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Cyber @ Tigerclaw

Today I’m feeling in the future …
I found a very interesting cointainer with  chair and lamp at Tigerclaw.

It also has many accessories in the freebie’s place, for neko or cyber you can find a cyber boots,  jacket, etc!


Other Info:

Tattoo: The King – NOSOTRAS (old gift MHOH2)
Scarf: FA Gothic Stole – Find Ash Group Gift

# Tigerclaw – http://slurl.com/secondlife/Quebec/25/168/1007

To Write Love on Her Arms Day

Faery Sola is the designer and owner of Studio Sidhe and she is supporting a cause called To Write Love on Her Arms Day. It is a campain against depression, self injurie, suicide and addiction, mainly among the young people.

Visit the store and grab free your tattoos (given by Alisson Widdershins, Deviant Destiny) a pose given by Faery about TWLOHA (To Write Love on Her Arms Day) and encorage your friends!

The skin is from Flirt!  is half tiger half dragon furry skins to characters out of stargate! (also for girls) can be found in the Flirt! group notices.

The shape is a gift from Aderblick Shapes – Hadrian, Mod – (Winter Thunderland Snowman Hunt) and the hair/hat is  Chris Winter F1 frm MADesigns (not free) and the watch is Confidence from Kalnins (not free).


Dyn’s gifts

dyn girls

DYN Clothing is giving away 4 outifts as gift, one male and 3 female, to say thanks for all the support that they have received from customers! So, let’s say them that they are welcome and that can count on us always!




The hair I am wearing is Cheerno’s dollarbie Halloween and I completed the look with this t-shirt that is a freebie from Totem, called blue vetor t-shirt. Today is Halloween, get all gifts you can, or you will need to wait until next year’s!





Fabfree 6,666 members

hellbop 6000

6,666 members gift… Gone to Hell, yet?
Hell Bop made this cool t-shirt as a gift for FabFree Group when we reached 6,666 members. You can get it there at the store.

Well.. we are almost at 7,000! If you haven’t join the group in world yet, do it and invite your friends.


Zombie Skin Den-Dou

It was never that fun to look hurt like in this Halloween! This white skin is called scarface (left side) you can get in the lucky board (I spent 3 hours there 🙂 lol)  and the blooding one is zombie (right side) is free(join the group).

Enjoy, because it is not that fashion to use a hurt face everyday!

den dou



DEN-DOU – http://slurl.com/secondlife/itutu/115/145/1007

Happy Halloween Hunt

It is a nice Happy Halloween Hunt promoted by [Hate This] and Cilian’gel stores with 12 pumpkins hidden IN Cilian’gel mainstore. All of them are free gifts. You will find total of 4 outfits, 2 for girls and 2 for guys, that may be also unisex, each hidden in 3 pumpkins.
It is totally worth of hunting if you want to spend your halloween matching with someone or just in a fashion way!



Trick or Treat @ B&T

This outfit I am wearing is from B&T Atelier.

b&t - a
Trick or Treat Event will happen from October 26th until November 01st. You need to find this basket and try to get the prize! You can try as much as you can until you get your prize. Each basket costs 1L.

trick or treat
These are some of the participating stores:
Agent Orange
Djinn & Tonic
Ear Candy
Cafe Gourmand
Before Sleep
10 Ways 2 Teen Days
La Forgia Jewels
Oh So Couture
Dance Dancefloors
B&T Atelier
SD Wears

Underwear by Concrete Flowers

Sexy guy! Concrete Flowers is offering us a gift in FabFree Group.

concrete no grupo

I will tell you also to visit Concrete Flowers store also and join the subscribo. They will complete one year and there is a lot to come yet! Also, Concrete Flowers send releases and dollarbies advertisement every week! Don’t miss, they are worth of a visit!


Board prizes @ -Myself-

-Myself- has new male and female gifts in the prize boards. Those boards are different from MM or lucky boards. All you need to get these prizes is to invite your friends to get into Myself update group and touch the boards to reach the target and it is done! Everyone will get the prize. There is no limite time, whenever it reaches the target, everyone gets the gift. Also, when the gift is delivered, there will be a new gift to start over again, so it is a great chance!

myself man

Girls will get this violet look made of top and pants and guys will get this awesome hoodie.

myself couple