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The Forgotten Cottage

Every once in a while you come across an item that amazes you. I came across this unusual couch at Blue Pearl Homes & Furniture. Just have a seat and click the couch. It does something simply breathtaking.

Magic Couch

It transports you upward and rezzes you at the Forgotten Cottage, or should I say the forgotten cottage rezzes around you. Once you get off the couch, it vanishes and you are surrounded in a lovely sphere.

Atmosphere - The Forgotten Cottage

The one-room cottage has rocking chairs on the porch.

Atmosphere - The Forgotten Cottage (2)

There is even a campfire to enjoy some quiet time with someone special.

Atmosphere - The Forgotten Cottage (3)

You could also sit on the bench at the small pond and enjoy the beauty.

Atmosphere - The Forgotten Cottage (4)

Atmosphere - The Forgotten Cottage (5)

There is also an option to set this skybox up as a rental property. The total prim count on this beautiful biosphere is 295. But if you have a place to rez it, it would make a fantastic place to live. Or head to a sandbox for a few hours of enjoyment. I could enjoy living here.

*Blue Pearl Homes & Furniture – Atmosphere The Forgotten Cottage ($0L)