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A million and one candle lights

If you are looking for some awesome Punky or Mohawk hair then you have to get over to Black Maria. All of the hair there is now free and there are so many different styles to choose from which all come in fatpacks too! I will be showing some in the following pictures.

The clothing shown is by KAT who have recently changed their Lucky Chair and Midnight Mania items so I stalked those yesterday to show you whats available, plus some of their regular priced items as I just love them. I am also showing you some more of the new Dahlia Skins from Cupcakes in the Cameo tone which is my favourite. These skins are available for 800L per skin.. not free, but Fabulous regardless!

Lucky Chair Charlotte Blue worn with Black Maria “hea-hea” hair in pink. The skin is the Dahlia Skin in the Cameo tone and the Wild make up.

Rose Sand top from the Lucky Board worn with the MM Board Ripped Jeans Grey and the Black Maria “Mohawk_H046” hair in Black Type 2. The skin is the Dahlia Skin in the Cameo tone and the Dusk make up

And because I love the clothing so much, here is a preview of a few more of their full priced items..

Lavender Lace Body – 50L.
Black Maria Ruby Hair in Black – 0L
Dahlia Skin in the Cameo tone and the Violet make up – 800L

Red Lycra Body – 50L
Black Maria Ruby 2 Hair in Red – 0L
Dahlia Skin in the Cameo tone and the Day Make Up – 800L

Tera in Red – 150L
Black Maria Rius Hair in Black/Red2 – 0L
Dahlia Skin in the Cameo tone and the Poppy Make up – 800L

Eve in Blue – 200
Worn with Black Maria Eco15 hair in
Dahlia Skin in the Cameo tone and the Swirly Make up – 800L

The bracelets are the gift from The Sea Hole in the Good Sh*t Hunt!

Other Info
+ Cosmic Dream eyes from Poetic Color ( free )
+ Elf Ears by Gauged ( not free )
+ Poses by Fri.Day, Long Awkward Pose, Kuso, Persona, Glitteratti, Diesel Works, Striking Poses

’tis the season

There are alot of Christmas themed outfits and dresses out at the moment and here are a few I found today.

This is the group gift from Spork. You get a cute short set and the option to wear it as a beautiful dress with the addition of the floofy skirt which I just love to pieces! Yay! TP to the store and join the group. Then while wearing the tag, slap the poster to claim it.

This fun and fluffy set from Angelwing is available for 20L. You also get a little skirt to wear with it aswell so you can wear it as a mini dress. I love the little bows and the flower hair piece is just so sweet.

This outfit is a Dollarbie from Exxess and I love the deep ruby colouring of it. Its just looks so luxurious. It looks just perfect for snuggling up next to a cosy fire with your SO.

Lastly this is a 5L gift from one of my favourite stores, Rotten Toe and can be found under their little Christmas tree next to a freebie pair of Candycane socks.

The Santa hat complete with hair is the Unisex Christmas gift from Black Maria and comes in a pack with loads of hair colours. The hat is also colour changable!

Other Info

+ Skin is the Amor E Morte “Her Ghost in the Fog” dollarbie skin still available at Heartsick
+ Annabel Hair is from a freebie fatpack of hair from Deviant Kitties. You can find it in the hair section just to the right of the new items – you can’t miss it!

Mystic Dolls and HoWear

HoWear has a new main store, but the outfits are just as fabulous as always, and HiediHo Huet’s generosity has taken root in the HoWear’s new location.

Yesterday I picked up the full drow avatar, Mystic of the Realm. All I had to supply were some shoes (the wonderful Valarian shoes in Bloodstone, from Enkythings) and hair (free from Black Maria).

Mystic of the Realm, from HoWear

Today I picked up the wonderful Broken Doll avatar, which was (again) a complete avatar except for shoes and hair.

Broken Doll, from HoWear

The necklace shown in the picture above is from TeaLane, and you might have noticed that it matches the Broken Doll outfit perfectly. Well, if you remember the cool Oria hairstyle that TeaLane had in the Hair Fair, shown here, had colour change pieces so that it was very customisable. The Rough Rocks necklace shown above has customisable stones — each can be individually changed! So cool!

Broken Doll, from HoWear

The free gifts from HoWear are only out until 8:00 pm SLT each day. HeidiHo Huet asks that we not ask her for a freebie if we’ve missed it. I mean, seriously, if you can’t take the time to get to the shop to pick up the freebie, don’t ask the designer to take time out of her busy day to personally deliver the outfit to you — she’s busy designing more great outfits for us!

The hairstyles I’m wearing in the bottom two pictures are dollarbies from Simply Britnee.

Post by Shangreloo Kuhn