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His Style

The His Style Hunt is taking place in the month of May. This hunt is a short 38 store hunt with lots of goodies for the guys. The starting location is Eclectic Firefly. Here are some of the men’s fashions from the hunt. Enjoy 🙂

Eclectic Firefly - Wifebeater and Slacks

Eclectic Firefly – Wifebeater and Slacks


Top Katz - Men's Hunt Suit

Top Katz – Men’s Hunt Suit


DragonLady's Closet - Ethan Blazer Outfit

DragonLady’s Closet – Ethan Blazer Outfit


Blue Goose - Trever Outfit

Blue Goose – Trever Outfit


Camilla's - Ace Outfit

Camilla’s – Ace Outfit


Avatar Bizarre -  Steampunk Buckaneer Outfit

Avatar Bizarre – Steampunk Buckaneer Outfit


Evaki - Wrestling Outfit

Evaki – Wrestling Outfit & Wrestling Ring

Evaki - Wrestling Ring

I’ll bring you more goodies for the His Style Hunt soon.

*Eclectic Firefly – Wifebeater and Slacks ($0L)
His Style Hunt

*Top Katz – Men’s Hunt Suit ($0L)
His Style Hunt

*DragonLady’s Closet – Ethan Blazer Outfit ($0L)
His Style Hunt

*Blue Goose – Trever Outfit ($0L)
His Style Hunt

*Camilla’s – Ace Outfit ($0L)
His Style Hunt

*Avatar Bizarre – Steampunk Buckaneer Outfit ($0L)
His Style Hunt

*Evaki – Wrestling Outfit & Wrestling Ring ($0L)
His Style Hunt

*Poses – Glitterati
-Not Free-



Wild Monday

Here are more great gifts to be found on The Wild Man Hunt. Enjoy and have a happy Monday!

Leather Bound - Urban Military Outfit

Leather Bound – Urban Military Outfit

Macho - Heartbreaker Outfit

Macho – Heartbreaker Outfit

Grumble - WMH Gift Watch (2)

Grumble – WMH Gift Watch

Be Happy - Skull Shirt & Spike Jeans

Be Happy – Skull Shirt & Spike Jeans

DragonLady's Closet - Winston in Khaki

DragonLady’s Closet – Winston in Khaki

Avatar Bizarre  - Carriage Runner Suit Blue

Avatar Bizarre – Carriage Runner Suit Blue

Ali Couture - Dragon Pants  Dark Water Designs - Dragon Shirt

Ali Couture – Dragon Pants
Dark Water Designs – Dragon Shirt

*Leather Bound – Urban Military Outfit ($0L)
The Wild Man Hunt

*Macho – Heartbreaker Outfit ($0L)
The Wild Man Hunt

*Grumble – TWMH Gift Watch ($0L)
The Wild Man Hunt

*Be Happy – Skull Shirt & Spike Jeans ($0L)
The Wild Man Hunt

*DragonLady’s Closet – Winston in Khaki ($0L)
The Wild Man Hunt

*Avatar Bizarre – Carriage Runner Suit Blue ($0L)
The Wild Man Hunt

*Ali Couture – Dragon Pants ($0L)
The Wild Man Hunt

* Dark Water Designs – Dragon Shirt ($0L)
The Wild Man Hunt

*Poses – Long Awkward Pose
-Not Free-



Twisted Anniversary

It’s been a year today that I began writing for FabFree. And ironically enough, this also happens to be my 400th post. Thanks for letting me show you hundreds of gifts, hunts items and cheapies over the past 12 months. Find the Twisted Hunt gift at Avatar Bizarre for the Nevermore Suit. This Poe inspired creation includes boots and a hat.

Avatar Bizarre Red Nevermore Suit  -Twisted Hunt

Here’s to another 400 posts…. 🙂

*Avatar Bizarre – Red Nevermore Suit ($0L)
Twisted Hunt

*Poses – Glitterati
-Not Free-



“The Missing Cogs”


Patrolling the skies of Second Life, the Bat hears on the police scanner that gears from the Steam4 Hunt are missing. One empty gear was found at an abandoned loft not far from his location.

Steampunk Loft Window Shot

The Bat waits for the police to leave, then enters the loft to look for clues of his own.

22769 -Vintage Bat Outfit

He searches the loft in his Vintage Bat Outfit from 22769. No clues yet to the thief.

D&M Dream Furniture Stempunk Loft

While searching, The Bat concludes the Steampunk Loft was made by D&M Dream Furniture.

Cedar Bay Home Furnishings Scallywag Pirate Bed

“Searching has made me tired”, the Bat thinks to himself as he stretches out on the Scallywag Pirate Bed from Cedar Bay Home Furnishings. “If I could only rest a moment…. WAIT! The Bat never tires. It’s a TRAP!”

Yellow JesteR Heavy Breather

The Bat dons his Heavy Breather from Yellow JesteR. “Someone has filled the room with sleeping gas. And only one villain I know uses that.”

Avatar Bizarre, Double Dragon Gold Suit

“The Monicle! I know where I can find him. He only shops at Avatar Bizarre buying suits like the Double Dragon Gold Suit.”

Twisted Metal SteamWorks Fight or Flight Copter

The Bat hops on his Fight or Flight Copter from Twisted Metal SteamWorks hoping to catch the criminal before he steals another gear.

To Be Continued…

*D&M Dream Furniture – Steampunk Loft ($0L)
Steam4 Hunt

*22769 -Vintage Bat Outfit ($0L)
Steam4 Hunt

*Cedar Bay Home Furnishings – Scallywag Pirate Bed ($0L)
Steam4 Hunt

*Yellow JesteR – Heavy Breather ($0L)
Steam4 Hunt

*Avatar Bizarre – Double Dragon Gold Suit ($0L)
Steam4 Hunt

*Twisted Metal SteamWorks – Fight or Flight Copter ($0L)
Steam4 Hunt

*Poses – Long Awkward Pose -Not Free-


Saturday Skating

B&CCo. Black Cable Knit Sweater  GG INDI Baker Rusty Jeans BAIT Ardent-Minty Scarf GG Graffitiwear HOliday Mittens FF Tour (2)

It finally happened. It snowed today. So, I transformed my sim into a winter wonderland. I thought I’d try my hand at ice skating. I put on the Black Cable Knit Sweater, which is the group gift at BC & Co. The Rusty Jeans are the dollarbie at INDI Designs this week. I needed to accessorize to take the chill off. I found the Ardent-Minty Scarf, which is the group gift at [BAIT]. My Holiday Mittens are part of the FabFree Shopping Tour at Graffitiwear. My Ice Skates are located in the freebie section at Abranimations. A skating HUD is included to make you look graceful on the ice.


I talked Corrigan (yes, she does have a name) into helping me out with the newest pose release from WetCat. The Traces of Autumn pose works just as well in a winter setting. It is just $10L for a short time, so don’t delay.

And before I get IM’s and notecards about what Corri is wearing, I’ll tell you. 🙂 Her dress is the December group gift from Styles by Danielle, and I found the Christmas Cloak for her under the tree at Avatar Bizarre.

Happy skating. 🙂


*BC & Co. -Cable Knit Sweater -Group Gift- ($0L)
BC & Co., Medazzaland (188, 107, 21)

*INDI – Baker Rusty Jeans ($1L)
INDI Designs, INDI Designs (110, 113, 35)

* BAIT Ardent-Minty Scarf -Group Gift- ($0L)
[BAIT] , Saddle Canyon (202, 188, 2523)

*Graffitiwear Holiday Mittens -FF Shopping Tour- ($0L)
Graffitiwear, Sheol (147, 203, 130)

*Abranimations – Ice Skates ($0L)
Abranimations, Animations (178, 204, 703)


* Danielle – December Dress -group Gift- ($0L)
Styles by Danielle , Four (67, 32, 21)

*Avatar Bizarre – Christmas Cloak ($0L)
Avatar Bizarre, Burmilla (208, 208, 38)

*Wetcat – Traces of Autumn Pose ($10L)
WetCat, Friesland (208, 171, 21)

*Additional Poses – Long Awkward Pose -Not Free-
Long Awkward Pose, Festivale (93, 154, 26)


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Post-Turkey Depression

The turkey has been carved, the stuffing suffed inside of me, and the buttery mashed potatoes licked clean. Thanksgiving is over and now it’s time to think Christmas. I hope you have a big stocking, because there will be lots of gifts for you this holiday season. Under the Christmas tree at Avatar Bizarre is a Santa Hat. Group members of ASS were treated to the Frostbite tattoo layer for the cheek and nose. It will put some color in your cheeks on those cold winter days. Join the sub-o and you can get yours.

Avatar Bizarre Santa Hat ($0L)  ASS Groupgift - Frostbite

I found a few goodies while doing the Make Him Over 5 Hunt. The Grey/Tan Argyle Sweater is the hunt gift from Shey Fashion. I love the untucked look. Actually, I need it untucked because of everything I ate. 🙂 Poison has as their hunt gift, the Tres60 Jeans. These come in the normal waist and extra low too! The Brown Tubes Chucks are the MHOH5 gift from KIWI . Get your running shoes on, you’ll need them with all the holiday shopping that needs done!

MHOH5 - #47 - Poison Jeans  MHOH5 - #70 - Shey Fashion Argyle Sweater  Grey Tan


*Avatar Bizarre – Santa Hat ($0L)
Avatar Bizarre, Burmilla (208, 208, 38)

*ASS – Frostbite Alpha Layer -Group Gift- ($0L)
ASS , Space Illusion 2 (68, 60, 21)

*Shey Fashion – Grey/Tan Argyle Sweater -MHOH5- ($0L)
Shey Fashion, Freedom Isle (141, 48, 22)

*Poison – Tres60 Jeans -MHOH5- ($0L)
Poison, Mirrors Edge (86, 95, 22)

*KIWI – Brown Tubes Chucks -MHOH5- ($0L)
KIWI , Sweet Paradise Island (67, 63, 25)

*Poses – Long Awkward Pose -Not Free-
Long Awkward Pose, Festivale (93, 154, 26)


Make Him Over 4 #11 – 20

As promised, I’m back with more from the Make Him over Hunt 4. Here are gifts from locations 11 – 20.

# 11  VITAMEN Bad Tan

#11 VITAMEN Bad Tan Undershirt and Underpants Layers

BalAni Black Knit Turtleneck and Pinstriped Pants MHOH4

#12 BalAni Black Knit Turtleneck and Pinstriped Pants

#13 Stash Sport Polo [deep black]

#13 Stash Deep Black Sport Polo


MHOH4 # 14  Nikita Fride Designer MHOH$ Skin, Shape Hair and Piercings
#14 Nikita Fride MHOH4 Skin, Shape Hair and Piercings

MHOH4 #15 Culture Fine Jewelry for Men Bravado Sport Watch

#15 Culture Fine Jewelry Bravado Sport Watch

MHOH4 # 16 - Adlerblick Shapes Riordan Shape

#16 Adlerblick Shapes Riordan Shape

MHOH4 # 17 - Leather Bound Heart of Darkness Shirt and Pants

#17 Leather Bound Heart of Darkness Shirt and Pants

#18 Avatar Bizarre Make Him Over Gift Duster & Python Boots
#18 Avatar Bizarre Duster & Python Boots

#19 [GG] Class Act Brown COat & Trousers, White Shirt and Manhattan Brown Sunglasses

#19 Geezer Garments Class Act Brown Coat & Trousers, White Shirt and Manhattan Brown Sunglasses


#20 OKEY DESIGNS Barcelona Outfit

There’s more coming soon.

*Make Him Over Hunt 4 Gifts 11 -20 ($0L)

*Long Awkward Pose -Not Free-
Long Awkward Pose, Festivale (93, 154, 26)



Carson Has Been Abducted

Where has Carson been? I have abducted him while he was looking for the hunt items in the Out of This World Hunt. I want them for myself and I am keeping him until I find them all. I hope he doesn’t mind the experiments I am performing on him. -Bwahahahha- He was worried about his blog, so I told him I would fill in. I captured him with the Alien Abduction UFO from Altya’s Dream Creations . If I see you out hunting, I’ll capture you as well.

OOTW 01 - Altya's Dream Creations and Toys Alien Abduction UFO

I took on a more human-like appearance to show you some of these great finds. I got the Alien Skin from Before Sleep. Don’t try to pretend you are one of us. We’ll find you. The 80’s Jeans and Boots are also from Before Sleep as part of the Vintage Flair Hunt. The Out of This World Shirt is the hunt gift From Robbish.

Robbish Out of This World Shirt ~VF~ 006(#Before Sleep#) for him & Out of this world Skin

Avatar Bizarre is offering as their hunt gift, the Ziggy Stardust Outfit. By the way, David Bowie is one of us.

Avatar Bazaar Ziggy Stardust OOTWH

I found a few things to decorate the saucer. The Neptune Plant is a rare species. It only feeds on humans. It can be found at VARRIALE DESIGNS, if you dare.


For a bit more lighting at the controls, I found the When the Stars Align Candleholder at Maven’s Home Furnishings.

Maven's Home Furnishings When the Stars Align Candleholder

The Alien Spaceship Hanging Lamp from Hearth and Home will be perfect for my sleep chamber. It will be a long ride home and I’ve found plenty to read while visiting your planet.

Hearth and Home Alien Spaceship Hanging lamp

I will use this Out Of This World UFO to attack your planet after I have found all the hunt items. This UFO from Sacred Flame Flower Boutique has several poses to sit or float while you watch the destruction.

Sacred Flame Flower Boutique OOFTW  UFO

After the initial attack I will need a respirator to cleanse what you puny humans call air. It comes with the OOTWH Outfit from Soul Distraction. My Olive Leather Work Boots are from Duh! . I tried to steal them but I was caught and had to pay $25L for them.

Soul Distraction OOTWH Duh Olive leather Work Boots

When we have enslaved your race, we will turn you all into Cyborgs with this outfit from M&M Celtic Designs.

M&M Celtic Designs Cyborg

I am almost finished with my experiments on Carson and will be returning him shortly. Don’t feel sorry for him. I am giving him the OOTW Shirt and Jeans from Cupcake Clothing. And gift for him to remember me by, I am also giving him the Toy Story Alien from The Cluttered Closet.

Cupcake Clothing OOTW Shirt and Jeans SaCluttered Closet Toy Story Alien

The backdrops used are also part of the hunt from USC Texture Tomb.


*Alien Abduction UFO -OOTW Hunt – ($0L)
Altya’s Dream Creations and Toys, Archers (56, 94, 415)

*Before Sleep Alien Skin -OOTW Hunt – ($0L)
*Before Sleep 80’s Jeans and Boots VF Hunt ($0L)
#Before Sleep#, Sparkling Star (29, 44, 22)

*Robbish Out of This World Shirt -OOTW Hunt – ($0L)
Robbish, A New Beginning (229, 24, 21)

*AB Ziggy Stardust Outfit -OOTW Hunt – ($0L)
Avatar Bizarre, Burmilla (208, 208, 38)

*Neptune Plant -OOTW Hunt – ($0L)
VARRIALE DESIGNS, Aquitaine Coeur (159, 86, 701)

*When the Stars Align Candleholder -OOTW Hunt – ($0L)
Maven’s Home Furnishings, Long Meg (173, 167, 32)

*Alien Spaceship Hanging lamp -OOTW Hunt – ($0L)
Hearth and Home, Daphnis (177, 31, 41)

*Out Of This World UFO -OOTW Hunt – ($0L)
Sacred Flame Flower Boutique, Fire (194, 14, 24)

*Soul Distraction OOTWH Outfit -OOTW Hunt – ($0L)
Soul Distraction, Gothlauth (146, 65, 37)

*Duh Olive leather Work Boots  ($25L)
Duh! , Katachi (216, 30, 22)

*M&M Celtic Designs Cyborg Outfit -OOTW Hunt – ($0L)
M&M Celtic Designs, Dollar Commercial (83, 135, 23)

*Cupcake Clothing OOTW Shirt and Jeans -OOTW Hunt – ($0L)
Cupcake Clothing, Comanche Nation (33, 193, 1601)

*Cluttered Closet Toy Story Alien -OOTW Hunt – ($0L)
The Cluttered Closet, Eagles Rest (20, 215, 23)

*Backdrops – USC Texture Tomb -OOTW Hunt – ($0L)
USC Texture Tomb, Paradise Landing (137, 142, 21)

*Poses – Imperial Elegance – Not Free –
ImpEle – Fun & Fashionable Pose, Holland (94, 100, 25)