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Waving My Magic Wand


Hmmm…  What ever am I going to do with this magic wand?  I suppose a wish for peace on earth would be a good one, but unlimited chocolate and a teleport machine are a close second and third wish on my list.  I guess if I was really clever I would wish for unlimited wishes, but it’s usually against the rules in fairytales…  I am curious… what would YOU wish for?

I am displaying for you, the Peace On Earth Hunt prize from Bubblez Design (for women – there is a men’s gift too!).  Their Angel Outfit includes the dress, necklace, sparkle wings and…  the magic wand :).  You simply need to locate the hidden globe icon at the Bubblez Design mainstore, and you can start making wishes of your own!

The skin I am in today is PXL Creation’s brand new release called Mia!  Mia is being debuted at the Black Label Event today in three skin tones and three makeup styles.  These gorgeous skins will be available at the PXL Creations mainstore  very soon too.  I can hardly wait for the full release!


Love is wearing…

 Skin – PXL Creations Mia (new release / featured at Black Label)
Eyes – IKON Ardent Eyes Glass
Hair – Amacci Anastasia
Outfit, Jewelry & Wand – Bubblez Design Angel Outfit (free / 0L / POE6)
Earrings – Caroline’s Jewelry Bellini Pearls (free @ FabFree Headquarters / 0L)  
Pose by Pretense
Sim- The Trace


Get Creatively Insane with a Paper Crane!


Outfit: Bubblez – Spring Hunt Paper Crane  (The object of this little hunt is to find the paper crane hiding in the store, so when you hit the landing point, go straight down the path till you get into the store and browse from there…. They also have quite a few lucky boards on the back right of the store, kind of like on a patio.  They also have a Large Group Gift section on the right as soon as you walk into the store… This group is Free to join as well…. Have a newbie friend and want to help them get all outfitted up for free…. Whamo.. all in one spot 🙂  Check it out…Bubblez Design @ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bubblez/176/139/36 ) (FREE)

The crane contains:

  • two fans
  • hair ribbon
  • two different kimonos (mesh, 5 sizes to choose from each)

The pictures were taken at Osaka sim, which I just think is beautiful and has some really creative and great stores…. You can check it out…


I also picked up the earrings and the shoes from their group gift section!

EarringsBubblez Design – Colordrops Earrings (5000+ members gift) (As soon as you walk into the store…hang right, sitting there on counter by window) (FREE)

Shoes: Bubblez Design – Gosu Lolita Shoes (see above) (FREE)

Fan & Pose ## Creative Insanity ## Pair of Fans AO (L$1) (You actually get two fans with this animated pose.  They also have many other freebies at their landing point, no group to join, I would suggest hitting the subscriber as they seem to give away gifts routinely.  Also check out some of their other AOs in the store.  They are pretty unique and relatively inexpensive! <3)

Other Credits

Hair:  [ Love Soul ] Hair*088*Jet Black  (L$170)

Skin:  :[ Al Vulo! ] – [ Aisha ] – [ Peacock sunkissed TDR ] – (You can find this skin @ The Dressing Room FUSION, comes with eyes, mesh eye lashes and Tango appliers. ) (L$70)  (I‘ve posted on this one a few times, I just happen to love it, so yeah, it stayed on <3)

Eyeshadow: [mock] AK Easter Egg Three (eyeshadow only) (You can find this in a box (which continues 3 eyes shadows) on the front desk @ the mock cosmetics – HERE – also look for a number of other small boxes around, these seem to be old hunt gifts that you can get for Free)  (FREE)

I hope you all have an amazing day…. as it is beautiful outside here in my real world, I’m gonna go play in it for awhile… *big hugs*…………..till next time……….care ❤

Spotted Fever

Bubblez Design - Dota Outfit

I’m seeing spots in the Diamond Is Mine Hunt 3 gift from Bubblez Design. The black and white Dota Outfit also includes a red poka dot bow tie and a red bubble pipe. The $20L White Leather Dress Shoes are from Duh!. Ladies, there is a matching Polka Outfit also in the hunt gift.

Another black and white formal outfit comes from RoTtEn DeFiAnCe. The Diamond Suit can be warn in various combinations and includes a walking cane.

RoTtEn DeFiAnCe - Diamond Suit

* Bubblez Design – Dota Outfit ($0L)
Diamond Is Mine Hunt 3

* RoTtEn DeFiAnCe – Diamond Suit ($0L)
Diamond Is Mine Hunt 3

* Duh! – White Leather Dress Shoes ($20L)

* Poses – Avante Poses
Not Free


There Ain’t No Cure For the Summertime Blues

There’s still time to find the Sand & Sun Hunt gift at Bubblez Design. The Beach Sweat Outfit has a sleeveless shirt and rolled up khakis.

Bubblez Design - Beach Sweat Outfit (S&SH)

SHIKI Designs latest group gift is the Blue Sky Board Shorts. The print boardies will look great at any beach or pool.



*Bubblez Design – Beach Sweat Outfit ($0L)
Sand & Sun Hunt

*SHIKI Designs- Blue Sky Board Shorts ($0L)
Group Gift

*Poses – Embody Shapes & Poses
Not Free



The Not So Geeky Sun Suit

/me waves at everyone 🙂  Hi, I’m Love, one of the lucky new writers for FabFree.   I have been asked several times why I named myself Love and it all comes down to…  what could be better than being called “Love”?  Its such an affectionate, sweet name <sighs>, but if you feel its too personal…just go ahead and call me Trill!  I  sure don’t mind.  Anyways, I’m babbling and I’m off topic.

I am so excited to be doing my first post for FabFree  so lets get on with it!  Hope you enjoy my posts as much as I enjoy writing them 🙂

OooOoooOoo  I love it when The Sea Hole has gifties for us!  Check out this super cute summer suit I picked up today.  This free item is part of the Geekgasm Hunt – Revenge of the Geeks, but it is far from geeky.   I’d call it retro-sweet and would be perfect for a day at the SL beach.



Love is wearing…

Hair – Truth Astrid (not free) – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Truth%20Hair/113/35/27

Outfit – The Sea Hole DNA Summersuit (FREE GEEKGASM HUNT ITEM) – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tails/202/185/22

Accessories -N-Core Feet (not free) – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Heels/85/127/233

Celtic Dream Ankle Bells – Marketplace purchase (not free – but only 50L) – https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Celtic-Dream-Ankle-Bells/2321012

Bubblez Design – Shell Necklace (free) – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cocktail%20Isle/171/157/40


Sebastian in Bubblez

BB - Sebastian Outfit for Black Butler Hunt #7

Look your finest in the Sebastian Outfit from Bubblez Design. This elegant suit can be found as the hunt gift in the Black Butler Hunt that runs from June 1st through June 30th. This one will be great for the ballroom or even Victorian or Steampunk roleplay.

*Bubblez Design – Sebastian Outfit ($0L)
Black Butler Hunt

*Poses – OoO Studio
Not Free