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ContemplationWell Hello Fab Free! It’s been a little while since I’ve been able to be online, but I am very happy to be back and I sincerely hope everyone enjoyed any and all winter festivities they celebrated. That said, it’s time you ventured through We Love Role Play if you haven’t already.  The current round of We ❤ RP is particularly special because there is a Christmas tree with FREE gifts piled under it. You will need to join the We ❤ RP group and wear the tag to get the gifts, however the group is FREE to join.

As far as I am concerned you’re never too old to play dress up, or to have a wild imagination. There were a few of the FREE We ❤ RP gifts specifically that called out to me. I just had to wear the armor from Belle Epoque, and the headpiece from Wicca’s Wardrobe. Perhaps the fact that I’ve recently started watching “The 100” again on Netflix had some influence as well. As for the elf ears, I just like how they look, I feel like a determined warrior elf: beautiful and strong.

Wicca’s Wardrobe Gift at We ❤ RP

This sturdy yet elegant looking headpiece is the FREE gift from Wicca’s Wardrobe at We ❤ RP. The textures of the Amara Headpiece are beautiful, and the face chains fit easily over my mesh head without any adjusting. You can size this mesh accessory with the built in resize scripts. Look for this FREE gift under the Christmas Tree at We ❤ RP.


Belle Epoque Gift at We ❤ RP 

The armor Pru is wearing as her warrior elf self is the FREE gift from Belle Epoque at We ❤ RP. This armor is beautifully done and moves well with the Maitreya Lara body. The Callie Armor is fully mesh and meant to be born with the Maitreya Lara body. Also, it comes in a gold version as well as the silver version shown.

Here are the details, Enjoy!

Hair – Clawtooth: On the Edge (Essentials Pack)

Head – CATWA HEAD Helena

Ears – Mandala – (UNISEX)_[MANDALA]Pierced_ELF_EARS_VER1

Skin – Essences – Poppy – Currently @Kustom9

Headpiece – Wicca’s Wardrobe – Amara Headpiece  – FREE WLRP Group Gift/Group is FREE to Join @WLRP 

Armor – Belle Epoque { Callie Armor – GIFT } – FREE WLRP Group Gift/Group is FREE to Join @WLRP 


Body/Hands – Maitreya – Lara

*Pose by Glamrus



I <3 Group Gifts

LPM Skins 1Happy Weekend Fab Free! So I’m not sure how I managed to neglect this particular gift for so long but I’m certainly glad that Love pointed it out to me the other day. What gift is that? This gorgeous porcelain skin with 7 beautiful makeup options from La Petite Morte. This was the Christmas Gift from La Petite Morte, however it’s still available to all group members at the La Petite Morte main store. The FREE gift includes both Catwa and Lelutka head appliers for all 7 makeup options, as well as base system layer skins, a Maitreya applier, and a Slink applier. Additionally, each skin can be worn with or without brows for easier customization. If you’re not already a member of the La Petite Morte group, there is a one time join fee of 100 linens. I have to say, this gift is truly worth every linden, so go get it while it’s still available!

While oohing and ahhing over these pretty faces, I’m sure you noticed the equally pretty hairstyle. This lovely style is the most recent Subscriber gift from enVOGUE. You know what that means, yes, it’s completely FREE. This pretty side swept look comes in rigid and fitted mesh. You won’t want to miss out on this one either, so make sure to stop by enVOGUE while you’re out shopping and slap that subscriber!
LPM Skins 2I also came across another great group gift while shopping at Random Matter. Right now this fleur de lis necklace is available for FREE to group members. I love that this necklace is simple yet pretty with the fleur de lis charm. It’s exactly the sort of thing you could everyday and it would go with everything. Not to mention it comes in several metal tones, black (shown), copper, gold, and silver. To get this cute group gift, join the Random Matter in-world group. There is a one-time join fee of 50 lindens, which I think this necklace is more than worth.

I hope you love these great gifts as much as I do.

Here are the details, Enjoy!

Hair – enVOGUE – Lauren Hair – Gift Version – FREE Subscribo Gift 

Skins – .la petite morte. quinn winter – FREE Group Gift/Group is 100L to Join

Head – CATWA HEAD Annie Vampire

Eyes – Buzzeri – [Buzz] Bewitched Eyes – Ocean

Necklace – .random.Matter. – Fleur Group Gift – FREE Group Gift/Group is 50L to Join 

Body – Maitreya – Lara



FabFree Designer of the Day – 12/05/14 – Firefly

Secret Outfit by Firefly
(free group gift under the Christmas Tree/free to join)


**Each day, here on the FabFree Blog, we will be featuring one
of our Fabulously Free in SL inworld Designers.**
*Photos are work of the designers.*


Christmas Gifts At Amour Fashion

Snapshot_002fds“The company Christmas party so soon? *whines* I simply cannot do it again this year!”

As much as I detest attending the yearly event where the boss goes on and on about the successful year we have had and many more to come, bla blabla… while he adjusts his holiday hat with the jingle bells on it that keep smacking into the microphone causing a clang… and how else will I know who is sleeping with who?  All the good secrets come out at the office Christmas party!

Ok.. getting up…  I suppose I’ll climb off of my new Love Vintage Chaise (YES!  Named after me, me meeee!) that is ever so comfy with three animated poses, and peel off my mesh Erika Negligee to get into my new hot little dress that Amour Fashion hooked me up with for FREE!

In fact..  Amour Fashion hooked me up with the Love Vintage Chaise, the Erika Negligee, Sydney Earrings AND..The very sexy, sparkling Jamie Strapless Dress.  All of these gifts are under the Christmas Tree outside the Amour Fashion shop.  You must be a group member to access these gifts, but you can have these and the previous gifts I posted last week – at this link – so it won’t sting a bit to pay the 50L join fee.

Wish me luck for the party tonight – It’s going to be a long night, but at least I’ll be sexy!  I better have a couple drinks before I go.. Oh, don’t judge me.. I know you do it too! he he hehe


Love is wearing…

Skin – Belleza Wynter (not free) – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Belleza/128/127/26

Eyes – IKON Horizon Eyes V2 Caramel (previous group gift / no longer free) – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hot/227/92/39

Hair – Elikatira Abbey (not free)  – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Elikatira/63/127/34

Amour Fashion Erika Negligee, Love Vintage Chaise, Sydney Earrings, Jamie Strapless Dress (free Christmas group gifts / 0L / 50L to join) – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Otherwhen/175/169/21

Shoes – Pixel Mode Luna Leopard (previous subscribo gift / no longer free) – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pixel%20Dreams/141/218/452

Pose by Adorkable (free / 0L / advent) – http://slurl.com/secondlife/The%20Deck/134/192/22





Looking For That Perfect Holiday Dress?

Snapshot_001ggfAre you in need of that “perfect dress” for the holiday party coming up?  If so, you really need to take a trip to Amour Fashion!  When you join the Amour Fashion inworld group which is 50L to join, you gain access to the latest group gift, shown above.  The Syriah dress is mesh and is sure to have all heads turned your way with the all over shimmery texture.

Just outside the Amour Fashion store, you will find a Christmas Tree with three presents for their lady VIPS.  A little birdy told me, and of course it’s a secret between you and me – that there will be more gifts too – so make sure you keep  your eyes peeled at the tree for future offers as well.   You must join the group to gain access to these gifts, but they are well worth the join fee.  Gift #1 is the beautiful mesh Grace Dress in Emerald shown below.
Snapshot_002ffdGift #2 is the Faith Jewelry Set that includes the silver earrings and matching brooch which just happens to look fantastic with all three of the dresses I am showing you today!

Snapshot_005ssGift #3 is the Jolie Dress in Plum – which is also mesh.



Love is wearing…

Skin – PXL Sophia (new release @ The Around The World Event / not free) – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Westfield/82/45/26

Eyes – IKON Sunrise Eyes Verdigris (not free) – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hot/227/92/39

Hair – Truth Soleil (not free) – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Truth%20Hair/106/85/25

Dress #1 – Amour Fashion Syriah (free group gift / 0L / 50L to join) – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Otherwhen/183/127/22

Dress #2 – Amour Fashion Grace (Christmas Group Gift / 0L / 50L to join) – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Otherwhen/175/169/21

Dress #3 – Amour Fashion Jolie (Christmas Group Gift / 0L / 50L to join) – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Otherwhen/175/169/21

Shoes – Pixel Mode Lady T (not free) – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pixel%20Dreams/141/218/452

Jewelry – Amour Fashion Faith Jewelry Set (Christmas Group Gift / 0L / 50L to join) – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Otherwhen/175/169/21

Poses by Glitterati – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Glitterati/95/161/21

Skybox used for photos – Cartoon Kids Christmas Skybox (not free) –  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mars/140/164/4008


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Adam n Eve Xmas Gift

Adam n Eve have just this minute put out this stunning gown as their Xmas Gift to everyone. It is absolutely gorgeous. You can find it on the wall just across from where you tp in to the store.

Say thank you to sachi Vixen for her generousity at giving out such a beautiful gown.

Also keep your eyes peeled as there are rumours of a male gift soon!

Other info

+ Happy Holidays Group Gift skin from Curio ( join the Gala & Rita Design Announcement group and search notices )
+ Jaime Hair by Magika ( 10L in their second floor sale )
+ Fa(aun)tasy Xmas Gift Antlers by Needful Things ( free and found under the Xmas tree )

Its beginning to feel alot like Christmas…

Or at least if you were in the Fab Free group inworld just now it was like a mini Christmas. I was sat around my tree at the time taking some pictures of all the sexy lingerie I went and got from Blacklace right at the moment we passed 8000 members in the group and the gifts started flowing! Soon I was surrounded by all these boxes!

“Where on earth did all of these come from?”

This is the CandyCane hunt gif and you can find it just by the subscribo. Its a little white cup with a candycane stuck in it, sat on a little table.

“What am I going to do with them all?”

While you are picking up the CandyCane hunt gift, slap the subscribo and you will get a welcome giftbox with the gorgeous Laced Obsession set inside and a little gift for the guys too, so take your guy along with you so he can pick it up.

“Hmm.. now which do I open first…”

This is the Naughty Stocking free Xmas Gift found on the wall by the Christmas tree at the following co-ordinates 62, 160, 41.


“I wonder if he’ll like his presant…”

This cute little white satin giftset is inside one of the little gift boxes by the subscriber. The other box contains similar corsets in more colours! So no excuse to look absolutely gorgeous under the Christmas tree for your SO this year!

Other info

+ Fab Free Exclusive Group Gift Skin by Heartsick ( free and found in the Fab Free group notices! )
+ Elf Ears by Buried ( Dollarbie.. walk past the xmas tree to the store and they are just inside the door on the table )
+ Green II hair by Maitreya ( not free )
+ Fa(un)tasy Horns by Needful Things ( not free )


Nicky Ree

I have always adored the gowns from Nicky Ree for as long as I can remember. So I when I was told she had given the group a Christmas gift in the notices, I just had to show you.

There are two ways to wear it. One as a long gown as above and as a shorter cocktail dress as below. The ruffle on the shoulder can be removed if you prefer. To get the dress, simply teleport to the main store and click the group joiner just outside the store entrance. Join the group and search the notices.

I also wanted to remind you that Nicky has a couple of gorgeous free gowns available just inside and to the right of the entrance in little boxes on the floor infront of the main display for the gowns which have been reduced to 100L. These are really beautiful and elegant and are perfect if you are looking for a more understated look for the party season.

Other Info
+ Happy Holidays Elf Gift Skin from Curio ( Free – join the Gala & Rita Design Announcement group and search notices )
+ Elf Ears by Buried ( Dollarbie.. walk past the xmas tree to the store and they are just inside the door on the table )
+ Green II hair by Maitreya ( not free )
+ Fa(un)tasy Horns by Needful Things ( not free )
+ Lola Cloven Boots by Lazy Places ( not free )
+ SLink Barefoot Beady Prim Feet by SLink ( not free and LM unavailable at the moment )

Crazy Clothing Gifts and Bargains!

I heard there was a gorgeous Christmas Gift out from Crazy Clothing so I asked for a tp to take a look. I had never been here before and I always love finding new stores.

These are the Gifts available on a little table just a little way inside the store:

This stunning Christmas themed lingerie set is a Dollarbie and is inside the Red and Black gift box. Surely no man could resist you as his Christmas presant when you are wrapped up in this! The bangles worn are another of the Dollarbie gifts on the little table and are in the little gold bag.

Isnt this adorable! I love it! It reminds me of a cute little fairy – it even comes with a little wand! This is the last little gift on the table and is in the little grey box with the red ribbon and is completely free.

After scooping up the gorgeous gifts, I decided to wander around the store. There are some really cute outfits here, and if you go upstairs, there is a discount section with loads of outfits for under 100L, most of them for 10L – 20L! I picked a few of them to show you:

From Left to Right:

Tarja – 10L
Army – 50L ( I couldnt resist it! )
Sky – 10L ( comes with a crop version of the top aswell )
Blossom – 10L

This is just a small taster of whats available and its worth checking out if you are on a budget.

Other info

+ Mistletoe & Wine skin by Heartsick ( free and part of the Peace on Earth hunt gift at Burning Chrome )
+ Get Forward hair by Bishwear ( not free )
+ Colour change Sneakers by House of Curios ( not free )


Kumaki Glasses Style

You all know how much I adore glasses, so when I was passed a folder of yummy glasses by Kumaki Glasses Style I was over the moon! Koguma Kumaki makes some of the most gorgeously crafted glasses in SL and they all come fully scripted so you can change your glasses from sunglasses to reading glasses in a few clicks of a button.

They currently have several freebies at the store right now. There is a store gift, Lucky Boards and right now in the run up to Christmas, a fun Christmas gift!


These glasses are the current Store Gift. Click on them and you can use the menus to make them look just how you like. The picture below shows how they can look when the lenses are made grey and transparent so they look like a normal pair of glasses.



These Heartshaped Glasses are one of the cute Lucky Board prizes! I always have loved Heartshaped Glasses ever since I was little. I had a pair just like this!



This is the fun Xmas gift. I love the big fake nose on it *laughs*


Also found at the store is this adorable freebie Xmas Parka. You can find this and the Xmas glasses together on a shelf just inside the store. The Parka is made by Jamming Kitty and can also be found at their store.

I love that it comes with two ways to wear the hood. You can wear it down like the picture above or you can wear it up and look uber cute, just like the picture below!



+ Other info

+ Pure Morning Skin by Burning Chrome/Heartsick MM gift
+ Tallulah Hair by Truth ( not free )