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Bravo, BRAVURA Homme!

bravura 3_001

I feel conflicted today. It is always sad news to me when a creator closes their in-world store, although it happens often enough we should be used to it. The good news for all the guys out there though is that while BRAVURA Homme is closing their in-world store, they will be maintaining their marketplace presence. In their announcement they even mentioned there will be upcoming new releases sold there! Today though, as sad as I am about losing another excellent in-world store, it’s time for a last minute sale!!!

The Ankle Boots Wcut in Grey Snake and Brown Snake are my favorite items in this sale. I love boots in general and many years ago I had a gorgeous grey water snake pair in real life. Upon seeing these beautifully done legacy (non-slink) boots, with their uppers in leather and with Wcut snakeskin accents, I knew I had to have them…in both colors! These are each on sale today only (September 30th) for 48L per pair. What a fantastic find! For the snake lovers, there is also a brown pair of these at BRAVURA Homme with the super Wcut styling but without the snakeskin texture. Relax though; no virtual snakes were harmed during the creation of these boots.

whc bravura 3_001

All the men’s items are on sale today, and there is a ton of selection spread out over two floors. I really liked this Smart Casual Outfit w/HUD Classic as shown in the above pic on the right side. The shirt comes in a light pastel blue or white changeable via hud and the vest and pants each give you three colors to choose from. The sale price for this nice looking set as shown with the black vest and pants is 88L. If you decide you like it as much as I did, you can buy expansion huds for different colors. I got the Add On – Browns Hud for just an additional 40L. As you can see, it looks very stylish indeed.

Well I am out of time for now. Be sure to stop by the BRAVURA Homme in-world store today and see what other finds you discover. They have mesh T-Shirts and Casual Shirts in the 30-40L range, a nice Scottish looking Kilt w/texture hud for only 48L and a ton of other distinctively styled garments. Until next time my friends, enjoy the sale and I’ll see you on the grid!—–WHC Riler

WHC is wearing…

Boots –  BRAVURA Homme Ankle Boots Wcut in Grey Snake and Brown Snake  (48L/In-World Store Closing/Customer Appreciation Sale)

Casual Outfit Right Hand Side – BRAVURA Homme Smart Casual Outfit w/HUD Classic (88L/In-World Store Closing/Customer Appreciation Sale)

Casual Outfit Above Left Side – BRAVURA Homme Add On – Browns Hud for the above Outfit  (40L/In-World Store Closing/Customer Appreciation Sale)

Skin – Belleza Mathieu
Hair – Dura *Dura-Boy*59(Black)



JE*Republic Sway`s me to Little Heaven

Hi there, this is FlyingHazel speaking :-))

Big thank you to Jungeun Vella, designer and owner of JE*Republic, for dropping me her adorable “Halloween Costume Full Set”.  It`s sweetness in completeness! Well, I have to mention it´s not a freebie but a bargain/lowbie/cheapie. For 10 Linden you get pants and top on 2 layers, skirt, hat, boots, bows, a pumpkin, an animated glowstick and a glowstick without animation. It´s worth to spend 10 Linden, in my opinion! Look at the pics below, and then it´s up to you if you want to own this cute “Halloween Costume Full Set” . Head over to JE*Republic`s store and click the sign on the easel. “Ka Ching” –  it´s yours, and you will be the cutest witch queen all over the grid 😉

The “Lovely Witch Broom” is an amazing freebie by Little Heaven. It comes with 10 different animations”. Funny thing 🙂 You find it (along with other free items as shirts, smile attachement and so on) into a big dumpster next to your landingpoint. Wear it … and fly up and away 🙂

Inside Little Heaven`s store you will find 4 Lucky Chairs giving away wonderful hair as well as 2 item camp chairs. Hmmm …  item camp chairs are … uhm … like an electric chair. You have to sit down for 20 min –  a hood dryer above your head –  to receive “Special hair Phine milk tea” I´m wearing in the pics. And you will shake a lot while sitting there … sooo if you are faint hearted like me, don´t sit down, `k? 🙂 But the hair is really pretty! Pics below are taken at Little Heaven.

The next pics are taken at a place I really love, and I´ve already posted before: Sway`s Creations. Take a look around, there are new releases and beautiful, autumn-like spots to relax. Nothing for free? Hmmm, let´s see … wonna be a big, bright-orange colored, funny pumpkin? Then you have to join “Sway`s Creations group” (look at Sway Dench`s profile, and join the group for free). Activate your group tag and click the gift box next the haybails to receive “Sway`s Big Pumpkin” as a gift. Wear it, and toddle around a bit :-))  Oh, and you can wear both – the pumpkin and the broom – at the same time, too. Flying pumpkin with looong nose :-))

Have fun!


Oh so Glamourous!

So have you been to the Glamour Expo yet? If you haven’t gone by there yet, you really should.  The Glamour Expo opened on September 27th, 2008 at 9am SLT and will last until the end of October.   There are 55 international designers represented, both well known designers as well as newcomers.  The designers at the expo are showcasing their latest party fashion and formal wear for men and women.  Nearly every designer has a gift out for free or nearly free.  It is really worth the time to look at every store.  All of these glamourous outfits I am wearing can be found at the Glamour Expo.

In the top picture I am wearing a white gown with black Snowflake top.  This dress is named London Calling and is from the Sascha’s Designs booth.  The red strappy long satin formal evening gown (below) is from the VictoriaV Fashion booth.  I’ve actually had this dress in my inventory for a while and I wear ball room dancing a lot.  The black classy pants jumpsuit is from Ibizarre Colette.  The marroon “Cayon Classic” evening gown is a dollarbie from the LMC booth.  You must be a group member to purchase this gorgous Lilleth Mills Couture dress.  The black and red low cut frilly cocktail dress is a freebie from Fredas.  There is also a really nice men’s gift at this booth.

The Shabby Chic booth has an adorable little picture frame and this cute grey “Let them Eat Cake” cocktail dress.  This dress is really cute and would even look nice on a child AV.  The black seductive feather cocktail dress is from paquet cadeau.  This dress moves quite nicely and is unique as well.  There are also a few outfits that aren’t as dressy for the more relaxed look.  I felt like I was back in the 80’s in the grey leggings and pink “Dress Rock and Glam” tank dress from the Emery booth.  The blue “Hangin Around Home” crotched jumper jacket over the flowered tank with stipped biker pants is another gift that is at the Fredas booth.  L.K.DESIGN has really nice casual Fly Pants and a rosa spitzen shirt as the Glamour Expo gift.

While I was trying all these wonderful dresses from the Glamour Expo, Fine Delight passed me her latest dollarbie.  These Ruby Red Slippers can be found at Something Different.  Oh and there’s a new group member shoe at Shoe Fly Shoes.  The silver and black Chained Heat #1 pumps are free for all group members and can be found in the entrance of the main store.  The designer CCTV loves to give gifts to his groupie girls and these shoes were specially made to celebrate the 2000 group member mark.

Lemania Indigo wins the most unique expo gift award with her dollarbie Glam Warrior Fight Lag! skin and outfit.  The outfit includes a Warrior mini skirt and Hat.  This golden look can only be found at the Expo and is perfect for fighting the lag!

Hazel posted on the dollarbie Ariel skin pack before, but this skin from Beauty Avatar is very beautiful and comes with and without a beauty mark over the upper lip.  The box includes the black Illusion dress (see picture below) and six different skins.  This skin pack wont be out long so grab it quick!  I am wearing the free Taevin unisex hair from the Curl up and Dye Salon.  I normally wear longer hair but it’s really hard to capture the beauty in all these dresses wearing long hair.



*Glamour Expo: Gifts from most designers (L$0-L$10)
VANITY UNIVERSE ( 135/121/601 )

*Something Different: Ruby Red Slippers (L$1)
Mitten ( 247/242/39 )

*ShoeFly Shoes: Chained Heat #1 Pump – 2000 member Group Shoe (Group – L$0)
Greystone ( 219,220,89 )

*Curl up and Dye Salon: Taevin Hair (L$0)
Inari ( 35/188/400 )

*Pelle Occhi: 8 different eyes (L$0)
Venus ( 239/90/28 )

*Beauty Avatar: Ariel Skin Pack (L$1)
World of Beauty ( 82/108/25 )


Sexy Things by ZIBWARE, Damiani & Tousled

Here I am with something different – not cute this time but sexy :-))

“Elle hair 2 tone” is the October group gift by TOUSLED (touch the subscribe-o-matic to be added as a member, touch it aain, go to History, its the frist notice). You get “Elle” in black/pumpkin (worn), black/wheat , pumpkin/wheat, pumpkiin/black, wheat/black (worn) as well as in pumpkin  only. The colors are perfect for your Halloween gear. Also, I think it´s the next perfect hat hair …. just in case you want to wear a witch hat :-))

ZIBWARE offers a new freebie, it´s sitting on a table at the main floor along with other freebies/dollarbies. “Desiree Black” is sexy, hot, amazing … in my opinion, but I´m just a  “girl next door type” …. perhaps, I´m wrong. At the other hand … I can´t be that wrong because I tend to type “Desire” instead of “Desiree” 😉  However, I liked this dress at first sight. If you dare  wear it with a tiny top only, I didn´t. I`ve worn it without a top at all :-))

But just because I want to show off this wonderful “Gabrielle sunkissed Deco Tribal Skin” by Damiani Fashion Design. It isn´t free, you have to stump up 10 Linden if you want to own “Gabrielle Skin” – that´s a steal! Take a look at the eyes … just the “eye decoration” is worth much more than 10 Linden! You find  the skin pictured on a big sign at Damiani`s skin section.