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aDiva in the house!

I’m back from my short little vacation.  You wouldn’t even believe how many messages were sent to my email, so I’ll be checking and responding to those over the next few days.  I logged in this afternoon to find many fabulous gifts waiting in my inventory!  First off the beautiful pink and black St Lucia Carribbean Dream dress looks like it just walked off an artist’s canvas!  This racy dress was sent to the aDIVA Coutures sub-o a few days ago.

RezIpsa Loc has a new release and with it a new dollarbie!  The purple chain tank top has silver and gold chain versions, so really you get two tanks in one!  The tanks are also available in black, brick, brown, navy, and teal at the regular price.  The brown jeans are a profile pick reward gift from Equilibrium Design.

Also the pulled up red knit top is a gift for the ladies at Equilibrium Design and click the midnight mania board for the seductive unbuttoned denim jeans.  The gray STMAT top is in the guess and win game at Equilibrium Design.  Both tops are quite revealing so I am wearing the hello pasties from the lucky chair at AYUMI.

The Kaylee hair isn’t free, but is a new release from Hair Solutions.  The beautiful Mia skins were sent to the Apple May Designs sub-o members.  The skins come in the natural makeup and in toffee, coffee, beige, and milky skin tones.


*aDIVA Couture: St Lucia Carribbean Dream Dress (SOM – L$0)
Kings Plaza ( 85/244/24 )

*RezIpsa Loc: Purple Tank Top (L$1)
Azrael ( 54/151/22 )

*Equilibrium Design: Brown Jeans (Profile Pick – L$0), Opened Jeans (MM – L$0), Red Top (L$0), Gray Top (Guess Game – L$0)
Ubatuba ( 196/170/23 )

*AYUMI: Hello, My Name Is Pasties (Lucky – L$0)
Ayumi ( 109/151/22 )

*ByKay: Sam Feet (Not Free)
Chalk Hearts ( 176/156/22 )

*Hair Solutions: Kaylee Hair (Not Free)
Elite Castle Island ( 193/210/25 )

*Apple May Designs: Mia Skins (SOM – L$0)
Fruitatious ( 45/206/37 )

*Glitterati: Poses (L$0 – L$50)
Glitterati ( 129/175/23 )




I’m back to show you more great gifts from The Deck.  The gift at Cynful has green Chizzpy jeans and a black summer tank.  The diamond cruncher nomnom is a gift from AddiCt.

Adam n Eve has a Floral Halter top at The Deck.  The maroon Neyya heels are from Maitreya at The Deck.  The TUE hair is from Miel and comes with blonde, brown, and red.

The beautiful Sayuri skin is from Tuli and in a limited edition The Deck makeup.  There are two skin tones, each with freckle options, and a cleavage option for each version.

Linc has a buttoned and pulled down version of the lilac top at The DeckMichaMi has a pair of silver Pia leggings.  The Decked skin from Mango, Mango! comes with a freckled version and even a shape!

All clothing, hair, accessories, and skin are from The Deck celebration.  The adorable Hello, name tag pasties from the lucky chair at Ayumi.


*AYUMI: Hello, My Name Is Pasties (L$0)
Ayumi ( 109/151/22 )

*The Deck (L$0)
The Deck ( 78/177/22 )