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Murder at Skull Creek

Someone killed Dick!!!  ‘Owner of :. WoE .: and long-time Skull Creek resident, Dick Wiesel, has been killed tragically in an ‘accidental’ homemade fireworks explosion.  His partner, Ryker Beck, insists it was no accident and is begging someone to solve the murder and find out who killed her partner.’  Head over to the sheriff’s office and grab the Skull Creek Detective’s notebook from the desk.  Then collect all 50 items and talk to the 12 residence.  One of them killed Dick (WoE designer/FabFree mod).  Once the notebook is completed, pick up the prison keys at the sheriff’s office and confront the murderer!!!  There are prizes from Exodi, WoE, Frooti, *Dreams*, [ LuNi ], !BANG, Vanitas Vesture, *~*HopScotch*~*, [Baustein], *SMUDGE*, Fear Factory, [S]uavage, and !AVANT.

!BANG – Pumpkin Hold Poses (3 Poses)

Vanitas Vesture – Silk Wonderland Victoriana Top

:: Exodi :: Isolde – 39 – ALL TONES

:: Exodi :: Isolde – DROW

:: Exodi :: Isolde – ZOMBIEZ! (Plain & Bloody)

:: Exodi :: Isolde VAMP – New Born & Fed

[ LuNi ] : The Local Flavour (Jeans, Tank, & Blood)

Frooti – I Got Mad Skullz, Yo! (6 Skull Poses)

*Dreams* – Capris Jeans (in blue & black), Skull Corsets (in gray, orange, & purple), Spyder Corset (red)

:: Exodi :: Nyla Halloween Jewelry Set (Anklets, Belly Chain, Bracelets, Earrings, Necklace, Ring)

[S]uavage – Captain America T-Shirt

:. WoE .: – Wrinkle Crop Top (Coal), Flair Jeans (Charcoal)

[ LuNi ] : Halloween Candy Bag

:. WoE .: – Nomi Jean Dress/Belt

*~*HopScotch*~* – On the case (3 Poses)

Fear Factory – Toxic Dump (not shown) & Chuckles The Clown

[Baustein] – Deschanel Mirror Corner in Silver & Harvest’s Fall

*SMUDGE* – Orange Pin Art

Maybe Carson will show us some the gifts for the men soon… if he ever finishes this hunt.  😉


*Skull Creek Murder Hunt
The Warehouse ( 117/169/1006 )

-Other Items-

*Duh!: Classic Patent Pumps (L$25)
Elliott ( 23/205/24 )

*Amacci: Milena 2 Hair (L$0)
Amacci ( 203/96/22 )

*EMO-tions: Eve III Hair/ZEUS Hair/The Crow Hair (Not Free)
HAIR ONLY ( 125/131/23 )




Your kiss is on my….?

A cheeky title I know.. but the answer as to where will come at the end of the post.. *laughs*

Elymode is one of the stores that are at the new Journey sim. If you join their subscribo and check the notices, there are these two yummy gifts inside waiting for you..

This is the Short Sweater.. it also comes with a slightly more see through option if you are feeling a bit more daring.

This is the Shorties Jumper which I think is adorable. Its like a little romper suit! If you are under 30 days there is also a gorgeous gift box there for you to pick up. Be patient while it gives you each bit and remember to accept each item.. its worth it.

The necklace worn in the picture is the subscribo welcome gift from La Forgia, who is also on the Journey sim. There is also a pair of Dollarbie earrings opposite the subscribo.

While you are on the Journey sim, make sure you also visit Baustein as they also have a freebie in store of some furniture. I didnt manage to take a picture though because SL was having rezzing issues.. bah!

: Dirty Word : is a new store to me, and I always love finding new places to shop! If you go there now there are a few Dollarbie goodies to grab aswell as Lucky Chairs and two Midnight Mania boards for a chance to scoop more!

Here I am wearing their Dollarbie female t-shirt.. there is also a male version. The purple mini skirt is their Dollarbie of the month!

And lastly, Heartsick have released their new skin line! You’ve seen me wearing the preview ones over the last couple of weeks and I think they are so cute. They have set out a new 50L make up called “My Heart” in two skin tones, to celebrate the new series aswell as a freebie female shape called Eleanor which you can find next to the skin poster, though I am wearing my own in these pictures.

Illusion is on the left and Bliss is on the right

This is Illusion, Im wearing the cleavage version of the skin..

And this is Bliss.. again Im wearing the cleavage version, but you do get the option of no cleavage, aswell as freckles and the option of birthmarks too.

The hair worn in the pictures is the style Lua from the freebie glowing ball on the beach at Analog Dog and the facial jewellery is called “Your kiss is on my.. forehead?” and is by :ellabella: for 50L.

Other info
+ Poses by Striking Poses ( currently having a closing down sale where all single poses are 25L )