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*fantastic four*

 Farah for FabFree

gorgeous skins – from left to right:

5th & oxford – audrey english rose skin – 0L (3 skintones; groupgift in store)

my ugly dorothy – fairy’s smile skin – oL (groupgift in notices)

tyranny designs – the nerd f*cker with umbra skin – oL (summer watermelon hunt)

coquette – celeste kat skin – oL (4 skintones; update groupgift) (probably inspired by Kat von D… ! xxx)

hair shown – left to right: ETD – trinitee; Aoharu – Lauren; Posh – maylee scene girl; maitreya – moon


Farah for FabFree

tyranny designs – the nerd f*cker with umbra skin – oL (summer watermelon hunt)

other items shown: glasses solar by nash.

Farah for FabFree

babydoll – pink plaid dress – oL

other items shown: pink outfitters/cherry – daily ballet flats – oL (free at starlust a la mode); chuculet – necklace and earrings – 1L – hairband (1L; in giftbox in store); hair from Magika (previous scissors hunt); skin from 5th and oxford (see 1st picture!)


Farah for FabFree

my ugly dorothy – fairy’s smile skin – oL (see 1st pic!; groupgift in notices); nipple bandaids – oL

other items shown: zanzo – samurai burberry xbody bag (gift from update group, no history function!); piddidle – poison oak hair (old gift); chuculet – sandallettes pila brown – 1L; Doppelganger inc.- green plaid bikini shorts

Farah for FabFree

emjay – tshirt face is up here gift – oL (subscribogift)

outrage – charocal mini plaid skirt – oL (free at FabFree HeadQuarters)

I ❤ Rien – arm tatoo – oL (free at FabFree HQ)

other items shown: devol – legg tattoo (used to be free); chuculet – sandalettes pila silver – 1L- bangles – 1L; noir lolita – lip and eyebrow piercing – 1L; hair from Maitreya.

>>> all poses by Izumiya (free!) <<<


xxx Farah


*pinkish beige*

I love, love, love these colors… beige and pink… soft, warm, feminine… really this season! xxx enjoy these pinkish-beige outfits… xxx ^^

Farah for FabFree

Farah for FabFree

babydoll – high waist skirt and shirt – oL

a piece of candy – lacee skin – 1L

dare – free art fashion painting – oL (lots of other free art paintings at Dare!)

muu workshop – rattan heart bag – oL

yourskin  yourshape – flipflop sandals – oL (groupgift in notices)

other items shown: maitreya hair – moon (hairfair ’09)

Farah for FabFree


noir lolita – mini dress (two colors, pink and silver) – 1L (this is a mall, noir lolita is on the second floor in on of the corners, look in the comments for exact location slurl!)

muu workshop – pink sequin bag – oL

other items shown: magika hair – curl (blogger appreciation gift); chuculet – necklace/earrings/balletflats (1L each); fuel – hair accessory (free at hair fair ’09).

 Farah for FabFree

Gbberish – spring suit cream – oL (there are two buildings, check out both, look for a little table on the left from the entrance with the suit on it!)

other items shown: tiny bird hair; chuculet – necklace/earrings/balletflats/bangles (1L each).


Last but not least.. i’ve created a new shape for my little dollarbie shop called – SINA – inspired by Sydd Sinister – read more here

new [chuculet] sina shape! - 1L$!

chuculet – sina shape – 1L (mod/copy/no transfer)

[chuculet] at A Piece of Candy

[chuculet] at BabyDoll Island




xxx Farah

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Calys Creations @ Hair Fair 2009

Sweet Dollarbie package (Caly's Creations Hair)

The denim mini skirt, pink tank, white tie shirt, and pink sandals are in the gift from Babydoll at our FabFree Headquarters.  The ‘Sweet’ long hairstyle is a dollarbie from the Calys Creations Hair Fair booth.

Centerfold - Reds (Caly's Creations Hair)

Check out the non-free hair from Calys Creations Hair Fair booth.

Can you handle all the hair with the long curly ‘Centerfold’ wig?  The ‘Olivia’ curly hair is pulled back in a color changeable headband.  The ‘Atlanta’ style is a side swept curly hair with wrap around braid.  The ‘Atlanta’ hair comes with the color changeable hair flower.  The ‘Kathryn’ style is long curly locks!  The ‘Cassie’ hair is a cute curly pigtail style.

Olivia - Blondes (Caly's Creations Hair)

Atlanta - Blondes (Caly's Creations Hair)Kathryn - Blondes (Caly's Creations Hair)

Cassie - Reds (Caly's Creations Hair)


*BabyDoll: Tanks (FabFree – L$0)
Car Wash ( 92/225/24 )

*Calys Creations: Sweet Hairstyle (Hair Fair – L$1)
Hair Fair ( 38/104/23 )

*Blowpop: Elizabeth Skin (Group – L$0)
Fuzzy ( 230/179/34 )

*MAI Body Shop: eyes (Group – L$0)
MAI ( 125/103/22 )

*Long Awkward Pose: poses (Not Free)
Festivale ( 89/85/29 )



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 Farah for FabFree


babydoll – pink polka dot dress – oL

L’oring – (former Lazolli skins) – Linda freebie skin – oL

other items shown: artilleri – hair, glasses and hairflower; heels from SKGshoes, poses from Striking Poses
Farah for FabFree


beauty avatar couture – estate gift – 1L (includes, dress, skin, eyes and lashes!)

 other items shown: hair from R hair style ; heels from SKGshoes, poses from Striking Poses



xxx Farah

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lemons and shoes!


Farah for FabFree

 BabyDoll – Lemon Print BabyDoll Dress – oL

Farah for FabFree

 Sole Sisters – heels – 1L (there are more dollarbie-heels.. check them out! )

other items shown: hair by Maitreya, Carrie heels – fully mod – by Sole Sisters (<3 them.. my addiction at the moment ;)); poses by KScreations

Also Don’t forget about this months… FabFree Monthly Flickr Contest… join now!!!



xxx Farah

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Monday Freebiesss…

There is a hunt going on at EverGlow Designs…. of course it’s an Easter hunt! There are some great gifts to collect! Thank you Fanny Willis!

Now I usually am very picky about my shape…. and always wear it…  but for this occasion I decided to.. yess take it off.. and show u the shapes that can be found at Everglow! They are fabulous! You can find a bikini, 5 shapes, 2 poses, and jewelry at Everglow Desings… all shown below! It doesn’t really show that i’m wearing different shapes, but I am.. lol! (look closely.. ;))

Farah for FabFree



Everglow Designs – Easter hunt – 15 eggs (1l$ each)

halhina  – Priscilla Hair – oL (bunny hop hunt gift)

BabyDoll – Free Carrot with eating-ao! (verry funny)

SWIM – Bunny Ears Free

Farah for FabFree


*adorable evening gown from ZIF*

Thank you Zifra Tuqiri for telling me about it!

ZIF – evening gown – 0L



And last but not least… SD Wears…. cute freebies to collect..  thank you Desdemona Young… see below for the pictures! You have to grab these… I ❤ it when clothing is very well detailed.. and these are!!

Farah for FabFree

 *from left to right: bunny hop gift- desingers hunt gift – groupgift from SD wears*

Other items shown:

CupCakes – Seduction Skin Cameo – easter egg hunt – blogged by Renee here

All hair is L$1 from ETD, yes ETD is open again! The freebies are in a seperate area.. use the teleport-board to get there! Also it seems that my old LM’s don’t work.. soo search for ETD and teleport over there!

Hair accessory is from halhina  (groupgift)

Poses by LAP





xxx Farah

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I’ve read about Little Brittain Designs on Syd Sinisters blog earlier.. and I ment to head over there to grab me some goodies.. but then I totally forgot about the store! But yay.. my mind is still with me.. and I head over to Little Brittain Designs and got some great freebies! Now someone asked me a while a go about a grey skin… and I couldn’t find one, but no I did thanks to Feodora’s blog! I’m sorry I forgot your name… but I hope the person who was looking for grey skins can get these!

Farah for FabFree

Farah for FabFree


From Little Brittain Designs are: (Lot more gifts and camping items here!)

– Outfits shown: Jackass – 0L (for women and men! sold seperately); Let’s get Dirty- oL (lucky chair)

– Rock n Roll Earrings with Eyebrow pin attached to them – 0L (120 min. camping)

– Bloody Lip attachements: Razor and Lippin

From Ultra Kitty: (Lot more groupgift and camping items here!)

– Skull Earrings – 0L (groupgift)

– Bad Ass Monocale – 0L (60 min. camping)

From BabyDoll:

– Cat ears and tails – 0L (lucky chair)

From Nightshade: (on a box on a table in a corner.. it’s kind of dark there… ;))

– Grey Skins for Men and Women (red lips one)

From House of Hearts:

– Hair – Distrubia – glow – oL (opening gift)

From Studio M’z:

– Red Engineer Boots – 0L (lucky chair)



xxx Farah


St. Patricks Day?

All of you might know what St. Patricks Day is… I don’t… cause it’s not really a holliday here.. soo never heard of it… but I suppose it had something to do with green, green leaves.. and well.. green everythings!

*This cute dress is now available at Babydoll Island until March 18th.*

The hair in this pic is from Adam n Eve’s Pick reward.. it’s beautifull but a crime to fit to ur head.. once u’ve got it fitted.. it’s gorgeous!! xxx ^^



Also a gift for the men inside.. these Ruddy Shhoes for men…

BabyDoll – Green Clover Dress – 0l (also headthingies are from Babydoll Island, Allysa Bijoux – ol  )

Darkerside – Eyelashes St. Patricks Day – 1l (ty Teagan for letting me know about this! <3)

Adam n Eve – Hair – Black – and Shoes for the Men – 0l (pick reward gift)

Bebae   – Coral Skin Gift – 0L (groupgift in notices)

Ruffian – Liv Shape – 1L


xxx Farah

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Random Freeness…

The skirt is very cute and I had to have it… it took a while waiting for my letter to show.. but it’s totally worth it! Are you lucky?

**sen*2 – Dotted Skirt – ol (luckyboards; also legwarmers and a black parka in the lucky boards, not shown here)

Babydoll – White cable sock – ol (luckychair)

Maitreya – Pumps – 15 colors (subscro-gift/also still in history) – ol

Sky Everett – Eyelashes pack – 0L (also blogged earlier here)

Tuli – Natalie skin (blogged here by Renee)

Not Free:

Maitreya – Faye Hair – not free

TeaLane  – White Belted shirt – 50l (dif. colors and comes with cuffs too for the sleeves, not shown here)

Tuli – Eyes (luminous steel)

Fabulous skin with Mardi Gras-Mask from TeaLane! The hair is from House of heart… where there is a secret 1l sale going on… at the Hairspray 2 Sim! I only found one.. but there are a lot more 1l colorpacks to collect!
 House of Heart – Hair- secret 1l sale
  TeaLane  – Lissette skin set – 2l (different tones and MardiGras Mask)

xxx Farah

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A quick one…


Akers –  Zebra WildBeast Ouftit – (March Gift) – 0l

Hair and Skin Blogged earlier here!  but i’ve copied the slurls here too:

Curio – Rabid II hair – groupgift (with/without bangs) (Gala & Rita Design Announcements)

Curio – Lovely Firehouse 2 skin (different skin tones) – groupgift (Gala & Rita Design Announcements)

Ruffian – Mirada Black Boots – 1l; Silver Bangles – 1l

Mauloa – towel one piece – 0l (Lucky Board)

50 flats store –  pink flats – ol (two bow options)

Shop the Joker – glasses – 0l (three colors, pink/white/black)

Babydoll – White Cable Sock – 0l (lucky chair)

Curio – Lovely Firehouse 2 skin (different skin tones) – groupgift (Gala & Rita Design Announcements)

Not Free:

Junwave – Side PonyTail hair – (80l$)


xxx Farah