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Grave Robbing… Dig It?!?!

The Wash and Car Wash Sims are having the annual Grave Robbing hunt.  Search the two sims for the graves and rob the ones with goodies.  There are 15 designers participating in this ghoulish hunt.  I didn’t find all the graves, but here are most of the prizes.

*Sentou Yousei (battle fairy) – Pumpkin Head avatar (includes male and female shape, skin, shoes, and pumpkin head)

*InSanity – Eva Widow Skin, Pumpkin Hair, Blood Goth Eyes, Halloween Lashes, Black Skirt, Gray Cropped Top, & Spiders

*Sentou Yousei (battle fairy) – Grave Robber Boots & Mad Hatter Hat

*A-Bomb – Halloween Bangles

*U&R DOGS – Nessum dorma Necklace

*Hell Bop Clothing – Ingra Cropped Sweater, Purple Cora Pants, & Strapped Shovel

*Eye Candi – Samantha Dark Cover Girl Skin & Amber Pave Round Ring

*Hell Bop Clothing -Gilbert Flame Shirt & Max Jeans (This is a male outfit, but looks nice on women!)

*The Joker’s Jinx – Pumpkin Followers

*Maloney & Hudson – Black Jeans & Orange Top (Also Gift For Men)

*La Boheme – Malevolyn Kiss of Death Skin

*SD Wears – Bumble Bee Costume

*Miss Honeypumkin’s – Herman Shirt, Klaus Kinski Skirt, & Elmira Arm Bandana

*ButterFly EffectZ Fashions – Pun’kin Sweater

*Liderc Mainstore – Eyeball Followers

*Unique Clothing and Tattoos – Halloween Hoodie, Strappy Sandals, & Halloween Pumpkin Animated Art

*Graffitiwear – Spider Boxers & Zipper Top

*Sinner’s Tongue – Vampyre Veiny Dead Bombshell Skin, Angel of Death Wings, & Earth Wings


The Wash – http://slurl.com/secondlife/The%20Wash/99/82/23

Car Wash – http://slurl.com/secondlife/Car%20Wash/154/163/24


*Long Awkward Pose: poses (Not Free)
Festivale ( 89/85/29 )



One Hell of a Cart Sale

Hell Bop Clothing has a full cart of men’s clothing at the Cart Sale.  Items are just 10L each. The Wyatt Shirt with the cow print shoulders is just one of the many items on sale. The Max Jeans in black has ripped knees and cuffs.

HB - Wyatt - Black - Cow HB - Max - Black Jeans

The Madden Shirt has a retro feel and the Manny Twill Work Pants should be a staple in every man’s closet.

HB - Madden - Black HB - Manny - Twill Work Pants Black

The Fletcher Shirt in brown can also be purchased for just 10L.

HB - Fletcher - Browns

The checkered grey Gilbert Shirt is accessorized with a pack of Hell Bop Cigarettes.

HB - Gilbert - Checkered Gray

You can also purchase the Hank Undershirt Tank, the Sammy Shorts 4 Pack and the Glove Socks 6 Pack for 10L each.

HB - Hank - Undershirt Tank white wifebeater HB - Sammy Shorts - 4 pack HB - Sock Golves 6 Pack

Also on the cart is the Von male poses 6 pack.


*HB – Max – Black Jeans ($10L)
*HB – Wyatt – Black – Cow Shirt ($10L)
*HB – Madden – Black Shirt ($10L)
*HB – Manny – Twill Work Pants Black ($10L)
*HB – Fletcher – Brown Shirt ($10L)
*HB – Gilbert – Checkered Gray Shirt ($10L)
*HB – Hank – Undershirt Tank ($10L)
*HB – Sammy Shorts – 4 pack ($10L)
*HB – Sock Gloves – 6 Pack ($10L)
*Poses, Hell Bop – Von -6 Pack ($10L)
Hell Bop Clothing Cart Sale, The Wash (90, 73, 22)


Bring Out Your Carts

The semi-annual Cart Sale is taking place at the Car Wash and you can find many great deals for just $10L and under. At the 22769 cart I found the Red Beach Outfit for just $10L.

22769 Red Beach Outfit 10L Cart Sale

Also on the cart is the Brown Capri Pants and Long Sleeved Green Top both a steal at $7L each.

22769 Brown Capri Pants a 7L and Long Sleeved Green Top 7L Cart Sale

I also purchased the Checkered Capri Pants for $7L and the Pornstar T-Shirt for $5L.

22769 Checkered Capri 7L Pornstar  t-shirt 5L Cart Slae

There are many more items from 22769 to choose from. Check out their cart and the other vendors at the Car Wash Cart Sale.


*22769 Red Beach Outfit ($10L)
*22769 Brown Capri Pants ($7L)
*22769 Long Sleeved Green Top ($7L)
*22769 Checkered Capri Pants ($7L)
*22769 Pornstar T-Shirt ($5L)
Cart Sale, Car Wash (164, 131, 24)

*Magi Take Shop Green Slip On Shoes ($0L)
Magi Take Shop, Magi Island (124, 164, 23)

*Poses – BeScene Poses – Not Free –
BeScene Poses, HollandCoast 2 (62, 209, 26)


CartSale @ Carwash!

At The Wash and Car Wash the L$10 or less cart sale is going on!! Renee and Whisper have already blogged it! You cna not miss this sale, a unique change to grab yourself all kinds of nice items. Head on over to the Car Wash! The sale is from 23rd February to 9th March, so you still have some time! Please consider it might be laggy, so remove all prims and ao and tp over! Enjoy xxx!



tp over to the  Car Wash sim for the 10L-Carwash Cart Sale!

skin – *YS&YS* Ashanti 01 Nude Breast Hair (not free)
outfit – #Before Sleep# WT Hottie Jeans, Tank, Thong (carwash cart sale)
hair – ((JUNWAVE))MIKAKO*BLACK*(Click for RESIZE) – 2L pack
balletflats – Bliensen+MaiTai – Ballet Flats (carwash cart sale)
necklace – Bliensen + MaiTai – Simplicity Necklace (carwash cart sale)
glasses – (Nushru) Ladybug Pink Glasses Large (carwash cart sale)
headband – (Nushru) Ladybug Pink Thick Headband Black (carwash cart sale)

xxx Farah

Trubble @ the Car Wash

There are so many great deals at the Car Wash and The Wash sims!  Today I got in some Trubble and I liked it!  The Trubble cart has this gorgeous red Gracelyn skirt and bodice for only L$10!  The Circle in the Square Bangles are from Ticky Tacky at the Car Wash sale!

Turn up the heat with sexy lingerie.  The Red Silk and Spotty bra and panties sets are L$10 each from Trubble at the Car Wash.  The Gem Spot earrings and necklace come in Flame Warrior and Jellybean and are on the Car Wash cart from Ticky Tacky.

If you’re in need of some adorable sleepwear grab the dollarbie cami and boystorts from the Trubble cart at the Car Wash.  Saint Patrick’s day is just around the corner and Valentine’s is over… But you can get lucky and find love in the dollarbie Hearts 2010 and the St Pats pajama sets from Trubble!

Get Starstruck for only L$10 on the Trubble Car Wash cart.  Dance the night away in black starry evening gown.  The black Spikey bangles from Ticky Tacky.


*Trubble: Clothing (L$1 – L$10)
Car Wash ( 102/167/24 )

*Ticky Tacky: Jewelry (L$10)
Car Wash ( 141/89/24 )

*Exile: Cheyanne Hair (L$0)
Covet ( 185/62/32 )

*Blowpop: Elizabeth Skin (Not Free)
Boudoir Isle ( 45/104/23 )

*MAI Body Shop: eyes (Group – L$0)
MAI ( 118/122/597 )

*Maldita Animation: poses (Not Free)
UK Couture Island ( 146/185/24 )



“Giving Thanks Harvest”

The Event will be called “Giving Thanks Harvest” and planned for Nov 15, Sunday starting at 1pm SL.



10 Hours of Live Music

Car Wash celebrates Fab Free 7000 with help from Shooting Start Talent.
10 hours of live music starting at 1pm slt on Nov. 15, 2009.

will be raffle ball giving out gift certificates from designers from all over Second Life.

Car Wash- http://slurl.com/secondlife/Car%20Wash/154/163/24


TeaLane is Back to School

TeaLane is know for great everyday fashions. I especially like that the clothes I find at ~TL~ have a bit of a tomboyish look to them without sacrificing femininity. Just because I don’t always act ‘girly’ doesn’t mean I’m not all girl.

Tealane Back to School Goodies

Left to right are Charcoal Cynthia, Pink Savoir Pirate Lolly, and Heart Shelby. At 10L$ each, these outfits are amazing deals!

TeaLane also has some 10L$ skins for you at the Car Wash sale. Just look at some of the pretty skins available for only 10L$

Farlan skin (left), and Agave skin (right)These beautiful skins are all about the make-up, wonderful when paired with Avarice hairstyle from Bishwear and dollarbie wrap tops from Rock Me Amadeus.

Birch Skin - Regina (left), and Lady Gaga Skin (right)

Post by Shangreloo Kuhn

Hasi’s Back To School Car Wash Goodies!

Hasi`s  top rainbowThere are many great offers at Hasi’s cart for the Back To School sale on The Wash and Car Wash sims.  The dark tan tattooed promo skin is a dollarbie.  Wear the L$10 Rainbow top with the dollarbie brown low rise shorts for a sexy fun look.

The funny bunneh and “boys are stupid” shirts are only L$1!

Hasi`s bunneh shirt brownHasi`s bunneh shirt brown --boys are stupid

The form-fitting nougat and turquoise tanks are both free on Hasi’s cart!

Hasi`s Tank Top nougatHasi`s Tank Top turqouise

The hot pink Giraffe corset top is only L$10!

Hasi`s Giraffe top hot pink

Hasi`s Tank Top pinkThere’s even an 11 piece box of goodies which includes a pink string bikini, ultra mini shorts with lace, jean skirt, pink tank top, transparent black top, black and pink stripe happy socks, and three star bangles!  All this and more for only L$10!

The purple sneakers are a past gift from Hoorenbeek.  The Rina hair is from the lucky boards at D!va.

Hasi`s bikini string pinkHasi`s sexy transparent top


*Hasi’s: Clothing (L$0 – L$10)
Car Wash ( 128/148/24 )

*Hoorenbeek: Purple Sneakers (Past Gifts – L$0)
JT World VI ( 137/26/23 )

*D!va: Rina Hair (Lucky Board – L$0)
RYOTAN LAND ( 54/26/42 )

*MAI Body Shop: eyes (Group – L$0)
MAI ( 125/103/22 )

*Maldita Animation: poses (Not Free)
UK Couture Island ( 146/185/24 )



More Back to School Sale Goodness!

Scribe Style has even more back to school goodies for us. More tee shirts with irreverent sayings than you can shakes a fist at.

Scribe Style teeshirts

Shown with the tee shirts from Scribe Style are skins from Firefall (0L$ limited time offer, top left), and A.S.S. from the Car Wash Back to School sale.

Scribe Style tee shirts

Post by Shangreloo Kuhn

Back To School Sale is A-BOMB!

A-BOMB Little Lisa dress - Bandana

By now I’m sure most of you have heard about the Back To School Labor day sale?!?!  There are some amazing gifts you can buy for only L$10 or less!  Last week Floatie Hock offered carts exclusively for Fabulously Free in SL designers, so there are fabulous finds!  She also extended the offer to Make Him Over designers, so there are great offers for guys, as well!  There are 44 carts out right now and possibly more to come!  Each cart has items marked L$0 – L$10.  The sale is from August 27th until September 14th.

A-BOMB Pictures Of You - PinkA-BOMB Bust It Baby - Brat

A-BOMB has many fabulous gifts at the L$10 sale.  All of the clothes shown and more can be found at the A-BOMB Booth!  There’s even an outfit for the men!  The dark gray Nazumi sneakers are even on the A-BOMB cart.

A-BOMB Swing Time dress - Brown SwirlA-BOMB Bust It Baby - Stab

The Delia boots are from the Sentou Yousei (battle fairy) cart.  There are nine amazing Delia boots on the Sentou Yousei (battle fairy) cart!  You’ll be seeing these boots a lot in out upcoming posts, they are just amazing.  Maybe I can talk them into making us some FabFree green Delia boots when Fabulously Free in SL hits 6000 members…  Only 500 members away!

A-BOMB Irreplaceable - Latte


*A-BOMB: All Clothes & Sneakers (L$10)
The Wash ( 94/88/24 )

*Sentou Yousei (battle fairy): Delia Boots (L$10)
Car Wash ( 154/161/24 )

*Amacci: Beata Hair (Group – L$0)
Amacci ( 186/115/22 )

*Blowpop: Elizabeth Skin (Not Free)
Fuzzy ( 230/179/34 )

*MAI Body Shop: eyes (Group – L$0)
MAI ( 125/103/22 )

*Maldita Animation: poses (Not Free)
UK Couture Island ( 146/185/24 )