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This One Time At The Fair…

So I might’ve arrived a little late for the fair this year… but I’m so glad I made it before it closes down. The This One Time At The Fair Hunt (TOTATF) started on July 1st but fortunately for me, it goes until the 31st! And I’m soo glad because I just started and I’m finding a lot of great stuff so far! I’m going to show you a few things and believe me, there are a lot of other treasures to find in these gold fish shaped hunt items.

The first hunt item I’ll show you was found at the starting location, Sour Pickles. It’s a cute green corduroy dress with matching laced flats.

The next item can be found at the fourth location and is a mood ring that you can change the color of by clicking, from Bait, as Carson already showed in his post.

The next item is an outfit from Divalicious and the 5th item on the hunt. A short shirt paired with capris and a belt.

The next is a sexy turquoise camo dress from Fuzion Fashion, the 7th location on the hunt.

Plastik, the 8th location in the hunt, had two gifts in one box! Three versions of this floral dress that I really like! And then a pair of slacks with 6 versions of cuffs, three versions of shorts, a skirt, and a pair of capris with two versions of cuffs! I’ve only shown one version of the dress and one version of the slacks here, although I’ll show a version of the shirts somewhere in this post as well!

The next item is a sexy pair of heels from the 10th location of the hunt, aMuse that come with a skin tone/nail polish changer/resizer HUD! (I realize I could probably have done a better job of matching the skin tone – it’s my fault, not theirs :P).

The final item I’ll show in this collection is a shirt from the 11th location, Razorblade Jacket that definitely conveys my feelings about clowns. x.x I’m also wearing one of the pairs of shorts from the 8th hunt item found at Plastik.

I can’t wait to post more items from this hunt in my next post!

The blog for this hunt can be found here with hints and the starting location is Sour Pickles.

The hunt goes until July 31st, see you out there! 😛

1 – Sour Pickles / corduroy dress ~ http://slurl.com/secondlife/Riemann/80/154/41

4 – Bait / mood ring ~ http://slurl.com/secondlife/Froien/97/67/23

5 – Divalicious / shirt, capris, belt outfit ~ http://slurl.com/secondlife/Threshold%20Envy/125/141/41

7 – Fuzion Fashion / army brat – camo turquoise ~ http://slurl.com/secondlife/Chalarellas/192/24/22

8 – Plastik / At the Fair (pants w/ prim variety, shorts, skirt, capris), Carnival Dresses (floral dresses) ~

10 – aMuse / heels ~ http://slurl.com/secondlife/aMuse/192/188/22

11 – Razorblade Jacket / clowns t-shirt ~ http://slurl.com/secondlife/Depraved%20Nation/121/25/30

The eyes can be found in Alisa’s post.

Don’t I Look Yummy?

I do look yummy in the Denim Shorts from sf designs. These shorts come in three lengths for whatever style you desire. I am also wearing the Don’t I Look Yummeh Orange Tank I received from the Lucky Board at Bait. I think there are also other colors of this on the board, I’ll have to go back for more.

sfd - Denim Shorts  Bait - Don't I look Yummeh  Orange  LB

The July group gift is also available at Bait. Pick up your own Grunge Jeans and Cyan Hoodie if you are group member, and if not, join.

Bait - Grunge Jeans and Cyan Hoodie  GG

I also found the hunt gift in the That One Time At The Fair Hunt. Bait’s gift is a mood ring with changeable colors. Looks like I’m grey today.

Bait - Mood Ring TOTATFH

*sf designs – Denim Shorts ($0L)

*Bait – Don’t I look Yummeh Orange ($0L)
Lucky Board
*Bait – Grunge Jeans and Cyan Hoodie ($0L)
Group Gift
*Bait – Mood Ring ($0L)
That One Time At The Fair Hunt

*Poses – Embody Shapes & Poses
Not Free


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Let’s Do The Time Warp Again

It’s just a jump to the left….. to find the gifts on the Rocky Horror Picture Show Hunt. Get the Transylvanian Costume at Bait. The Time Warp Pose comes from Props N Poses.

Bait - Transylvanian Coustume

Or be a sweet Transvestite in the Frankenfurter Avatar from Virtual Whimsy. Now stop looking at my fishnets. 😛

Virtual Whimsy - Frankenfurter Avatar

Too much dancing to the Time Warp has worn me out. I’ll take a rest on the Lips Couch I found at Elegant Goth.

Elegant Goth - Lips Couch

I’m in costume and at the theater waiting for the show to start. The comfy Theater Seats are the hunt prize from (In)Discretions. I have my toast, my squirt gun, my newspaper and my rice…. did I forget anything?

(In)Discretions - Theater Seats

“….And a step to the right……”

*Bait – Transylvanian Costume ($0L)
Rocky Horror Picture Show Hunt

*Virtual Whimsy – Frankenfurter Avatar ($0L)
Rocky Horror Picture Show Hunt

*Elegant Goth – Lips Couch ($0L)
Rocky Horror Picture Show Hunt

*(In)Discretions – Theater Seats ($0L)
Rocky Horror Picture Show Hunt

*Props N Poses – Time Warp Pose ($0L)
Rocky Horror Picture Show Hunt



Boss Man

[BAIT] - Bossman shirt w/tie  ($5L)

Be the boss man in this $5L deal at [BAIT]’s Shinjuku City location. This is not available at the main store. The Bossman Shirt with Red Tie is on sale for just a limited time.

*[BAIT] Bossman Shirt w/Tie ($5L)

*Poses – BeScene Poses
Not Free


Warning: Explicit Content

You’ve been warned…. the shirt says so. The Explicit Content Tank is a free gift at Bait. I found the Immortal Chained Leather Pants on the Twisted Hunt at House of RFyre.

Bait Explicit Content Tank   RYfire Immortal Chained Leathers

Stop by Pounce and pick up the Spring Moon Set. This t-shirt and jean combination is perfect for howling at the moon.

P Pounce Spring Moon Set  (guysunisex)

Also, don’t forget to stop by INDI Designs for this weeks piece to the Brody puzzle. The Brody Purple Shirt is just $1L this week.

INDI - Brody Purple Shirt

As you can tell, I’m back at the studio after several location posts. I found a new studio at HelaMiyo. This modifiable studio comes with a 10 pose, hideable, stand and lighting options.

HelaMiyo  Photo Studio + Pose stand  ($1L)

*Bait – Explicit Content Tank ($0L)

* RFyre – Immortal Chained Leathers ($0L)
Twisted Hunt

*Pounce – Spring Moon Set ($0L)

*INDI Designs – Brody Purple Shirt ($1L)

*HelaMiyo – Photo Studio + Pose Stand ($1L)


Always have your hook [Bait]ed

And you’ll catch some fish with these great looking shirts I found at [BAIT]. The Grave Shirt is the latest group gift.

[BAIT] Grave GG

Other group gifts are still available like Bouche II Shirt.

[BAIT] Bouche II

Or get the Incognito Shirt and pretend to be your own alt. 😉

[BAIT]Incognito GG

Also, the Valentines Day gift is still available. I’ve been told I wear my heart on my sleeve, now I can wear it all over my shirt.

[BAIT] Extras- V-Day GG

The poses are all from BeScene Poses, where there is a 50% off sale on selected fatpacks of poses.

*[BAIT] – Grave Shirt -Group Gift- ($0L)
*[BAIT] – Bouche II Shirt -Group Gift- ($0L)
*[BAIT] – Incognito Shirt -Group Gift- ($0L)
*[BAIT] – V-Day Shirt -Group Gift- ($0L)

*Poses – BeScene Poses


More From the His Fair

Here are some more goodies I found at the His Fair that is happening now through the end of the month.

#Before Sleep# His Fair Dollarbie Jacket, Pants & Shirt Judd Boots

#Before Sleep# – His Fair Dollarbie Jacket, Pants & Shirt
#Before Sleep# – Judd Boots

! GV ! Double Dragon TankTop wifebeater

GoodVibez – Double Dragon Tank Top Wifebeater

[BAIT] Loving hip piercing

[BAIT] – Loving Hip Piercing

.ODB.Do I Look Like a Clown T's For HIS fair {Boxed}

Ol’ Dirty Bastard – Do I Look Like a Clown T’s 3Pack

*#Before Sleep# – His Fair Dollarbie Jacket, Pants & Shirt ($1L)
*#Before Sleep# – Judd Boots ($75L)
*GoodVibez – Double Dragon TankTop Wifebeater ($1L)
*[BAIT] – Loving Hip Piercing ($0L)
*Ol’ Dirty Bastard – Do I Look Like a Clown T’s 3Pack ($0L)
His Fair – Feb. 14-28

*Poses – BeScene Poses


Saturday Skating

B&CCo. Black Cable Knit Sweater  GG INDI Baker Rusty Jeans BAIT Ardent-Minty Scarf GG Graffitiwear HOliday Mittens FF Tour (2)

It finally happened. It snowed today. So, I transformed my sim into a winter wonderland. I thought I’d try my hand at ice skating. I put on the Black Cable Knit Sweater, which is the group gift at BC & Co. The Rusty Jeans are the dollarbie at INDI Designs this week. I needed to accessorize to take the chill off. I found the Ardent-Minty Scarf, which is the group gift at [BAIT]. My Holiday Mittens are part of the FabFree Shopping Tour at Graffitiwear. My Ice Skates are located in the freebie section at Abranimations. A skating HUD is included to make you look graceful on the ice.


I talked Corrigan (yes, she does have a name) into helping me out with the newest pose release from WetCat. The Traces of Autumn pose works just as well in a winter setting. It is just $10L for a short time, so don’t delay.

And before I get IM’s and notecards about what Corri is wearing, I’ll tell you. 🙂 Her dress is the December group gift from Styles by Danielle, and I found the Christmas Cloak for her under the tree at Avatar Bizarre.

Happy skating. 🙂


*BC & Co. -Cable Knit Sweater -Group Gift- ($0L)
BC & Co., Medazzaland (188, 107, 21)

*INDI – Baker Rusty Jeans ($1L)
INDI Designs, INDI Designs (110, 113, 35)

* BAIT Ardent-Minty Scarf -Group Gift- ($0L)
[BAIT] , Saddle Canyon (202, 188, 2523)

*Graffitiwear Holiday Mittens -FF Shopping Tour- ($0L)
Graffitiwear, Sheol (147, 203, 130)

*Abranimations – Ice Skates ($0L)
Abranimations, Animations (178, 204, 703)


* Danielle – December Dress -group Gift- ($0L)
Styles by Danielle , Four (67, 32, 21)

*Avatar Bizarre – Christmas Cloak ($0L)
Avatar Bizarre, Burmilla (208, 208, 38)

*Wetcat – Traces of Autumn Pose ($10L)
WetCat, Friesland (208, 171, 21)

*Additional Poses – Long Awkward Pose -Not Free-
Long Awkward Pose, Festivale (93, 154, 26)


Be a Groupie

I can’t stress enough to join groups that give out nice gifts to the members. Immerschoen has for their members, the Samoa Jeans & Knob Shirt. Brown is in this fall, embrace your inner earth tones.

Immerschoen Man - Group Gift Samoa Jeans & Knob Shirt

The group gift at [Bait] is the Batter Up Logo Hoodie. Let others know where you shop.

Bait Batter Up Logo Hoodie Group Gift

For those of you looking for some bling for your ear lobes, find the Family Jewels Hunt item at [Bait] . The Bling Bling Human Ear comes with a color change HUD to get the bling color of your choice.

Bait Bling Bling Human Ear FJH

*Immerschoen – Samoa Jeans & Knob Shirt -Group Gift- ($0L)
Immerschoen Fashion Clothing , Rurik (186, 190, 26)

*[Bait] – Batter Up Logo Hoodie -Group Gift- ($0L)
*[Bait] – Bling Bling Human Ear -FJH- ($0L)
[Bait] , Saddle Canyon (208, 203, 2523)

*Poses – Glitterati -Not Free-
Glitterati, Glitterati (128, 174, 22)


Halloween Freebie Fair

There is a Freebie Fair happening at ODB (Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s). The entire second floor has been transformed into a Halloween themed fair with tons of vendors. And each vendor has a free gift. This vendor showcase introduced me to new (to me) vendors that I plan on stopping by their stores. Bellies gift is the Disguise Glasses. These are perfect when you need to hide in plain sight. lol Bellies Disguise Glasses

Razorblade Jacket has the XRay Tank as their fair gift. Now I can be in disguise and have my insides showing. I plan on stopping by their store very soon. Razorblade Jacket XRay Tank

For those that can use Viewer 2 layers, V TATTOO Store is giving the Broken Face Tattoo. This also comes with eyes. (not shown)

V TATTOO Store Broken Face tattoo

Get the Mike Shirt at the [BAIT] kiosk. This nod to the Halloween films is a must have at the fair.

[BAIT] Mike

I also found the Brown Jeans from Blurred to go with the Mike shirt. Now I just need a hockey mask. 🙂

Blurred Brown Jeans

There are also poses at the fair. Kabuki has as their gift the Valentines Kiss Pose. This comes with a bicycle and a wall. What’s the wall for?

Kabuki ~ Valentine Kiss  Bicycle

Move the pose balls over the wall and you have a different pose. And a technical note to the ladies…when your man is adjusting pose balls, don’t change your stilettos. -snickers-

Kabuki ~ Valentine Kiss  Wall

*Bellies – Disguise Glasses ($0L)
*Razorblade Jacket – XRay Tank ($0L)
*V TATTOO Store – Broken Face Tattoo ($0L)
*[BAIT] – Mike Shirt ($0L)
*Blurred – Brown Jeans ($0L)
*Kabuki ~ Valentine Kiss Pose ($0L)
ODB Halloween Freebie Fair, Richfield (205, 45, 83)