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Got Pink? How about Black?

Ladies, we all need at least one little black dress in our closets.  The Got Black? dress is the newest gift for Cilian’gel Boutique members.  The hot pink Sylvie heels are completely free for Felicity group members.  There is a small one time enrollment fee of L$10 to join the Felicity group.

Also grab the dollarbie Got Silver? dress from Cilian’gel Boutique at the Wear Gray event.  More Wear Gray gifts including the Cilian’gel Boutique L$20 hunt gift can be found on Whisper’s Wear Grey 2010 post.  The Got Pink? Bandana is L$50 from Cilian’gel Boutique at Hair Fair 2010.  The proceeds from all the bandanas are donated to the Wigs For Kids charity.

For last minute Hair Fair purchases, the complete list of Hair Fair 2010 designers and locations is in the blog post below!

https://fabfree.wordpress.com/2010/09/04/hair-fair-2010/ – Hair Fair 2010 designers and locations


*Cilian’gel Boutique: Got Black? (Group – L$0)
Relleri ( 14/238/402 )

*Cilian’gel Boutique: Got Silver? (L$1)
Platinum ( 127/100/22 )

*Felicity: Hot Pink Sylvie Heels (Group – L$0)
Emerald Bay ( 211/202/302 )

*Blowpop: Elizabeth Skin (Not Free)
Boudoir Isle ( 45/104/23 )

*Glitterati: Poses (L$0 – L$50)
Glitterati ( 92/154/22 )



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What’s YOUR Sign?

No matter what sign you were born under, the What’s Your Sign Hunt has something for you. Here are two water signs for you to enjoy. Cilian’gel created the Got Pieces? Outfit. The green and white combination is adorned with fish on the back pocket. There is also a ladies gift.

Male Set - Whats Your Sign Hunt Cilian'gel Got Pieces (2)

On to my favorite sign of the Zodiac. Paddy’s has created the Aquarius Fickle But Brilliant Shirt. The blue shirt with a bubble design even has a few bubbles on your chest.

Paddy's WYS Hunt gift - Aquarius

And the back of the shirt says it all……

Paddy's WYS Hunt gift - Aquarius Fickle But Brilliant


*Cilian’gel Got Pieces? Outfit -WYS Hunt- ($0L)
Cilian’gel, Relleri (14, 238, 402)

*Paddy’s Aquarius Fickle But Brilliant Shirt -WYS Hunt- ($0L)
Paddy’s, Dahlinks (195, 202, 23)

*Poses, Glitterati, -Not Free-
Glitterati, Glitterati (128, 174, 22)


Got Coyote?

Cilian’gel Boutique is offering this month as their group gift, the Got Coyote Ensemble. this includes the desert color inspired sweater, matching hat, and grey slacks. It’s only $10L to join the group, but worth every linden. I slipped on my Black Skosh Boots from Duh! and I’m ready to roll.

Cilian'gel Got Coyote Duh Skosh Boots

Peeps Fashions is participating in the Fashion Fest 2010. This good cause raises money for the Relay for Life. As a present to the shoppers, Peeps has put a freebie on the desk at the Fashion Fest location. The Brown Pinstripe Tycoon Suit comes with a flexi tie. I finally get to show off my Brown Leather Dress Shoes from Duh! . Check out all the Fashion Fest sims and donate to this great cause.

Peeps Brown Pinstripe Tycoon Suit

In case you didn’t notice, I went blonde again. MaDDesigns has a bag of goodies set out for us. In the package was the Bon Corvette Hair and Daylight Eyes. I hope to show you the other two gifts soon.

MadDesigns Bon Corvette Hair  Daylight Eyes


*Peeps Brown Pinstripe Tycoon Suit ($0L)
Fashion Fest 2010, Fashion Fest 7 (212, 116, 30)

*Cilian’gel Got Coyote – Group Gift – ($0L)
Cilian’gel Boutique, Relleri (14, 238, 402)

*MaDDesigns Bon Corvette Hair ($0L)
*MaDDesigns Daylight Eyes ($0L)
MaDDesigns, Kmadd Enterprise (173, 112, 2)

*Duh! Men’s Black Skosh Boots ($30L)
*Duh! Brown Leather Dress Shoes ($20L)
Duh! , Katachi (216, 30, 22)

*Poses, Long Awkward Pose -Not Free-
Long Awkward Pose, Festivale (93, 154, 26)


Beach Loving

It’s a holiday weekend, so like many others I’m hitting the beach. I stopped by Cilian’gel Boutique on the way and found the Got Flower Power? Shorts & Snorkelling Set that is their hunt find in the Beach Loving Hunt. Renee showed the female gift earlier. Get out and enjoy the sunshine and the water this weekend…I am.

Cilian'gel Got Flower Power? shorts & snorkelling set


*Cilian’gel Got Flower Power? shorts & snorkelling set -Beach Loving Hunt- ($0L)
Cilian’gel Boutique , Relleri (14, 238, 402)


~Gone Fishing~

Wow busy, busy, busy!  Been checking designer applications all day and needed a break.  What better excuse to strip down to nothing but a bikini!  I think the designers in SL have caught my swimsuit fetish cause there sure are a lot of them around right now!

The Olivia skin and black polka dot bikini are just a few of the prizes in the 7 seas fishing game at Adam n Eve.  Other prizes include male swim shorts and bikinis in purple, red, teal, and white.  All items are transferable so you can swap them out or win a few for friends!

Cilian’gel Boutique has reopened and is participating in the Beach Loving Hunt.  There is a gift for the ladies and men as the hunt prize at Cilian’gel Boutique.  The gift for the ladies is shown below.  The Victoria jewelry set is from Burroughs Jewelry.  Each piece is an introductory price of L$99.  The earrings (which I’m wearing but are hidden behind the hair) are free for  about 24 more hours.

Pick up an issue of the Too Sexy Magazine and flip to the Cynful ad for the rosy pink Too Sexy bikini.

Tasty sub-o members received a fatpack of Tahitian bikinis in the aqua, berry, bluegray, brown, and cherry colors.

Feel a bit patriotic?  Pick up the Independence bikini, flip flops, and swimming ring at Viviane Fashion for only L$10.

The sexy 4th of July bikini is the newest sub-o gift at Glam Couture.  You must be a current subscribe-o-matic group member and touch the sign to receive the gift.  The bikini is a special price of L$25 for non-members.

There are three floral Lani one-piece swimsuits available absolutely free at Indie Rose.  While there slap the midnight mania board for the pink Moana bikini.

Also while out and about today I picked up the L$50 Friday special from Doppelganger Inc..  This is a huge special with something for the guys and girls!  Carson blogged the awesome board shorts earlier, but they look great on women too!  The white basic cami is a gift at Fri.day.

There is also an aqua color Lana dress included in the Doppelganger Inc. L$50 Friday special!


*Adam n Eve: Olivia Skin & Polka Bikini (Fish – L$0)
Genesis ( 80/209/22 )

*Cilian’gel Boutique: Got Flower Power? Bikini (Hunt – L$0)
Relleri ( 4/237/29 )

*Cynful: Pink Too Sexy Bikini (Too Sexy Mag – L$0)
Ooot Ooot ( 72/65/24 )

*Tasty: Tahitian Bikinis (SOM – L$0)
Cite des Ases ( 75/188/23 )

*Viviane Fashion: Independence Bikini (L$10)
Plethora ( 183/114/28 )

*Glam Couture: 4th of July Bikini (SOM – L$0)
Xalapa ( 21/143/41 )

*Indie Rose: Independence Bikini (L$0)
Tohono Island ( 54/198/22 )

*Fri.day: White Basic Cami (L$0)
Friday ( 147/130/32 )

*Doppelganger Inc.: Lana Dress & Board Shorts (L$50)
Bill ( 218/191/43 )

*In Her Shoes: Back to Basics Flip Flops (L$0)
Vignette ( 126/113/57 )

*Burroughs Jewelry: Victoria Jewelry (Not Free)
Ohana ( 70/115/24 )

*Amacci: Carletta Hair (Not Free)
Amacci ( 203/96/22 )

*Glitterati: Poses (L$0 – L$50)
Glitterati ( 129/175/23 )



Cilian’gel & Happy Halloween from JE*REPUBLIC

Cilian'gel - shopping bag - The Gift [number 20]

Cilian'gel - shopping bag - The Gift [number 20] backThe Cilian’gel’s Fashion Designs is always getting great gifts!  The cream colored dress with several length options, bangles, and hair feather as in gift 20 recently sent to the update group.  Thanks Cilia!  There is an enrollment fee of L$10 to join the Cilian’gel’s Fashion Designs update group and group members are regularly showered with gifts.

The beautiful pale Twiggy skin and two-toned mono vanilla mix Liz hair was recently sent to the Vive9 update group and can be found in the group notices.

Getting ready for some Halloween treats?  The orange and black Happy Halloween Avatar is only L$50 from JE*REPUBLIC!  For L$50 you get everything shown; dress, ribbons, slouchy boots, hat, and magic stick.  Thank you, Jungeun, for sending me this witchy fun costume!



*Cilian’gel: Gift #20 (Group – L$0)
Valefar ( 42/198/292 )

*MIEL: Ant Flats (Not Free)
Cupcake ( 232/210/37 )

*JE*REPUBLIC: Happy Halloween Avatar (L$50)
Liberty ( 174/5/21 )

*Vive9: Twiggy Skin & Liz Hair (Group – L$0)
Sweet Dream ( 230/136/22 )

*MAI Body Shop: eyes (Group – L$0)
MAI ( 125/103/22 )

*Maldita Animation: poses (Not Free)
UK Couture Island ( 146/185/24 )



ASP… Hurry Fast For This Cilian’gel dress!

sadira-ii-calico-ingmann-creationsOkay I promise a longer post soon, but currently I’m stuck on a camp chair.  I want to let you all know about this wonderful dress.  Today there was a fashion show at Sascha’s High Noon and Cilian’gel boutique had this adorable white mini dress with turquoise accents. This little dress is called ‘Patrick’.  I’m not sure how long this dress will be out so HURRY!  Also, walk around a bit, because there are several cheapie L$10 gifts and a gift from Annubis in the store.

white-mini-dress-with-turquoise-ciliangel-boutiqueThe turquoise pumps are from the Maitreya subscribe-o-matic.  This gift is number 4 in the history.  There are 15 pairs of pumps in this gift.   The beautiful updo hair is called Sadira II is from Calico Ingmann Creations.  This gift is part of the Miami Fushion hunt.  There are two styles for the men and two for the ladies.  Each of these hairs come in several different colors!  I’ll show you all four styles after I get off the camping chair.  The Natalie skin from the Tuli group seems to be my favorite lately.



*Sascha’s High Noon: Patrick dress from Cilian’gel boutique (L$0)
Coco Beach Kelina ( 168/128/87 )

*Maitreya: Pumps (Sub-o – L$0)
Maitreya Isle ( 224/215/24 )

*Calico Ingmann Creations: Sadira II hair (L$0)
Deep House Island ( 226/45/22 )

*Tuli: Exclusive Natalie Skin (Group – L$0)
Journey ( 130/107/25 )

*MAI Body Shop: eyes (Group – L$0)
MAI ( 125/103/22 )

*Striking Poses: poses (L$0-L$50)
Glenn ( 35/154/28 )