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*fab skins*

 I am way too excited about this post to talk much, just want to show you the amazing stuff…. watch, read, enjoy and be very thankfull to the designers ^^ xxx


Farah for FabFree


mother goose – gerda hurt me skin (says ‘hurt me’ under the left eye) – 1L;  brown cardigan – 1L (in the little house with all 1L items); also 8 lucky boards with more cute skins! (all on 5-minutes rotation!)

ume mode – brown shorts – oL (groupgift in store)

wave – white dress shirt – 1L (back wall)

other items shown: truth – makenzie hair; doppelganger inc. – button up socks; maitreya boots



 Farah for FabFree

 lunas boutique – black leather rocker jacket – oL (upstairs)

free speerit – kathrina skins – oL (3 skintones; groupgift in notices, 1L to join)

olive juice – poses  (oL or 1L in store and in all subscribo-history)

other items shown: cillian gel – low waist jeans (old groupgift); fri.day – cassie hair (not free)


Farah for FabFree

 view large

bebae – fabia skins – oL (new release gift skin; group gift skins; NOT free to join group 200L)

other items shown: truth – makenzie hair


*me jumps up and down* I’m still excited!!


xxx Farah


sweet delilah!

once again… thanks to Torie Senne from Bebae… for this absolutely gorgeous skin gift: Delilah… I am a huge fan of Bebae.. soo I am totally in love with these skins!

Farah for FabFree

bebae – delilah skin gift in 4 tones – oL (groupgift in notices) 

(ps. it might be free to join but it can also be 100 – 250L to join… I can’t tell cause i joined way back.. and i can’t remember… anyway.. it’s totally worth it!)

other items shown: hair faye by maitreya; top from honey soul ciffon dress subscribogift; eyelashes doe from on the catwalk, eyes luminous brown from tuli; scarf earth day scarf subscribogift from miel shop; bangles from chuculet dollarbie shop.



(… ps2. this is really the last post for 2day…. ;))


xxx Farah

Exclusive gifts!

Now I’ve never been to this store before, but it sure is worth a ‘hopping’ over to see all the beautifull creations AnaLee Balut makes! I think her style is exclusive and excentric.. soo I’ve your fed up with all the same regular kind of safe fashion head over to ALB designs! The great thing is there are now freebies available for us:

Farah for FabFreeFarah for FabFree*ALB Designs – Pearl Hat (groupgift in notices; Join Lamu group); Dior Hat (groupgift in store)*


Farah for FabFree

Farah for FabFree

*ALB Designs – Eyelashes – oL; Hair Beyonce Platinum from Alli Alli Designs*

AnaLee Balut Designs – Hat and Lashes

AlliAlli Designs – Blond Beyonce Hair

Now I could tell you everyday.. or I could not tell you everyday… Lemania Indigo should be your regular stop as they have a daily dollarbie at their store and well that’s OMG sooo generous! Todays dollarbie: (forgive me if it poofs I’m in a different time-zone (european) and I am an idiot at understanding AM/PM time)


*Blue Iced dress, feels like Cinderella right?*


*Bunny Hop gift- Laura Dress*

Lemania Indigo – Daily Dollarbies!



xxx Farah


Pose away!

DieselWorks knows what u sexy ladies want: a pose barstool! Comes with 5 different poses!

 Farah for FabFree

*want a Dorito?*

Farah for FabFree


DieselWorks – Bar Stool – 0L (group and pickrewards gift, soo you’ll prob have to wait 48 hours if you don’t have DW in your picks yet ;)… worth waiting for!)

From Ultra Kitty – doritos and necklace red pump – 0L (groupgifts)

SKG Shoes – Pumps in Orange and Green – 5L (offer of the week!)

Soowwwyy not free..:(:

– hair by vintagewear

– dress by fishy strawberry

– eyelashes by on the catwalk

– skin by bebae


xxx Farah


Let the NoobyDoo’s eat TeaLane’s CupCakes!

Nooby Doo’s is a store with almost everything! And the amazing thing is… they are all freebies or dollarbies… amazing! You can find anything from skins, shapes, dresses, pj’s to fairy outfits.. and a whole lot more! Not only items for women.. but also for men!! Nooby Doo’s is from the same designers from TeaLane (Teagan Blackthorne and Laynie Link: ty for your generousity!!^^) I know Shang and Renee both blogged on Nooby Doo’s earlier but I just couldn’t resist bloggin them again….. (forgive me!! ^^)

Farah for FabFree


*TeaLane – cupcakes (1L/each); gateau chapeau hat (2L) other items shown not free but fabulous: Charis top, Charis tutu, leggins, cupcake-earrings(clickable with menu!! cute!!) *

*NoobyDoo’s – astra hair; easter skin – 1L*

Farah for FabFree

Farah for FabFree


Now I know.. someone talked about a poodle skirt in the FabFree group-chat a while ago.. and I didn’t knew what it was… it seemed to be just a skirt with a poodle on it!! LOL! But the most addorable thing are those socks with lace!!! <3<3<3 them!!Farah for FabFree* Nooby Doo’s – all outfits shown above 0L or 1L*


Farah for FabFree

 * relay for life outfits – all donations are for the American Cancer Society – left (2L); right (50L); these are on the outside wall at TeaLane*



Nooby Doo’s

Poses by KSCreations



xxx Farah



Autumn Tunic!

I couldn’t find this tunic the other day.. but with some help from Ima and Gabi Fitzgerald I finally found it! Yay! Ever since Malt Fashions released this autumn tunic I wanted to get it… soo I was saving to buy it (approx. 200/300L)… then i forgot about it.. and now it’s a freebie!! Yay! My day is starting off great 2day!

Farah for FabFree

Malt Fashions – Tunic b/w- 0L

50 Flats – blue iced flats – 0l

Ruffian – Sunglasses – 1L; bangles and earrings – 1L


Reminder FabFree Flickr Contest:

New at FabFree is the Monthly Flickr Contest: create your own free look with one required item.. and win one moment of fame:  A complete blogpost on the FabFree blog with your winning picture and description!

Read more here! 

See the required item for the month March here!




xxx Farah


Chikka Designs Sale.. be quick!

I’ve received a notice from Chikka Designs… there is a 10l$ sale going on!! Please do check it out.. and be quick.. cause the nc said it was only for two days.. and I don’t know if 2day is the last day… sooooo HURRY!

Farah for FabFree

Farah for FabFree

Farah for FabFree

Chikka Designs – 10L$ sale clothing – every item in store for two days! It might end 2day.. soow hurry!

SKG Shoes – Pumps in Orange and Green – 5L (offer of the week!)



xxx Farah

Monday Freebies!

I had a whole lot of emails from SL… in my inbox, soo I could see what was going on in SL… I just didn’t had the time to log in.. soo that was a crime for me! But the good news is… today I can log in! yay!! Soo gonna grab all the goodies from the past days.. and here you go… a first post with great goodies! Enjoy ^^



*cute dress from Malt Fashion – subscribo gift*

MALT Fashions moved to a new sim, and there is a HUNT (!!) going on at the new Island. Items from Malt and Spork. You have to find 10 Malt logo’s or 5 sporks, and each item contains a new collection item. The thing is you have to buy them for 50L each. If you can afford it.. be sure to check it out. If you want to see all the items that are available in this hunt, see this blog post by Gabi!


*donut jewelry from EarthStones – groupgifts*

Malt Fashion – purple dress – 0l (subscribo gift)

ChiChikie – hair – 0l (subscribo gift) -> blogged earlier by Renee here

BishWear – hair – Black – 0l

EarthStones – Jewelry – 0l (subscribo gift, group gifts and gifts in store!)

Skin – On the Catwalk – 0l (lucky chair (changes ever 5 min, check it out! lovely skins in there! ))

Bebae      – Coral Skin Gift – 0L (groupgift in notices; 100L to join Bebae group)


xxx Farah

Honey Honey

When I saw Nilgiha’s post on this store ‘HoneyHoney‘ I had to go and see for myself! And every word she said is totally true! It’s an amazingly cute store, well actually all of them are.. I’ve been to 3 different locations…. I ❤ it when the shop itself is gorgeous and I totally ❤ the way the items being sold are presented… it does make it more fun for me to shop! Soo the 3 different locations have roughly the same items if I recall correct.. but I suggest u visit them all… just to look at the beautifull boutiques…

Oehhhh… I almost forgot!! The best thing is ofcourse: the prices! The most expensive item in the shop is: L$50!! Sooo I totally almost.. (actually.. I did!^^) bought everything there is! So are u still reading? OMG head over to HoneyHoney right now! [please forgive me for my English.. cause it’s wack.. I mean I had to ask Syler (our gorgeous Male-FabFree-Diva.. ;)) if the word is ‘prices’ or ‘prizes’ … lol]



Farah for FabFree

*Honey Honeyszzz… are u into summer yet?… I am.. !! *

Farah for FabFree

1th pic:

read more here

2nd pic from left to right:

–  HoneyHoney – green dress – 5L; belt and bracelet – 20L (other items: hair – ETD, bag and flats – Lelutka)

– Honey Honey – bikini dotted – 0L; orange top – 30L (other items: hair – DejaVu; flats – 50 flats; bag – Lelutka; Necklace and earrings – Icon; sunglasses – Ruffian by FP)

– HoneyHoney – floral top – 25L; denim hotpants – 15L; belt and bracelet – 20L (other items: hair – HTD; flats – 50 flats; Necklace – Icon)

3th pic from left to right:

– HoneyHoney – pink bikini – oL; tubetop – 10L (6 colors); denim jeans – 20L; belt – 50L; necklace – 20L (other items: hair – Junwave; flats – 50flats; sunglasses – Ruffian by FP)

– HoneyHoney – bikini white – 10L; flare skirt – 10L; necklace – 20L; belt and bracelet – 20L (hair – HTD) 

– HoneyHoney – knit setup orange – 30L; green check shirt – 37L; belt and bracelet – 20L;  necklace – 20L (hair: C&H; flats 50flats; sunglasses – Ruffian by FP)


HoneyHoney @ Moonlight (I think this one is the Mainstore, cause it’s the biggest one!)

HoneyHoney @ uemachi

HoneyHoney @ Uraharajuku

Other links:

Poses by KSCreations – 5L/pack (<3 these poses btw!)

Skin by Bebae – Coral Skin Gift (100L to join)


xxx Farah


Gigi Couture Outlet Shopping!

Gigi Couture’s Mainstore has moved to the lovely CupCake sim.. and their mainstore is gorgeous! Giana Paine told me about great freebies at her mainstore:


Now that\’s not all.. cause Gigi Couture also has a great (!!) Outlet store at the Juicy sim, with the biggest wall of freebies, dollarbies and cheapies…. clothing from 0l$ to 10L$ max. on the freebie wall.. everything else in the outlet store is 25l$, 50l$ or 75l$…. anyway.. under 100l$ definitely! Anyway.. to show u what I\’m talking about.. here are the pics:


*Gigi Couture – Tank Striped – 0l/each; Denim Skirts – 1l/each*

*Gigi Couture – Hoody\’s – 5l/each; Stripped Leggings – 5l*

*Gigi Couture – Termal Heart Shirt – 0l/each*

*Gigi Couture – GemStone Shirts – 1l/each – Ruffle Skirt – 5l*

*Gigi Couture – Dress – 25 l; Green Capris – 5l*

*Gigi Couture – Leopard Dress – 50l* (read more here for this pic)


 Obviously there is a whole lot of more to collect at Gigi Couture Outletstore and Mainstore… just have a look for yourself! You won’t be dissapointed.. as Giana Paine’s Clothes are fabulous!! xxx ^^

Gigi Couture – Outlet Shopping Store

Gigi Couture – Main Store @ cupcake


Other Links:

Bebae      – Coral Skin Gift – 0L (groupgift in notices; 100L to join Bebae group)

 Sky Everett  – Eye lashes total pack – ol

 Ruffian -Liv Shape –  1L  (read more here)Sunglasses – Black and Diva brown – 1l/each; Bangles and Earrings – 1L

Not Free:

Tuli – luminous eyes steel

Dejavu – Mademoiselle hair

Armidi – heels

xxx Farah