: This is for charity, if you can donate more than the required amount to buy an outfit.. please do!

clothing-fair2There are freebies, dollarbies, and cheapies in most of the shops (these are usually not RFL kiosk items). Show above left to right are freebies/cheapies from Ingenue (skirt only), tal (silks), ~TL~ (pirate jammies), and Thalia (crop top and pants).

clothing-fair3If you need a low lag outfit to wear to the Clothing Fair, get one from Lemania Indigo Designs (left). This red hot number will cost you a whopping 1 on your arc. LVS & Co has  mermaid tail (1L$), available in several colours. The peach dress is a freebie from Indyra Originals.

There is a map for each sim at each arrival points (no direct teleports, sorry), grab a map to see where your favourite designers are located.

And there will be entertainment! All entertainment, silent auctions, runway shows, etc will take place by the Mediterranean Sea.

~ Shang