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My good friend, Hawk, got a couple of wonderful free finds from Ripped, and offered to model them for me. These are really nice outfits, perfect for any elven or Gorean men out there.

rippedmaleThe one on the left can be yours for camping (I forget how many minutes.. sorry), and the one on the right is a lucky chair win. I love the detail on these clothes, the pictures really don’t do them justice.

Ripped:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Kailiauk/196/181/40

Dark Eden has camp-for boots (45 minutes if I remember correctly), that are suitable for males and females.

debootsThese boots are beautiful in their rustic grunginess, but be aware that they are fully prim.. so if you need to alter them make a copy before you start to adjust parts.

The camping chairs at Dark Eden are now located outside the shop, and there are other freebies waiting for you there. Don’t let that stop you from venturing inside though, Dark Eden has some of the coolest designs on the grid.. and many for obscenely low prices.

Dark Eden:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Olive/97/231/43


Hitting it big at Ema’s

I am in the subscribo group for Ema’s, and I was happy to hurry on over there to pick up a freebie being offered over by the muffins. I know, I know.. freebies and muffins sounds like the opening line of a farmer’s daughter joke.

Anyway.. I pick up the freebie, then notice the great camp for-items there, no wonder the camping chairs are always occupied every time I stop by Ema’s. Not only are they great items, but you get to choose which item you want to camp for! /me dies. I pick up the freebie, then camp for the fantastic Spider Silks dress, and just as my camp time is up.. the lukcy chair pulls an “S”.

A three-fer! High five!


Left to right:  red Velvet Spider (camp-for), Caledonia (freebie), Clair Cat (Lucky Chair)

Also shown: Posing Stool by DieselWorks, shoes from Dilly Dolls, other poses from Juicy (Bunny Hop Hunt).

Ema’s:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Golem%20Oyland/196/110/26

Ella’s Victorian Fashions

I spent four hours camping, just to have SL glitch.. and not give me the second item I camped for.


Hate it when that happens.

But, what I LOVE are these great items from Ellas Victorian Fashions.

efvictorianThe purple dress is a camp-for item, there are two camping chairs in the shop.. each is 120 minutes. The other camp-for dress is a pretty green gown. The dress and parasol on the right are lucky chair items (no, I didn’t hit it big in the lucky chair, a friend did.. congrats Hawk!) The shoes were the most recent Midnight Mania prize.

Whew.. lots of freebie goodness going on in Ella’s — defintely worth a visit.

And you never know, you might just see me re-camping for that green dress..

Ella’s Victorian Fashions:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Marinoco%20Fashion/210/174/25

~ Shang


Wow, talk about getting an entire new wardrobe at one shot in one place.. for free!

Crazy Mall has lots of urban styles for you to try out. There are camp-for chairs (boots and outfit second from left), a pile of freebies sitting on the counter, lucky chairs, and a mob vend.

crazymallHead on over to Crazy Mall for a little urban funk in your wardrobe!

Yes, guys, they have some cool stuff for you there too.

The delicious skin I’m wearing is from Cyanide, one of the hunt prizes I posted here, and the fabulous Helena hair was posted by the fabulous Renee here.

Crazy Mall:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Matamata/236/47/100

~ Shang