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Go! Go! ho! ho! It is xmas!

Do you really think that Santa works only at X’mas Night? No way!! He is visiting a lot of stores already and leaving his gifts for us there! Don’t you believe? Check it out!
The first place we found Santa visited were Kumaki. It looks like a brazilian glasses (because of the green and yellow colors and happy design – you can resize and change th lens color and frame).
Skin – Unique – Christopher – not free
Accessories: Kumaki Glasses – K_gs BigLightning – free
Hair: Bryce – Dupe (old gift advent calendar)
Then we heard some noises coming from Shiki! Well, I teleported there and guess what? A cool combination of scarf and sweater… no doubt was inspired by X’mas time!
Shiki – Sweater and Scarf – December gift
Then, following Santas trace we arrived at Kamikaze! There were a cool male sweater and jeans and sweater for girls. And at EmmePoses there was a pose with gift pack.
Shirt: Kamikaze – sweater xmas edition – L$1
Shirt: Kamikaze Mini Jacket – L$ 1
Pants: Kamikaze Silky Jeans Xmas Edition 2009 – L$ 1
Pose: EmmePose – My Xmas – dollarbie
Then I think that we were all good guys (At least I was.. cof cof cof) and Santa kept visiting male stores and leaving more male gifts!
At Wilson’s a lot complete outfits as hunt gifts and one as december gift and at Mondira & Viviane Fashion, the sneakers.
Outfit: Wilson’s – December Gift
Shoes: Mondira & Viviane Fashion – Sneakers 2010 – free
Outfit: Wilson’s – Christmas Hunt
Outfit: Wilson’s – Enter at your own risk hunt
Outfit: Wilson’s – Happy Holidays
Outfit: Wilson’s – kinda guy
Outfit: Wilson’s – Footbal – free gift 9.30.09
Are you sure you were a good boy during the year? It doesn’t matter now, it seems that Santa forgave us all!!! We don’t even need to wait for X’mas night!

Sweater in hunt, lucky chairs for everywhere…

What a perfect combination! Shiki has a nice 2 gifts in Chimney Hunt, these 2 sweater with scarf.

Style Strem is giving us for free this swater with a pink shirt, the motorcycle is currently offering this one as a Midnight Mania Prize at MG Designs  new main store. It’s seems Santa this year will come by a bike!! At least I already got mine to go spend Christmas with my family by bike! 😀

Hoorenbeek has Lights and Reindeer Horns as xmas gift and the boots are a group gift for xmas too from J’s.
Tea Lane  is offering 2 sweaters in the lucky chair.

Also at Tea Lane you will find per L$ 2 in Cinnamon color!

Today at Bryce Designs you can get this belt from Wicked Resistence in Advent Calendar!
The hair Numb was yesterday in the Advent Calendar at Bryce Designs, is not released yet, so if you missed now you might wait to get this awesome hair :P, and the jacket is a  gift of Chimney Hunt from Balaclava!


Ho ho ho

Ho ho ho, A:S:S is giving us for free this nice Santa.. Everyone has a sentimental reason for enjoying this time of year, and here is mine. I don’t really care about Santa Claus, he’s a fat guy in a red suit, but I do care about what he represents. Santa is the clown who is going to give the kids in the world gifts for being good.
In this case Santa is a kind of dancer in a disco club… imagine do your own party with Santa? ho ho ho!
The glasses are a free gift at Kumaki.
Menlosophy has a great freebie for Christmas, this outfit – shirt and pants, go to the mainstore and grab yours!
Skins! Like you know I love skins!!! This time I got for free this one at AI SKINS, is in the subscribe!
The hair is not free is from Bryce Designs.
Sweeter than Candy is in Silver and Gold hunt and the gift is this great silver suit. Good to use in this holiday season!

Keep warm

 It is getting cold, get a hat to keep your head warm at Bryce, just today (Advent Calendar). I visited a new store for men, Macho Menswear, and I got 2 shirts. And the gloves I got at Imani as a bargain!

☑ Hat: Sock Monkey Cap – Bryce Designs (just today!)

☑ Shirt: Macho MEnswear – rockstar yellow

☑ Shirt: Macho Menswear – elvis shirt sue

☑ Gloves: Imani – Xraven Gloves (L$ 10)

Full of Love

Today I got these nice things, and I have to thank all nice designers, they are doing a great job and giving us awesome gifts. And thank to my friend Mahogany Yarrowroot that gave the info about the scarf 🙂

☑Hair: Bryce Designs – Dexter – Advent Calendar just today – run!
☑Accessories: Hooded Scarf Style B – ARGRACE – free
☑Shirt: A.Y.Y – Full of Love Black – dollarbie AyYaiYai
☑Pants: HB – Louis X – xmas gift Hell Bop
☑Shoes: A.Y.Y – Trevor Turner Lo Chucks – dollarbie AyYaiYai

☑Accessories: Hooded Scarf Style A – ARGRACE – free
☑Shirt: A.Y.Y – Full of Love Withe – dollarbie

Only Hair

I don’t know what your religion is or in what you believe, but I decided to say a little about the Advent Calendar as I will blog a lot about its gifts fow the next few days.

 I got this explanation from Wikipedia: An Advent calendar is a special calendar which is used to count or celebrate the days of Advent in anticipation of Christmas. Some calendars are strictly religious, whereas others are secular in content.

 Today, most advent calendars are made for children.LOL

 Ok, ok.. while children make calendars (and as they can not play SL), we get gifts!

 So, just to start, Bryce is giving one hair per day since Dec 01st, due to the Advent Calendar. Here it goes the gifts regarding Dec 01st and 2nd. I will blog the next ones in the next days.


December 1, 1st gift


December 2, 2nd gift

Also, if you go to House of Cheerno, you can still get the Thanksgiving gift that he left for all of us that were late.


 And you can go to Exile, join the group (L$ 250 fee) and get this nice hair.



My Betrayed Heart

In a previous post I briefly mentioned the Betrayed Heart hunt that is going on right now. At this point in time I’d like to say YOU MUST DO THIS HUNT!


From the hunt note card:

The hunt is spread over 3 sims. Though the stores are located on the Mischief, Tully and Illusion sims, it does not include all of the stores on the sims. Therefore, you will not find any of these hunt hearts anywhere other than in or around the listed stores.

You are looking for a number of hearts. The hearts may be located in any number of locations both inside and outside of the stores.

Each heart is named in the order of how many there are to find, so you will know when you have found them all:
“Betrayed Heart *DD* 4 of 10” is the 4th heart from *Dilly Dolls*
“Betrayed Heart GLD 2 of 6” is the 2nd heart from GL Gesigns

This hunt is separate from the Vain hunt, so please be respectful of the other hunters.

Please follow these few rules during the hunt….

1. DO NOT use the hunt store groups to tell others where the hearts are located. If you wish to help someone, please IM them directly.
2. DO NOT spam other groups about the hunt. Again, if you wish to tell someone about it, please IM them.
3. DO NOT try to block/hide the hearts from others.
4. DO NOT shout out the locations to other hunters. Some people enjoy taking their time, and do not want it ruined for them because some people have gotten impatient.
5. Once you have found all of the hearts, please TP out of the area so that others can come and do the hunt, and to help keep the lag to a minimum.


Shown above:  Heartbreaker Lolita from Dilly Dolls.

bhhShown above: Dress and shoes from GLD, hair (Pippin) from Bryce.

bhh2Shown above: Eyeglasses and clothes from Forbidden Thorn, hair (Edo) from Bryce.

Heart locations….

*Dilly Dolls*:  10 hearts located in and around the main store (Illusion)

GL Designs :  10 hearts. 5 are in and around GL Designs main store, 3 in Tully (near Bryce) and 2 in Illusion (by *DD*)

Bryce:  8 hearts located in and around the main store (Tully)

Forbidden Thorn: 6 hearts located in and around the shop (Tully)

Mischief :  12 hearts located in and around the main store (Mischief Isle)

Gypsy Soul:  4 hearts located in and around the shop (Tully)

Wicked Resistance:  2 hearts  located in and around the shop (Tully)

~ Shang