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Everyday feels like Fri.day

Hello everyone, I’m Magenta. I’ve been following this blog since I started SL and I was shocked and honored to be chosen as a new fabfree blogger. One of my favorite pass-times in SL is wandering around and exploring SIMs and stores, especially during the week when I’m craving the weekend and all of the handy weekend sales, however, while wandering through fri.day, I came across a shelf of freebies. When I find a store I like and they have freebies, I know they’re a keeper.



The first item is a bikini that comes with an optional cover and comes in 4 colors; blue, pink, yellow, and grey. Perfect for weekend parties or pretending you’re on Baywatch.

The next is a plain white cami that goes with everything – you can’t go wrong with a white tank top and jeans in my opinion.


And for dressing up almost any outfit, they have another gift of three wide waist belts; one is green (sour apple), one is purple (sugar plum), and one is pink (fruit punch) – pictured.


They also offer a ruched button down in spice with an elbow length option (pictured) and a short sleeve option.


The final gift they offer is a ballet sweater in berry.


Edit: All items mentioned can be found in little boxes on a shelf past the front desk. Look for “free stuff” on the floor next to the shelf. 😛

Edit again: Pictures were temporarily misplaced due to decisions made when I should be sleeping – such as, deleting the pictures off of one flickr without realizing it would affect the blog ..but it should be all fixed now, I apologize for any inconvenience. 😛

swim suits + cover (L$0)

white cami (L$0)

wide waist belts (L$0)

ruched button down – spice (L$0)

ballet sweater – berry (L$0)

pants: Cynful – orange bottom v2 (previous hunt – no longer free)

hair: fri. – Jasmine (not free)

skin: al vulo – ninni (not free)



Penelope Heron, designer und owner of !MPOSSIBLE, let me know about her new freebies instore, and she also informed me about a Spring Hunt. Thank you!

At first the announcement: A Spring Flower Hunt will come off from April 19 – 30th at Urban Shopper, Duby City. There will be great prizes, such as complete outfits for ladies and men, lavish tattoos, creative use objects and gift certificates from the participating designers at Urban Shopper. So make a note of this Spring Hunt in your calendars though it´s not one of the big hunts, but it´s a nice hunt without terrible lag and really fantastic prizes!

And now the freebies: !mpossible has 2 boxes inside the store – Gift Men and Gift Women. For the guys there´s a nice casual outfit consisting of jeans, a green motiv shirt and black/grey shoes. I´m wearing this outfit except the shoes, they are too laaaarge for my feet. The gift for the ladies is a bit more elegant, we are pleased with a fancy ensemble called Berry . It comes with pants, top, skirt, shoulder piece (it´s your decision how to wear the dress, it´s also wonderful without the shoulder piece) and matching heels. In a previous treasure hunt at Urban Shopper I was a “lucky finder” of an !MPOSSIBLE gift certificate (and other amazing prizes) and I was pleasantly surprised of the clothes I received. They are very pretty with great textures, well done! So, I thought it´s worth to share this little secret with you!

Quickie: The skins I´m wearing are a group gift from KALON (thank you for letting me know, Kyrinnia Desmoulins!), named Honey Not So Subtle Pale Pink and Smack My Bitch Up Honey1. Do a search in groups for the group called Kalon Updates. I used the phrase kalon and it was the only choice. Join the group, it´s free to join. Go to the notices, there are only two notices dated 4/6/2008 and 4/9/2008. Click Open/Save attachment. Now you are proud owner of boxes with Honey Notsosubtle Pale Pink skin/Smackmybitchup Honey1 skin from KALON. Find a place that allow build and unpack your box. We all know KALON skins are great skins, look at this pretty face, it´s even pretty with a smack *grin*. So don´t miss the group gifts! Items will only be available as long as they are in the notice archives.

Skins:Honey Notsosubtle Pale Pink,

Smackmybitchup Honey1 (group gifts 0 L)

KALON, Che Che 165/191/57

Green jeans, green motiv shirt, black/grey

shoes (Men 0L), Berry Dress (Women 0 L)

!MPOSSIBLE, Dubya City 70/165/24

FD Hair Kylie white (fatpack, 1 L)

Frangipani Designs, Iladil 155/115/351