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Pacific Sunrise Mermaid Tails

Pacific Sunrise has some wonderful mermaid tails available to you for free.. if you have a bit of time to spare. Though I usually call them “mermaid” tails out of habit, these tails are appropriate for mermen too.


The Lionfish tail is available as a camp prize in several colours, as is the Mystique tail shown below. These tails can be yours for three hours of your time.


The Mystique tail, shown above, has several coverage options; from a traditional type tail, to more human skin showing along the sides of the tail.

Clownfish Mermaid Tail from Pacific Sunrise

The Clownfish Tail is a prize from the Treasure Hunt at Pacific Sunrise. This is a cute hunt in which you get a HUD and register, then go around collecting gems for your treasure chest. Be careful though, some of the gems are faulty, and will explode, causing you to lose points.

After you collect enough points (at least 1000), go to the chest vendor and collect your prize! There are several prize options available.

Hair, skin, and hat are not included with the mermaid tails. Pacific Sunrise has a free mermaid AO available in the shop.

Simply Irresistible

Irresistible has several good deals for bargain hunters. Along with the current free gifts available inside the front door, there are six camping chairs.

15 may 2009

Shown in the picture on the left is one of the free gifts, the Purple Complete Outfit. This comes complete with shoes, skin, and shape. The shape I’ve shown is not the shape included with the gift, I’ve used my own shape in the picture.

On the right is one of three outfits you can camp for.. only 15 minutes for this adorable teddy! The pair of shoes I’ve shown with this outfit is the other free gift.. they’re so sweet with this lacy teddy.



Fashion Jackpot!

Teleporting around and hitting stores you haven’t visited in a while often pays big in terms of wonderful, free fashions. There aren’t fashions you’ll wear once and thrown out, these are keepers: staples to your wardrobe that you’ll find yourself reaching for again and again.

25aprOutfits left to right:  Belted, from Medusa’s Joy.  Malaga pink from Sister Strawberry. Hip shirt outfit from B&T Atelier Midnight Mania board.

25apr2Outfits shown above are: Nasty Chick from Medusa’s Joy, and BossMiss Dress from Leezu (camp 60 minutes).

Medusa’s Joy:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Sterling%20Shoals/241/159/22

Sister Strawberry:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Shimokitazawa/209/225/27

B&T Atelier:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Bikkini%20Abyss/60/204/22

Leezu:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/To%20The%20Nines/156/128/23


Linen is always appropriate

RunoRuno has the prettiest linen dress available to customers right now, perfectly wrinkled of course, and it will cost you absolutely nothing. Paired with simple pumps and a string of pearls,  this dress can take you from a simple afternoon tea to a night at the opera.

runoruno24aprAfter you pick up the perfect linen dress, head across the courtyard to Miel Shop and join their subscribo group. As a thank you, you’ll get this sweet plaid scarf (which goes wonderfully with the linen dress, btw).

The earrings are a camp-for item from Dark Eden, and they’re all rusty, geared steam-punkishness. There’s also a necklace to match, which I’ve not shown here. I picked these up from the camp chair a while ago,  hopefully they are still there. If not, I’m sure there is another not-to-be-missed treasure from Dark Eden.

RunoRuno:   http://slurl.com/secondlife/Moonlight%20Requiem/224/176/33

Miel Shop:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Moonlight%20Requiem/224/176/2

Dark Eden:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Olive/97/231/43

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Lingerie from Haute Couture

Katsykiwi Lavelle let me know about some camp-for fashions from a shop that is new to me: NS Haute Couture. The camp time for these items is really, really long, but you don’t have to actually be at your computer to camp.. so multi-task! Or sleep-camp. The texture on this particular outfit is lovely, the pictures behind the camp chairs (and my own picture) really don’t do the satiny sheen of this fabric justice.

hautecoutureThe camp stools are upstairs, just head to the main tp point, wind your way through the shop until you find the ramp. The camp stools are the only thing upstairs, so you can’t miss them.

NS Haute Couture:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Buenos%20Aries%20City/40/215/29

~ Shang



Perhaps you know my own blog … and if so, perhaps you read my little story “WE ARE FAMILY”.  If not … it doesn´t matter :-)) But it was my best friend, Sandmaennchen Polanski, who lets me know about Sway`s Creations Opening, and I want to thank him 🙂 Hmm … btw, if you like plants, trees and flowers you might have a look to Sand`s Plants. Sand(maennchen) Polanski is still preparing his store, and its not officially opened but he offers great plants with just 1 prim (and right now I´ve heard there are a few nice freebies, too :-)) As soon as this man (he isn´t a teddy all time long, he has a very attractive male avi, too *nods and smiles*) will ever be satisfied with his amazing designs I will shout out “Hallelujah, he´s done!”, and immediately will write a special post about him and his plants :-))) However … *coughs* …. this post is about


And that´s what the notecard says:

Sway’s Creations Marketplace & Village Opening

Friday 19 SEP – Sunday 21 SEP

All around Sway’s Creations you can find some special opening gifts..
look out for Hat Boxes, Cardboard Boxes and Bags 🙂

Please visit the Village with its great Designers:
Shiki Designs, Thistle Homes, Pet Paradise, Hydi’s Stuff, Amrita, Baby Love and Dedrie’s Designs.

Have a great time at Sway’s Marketplace and Village!
and dont forget to take part in the Photo Contest…

Sway Dench

A place to fall in love with it 🙂 Take your time to walk around, and enjoy every single piece … watch the cute, animated teddy bears … check out the amazing furniture and working sets … the lovely jewellery … the pretty, small shops of other designers … there is so much to explore 🙂 Don´t be in a hurry when you head over to Sway`s Creations … go for a walk, or better for a shopping spree like me, omg! :-)))

Oooh, almost forgot your freebies: cute Sway`s dolls (ruby, azure, sunny – 1 L each), lovely “Heart Gift” earrings and necklace, Sway`s bracelet seven colored, pretty “Sway`s Creations” logo shirts (blue and white), and a scripted bag in blue, an animated Sway`s good night pillow (not shown), Sway`s table lamp (not shown), and much more 🙂

If you join “Sways Creations Group” you can get wonderful bracelets as a group gift. Another group you can join is “Cookie Bears Group” … just in case you want to be gifted with a “shoulder teddy”. Cute as a button 🙂 Both groups are free to join. Make sure your group tag is actived, and click the box to receive your gift … from different boxes in different shops … as said, there´s a lot to explore :-))

Please, read Sway Dench`s blog for further information about the photo contest. Sounds pretty interesting! And it´s that easy … you will find great animated designs to try out. Have fun and take nice pics!

Hair: Stunning Hours in ashbrown by Glitter Loveflower Hair, NOT FREE – 155 Linden

Try your luck and get free hair – there are 2 Lucky Boards !!

Skin: Soft Touch Persia2 Sky Kiss (L) by Soft Touch Skins – latest group gift (also included in this gift: Persia2 Sky Kiss (b), angels eyes evil, Jess shape)

Jeans: Black Detroit Summertime Jeans low rise by Maschienenwerk – free

Shoes: Chucks Flowers by ::LiNe::NOT FREE – 250 Linden

Jacket: Flowerd Hoody by Miss Lily – you have to camp for 100 min to get it for free


Calla – Sn@tch – Retox

Calla has sent out a new group gift through the subscribe-o-matic (click the subscribo on the counter desk to be added to Calla Update Group). The pretty, feminine “Honeysuckle II Lily`s Favorites” hair is still in the archives (1st notice). Honeysuckle II hair comes in Auburns (cherry wood), Brunettes II (mocha), Dirty Blondes (honey), Dreams (Honey Brunettes Highlights) and Reds (golden red). Worn here are Reds(golden red), Dirty Blondes (honey) and Dreams (Honey Brunettes HIghlights).

At S@tch I´ve found sexy “Blue Glitter/Latex Pants” (pants+top) for free. Look around, there could be more freebies, I think 😉 Oh, and I saw a Lucky Chair!

Worn in all pictures are Instinct Pumps in Blue Iris (not free) by Sole Sisters There is a pair of white Instinct Pumps still for 1 Linden, as well as free “Hopemongerer Shoes”, and to celebrate Cliothe Luo`s birthday, all pink items are 50 % off ! Sorry, it comes a bit late  –  Happy Birthday 🙂 Also worn in all pics is Plush Skin-Headcold in apricot (latest groupgift from M&R Cupcakes.

Next to Sn@tch at Retox! there´s a “Bargain Wall”, Lucky Chairs and 3 item camps (in the back corner next the Riot Vendor). After 45 minutes camping I received the funny “Trash Comic Dress”. Once more I camped for 45 minutes to receive the pretty “TrashBubble Dress“, too 🙂 I like the dresses, sometimes it´s nice to wear a quite different style as usual 🙂