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The Real Santa

Just in the Nick of Time - The Real Santa Photo Prop

Anyone who is a parent can relate to this. Being up late on Christmas Eve, parts to a toy all over the floor, and directions that make no sense at all. This is captured perfectly in the The Real Santa Photo Prop from Just in the Nick of Time hunt gift in the Mr.Hunter Hunt. The pose prop comes with a screwdriver and “destructions” to make putting that special toy together just that much easier.

I’m wearing some of the gifts from the Mr. Hunter Hunt. The Mr. Hunter Shirt is from Bombshell Designs. The Black Leater Snowflake Jeans is the hunt prize at PEER Style. And the gift at [BedlaM] is the OzStarz Chucks. And just when you don’t think you’ll get that present put together, it all falls into place….Just in the Nick of Time.

Bombshell Designs - Mr. Hunter Shirt, PEER - Black Leater Snowflake Jeans, [BeslaM] - OzStarz Chucks

* Bombshell Designs – Mr. Hunter Shirt ($0L)
Mr. Hunter Hunt

* PEER Style – Black Leather Snowflake Jeans ($0L)
Mr. Hunter Hunt

* [BedlaM] – OzStarz Chucks ($0L)
Mr. Hunter Hunt

* Just in the Nick of Time – The Real Santa Photo Prop ($0L)
Mr. Hunter Hunt